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Studio Composers

The more dollars the studio producers put in, the less freedom we have. If the budget hits $100m, they get scared - they'll take the existing score of a successful movie and expect composers to copy it, like wallpaper. The biggest challenge for any composer in Hollywood is to be as creative as possible within those boundaries.

- A. R. Rahman

Very Dean

By the '40s, Sam Goldwyn is a very serious man. By the '50s, he's the dean of American producers. To the end, he was Hollywood's gray eminence.

- A. Scott Berg

Thank You Part

Thank you, Hollywood, for allowing me to be part of your group.

- Aaron Paul

Bed Some

Some movies bring out the creativity in you. Every single audience member can become creative in the face of a particular movie. If you happen to like my films, it's because my films provide a bed for you on which you can find your creativity. The Hollywood movies do not provide that for you.

- Abbas Kiarostami

Pretty Actress

I'm pretty unusual for an actress in Hollywood because I am totally unselfconscious about my body.

- Abbie Cornish

Everyone Town

Everyone in Hollywood thinks like a Republican fiscally by leaving town to shoot everything; they just don't vote that way.

- Adam Carolla

Not Interested

I have no connection with Hollywood. I'm not interested. I don't care.

- Adam Carolla


If you're conservative in Hollywood, you're on a list of people who need to be put in their place.

- Adam Carolla

Next Tickets

Hollywood is a roulette wheel. Each project dictates what's going to happen for you next, and it doesn't really matter that your project is critically acclaimed or won awards or has fans worldwide. It's a matter of how many movie tickets and DVDs and on-demand movies that you sell.

- Adam Green

Comedy Want

Hollywood would make a holocaust an animated comedy if people would pay to see it; they don't care... they just want your money.

- Adam Green

Private Could

'Entourage' was a show that existed around wish-fulfillment. People watched it because they wanted to believe they could go on private jets and be hanging out in Hollywood, but as a show, comedically, it was not funny. Not a funny show. It's funny, ironically, because of how terrible it is.

- Adam Pally

Kind Endeavor

I immediately understood the general air of humiliation that comes with trying to do something as ridiculous as be an actor in Hollywood. It's just kind of an embarrassing endeavor.

- Adam Scott

Now Los

I grew up in Brentwood, but I live now in Los Feliz. I grew up on the beach, now I live under the Hollywood sign.

- Adam Shankman

Old Boulevard

When I got to Hollywood, there wasn't even a Boulevard. I'm that old. It was just a little dirt trail. I'm kidding.

- Adam West

Old Victimized

I was victimized by the old Hollywood typecasting thing. I had to really fight to get out of it, so I was uncomfortable with it.

- Adam West

Ambition Only

My only ambition when I came to Hollywood was to pay my rent.

- Adrian Grenier

About Some

If anything, I feel a bit of pressure to write about less disenfranchised people, because I'd probably sell more books that way and would've already had some hot property that I could've sold to Hollywood.

- Adrian Tomine

Love Resonates

'Off With Their Heads' by Frances Marion. I love a showbusiness autobiography - and this one resonates because it's written by one of the great Hollywood screenwriters.

- Adriana Trigiani

Big Clark Gable

'All the Stars in the Heavens' takes place during the golden age of Hollywood, around an imagined story about Loretta Young; Clark Gable; Alda, a young woman with a secret who is preparing to become a nun but is cast out of her convent; and the scenic artist she meets on the set of 'The Call of the Wild.' It's a big, lush historical novel.

- Adriana Trigiani

About Many

Koverman is one of my favorite Hollywood characters because she was the brains of MGM, and not many people know about her.

- Adriana Trigiani


In today's world, America's soft power is commonly thought to reside in the global popularity of Hollywood movies, Coca-Cola, McDonald's and Starbucks.

- Ahmed Zewail

Through Away

I'm not a city kind of guy. I'm happiest when I'm tromping through the woods. That's why I don't live in Los Angeles. Being physically away from Hollywood probably loses me a few jobs, but the best ones seek me out.

- Aidan Quinn

Big Having

For me, it's not about breaking big in Hollywood, but having interesting experiences.

- Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Swimming Actor

I'm an actor, not a star. Stars are people who live in Hollywood and have heart-shaped swimming pools.

- Al Pacino

Movie Sometime

I would like to have a movie under my own control sometime, and see what could be done with it. Who knows? Maybe Hollywood will make an improvisational movie someday.

