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Music Personally

The gospel music and doo-wop is what has informed me personally.

- Aaron Neville

Issue Anyone

The first thing anyone can do, about any issue, is get informed.

- Adora Svitak

Trust Laws

National security laws must protect national security. But they must also protect the public trust and preserve the ability of an informed electorate to hold its government to account.

- Al Franken

Finance Abuse

Any informed borrower is simply less vulnerable to fraud and abuse.

- Alan Greenspan

Decision Very

I feel very confident that that information should be sufficient for the members of the Senate to make an informed decision about John Roberts' qualifications.

- Alberto Gonzales

Expert Move

One of the great perks of being an actor is you're only as smart as the job you're in, you know, and you're only as informed as the job you're in, and you do become an expert, and you read all the books, but then there's a part of, like, you move on.

- Amy Ryan

My Life Think

People ask, 'Are your things autobiographical?,' and I think, no, they're not autobiographical directly, but of course my life has informed my work.

- Andrea Arnold

Love Think

I'm most impressed by the Russian writers, so I love reading the works of Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky. Another author who has informed the way I think is the French philosopher, Blaise Pascal.

- Andrea Bocelli

Sucks Based

Well, there are two kinds of happiness, grounded and ungrounded. Ungrounded happiness is cheesy and not based on reality. Grounded happiness is informed happiness based on the knowledge that the world sometimes sucks, but even then you have to believe in yourself.

- Andy Grammer

Movies Having

Having a life outside of movies is like pure oxygen. It makes the work more precious and informed.

- Annette Bening

Through Which

The idea that fiction can capture the stories that fall through the cracks of history informed 'A Constellation of Vital Phenomena,' which progresses across the two Chechen Wars of the 1990s and early 2000s.

- Anthony Marra

Thought Ingenious

Whenever I found out anything remarkable, I have thought it my duty to put down my discovery on paper, so that all ingenious people might be informed thereof.

- Antonie van Leeuwenhoek

Some Which

There have been some medical schools in which somewhere along the assembly line, a faculty member has informed the students, not so much by what he said but by what he did, that there is an intimate relation between curing and caring.

- Ashley Montagu

Feel Date

So much of journalism is conveying a place and time that existed, to someone at a later date: giving a person the context and trying to make them feel as informed as if they were actually there.

- Chris Milk

Comedy Like

There's a lot of comedy in Intermission but it's got this depth. It's not comedy for comedy's sake - it's informed by something else. I like stuff like that.

- Cillian Murphy

Think Similar

The Brexit and Trump phenomena are informed by similar forces and social and economic movements. I think it's been really stressful; it's been really scary.

- Claire Danes

Me Bass

Bill Withers and Curtis Mayfield, those are the people who informed me in playing the bass.

- Colin Greenwood

Think Important

It's important to be informed but I also think it's important to be inspired. I'm creating a space where people can be inspired.

- Daryn Kagan

Need Depends

Value in medicine depends on information - as I said in 'Let Patients Help,' 'People perform better when they're informed better.' It follows that to make patients and families more effective in care, they need to know more.

- Dave deBronkart

Attitudes Most

As with most people, my ideology and my attitudes about life were informed by parents and family.

- David Harsanyi

Image Christians

The common moral praxis of Jews and Christians is most definitely theologically informed by the doctrine we share in common: The human person, male and female, is created in the image of God.

- David Novak

Over Historians

I learned more from my mother than from all the art historians and curators who have informed me about technical aspects of art history and art appreciation over the years.

- David Rockefeller


It might be liberating to think of human life as informed by losses and disappearances as much as by gifted appearances, allowing a more present participation and witness to the difficulty of living.

- David Whyte

Students Analyze

By giving students the proper tools to analyze the media they consume, we can empower them to make informed decisions.

- Jimmy Gomez

Think Which

I wanted to write songs which I think is a different thing. I wanted to write music that is informed by folk music. The chord progressions are obvious references.

- Joanna Newsom

Wish I Wish

I wish I had fair justification for not being as informed as I should be, but I don't.

- Joaquin Phoenix

Independence May

The important consequences to the American States from this Declaration of Independence, considered as the ground and foundation of a future government, naturally suggest the propriety of proclaiming it in such a manner as that the people may be universally informed of it.

- John Hancock

Role Profoundly

The media has not done a great job in fulfilling their role - journalism's role in a democracy is to provide information on profoundly important subjects so we're an informed citizenry.

- Jonathan Demme

Love Which

Resignation, not mystic, not detached, but resignation open-eyed, conscious, and informed by love, is the only one of our feelings for which it is impossible to become a sham.

- Joseph Conrad

Both Sides Been

I've been informed by both sides, jazz, western music, Asian music, African music, all sides, because I've been interested in the sound of the universe, and that sound is without limit.

- Joseph Jarman

Feet Individual

We are a democracy, and there is only one way to get a democracy on its feet in the matter of its individual, its social, its municipal, its State, its national conduct, and that is by keeping the public informed about what is going on.

