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Show Needed

They wanted to audition people for the Middle East correspondent on 'The Daily Show.' They wanted to hire somebody ethnic for that slot. Helms had left, Cordry had left, and they felt that they needed an ethnic face. So, I went in and auditioned, and I got the job.

- Aasif Mandvi

Sense Of Humor Reason

The reason why you know more funny dudes than funny chicks is that dudes are funnier than chicks. If my daughter has a mediocre sense of humor, I'm just gonna tell her, 'Be a staff writer for a sitcom. Because they'll have to hire you, they can't really fire you, and you don't have to produce that much. It'll be awesome.'

- Adam Carolla

Love Very

I have a daughter who I love very much, I hire women, I've worked with women, I've never had an issue with women.

- Adam Carolla

Idea About

The idea of confidence, of the emotions of the population, is an incredibly important one in economics. John Maynard Keynes called it 'animal spirit.' And if people are feeling generally good about the future, they're more likely to spend money, to start new companies; companies are more likely to hire people, make investments.

- Adam Davidson

Run Dissent

If you don't hire originals, you run the risk of people disagreeing but not voicing their dissent.

- Adam Grant

Bad Tell

I can't tell you that if you bring in a bunch of weird and different people, then a bunch of good things will happen. But I can tell you that if you hire a bunch of similar people and promote only the ones who are most similar, a bunch of bad things are likely to happen.

- Adam Grant

University Could

Today, if I could get a job, with face tattoos, being a professor, I would do that. I don't know what university would hire me, but that's my passion.

- Al Jourgensen

Civil Disobedience

In 1999, I was in St. Louis with Martin Luther King III as we led protests against the state's failure to hire minority contractors for highway construction projects. We went at dawn on a summer day with over a thousand people and performed acts of civil disobedience.

- Al Sharpton

Next While

A guitar player goes on the road, and he misses his girlfriend for a while, but he manages to get along. A horn player gets out on the road, plays two or three towns, and then he'll get lonely, and next thing you know, he's packed up and left. It's better not to hire him in the first place.

- Albert King

Like Pedestal

I'd like to see the word 'entrepreneur' knocked off its pedestal. Being 'entrepreneurial' is something I look for not only in founders to invest in, but also employees to hire.

- Alexis Ohanian

Always Sure

I always make sure I hire people smarter than me.

- Aliko Dangote

Vulnerable Extremely

My opening words to anybody I hire are, 'I'm an extremely vulnerable person.'

- Amitabh Bachchan

Come Them

A lot of politicians, not surprisingly, hire consultants to help them with their nonverbals, presence, generally how they come across.

- Amy Cuddy

Help Offer

I offer my expertise and experience for hire in order to help a group of people reach the summit.

- Anatoli Boukreev

Team Pay

People respected my experience, they hire me, they pay me what I am worth to coach their team.

- Anatoli Boukreev

Process Russian

Bill Gates finds people in Russia to hire them to Microsoft. That's the Russian interest in this process.

- Anatoly Chubais

Student Will

The nice thing about student drama is that you're allowed to get things wrong, because it doesn't mean no one will ever hire you again.

- Anna Popplewell

Young Young People

The young people we hire today at Conde Nast are fearless polymaths.

- Anna Wintour

Could Vocal

I had a vocal coach. It's a sad thing, but I had to hire someone so that I could get my Australian accent back.

- Anthony LaPaglia

Telling Some

Could it be, I wonder, that there is such a thing as a wantologist, someone we can hire to figure out what we want? Have I arrived at some final telling moment in my research on outsourcing intimate parts of our lives, or at the absurdist edge of the market frontier?

- Arlie Russell Hochschild

Directors Commercial

We embrace the shoestring budget. We like being limited by the constraints. It inspires creativity. I don't know what we would spend money on. We don't hire actors. We see budget constraints as a personal challenge. We're like survivalist local commercial directors.

- Charles Lincoln Neal

Bad Studios

I have a tendency to hire people who tend to be unattractive to the studios. Maybe this is a bad idea.

- Charlie Kaufman

Large Sculptures

They don't send people from large corporations to hire people to make sculptures.

