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Wait Which

War in men's eyes shall be A monster of iniquity In the good time coming. Nations shall not quarrel then, To prove which is the stronger; Nor slaughter men for glory's sake; - Wait a little longer.

- Charles Mackay

Love Will

People who love soft methods and hate iniquity forget this; that reform consists in taking a bone from a dog. Philosophy will not do it.

- John Jay Chapman

Born Conceived

Banking was conceived in iniquity and born in sin.

- Josiah Stamp

Away Crushing

This circulating medium has a natural tendency to lessen by degrees the value and the use of money, and finally to render it powerless; and consequently to sweep away all the crushing masses of fraud, iniquity, cruelty, corruption and imposition that are built upon it.

- Josiah Warren

Stupidity Cruelty

Stupidity, outrage, vanity, cruelty, iniquity, bad faith, falsehood - we fail to see the whole array when it is facing in the same direction as we.

- Jean Rostand

Mother Hollywood

My mother thought Hollywood was a den of iniquity, and people came to terrible bad ends there.

- Kitty Carlisle

Patience Surely

If you believe indeed in the Lord Jesus for the salvation of your soul, if you walk uprightly and do not regard iniquity in your heart, if you continue to wait patiently, and believingly upon God; then answers will surely be given to your prayers.

- George Muller


My beloved brethren, why do you not rise together with me against the malignants? Why do you not stand up with me to oppose those who work iniquity? Do you not know how that God will scatter the bones of those who strive to oppress Him? They shall be confounded, because the Lord hath despised them.

- Thomas Becket

Loved Die

I have loved justice and hated iniquity: therefore I die in exile.

- Pope Gregory VII

Born Distress

Born in iniquity and conceived in sin, the spirit of nationalism has never ceased to bend human institutions to the service of dissension and distress.

- Thorstein Veblen