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Generations Been

No one in my family has been observant for generations, but we all identify with being Jewish.

- Adam Mansbach

Country Nation

America is a country that prides itself on being able to identify a 'straight shooter' or 'the genuine article' when it comes to our leaders. As a nation, we can 'feel it in our gut' when someone is giving us a bum steer.

- Adam McKay

Business Might

An open-minded person running a business might catch a problem faster than a closed-minded person. And when they identify a problem, they can fix it much faster.

- Adeo Ressi

Digital Accurate

If you use Facebook - as I do - Facebook in all likelihood has a unique digital file of your face, one that can be as accurate as a fingerprint and that can be used to identify you in a photo of a large crowd.

- Al Franken

Nature Been

My greatest joy comes from creativity: from feeling that I have been able to identify a certain aspect of human nature and crystallise a phenomenon in words.

- Alain de Botton

Prefer Able

I prefer to be able to identify what I'm eating. I have to know.

- Alain Ducasse


We identify in our exerience a differentiation between what we do and what happens to us.

- Alan Watts

Middle Still

Because I came from the working class, I still identify with them. I don't identify with the middle class.

- Allison Anders

Which Real People

At the core, I try to write characters who are real people with real insecurities, fears, hopes, and dreams, which is why hopefully readers can identify with them.

- Ally Carter

However Ongoing

Nobody knows the future with certainty. We can, however, identify ongoing patterns of change.

- Alvin Toffler

Find Come

I come from a place where I find it hard to identify with a label.

- Amber Heard

Cold Always

I'll always identify as a Chicagoan; if it wasn't so cold, I'd be there forever.

- Amy Landecker

Think I Think

I think the real problem for American religion are those minority of fundamentalists who try to identify political policies with religion.

- Andrew Greeley

Impact Components

While neurological studies have tried to identify components responsible for fear and greed, the impact on finance is less clear.

- Andrew Lo

Go Everybody

Motherhood was the great equaliser for me; I started to identify with everybody... as a mother, you have that impulse to wish that no child should ever be hurt, or abused, or go hungry, or not have opportunities in life.

- Annie Lennox

Me Everybody

Motherhood was the great equaliser for me; I started to identify with everybody.

- Annie Lennox

Tend Employ

As an artist, you tend to identify your sphere of influence and try to employ that as best you can to hopefully be useful.

- Anohni

Data Will

You want to evaluate future borrowers, but in order to train an algorithm that will help you identify future defaults, you have to train it and evaluate it on past data.

- Anthony Goldbloom

Which Bizarre

As a rule, said Holmes, the more bizarre a thing is the less mysterious it proves to be. It is your commonplace, featureless crimes which are really puzzling, just as a commonplace face is the most difficult to identify.

- Arthur Conan Doyle

Habits Which

When most individuals or most companies are talking about trying to create healthy habits, the key is to identify which habit or habits seem most important.

- Charles Duhigg

Goal Locate

The more specific and measurable your goal, the more quickly you will be able to identify, locate, create, and implement the use of the necessary resources for its achievement.

- Charles J. Givens

Allow Surface

Once you allow yourself to identify with the people in a story, then you might begin to see yourself in that story even if on the surface it's far removed from your situation.

- Chinua Achebe

Star Own

Charlie Brown is the one person I identify with. C.B. is such a loser. He wasn't even the star of his own Halloween special.

- Chris Rock

Very Roles

I've loved taking on roles that have a very universal message that lots of people can identify and relate to - and at the end of the day can get people talking.

- Cierra Ramirez

Luck Ready

You have to identify your shot and be 'Push your luck' ready for it.

- D. B. Sweeney

Social Hang

Human beings are a social species. We like to hang together in groups, just like wildebeests, just like lions. Wildebeests don't hang with lions because lions eat wildebeests. Human beings are like that. We do what that group does that we're trying to identify with.

- Dan Phillips

Religious Fact

I do strongly identify with being Jewish. I was raised Orthodox and had a childhood complicated by the fact that my father was deeply religious and my mother was not.

- Dani Shapiro

Lose Caught

In fashion, there are so many gangs, if you identify too much with one, you get caught - I would lose my freedom.

- Daphne Guinness

Play Data

At KaBOOM! we are crowd-sourcing a nationwide Map of Play that uses GIS data and user rankings to identify where the engaging playgrounds are located, but more importantly, where they are not.

- Darell Hammond

Country Given

My background in financial services and my experience as a state representative have given me the ability to identify our country's fiscal problems and find steps to remedy them.

- Darlene Senger

Reason Race

If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has not achieved, and never will achieve, its full potential, that word would be 'meetings.'

- Dave Barry

Myself Heathen

I, myself, identify myself as a heathen.

- David Alan Grier

Characters Movie

Yet as a director, I don't feel you have to identify with your characters as a requirement to make a movie.

- David Fincher

Theater Person

You want people to identify with the person on the screen or in the theater, but you don't want them to identify with you as a person.

- David Morrissey

Will Own

I believe we must seek God's will, never presuming to identify it with our own program or power.