- Alan Arkin

I Think Some

People think that the people in Hollywood have some master plan. They just make the movies that people go to see. I think it's that simple. I promise you if people were lining up around the block to see a Bible movie, they'd make Bible movies from now to the end of time.

- Alan Arkin

Think I Think

It's not that there is a terrible morality in Hollywood. I think there isn't any. There isn't any, by and large.

- Alan Arkin

Movie Some

Filmmakers, they tell me they want to make movies. I say, 'Good, go out, buy a $500 camera, get some friends and make a movie. Don't go to Hollywood. Stay wherever you are.'

- Alan Arkin

Bad Guy

I'm the most insecure guy in Hollywood. If you had it good all your life, you figure it can't ever get bad, but when you had it bad, you wonder how long a thing like this will last.

- Alan Ladd

Based Using

For John Woo, it is quite difficult to make a movie in Hollywood in his own style. Because Hollywood is based on a producer system, it is difficult for a director to express himself using his own style of filmmaking.

- Alan Mak


There's nothing that could get me interested in Hollywood again. And, increasingly, there's nothing that could get me interested in the American comics industry again.

- Alan Moore

Absurd Gotten

Hollywood comedy has gotten really silly and absurd, and I like that.

- Alan Tudyk

Gun Having

It bothers me when the Hollywood elite are all so against people having guns and want rigorous gun restrictions.

- Alana Stewart

Gun Guns

It bothers me when the Hollywood elite are all so against people having guns and want rigorous gun restrictions. But I am friends with a lot of them, and most have armed guards with them or outside their homes.

- Alana Stewart

Ed Sullivan

I had done about 60 television shows, from 'Ed Sullivan' to 'The Hollywood Palace,' before I ever went to 'Johnny Carson.' At the time, that was the showcase for comics. And I couldn't believe it.

- Albert Brooks

Security Old

Something that is appealing to me about old Hollywood is job security.

- Alden Ehrenreich

Very Some

Hollywood does draw some very strange characters, and then the power of Hollywood and what they can do with it becomes like a blood sport to them.

- Alec Baldwin

Run Directors

Hollywood studios bury that stuff - actors who punch directors in the face and try to run producers over with cars - insanity, criminal behavior. But the studios are invested in that star, they can't have that person's name dirtied up.

- Alec Baldwin

Other Movie

What's really exciting for me is communicating to other people and not just going somewhere to make a movie. That's Hollywood to me and it would mean nothing.

- Alejandro Amenabar

Always Like

In Hollywood you always feel a bit like a hake. The publicists march people up and down in front of you and they interview you... You feel like the turbot and the sea-bream go by, and you're the hake.

- Alejandro Amenabar

Money Want

The corporation and the hedge funds have a hold on Hollywood, and they all want to make money on anything that signifies cinema.

- Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

Living Will

Don't make your living with cinema because Hollywood will take you, will eat you, will destroy you. This is the reality. You have a good picture, have success, you take the person and they destroy you.

- Alejandro Jodorowsky

Movies Eggs

I like Hollywood movies. I like them like I like to eat scrambled eggs; I like them for fun.

- Alejandro Jodorowsky

New Intrigues

New York is the Hollywood of the publishing industry, complete with stars, starlets, suicidal publishers/producers, intrigues, and a lot of money.

- Aleksandar Hemon

Love Beauty

I have something inside of me that every day tells me that nature and beauty is the soul, the meaning, of our life. And I also love Hollywood and cinema.

- Alessandro Michele

Beauty Movie

I had two different kind of parents. My mother was obsessive with movie stars and cinema and Hollywood because she worked in movies. And my father was obsessed with beauty everywhere - in art, in nature, animals.

- Alessandro Michele

Every Day Here

I live right under the Hollywood sign, so that every day when I drive home I'm reminded of why I'm here.

- Alessandro Nivola

Think About

I don't think about Hollywood at all.

- Alex Cox

Game Been

I was really, really stagnating and getting bored in the steady work of television and didn't really know what movies I would be making that Hollywood would be making, and then I went on to 'Game of Thrones,' and it was just like, everything I've been waiting to do was handed to me by really nice people.

- Alex Graves

Love Worry

Michael Moore didn't have to worry that anyone would misinterpret the title of his film, 'Capitalism: A Love Story,' because in Hollywood, no one loves capitalism. That's too bad, because Hollywood is one of capitalism's greatest successes.

- Alex Tabarrok

Very Putting

Hollywood wants its heroes to be virtuous, but it defines virtue in a way that excludes any action that is self-interested. If virtue means putting others ahead of self, then it's clear that most people, let alone most capitalists, aren't very virtuous.

