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Existence More

To suppose more than one supreme Source of infinite wisdom, power, and all perfections, is to assert that there is no supreme Being in existence.

- Adam Clarke

Role Amount

I'm constantly thinking about the role, and there's an infinite amount of questions you can ask yourself about a character to the point that it's hard to find the boundaries of when to not work.

- Adam Driver

Most Almost

Most human beings have an almost infinite capacity for taking things for granted.

- Aldous Huxley

Independent Your

The infinite vibratory levels, the dimensions of interconnectedness are without end. There is nothing independent. All beings and things are residents in your awareness.

- Alex Grey

Always Been

The infinite faith I have in people's ability to understand anything that makes sense has always been justified, finally, by their behavior.

- Alice Walker

Love Ardent

True, He is infinite Majesty, but He is also infinite Goodness and infinite Love. There can be no greater Lord than God; neither can there be a more ardent lover than He.

- Alphonsus Liguori

Like Blazing

Like a blazing comet, I've traversed infinite nights, interstellar spaces of the imagination, voluptuousness and fear.

- Antonio Tabucchi

Individual Pieces

When information is infinite, individual pieces of information are worth nothing.

- Charles K. Kao

Country Idea

America is a living idea. It isn't only the tenets of its founding, but also the terms of its future. Every day, we make America. Seeking to preserve and enshrine one vision of this country from one period of its past robs it of what makes it magical: its infinite possibility for adjustment.

- Charles M. Blow

Will Set

For many of us, we set out thinking there will be time in the future, and then suddenly we find ourselves at a moment when we have to acknowledge that the future isn't infinite.

- Claire Messud

Past Phase

And time itself? Time was a never-ending medium that stretched into the future and the past - except there was no future and no past, but an infinite number of brackets, extending either way, each bracket enclosing its single phase of the Universe.

- Clifford D. Simak

Language Lifetime

There are infinite shadings of light and shadows and colors... it's an extraordinarily subtle language. Figuring out how to speak that language is a lifetime job.

- Conrad Hall

Patience Said

I've said my patience is not infinite.

- Darrell Issa

Boring Number

There are an infinite number of boring things to do in science.

- David Eagleman

About I Write

What we call the 'world' and the 'universe' is only one frequency range in an infinite number sharing the same space. The interdimensional entities I write about are able to move between these frequencies or dimensions and manipulate our lives.

- David Icke

Love Truth

Infinite love is the only truth. Everything else is illusion.

- David Icke


I know that you are part of me and I am part of you because we are all aspects of the same infinite consciousness that we call God and Creation.

- David Icke

Given Get

Given free rein, our imagination can get infinite.

- Jim Harrison

Here Range

By mere burial man arrives not at bliss; and in the future life, throughout its whole infinite range, they will seek for happiness as vainly as they sought it here, who seek it in aught else than that which so closely surrounds them here - the Infinite.

- Johann Gottlieb Fichte

Other Very

With Tinder and all these other things, there's always this kind of illusion with infinite choices. There's something very cool about saying, 'Oh, I actually really care about this person, and I want to commit to loving this person and being loyal to this person.' You can't get that from the kind of infinite multiple choices that are out there.

- John Legend

Doing Other

There is a construct in computer programming called 'the infinite loop' which enables a computer to do what no other physical machine can do - to operate in perpetuity without tiring. In the same way it doesn't know exhaustion, it doesn't know when it's wrong and it can keep doing the wrong thing over and over without tiring.

- John Maeda


The power of imagination makes us infinite.

- John Muir

Desire Fame

My desire for fame is infinite.

- John Paul Jones

Death Beauty

The best news of the Christian gospel is that the supremely glorious Creator of the universe has acted in Jesus Christ's death and resurrection to remove every obstacle between us and himself so that we may find everlasting joy in seeing and savoring his infinite beauty.

- John Piper

Been Vindicate

Jesus Christ... came into the world to vindicate the infinite worth of God's holiness which had been desecrated by our sin and which seemed... to be taken lightly because it was being passed over for nothing more than the blood of bulls.