- Joseph Pulitzer

Citizen Profess

I don't profess to be an expert on anything, or have the memory for who ran in 1952. I am an informed American citizen, that's my position.

- Joy Behar

Over Either

You can either be informed and your own rulers, or you can be ignorant and have someone else, who is not ignorant, rule over you.

- Julian Assange

Work Very

I don't ever work in a way where something is an illustration of an event, but when something is occurring at the same time I see it as very informed by that.

- Julie Mehretu

Love Away

Nobody can take what I love away from me. I would like to believe that love is the only energy I've ever used as a writer. I've never written out of anger, although anger has informed love.

- Athol Fugard

Through Learned

There are many differences between medicine and teaching, but they have much in common. Both involve craft and personal expertise, learned through experience; but both can be informed by the experience of others.

- Ben Goldacre

Data Treatment

Doctors and patients need as much data as possible to make an informed decision about what treatment is best.

- Ben Goldacre


I go to my grandchildren. They keep their grandpa informed on what's going on.

- Ben Vereen

Director Made

The most amazing thing you can ask for as an actor from a director is that you're being seen, that the choices made are informed.

- Bertie Carvel

Her His

While everyone has a right to his or her opinion, the people who are informed have more of a right.

- Bill Dixon

Other Works

Please, please, please, my dear competition. We can beat each other and fight each other as much as we want and argue, but do not predict how a system really works when you really don't know and don't want to know. Either be better informed, or don't do it.

- Hasso Plattner

Doing Away

When I was about twenty-five years of age, Professor Sims informed me that I could sing, but added, 'I would like to be at least forty miles away while you are doing it.'

- Heber J. Grant

Like Certainly

Just like zillions of children, album covers educated and informed me, and certainly did I later transpose organically, rather than by intent, those principles both in fashion design and photography.

- Hedi Slimane

New Here

I don't mean to sound like a Pollyanna, but for me, New York is the ideal because of the diversity here. 'Billy on the Street' is really informed by that.

- Billy Eichner

Other Accountable

We in the press have a special role since there is no other institution in our society that can hold the President accountable. I do believe that our democracy can endure and prevail only if the American people are informed.

- Helen Thomas

Will Employers

The costermongers' boys will, I am informed, cheat their employers, but they do not steal from them.

- Henry Mayhew

United States

The American people should be informed about what kind of capability terrorists have inside the United States. They should be informed of why we are not using information to do a more effective job of dealing with terrorists.

- Bob Graham

Medical Having

Informed consent is required for every invasive medical procedure, from getting your ears pierced to having an abortion.

- Bob McDonnell

Art Sensibility

Art is pattern informed by sensibility.

- Herbert Read

Educated Builds

Reading builds the educated and informed electorate so vital to our democracy.

- Brad Henry

Going Best Way

I'm a huge Twitter dork! That's the best way for fans to keep informed about what's going on with me.

- Brandon Jones

Falling Which

Is it possible that literacy standards are falling because young Australians are growing up in a culture in which they can be entertained and informed, and in which they can communicate effectively, without having to master any but the most rudimentary literacy skills?

- Hugh Mackay

Mostly Good Parts

Technology is mostly a force for good, but it has its downsides, too. I want my students - and my readers - to be intelligently skeptical about technology and be informed about the good and the not-so-good parts.

- Brian Kernighan

Like Some

It's important to be informed about issues like usability, reliability, security, privacy, and some of the inherent limitations of computers.

- Brian Kernighan

Very Cares

Who cares if a movie star has an opinion unless the person is very well informed?

- Brian Lamb

Sad Nothing

Informed by our sad experience of history, we require nothing short of a foundation for lasting democracy.

- Ibrahim Babangida

Always His

You can always spot a well informed man - his views are the same as yours.

- Ilka Chase

Peace Planet

I can promise you that women working together - linked, informed and educated - can bring peace and prosperity to this forsaken planet.

- Isabel Allende

Will Give

Sproxil will help combat the multi-billion dollar counterfeit drug market, empower customers, and give them the resources to make informed pharmaceutical purchasing decisions.

- Jacqueline Novogratz

Education Extent

To the extent that we are all educated and informed, we will be more equipped to deal with the gut issues that tend to divide us.

- Caroline Kennedy

Some Extension

I was really young when I was working on 'Freaks and Geeks.' In a lot of ways, that was the experience that informed a lot of what I've become, and I feel like every experience I have is in some way or another an extension of something that started there.

- Jake Kasdan

Learn Inseparable

Cognitive and character skills work together as dynamic complements; they are inseparable. Skills beget skills. More motivated children learn more. Those who are more informed usually make wiser decisions.

- James Heckman

Art Been

It has been common knowledge to informed collectors that many times the finest and rarest art glass is found unsigned.

- James Lafferty

Love Reason

I knew that Jesus loved me, not because the Bible told me so but because my heart was informed by love. And later, for that same reason, I knew I was attracted to boys.

- James Lecesne

Will Hostages

If people are informed they will do the right thing. It's when they are not informed that they become hostages to prejudice.