- Alex Tabarrok

Through Works

Like many works of literature, Hollywood chooses for its villains people who strive for social dominance through the pursuit of wealth, prestige, and power. But the ordinary business of capitalism is much more egalitarian: It's about finding meaning and enjoyment in work and production.

- Alex Tabarrok

Lucky Role

Everyone in Hollywood wanted a role in this movie. Everyone wanted to have a part in it. I feel so lucky that I got one, but what I find so cool about 'Hunger Games' is that the real star is the story itself.

- Alexander Ludwig

Like Films

Hollywood films have become a cesspool of formula and it's up to us to try to change it... I feel like a preacher! But it's really true. I feel personally responsible for the future of American cinema. Me personally.

- Alexander Payne

Still Commercial

I guess maybe I try to make movies that are closer to real life than are many Hollywood movies. But I still try to stay within a commercial narrative, a contemporary American vernacular.

- Alexander Payne

Sweden Huge

I'm tall in Sweden, but I'm huge in Hollywood.

- Alexander Skarsgard

Like Star

I wasn't like a Hollywood child actor - 'I'm five! I can sing, I can dance, I can act! I wanna be a star!'

- Alexander Skarsgard

Eastern Filled

I'm of course disillusioned with what has happened to World cinema. Now cinemas in both Eastern and Western Europe are filled with the same blockbusters from Hollywood.

- Alexander Walker

Dirty Wallet

Hollywood is a dirty temptress that has stolen my wallet way too many times. It's a great town, but at the same time, it's a hustle.

- Alexandra Shipp

Start Will

In Bollywood, the film's stakes are as high as the actor. In Hollywood, they are way above, and the day we realise this in our industry, we will start appreciating actors.

- Ali Fazal

Small Which

I never thought I would do something in Hollywood after I started with a series in the West, which was a small stint.

- Ali Fazal

Song Mad

Hollywood has realised that we do have actors and are not just mad about song and dance.

- Ali Fazal


Hollywood has got technology, method, and discipline.

- Ali Fazal

Proud Role

Now, there doesn't have to necessarily be a white man in the lead role. That's the way forward. That's diversity. It's cool if an Indian is playing the lead role in a Hollywood project, and we should be proud of this.

- Ali Fazal

Move Having

The Chinese say that having two homes is the way to madness. I'm not mad, but I definitely wish Hollywood would move to Trafalgar Square. But the life of an actor is a life of movement, isn't it?

- Alice Eve

My Life TV

Thank God my life is normal. I work hard to make it normal. My husband and I don't want Hollywood drama. I go to the market and do the dishes. I'm not treated differently because I work on TV.

- Alison Sweeney

Factory Most

Hollywood grew to be the most flourishing factory of popular mythology since the Greeks.

- Alistair Cooke

Living Colony

In Hollywood if you are not working, you are a leper. True, you are probably living in the most expensive leper colony in the world.

- Allan Sherman

Politics Over

Unfortunately, many talented people in Hollywood find their values and politics do not reflect the content they create, and many movie themes are in direct contrast with over half of today's American families.

- Allen Covert


Hollywood is the definition of sexual discrimination.

- Ally Sheedy

Happy I Think

I think that in Hollywood, it's hard because so many people do turn out crazy. I don't need to go out every night to get attention. I'm happy with the amount that I have.

- Amanda Bynes

Big Away

People say to me 'You're a big Hollywood star', and I find it so funny. I still feel as though I'm the girl from Golders Green. I lead such a boring, normal life. I still go shopping in Sainsbury's. If the ability to do that was taken away from me, I'd go barmy. You lose your freedom. Be careful what you wish for.

- Amanda Donohoe

Living England

I loved living in Hollywood - and the weather there was just fantastic - but there is something about rural England, and especially Suffolk and Norfolk, that pulls at my heartstrings.

- Amanda Donohoe

Nothing Here

In real life you are doomed if you believe in youth and money, but not here in Hollywood. Nothing is what it seems.

- Amanda Eliasch

Sale Tale

Everything is for sale in Hollywood; the fairy tale, the costume, the pumpkin, the footman and the mice.

- Amanda Eliasch

Sunshine Own

There is superficiality to Hollywood, and yes, it is charming. Of course there is sunshine, but there is also a dark side. It's a difficult place if you don't know people, and if you can't drive, you will find it lonely. You have to create your own bubble.