- John Piper

Limited Concept

There is a concept that is the corrupter and destroyer of all others. I speak not of Evil, whose limited empire is that of ethics; I speak of the infinite.

- Jorge Luis Borges

Limited Confuses

One concept corrupts and confuses the others. I am not speaking of the Evil whose limited sphere is ethics; I am speaking of the infinite.

- Jorge Luis Borges

Nostalgia Possess

Sharp nostalgia, infinite and terrible, for what I already possess.

- Juan Ramon Jimenez

Means However

This invisibility, however, means that the opportunities for creative research are infinite.

- Barbara Smith

Them Finite

Religion unites man with God, or forms a communication between them; yet do they not say, 'God is infinite?' If God be infinite, no finite being can have communication or relation with him.

- Baron d'Holbach

Parent Deliver

The main influence on a child's palate may no longer be a parent but a series of food manufacturers whose products - despite their illusion of infinite choice - deliver a monotonous flavour hit, quite unlike the more varied flavours of traditional cuisine.

- Bee Wilson

Doubt Reason

There is no rational reason to doubt that the universe has existed indefinitely, for an infinite time. It is only myth that attempts to say how the universe came to be, either four thousand or twenty billion years ago.

- Hannes Alfven

Sea Seemingly

Aside from what it teaches you, there is simply the indescribable degree of peace that can be achieved on a sailing vessel at sea. I guess a combination of hard work and the seemingly infinite expanse of the sea - the profound solitude - that does it for me.

- Billy Campbell

Sunshine Violent

Shakespeare's plays were a great Teutonic Valhalla with brilliant sunshine at times and violent tempests at others. The world to him was a battlefield, but his sense of poetic justice, his sublime faith in life and its infinite resources, guided the battles.

- Bjornstjerne Bjornson

Mind Delusion

The ignorant mind, with its infinite afflictions, passions, and evils, is rooted in the three poisons. Greed, anger, and delusion.

- Bodhidharma

Play Finite

The finite play for life is serious; the infinite play of life is joyous.

- James P. Carse

Thought United

The United States has long thought of itself as the land of infinite plenty, and historically we did have abundant resources. But now we are gradually exhausting our fisheries, our topsoil, our water. On top of that, we're coming to the end of world resources.

- Jared Diamond

Out Across

There are few things that have filled me with such breathless awe as flying in the black of night across oceans and continents and looking out my cockpit window upon the infinite glory of millions of stars.

- Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Love I See

I love and respect all religions and philosophies. I see how they get formed, how they grow up, and how powerful they are. But for me to believe in a specific god - no. Because what I believe is that the infinite, the absolute, is a living being and the only one living being that really exists.

- Don Miguel Ruiz

Life Fundamental

Chemical compounds of carbon can exist in an infinite variety of compositions, forms and sizes. The naturally occurring organic substances are the basis of all life on Earth, and their science at the molecular level defines a fundamental language of that life.

- Elias James Corey

Jehovah Could

The eternal God - the infinite Jehovah - has done all he could do - even to the sacrificing his own Son - to provide a way for man's happiness, and yet they reject him, hate him, and laugh him to scorn!

- Elijah Parish Lovejoy

Learn Amount

I had to be reminded that the guitar is infinite. It never stops teaching you, it never stops being difficult; there's an unlimited amount of things to learn, and you'll never master it.

- Kaki King

Purpose Sometimes

When I look back at that freedom of childhood, which is in a way infinite, and at all the joy and the intense happiness, now lost, I sometimes think that childhood is where the real meaning of life is located, and that we, adults, are its servants - that that's our purpose.

- Karl Ove Knausgaard

Individual Person

That power of the individual person - just the girl - is infinite.

- Emily Weiss

Trying While

While many people are trying to be in tune with infinite, what they really are is in tune with the indefinite.