- David Price

Art Role

The role of a museum of modern art is to make a good selection and identify what we believe to be the coming movements, and that requires taste.

- David Rockefeller

Country Treatment

We believe that more than 4 percent of the children in this country suffer ADHD... We want to know how to better identify and refer children for treatment.

- David Satcher

Right Particular

I'm on the road constantly. I'm a nomad. I don't really have a home right now. I don't identify with one place in particular.

- Daya

Persona Whole

My whole comic persona is that of a guy who explores the id: I romanticize gluttony, I romanticize laziness, and people identify with that.

- Jim Gaffigan

About Makes

I believe every guitar player inherently has something unique about their playing. They just have to identify what makes them different and develop it.

- Jimmy Page

Far Too

It's dangerous to get too far from what they identify you with.

- Jimmy Rushing

Chicken Waste

If you are killing a chicken and cooking a chicken, it has to taste like chicken. Veal has to taste like veal. You have to be able to identify what you're eating. One of my worst experiences is when I can't tell what I'm eating. It is a waste.

- Joel Robuchon

Means Obtain

Our struggle is to identify the sources of revenue and the means to obtain the funds. Without funds, all the planning and research studies can't help us.

- John Breaux

World Marketing

The world of marketing is all about trends and the ability of marketers to identify and cultivate them.

- John Rampton

Georgia Wants

I identify as a Georgian who wants to do right by Georgia.

- Jon Ossoff

Deep Narratives

Extremist perspectives win sympathy and recruits because they offer narratives that claim to identify deep injustices and enemies.

- Jonas Gahr Store

Country Larger

Citizens identify with something larger than themselves - if one's country is attacked, it can feel like a personal attack in a way that a fellow bank customer's account theft does not feel like a personal invasion.

- Jonathan Zittrain

Love Sissy

I love Tom Wilkinson and Tommy Lee Jones as well as Jessica Chastain. But the person I look up to most, not because I identify with her roles but because of who she is as a person, is Sissy Spacek.

- Jordan Gavaris

Been Period

It would be a mind-boggling endeavor to try to identify each individual who claims to have been a survivor of victimization during this period of 24 years.

- Jose Ramos-Horta

Reading Our World

We all identify with the people we see, and in a good documentary, we are not just reading an account of the world, we're seeing and hearing our world.

- Joshua Oppenheimer

Beginning Middle

At the heart of any successful film is a powerful story. And a story should be just that: a narrative with a beginning, middle, and end, powerful protagonists that audiences can identify with, and a dramatic arc that is able to capture and hold viewers' intellectual and emotional attention.

- Julia Bacha

Heroes Clint

I identify with the Clint Eastwoods and Harrison Fords. Those are my heroes.

- Barry Pepper

Though Read

I'm so disturbed when my women students behave as though they can only read women, or black students behave as though they can only read blacks, or white students behave as though they can only identify with a white writer.

- bell hooks

May I May Not

If I'm in my position at a company, I may not have the knowledge of the C.E.O., I may not know what's possible, or I may not have the creativity, but if I can identify a problem, that's a valuable thing.

- Ben Horowitz

Love I Love

Well, the first thing is that I love monsters, I identify with monsters.

- Guillermo del Toro

Stars Objects

As specialists of apparent life, stars serve as superficial objects that people can identify with in order to compensate for the fragmented productive specialisations that they actually live.

- Guy Debord

Politics Always

You can always find people, ordinary people, who will support your particular view, so it becomes a politics of personality, especially at the presidential level. People often go for somebody that they like or somebody that they can identify with.

- H. W. Brands

Voice Always

I always was really confident about myself, about my voice, myself as a person, my body, all of those things, but as a songwriter - I just didn't identify as a songwriter at all.

- Beth Ditto

Through May

Whatever the price, identify it now. What will you have to go through to get where you want to be? There is a price you can pay to be free of the situation once and for all. It may be a fantastic price or a tiny one - but there is a price.

- Harry Browne

Book Involves

I really appreciate what it takes to create a book. I understand the loneliness that it involves and the excitement and the vulnerability: I especially identify with that.

- Bill Clegg

Agent Author

I identify as an agent when I'm agenting, and I identify as an author when I'm writing. I expect both those things to be true for as long as I'm able to do them.

- Bill Clegg

Prepare Which

An artist must possess Nature. He must identify himself with her rhythm, by efforts that will prepare the mastery which will later enable him to express himself in his own language.

- Henri Matisse

Here Consequence

The problem is you tend to look back and identify mistakes, and as a consequence of feeling terrible about mistakes you say you bungled this so bad, let's get out of here.

- Bob Kerrey

Think I Think

I think that most of us can identify with the change that happens to Bruce Banner. We all have a little of both inside us. I think this is an important theme in defining the character.

- Herb Trimpe

Laborious Ideal

When the Promise of American life is conceived as a national ideal, whose fulfillment is a matter of artful and laborious work, the effect thereof is substantially to identify the national purpose with the social problem.

- Herbert Croly

Inability Fury

I identify with this guy's frustration and inability to control his fury at moments. I even identify with the way that this guy covers up a lot with humour. So yeah, it's interesting.