- Amanda Eliasch

Beautiful Else

Hollywood is something else. It's such an exaggerated idea. The concept of what 'beautiful' really is is ludicrous.

- Amanda Schull

Other Some

Hollywood is just like high school. The popular people only like the other popular people. And the thing is, some people aren't nice - or they're nice, but only to your face, not elsewhere.

- Amanda Seyfried

Lucky I Think

I just feel lucky to have grown up where I did because I think it gave me a nice base. Hollywood can really mess with your sense of self and I feel like coming from the South keeps me pretty grounded.

- Amber Benson

Think I Think

I think the main struggle for women in Hollywood and women in my position is to fight for true representation in the media and accurate representation of our many diverse qualities in stories.

- Amber Heard

Character Roles

It's my job in Hollywood to find roles where I get to be a character not a bathing suit.

- Amber Heard

Very Hard Place

Hollywood is a very hard place to be in. It really is.

- Amber Riley

I Think Feels

I think Hispanic women are beautiful with their curves. I'm not sure who feels that way in Hollywood. I was never told to lose 50 pounds. If they think that they just don't bother with you. You just don't get the role and you never know why. That's still better than physically harming yourself and becoming unhealthy just to star in a movie.

- America Ferrera

Bit Our

Indian actors, because of the format of our stories, need to be good actors, and be able to perform emotional sequences, do a bit of comedy, dance and singing, action, because all of this forms just one film. In many ways I'd say there are greater demands on Indian actors than there are on Hollywood.

- Amitabh Bachchan

Your Part

You don't see Indians in Hollywood films around which a story can revolve. As soon as we have a social presence in your society, I am sure there will be many actors from our part of the world that will be acting in Hollywood films.

- Amitabh Bachchan

Dream Factory

Hollywood is the dream factory, and no one dreams about older women.

- Amy Heckerling

Always Balls

I've always hated the way Hollywood has portrayed accountants. They're always little nerd balls, wimpy, afraid of everything. Growing up with accountants, I don't see them that way.

- Amy Heckerling

Movie About

In Hollywood, whenever you do anything, it seems like there's going to be 30 of them. When I did 'Look Who's Talking,' people went: 'Oh but there's going to be this baby movie and that baby movie.' I can't worry about that. I can only do what I want to do.

- Amy Heckerling

Happy Just

I'm just not happy with Hollywood.

- Amy Heckerling

Holy Based

If we based everything in Hollywood on who was a nice guy, holy moly, we would have no movies. No actors would work. This is not an industry that is ruled by kindness and generosity.

- Amy Sherman-Palladino

Explain Compare

It's hard to explain to my parents what's going on. You can't compare Hollywood with Cuba. I didn't even know I could dream this.

- Ana de Armas

Zero Before

When you get to Hollywood, you have to start from zero, whatever you've done before.

- Ana de Armas

Atmosphere Movie

I stuck around in Hollywood for too long. I was there a long time, and when I left, I was smart enough to realise that what I was leaving was not just the movie business. I wanted to get rid of the whole atmosphere.

- Andre Previn

Movie Feels

Every time you get the chance to work with somebody you admire and would like to collaborate with... it feels like the best opportunity that's ever come your way, whether that's in fringe theatre or a really big-budget Hollywood movie.

- Andrea Riseborough

Fact Franchise

The making of the Barack Obama franchise far exceeded the skill set of Washington's best. In fact, the recipe for Mr. Obama's global popularity can be attributed less to political minds and chance than to the enduring power of Hollywood.

- Andrew Breitbart


The sad fact is that actual artistic oppression - book banning in its many modern forms - is a matter of course in the entertainment industry, especially when the underlying product is declared politically incorrect or runs contrary to the interests of Hollywood's political altar, the Democratic Party.

- Andrew Breitbart

Dissent Players

As long as it is supported by Democratic politicians and by liberal Hollywood players, censorship is a useful tool to stifle dissent.

- Andrew Breitbart

Woman Dress

Mrs. Palin is history in a dress. And her script is straight out of Hollywood - like those teen movies with the cliched ending featuring the female valedictorian delivering the speech of a lifetime projecting a bold and transformative future with an independent-minded woman in charge.

- Andrew Breitbart

Every Day Want

Shooting in Hong Kong, you can do whatever you want, even change the script every day. In Hollywood, you have to have a lot of meetings.

- Andrew Lau

China Partners

Media Asia has great partners in China, Japan and Hollywood.

- Andrew Lau