- Eric Butterworth


While there are corporal descriptions of what the afterlife is like in Christianity, Islam and Judaism, what's going on there is the finite trying to describe the infinite. If God knows everything, started everything and is the only one who knows how it's going to end, how can any human know what God wants?

- Keith Ellison

Past Learns

The past has infinite value if one learns from it.

- Ken Hensley

Distance Figures

The Geometer has the special privilege to carry out, by abstraction, all constructions by means of the intellect. Who, then, would wish to prevent me from freely considering figures hanging on a balance imagined to be at an infinite distance beyond the confines of the world?

- Evangelista Torricelli

Genius Geniuses

We can all be geniuses because one definition of genius is the infinite capacity for taking pains.

- Knute Rockne

Idea Cards

I used to comfort myself with the idea of a book with serrated, detachable pages, so that you could read the thing the way it came and then shuffle the pages, like a giant deck of cards, and read the book in an entirely different order. It would be a different book, wouldn't it? It would be one of infinite books.

- Franz Wright

Give Been

I give infinite thanks to God, who has been pleased to make me the first observer of marvelous things.

- Galileo Galilei

Thought Hang

In awe, I watched the waxing moon ride across the zenith of the heavens like an ambered chariot towards the ebony void of infinite space wherein the tethered belts of Jupiter and Mars hang, for ever festooned in their orbital majesty. And as I looked at all this I thought... I must put a roof on this toilet.

- Les Dawson

Message About

With the hyperlinks, '253' says, 'Look at all the links we have we don't know about.' Without the links, the message becomes, 'Look at God's infinite variety.'

- Geoff Ryman

Nature Held

I realise that in this undertaking I place myself in a certain opposition to views widely held concerning the mathematical infinite and to opinions frequently defended on the nature of numbers.

- Georg Cantor

Least Recapture

One can re-create what was in the mind of a mathematician a thousand years ago, recapture the truth of the intellect wherever it may have once come to light; but the image of art, that infinite variable of perception and expression in the individual, - that is not easily re-created, at least, not with certainty and in its original fulness.

- George Edward Woodberry

Alone Felt

Then stirs the feeling infinite, so felt In solitude, where we are least alone.

- Lord Byron

Death Eternity

Death is not an event in life: we do not live to experience death. If we take eternity to mean not infinite temporal duration but timelessness, then eternal life belongs to those who live in the present.

- Ludwig Wittgenstein

Mission Her

Each daughter of God is of infinite worth because of her divine mission.

- Russell M. Nelson

Been Expanding

Astronomers have been bewildered by the theory of an expanding universe, but there is no less expansion in the moral infinite of the universe of man. As far as the frontiers of science are pushed back, over the extended arc of these frontiers one will hear the poet's hounds on the chase.

- Saint-John Perse

Trust Turned

This is me, a sinner on whom the Lord has turned his gaze. And this is what I said when they asked me if I would accept my election as pontiff. I am a sinner, but I trust in the infinite mercy and patience of our Lord Jesus Christ, and I accept in a spirit of penance.

- Pope Francis

Stupidity Alcohol

Alcohol gives you infinite patience for stupidity.

- Sammy Davis, Jr.

Selfish Which

Man is essentially a selfish creature. The differences in the degree with which this developed are infinite.

- Samuel Freeman Miller

Grace Exhaust

Millions of hells of sinners cannot come near to exhaust infinite grace.

- Samuel Rutherford

Possess Biggest

The biggest thing I possess is infinite patience. Once you are patient, things fall in place.

- Mohammad Azharuddin

New Agent

As a medium, electronic screens possess infinite capacities and instant interconnections, turning words into a new kind of active agent in the world.

- Tom Chatfield

Maybe Without

Everything is so much clearer once a world is framed. Maybe it sounds crazy, but with writing, it's infinity that is limiting and the limited that allows for the truly infinite. Once all those elements are in place in a story, the brain is truly freed up to imagine without end.

- Nathan Englander

Lives Stories

Human experience is infinite. Lives are infinite. Stories are infinite. Just because one story has gravity in it doesn't mean you can't write a different one with gravity in it.