- Bradley Whitford

Challenges Retain

Running businesses of all sizes and stages, I've seen the challenges companies face in trying to identify, attract, and retain talent.

- Brian Lee

Profess Read

Politicians read the polls that show 85 or 90 percent of the voters profess a belief in God, so they identify themselves with religion, often only to the degree necessary to reach the constituency they are targeting.

- Jack Germond

Other Address

And most importantly perhaps, children can learn about their rights, share their knowledge with the children of other nations, identify problems with them and establish how they might work together to address them.

- Carol Bellamy

Art Given

There are no categories in contemporary art. There are no rules. Artists are given the freedom to make and create whatever they please and call it whatever they please. I identify with that system, or lack of system, much more than I do the landscape of contemporary publishing.

- James Frey

New Banks

We believe the new banks will complement the existing banking system, and there will be opportunities for players to identify mutually beneficial partnerships.

- Chanda Kochhar

Data Behind

The ability to identify someone at a moment's notice by snapping a photo of him or her, to trigger an immediate influx of data about the person behind the face, will forever change the world.

- Jan Chipchase

Snakes Drove

I do identify with St. Patrick, not just in name. He drove the snakes out of Ireland. I intend to drive the snakes out of the State House.

- Deval Patrick

Young Wishing

When you're a young child, you pick a totem animal, and you just identify with it to the point of wishing you were that animal.

- Diane Lane

Play Singer

I identify more as a musician than as a singer, because I play piano and percussion, and I engineer and produce everything that I do.

- Janina Gavankar

Go Louvre

The Louvre is a morgue; you go there to identify your friends.

- Jean Cocteau

Giving Up Going

I could not identify with harming my child or giving up my child. But I could identify with giving up my child if it were going to be ultimately in his best interest.

- Drea De Matteo

Want Streets

The kids from the streets don't want preaching or messages. They want what they can identify with. They want to hear about the reality of their situation, not fairy tales. They don't care if it's ugly; they just want reality.

- Eazy-E

More More People

It was so popular, so more people identify me from 'Friends' than anything else.

- Eddie Cahill

Horror Hang

We could hang around for ten years and nobody would care enough to identify us. Therein lies the horror.

- Eddie Campbell

Young Use

I saw an opportunity to use a restaurant to identify a lot of my issues and concerns with being an immigrant in America, and Asian in America, and a young person in America.

- Eddie Huang

Person Could

I was the first advertising person who people could identify with.

- Jerry Della Femina

Person Also

I also identify as a Latin person, a person who has Latin blood.

- Jessica Hagedorn

Grandmother Pure

My identity is linked to my grandmother, who's pure Filipino, as pure as you can probably get. And that shaped my imagination. So that's how I identify.

- Jessica Hagedorn

Music Never

I want to make my music a genre that people can immediately identify: something that never existed.

- Ji-Hae Park

Individual Some

You want to feel that your reader does identify with the characters so that there's a real entry into the story - that some quality speaks to the individual.

- Jill McCorkle

Over Distances

We don't know how to identify intelligence over interstellar distances, so what we do instead is use technology for a proxy.

- Jill Tarter

Cosmic Reasons

I believe that it is important to have faith in a cosmic, universal power and identify the reasons for one's existence.

- Jyotiraditya Madhavrao Scindia

Grow May

Adult stem cells are also problematic, as they are difficult to identify, purify and grow, and simply may not exist for certain diseased tissues that need to be replaced.

- Eliot Engel

Reason Which

Once you're known to be an alcoholic, that's how many people identify you, which could be a reason not to talk about it.

- Elizabeth Marshall Thomas

Envy Need

We need criminals to identify ourselves with, to secretly envy and to stoutly punish. They do for us the forbidden, illegal things we wish to do.

- Karl A. Menninger

Always May

When there is a problem, always identify and evaluate your underlying assumptions that may be contributing to the problem or preventing you from seeing the problem clearly.

- Elizabeth Thornton

Rhythms Based

Repetition is based on body rhythms, so we identify with the heartbeat, or with walking, or with breathing.

- Karlheinz Stockhausen

Character Your

You can't identify 100% with your character.

- Elodie Yung

Through Wanting

I identify with someone wanting something to work out, but not being able to get through the rocks to the river.

- Emile Hirsch

Country Became

Yugoslavia was a kind of superpower. Great movies. Beautiful novels. Great rock-and-roll. We became a superpower in basketball. The problem is that people needed to identify more strongly with it after Tito and his awful, tricky way of leading the country.

- Emir Kusturica

Books Read

I understand that when people read my books that there's something there - but I don't identify with it.

- Kathy Acker

Still Pretty

Pretty much everywhere I go, I'm pretty much thinking I'm going to be bounced. I am still the outsider who snuck into the party. I identify with the regular person, because that is who I am.

- Kathy Griffin

Same Differently

It's difficult to identify why two cultures will react differently to the same sport.

- Katie Kitamura

Like Layer

Like a layer on a pearl, you can't specifically identify the irritant, the moment of the irritant, but at the end of the day, you know you have a pearl.

- Ken Burns