- Charlayne Hunter-Gault

Curious Learned

My father also happened to be an intellectual, as learned, literate, informed, and curious as anyone I have known. Unobtrusively and casually, he was my wise and gentle teacher.

- James Tobin

Business About

No matter what it is, if you get 10 people in the business talking about something, you get 10 different opinions, but you know, they're amazingly well informed.

- James Woods

Voting Adequately

Being adequately informed is a democratic duty, just as the vote is a democratic right. A misinformed electorate, voting without knowledge, is not a true democracy.

- Jay Griffiths

Listening Think

I think the American electorate should work a little harder at getting informed. That includes hearing, truly listening, to what the other side is saying. Whether you're left or right.

- Jeff Daniels

Thoughts Always

To be able to always have a super sense of who I was and my own real identity and be petty and seem informed and always thinking in thoughts would be great.

- Jeff Goldblum

Happy Unaware

There must be a happy medium somewhere between being totally informed and blissfully unaware.

- Doug Larson

Voice Think

I think that between the egos of the actors and the wrestlers in this country we are taking away from the truly dedicated and informed people who should be getting their voice heard.

- Dwayne Hickman

Though Quickly

We now have an opportunity, though, to do something we didn't do in the industrial age, and that is to get a leg up on this, to bring the public in quickly, to have an informed debate.

- Jeremy Rifkin

Belong Very

A lot of my personality was informed by feeling very different in the world I grew up in, feeling that I didn't fully belong, that my parents didn't belong.

- Jhumpa Lahiri

Woman Part

I enjoy being on CNBC's 'Fast Money,' in part so that audiences can watch a woman who is as well informed about, and invested in, the market as her male counterparts.

- Karen Finerman

Better Clients

Informed clients are better clients, and they make for better design.

- Kelly Wearstler

Listening Which

I grew up listening to a lot of soul music, which has probably informed the way that I sing on my tracks.

- Erik Hassle

Like Preview

It's like real life: We don't get a preview of what's coming up, thank God, and we don't build our own character from what we're going to be informed with in the future.

- Frances Conroy

Deep About

You have these relationships with people that you care about, but I also try to stick to my job as filmmaker and be fair and truthful about what I saw and my experience of the people, hopefully informed by a deep understanding of them.

- Lauren Greenfield

Some About

Some problems are so complex that you have to be highly intelligent and well informed just to be undecided about them.

- Laurence J. Peter

Never About

I was never informed in advance about the start of the war or about foreign political developments.

- Fritz Sauckel

Lives Other

It's the age of information and we need to just get as informed as we can about what other things might help us live healthy lives.

- Linda Hamilton

Harm Espionage

The Internet has made us richer, freer, connected and informed in ways its founders could not have dreamt of. It has also become a vector of attack, espionage, crime and harm.

- George Osborne

Given All My Work

I spent my 20s working in patient care at a large university hospital, an experience that has informed all my work and has given me a lot of human observation to draw on.

- Lois McMaster Bujold

Better Want

I want to be better informed with regard to ichthyology.

- Gilbert White

Young Use

Children who use the Internet are much better informed than when I was young. Use this to your advantage.

- Miep Gies

I Am Things

I am reluctant to judge things without being informed.

- Giorgio Moroder

Need Reinvent

We need to replace hyperbole with a reasonable, informed discussion about how to reinvent the federal budget with more transparency and better accountability.

- Mike Quigley

Law Ensure

My responsibility is to ensure that the position of the Department of Justice is not only legally defensible, but is informed by our best view of what the law is after consideration of all the facts.

- Sally Yates


You have great athletic directors, you let them run it; you keep yourself informed, but I'm not the athletic director. I'm the president of the university.

- Gordon Gee

Think Venice

Paris is an ideal place to become informed, while Venice is a place to think and write.

- Pontus Hulten

Think Pretty

I think I'm pretty politically informed, and I find myself watching Senate hearings on C-SPAN.

- Powers Boothe

Will About

As population susceptibilities are better understood, we will be in a better position than we are in today to make informed decisions about risk management.

- Samuel Wilson

Project Which

One of the responsibilities faced by the Environmental Genome Project is to provide the science base upon which society can make better informed risk management decisions.

- Samuel Wilson

Based Making

You actually can be passionate about things like making rational decisions based on a thorough airing of the facts, a reasonable and informed debate, a respect for the Constitution that includes, um, knowing about it.

- Rachel Sklar

Sexy Gotten

I know it sounds weird, but my definition of 'sexy' has changed as I've gotten older. And being smart and informed makes me feel sexier than any outfit.

- Sarah Shahi

May Using

I don't feel particularly comfortable about actors using whatever power they may have to push their beliefs, unless they're extremely well informed.

- Ralph Fiennes

Business Then

Informed decision-making comes from a long tradition of guessing and then blaming others for inadequate results.

- Scott Adams

Very Resulted

Economic progress and better education have directly resulted in the birth of a class of voters who are better informed, very demanding and highly critical.

- Najib Razak

View Always

I was always more interested in story songs, things with a point of view... and things that informed me.

- Nanci Griffith