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Suffer Does

The man who does ill must suffer ill.

- Aeschylus

Suffering Mutually

There is no disgrace in an enemy suffering ill at an enemy's hand, when you hate mutually.

- Aeschylus

Bring News

It is an ill thing to be the first to bring news of ill.

- Aeschylus

Very Reasonable

Well, many insane people and seriously mentally ill people seem very reasonable.

- Alan Dershowitz

Substance Makes

A vitamin is a substance that makes you ill if you don't eat it.

- Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Disease Our World

It's not anthrax or terrorism or AIDS that is the worst ill in our world: The most horrible disease in the world is hate.

- Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

Impossible Affects

It's impossible to make a record when you're ill because it affects how you listen to things. You can't make decisions. It all sounds terrible.

- Alison Krauss

Competition Other

Even if we were friends, I consider this a sport, a competition, so there are no ill feelings towards any other fighter or whatever.

- Alistair Overeem

Strong Vibrant

When you're used to being healthy and strong and vibrant and everything and then - bang - overnight you're desperately ill, it's frightening.

- Ann Romney

Pet Get

My little dog, he did not get ill. It is so funny that people get ill on a boat and dogs do not.

- Anna Held

Give Which

Give up smoking. Don't get so fat. So much illness is self-induced - which I can't stand. And I'm not a good nursemaid. Don't call me if you're ill.

- Anton du Beke

Good Which

So much illness is self-induced - which I can't stand. And I'm not a good nursemaid. Don't call me if you're ill.

- Anton du Beke

Know Supposed

I know you aren't supposed to speak ill of the dead.

- April Winchell

Want Congress

Congress seems to want to cure every ill known to man except unconstitutional government and high taxes.

- Charley Reese

Say Heed

You say that you are my judge; I do not know if you are; but take good heed not to judge me ill, because you would put yourself in great peril.

- Joan of Arc

Angels Still

Our acts our angels are, for good or ill, our fatal shadows that walk by us still.

- John Fletcher

World Dragging

America is in a runaway-train position and dragging all the world with it. It's grotesquely mentally ill.

- Joni Mitchell

Feel Like

You are never so alone as when you are ill on stage. The most nightmarish feeling in the world is suddenly to feel like throwing up in front of four thousand people.

- Judy Garland

Father Fernando

Father Fernando did every thing in his power to assist the sick; and although he arrived much reduced in flesh, he did not become ill, and is now well.

- Junipero Serra

Know Everybody

Speak ill of no man, but speak all the good you know of everybody.

- Benjamin Franklin

More Other

Idleness among children, as among men, is the root of all evil, and leads to no other evil more certain than ill temper.

- Hannah More

Boarding School Seven

My parents divorced when I was seven. Because divorce is messy, for good or ill, they sent me to boarding school.

- Jack Davenport

Change Always

Writers seldom choose as friends those self-contained characters who are never in trouble, never unhappy or ill, never make mistakes and always count their change when it is handed to them.

- Catherine Drinker Bowen

Loss Beginning

Hope of ill gain is the beginning of loss.

- Democritus

Rest Bad

There is so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, that it ill behooves any of us to find fault with the rest of us.

- James Truslow Adams

Think Want

I hope that there are no persons that would want to think ill of me in any direction or any behavior.

- Diahann Carroll

Speak Predecessors

Don't speak ill of your predecessors or successors. You didn't walk in their shoes.

- Donald Rumsfeld

Ease Poise

Poise: the ability to be ill at ease inconspicuously.

- Earl Wilson

Speak Never

I never speak ill of dead people or live judges.

- Edwin Edwards

Last Things

When we're ill, one of the last things we have that we can enjoy is food.

- Ferran Adria

Voice Show

When a music teacher that I had at school was taken ill and we had a variety show and I had to fill in - that's when I realized I had a voice.

- Lily Allen

Idea Even

We are all ill: but even a universal sickness implies an idea of health.

- Lionel Trilling

Like Aged

Just like those who are incurably ill, the aged know everything about their dying except exactly when.

- Philip Roth

Learn Until

I didn't learn to drive until I was 65 and my husband was seriously ill.

- Phyllis A. Whitney

Year Any

I don't eat any dairy products at all, usually - it's a self-imposed ban. I've done it for a year now, since I was ill, but it's so hard.

- Sam Taylor-Johnson

Decide Inevitable

Poverty is not inevitable. It is a human ill that we can fight if we decide to do so together.

- Marc Forne Molne

Wife She

My daughter lived with my wife being ill since she was 2.

- Titus Welliver

Materials Made

You aren't ill: it is just that you are made of second-rate materials.

- Natalia Ginzburg

Love Mind

If there is anything that keeps the mind open to angel visits, and repels the ministry of ill, it is human love.

- Nathaniel Parker Willis

Willing Absent

Let no one be willing to speak ill of the absent.

- Sextus Propertius

Diseases Very

There's very few things that tear me up and get me, but kids, especially terminally ill kids or kids with diseases... gets me every time.

- Tyler Farr

Understand Communicate

When every word is parsed for ill intention, regardless of who is speaking or why, we become so afraid we'll offend that we stop trying to communicate with people we don't understand.

- Marti Noxon

Need Them

I adore all Agatha Christie's books and turn to them whenever I'm ill or need cheering up.

- Sophie Kinsella

Fact Illnesses

The difference between a healthy person and one who is mentally ill is the fact that the healthy one has all the mental illnesses, and the mentally ill person has only one.

- Robert Musil

Photographed Patients

There was a mental institution near my house, and I would donate time teaching mentally ill patients how to do ceramics. I photographed them as well. So those were my first pictures.

- Steven Klein

Forgive Rather

Rather than forgive, we can wish ill; rather than hope for repentance, we can instead hope that our enemies experience the wrath of God.

- Meir Soloveichik

Mankind Which

A man has generally the good or ill qualities, which he attributes to mankind.

- William Shenstone

Distance Well

What a strange distance there is between ill people and well ones.

- Winifred Holtby