- Nathan Englander

White Shades

There are infinite shades of grey. Writing often appears so black and white.

- Rebecca Solnit

Effort Perfect

People really are looking for this perfect sort of dream person, but it's hard to go out every night or make the effort to meet people in your hometown, if you haven't already met them all. Online there's this infinite possibility of meeting this person who, no matter where they live, you're meant to be with.

- Nev Schulman

Deserve Worth It

We are the world. We are the people and we deserve better not because we're worth it but because no worth can be put on the incalculable, on the infinite, on life.

- Nick Mancuso

Come Vehicles

I have come to believe that there are infinite passageways out of the shadows, infinite vehicles to transport us into the light.

- Martha Beck

Beauty Humanism

Humanism was not wrong in thinking that truth, beauty, liberty, and equality are of infinite value, but in thinking that man can get them for himself without grace.

- Simone Weil

Big Sustaining

To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, today is big with blessings.

- Mary Baker Eddy

New Paradoxical

The new formula in physics describes humans as paradoxical beings who have two complementary aspects: They can show properties of Newtonian objects and also infinite fields of consciousness.

- Stanislav Grof


Without this tremendous passion for power, influence, and advantage which money gives, how could nature develop the highest type of man? Without this infinite longing, whence would come the discipline which industry, perseverance, tact, sagacity, and frugality give?

- Orison Swett Marden

Pain Discern

Only I discern Infinite passion, and the pain Of finite hearts that yearn.

- Robert Browning

Thought Each One

I say, let us think. Let each one express his thought. Let us become investigators, not followers, not cringers and crawlers. If there is in Heaven an infinite being, he never will be satisfied with the worship of cowards and hypocrites.

- Robert Green Ingersoll

Worlds Mattered

Like many of the ideas that mattered in the American Revolution, extraterrestrials got their start in antiquity. The Greek philosopher Epicurus speculated that the universe must be infinite, eternal and abounding in 'worlds' just like our own.

- Matthew Stewart

Through Pains

The Creator, in taking infinite pains to shroud with mystery His presence in every atom of creation, could have had but one motive - a sensitive desire that men seek Him only through free will.

- Paramahansa Yogananda

Which Contained

Space, and space again, is the infinite deity which surrounds us and in which we are ourselves contained.

- Max Beckmann

Worthy Portion

All the analysis of infinite reality which the finite human mind can conduct rests on the tacit assumption that only a finite portion of this reality constitutes the object of scientific investigation, and that only it is 'important' in the sense of being 'worthy of being known.'

- Max Weber

Deal Conceive

A freewheeling mind can conceive a virtually infinite number of sequences, but just how that mind picks out and stores those that may perhaps be used later to deal with a given tension, a given situation, is far beyond my understanding.

- Patrick O'Brian

Inclusive Whole

Take everything you know. Take your whole selves. Be inclusive. Be open. Make history in the infinite ways that your heart takes you.

- Megan Smith

Use Finite

Language makes infinite use of finite media.

- Wilhelm von Humboldt

Spirit Determined

Our spiritual attitude is determined by our conception of our relation to infinite spirit.

- Paul Twitchell


The infinite God can not by us, in the present limitation of our faculties, be comprehended or conceived.

- William Hamilton

Alien Trepidation

I believe that we're not alone. How can we be alone in an infinite universe? I'm using the word 'alien' with a little trepidation because I know that sparks so many different versions of that word, and there are so many different images that come into one person's head when someone says it.

- Rose Leslie

Father College

I was not thinking about infinite multipliers when I was 10. But I did have a father who was a Ph.D. in commerce and finance and an intellectual man. And so I had a feeling, probably about the time I went to college, that I would try to be a scholar and teacher, but I didn't know which field.

- Michael Spence

Individual Bodies

Painting bodies with the patterns of Kusama's hallucinations obliterated their individual selves and returned them to the infinite universe.

- Yayoi Kusama