- Chris Van Allsburg

Other Helping

If every other store in town is paying workers $9 an hour, one offering $8 will find it hard to hire anyone - perhaps not when unemployment is high, but certainly in normal times. Robust competition is a powerful force helping to ensure that workers are paid what they contribute to their employers' bottom lines.

- Christina Romer

Mistakes Bring

The single biggest lesson I learned was when a hire isn't working out fire them fast. My biggest mistakes, and where I've seen the worst results, were when I gave someone too many chances, or let a situation drift on for too long because I couldn't bring myself to terminate it.

- Cindy Gallop

Love Grateful

I would love to continue to challenge myself by trying different things. Action, Drama, Comedy. I would be grateful to do any and all of it if someone is kind enough to hire me!

- Claire Holt

Need Employers

In the universities, we teach you what we decide you need to know. And the employers find out when they hire people that students didn't learn what we needed them to learn. Online learning offerings, like the University of Phoenix, have relationships with employers and teach what you need to know.

- Clayton M. Christensen

Never Stylist

I never hire a stylist.

- Clemence Poesy

Door Just Be Yourself

You start acting just as soon as you walk into the door of that casting office. You can't just be yourself because they don't want to hire you.

- Clifton Collins, Jr.

Trust Best

Hire the best people, and trust what you hired them to do.

- D. B. Sweeney

Pay Wrote

I was a writer for hire. I wrote to pay the bills.

- Damien Chazelle

Projects Our

That is what we know how to do better than anyone else: We know how to maximize value for our projects. If the government would like to hire my services to maximize value for their stake, they should approach me. No problem.

- Dan Gertler

Like Services

If the government would like to hire my services to maximize value for their stake, they should approach me. No problem.

- Dan Gertler

Student Will

The message from the Technion when I was a student was: 'You will be so good that when you graduate, everyone will want to hire you.'

- Dan Shechtman

Some Very

If haters or whatever want to find you - I mean, some of them are so tenacious. You want to hire them to work for you. They're very, very savvy in terms of how they find you and get to you.

- Dane Cook

Alec Billy

I tell people, if you really want me to look that good, why don't you cough up about $2 million more and hire Alec or Billy? If you want me to do it, this is what you get.

- Daniel Baldwin

Public Relations Some

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some hire public relations officers.

- Daniel J. Boorstin

More Quickly

No police department should hire more quickly than they can assimilate the people that they bring in, and we did. I take responsibility for it. It was the first opportunity I had to hire, and I wanted to do it, and I take responsibility.

- Daryl Gates

Great People Out

You want to hire great people and give them the opportunity to fail. You need to let them figure things out as they go along. If they fail repeatedly, then you probably have to find a different person, but if you don't let people have that opportunity to fail, they don't get to learn and grow and try things.

- Dave Goldberg

I Think Been

The majority of the time, we try to hire the best people that we can get just to make the best films, and I think that's something that Pure Flix has been known for the movies we produce on the budgets that we do... our production values have elevated this genre.

- David A. R. White

Original Sabotage

'Sabotage' was a work for hire. It wasn't my original idea or script or anything.

- David Ayer

Broadway Role

The first important role was a Broadway lead I did called 'The Royal Hunt Of The Sun' by Peter Shaffer, the guy who did 'Equus' and 'Amadeus.' Many of the important roles that I got later on were because the guy who was going to hire me was in that audience and had his mind blown. I tend to do that. I blow people's minds with my performances.

- David Carradine

Sustainable Will

If there's a sustainable job that will create sustainable value, people will hire for it.

- David Cunliffe

Employees Passionate

Hire passionate employees.

- David Filo

Will Aim

Hire people who are better than you are, then leave them to get on with it. Look for people who will aim for the remarkable, who will not settle for the routine.

- David Ogilvy

Play Veterans

The American people know the economy is too weak. Too many of them are suffering. So the question for Washington is, are we going to continue to play political games and - and - or are we going to say, we can do something right now to create jobs, to put money in the pockets of the middle-class, hire construction workers, teachers, veterans?

- David Plouffe

Average Joining

Accountability is a two way street. We can't just make it easier for us to fire people; we must make it easier for us to hire people. It takes VA an average of 240 days to complete the hiring process for executives joining VA from outside government. We are losing talented people because it simply takes too long.

- David Shulkin

Going Other

On the other hand, we raised $25 million by going public. It's that money that we used to build this company, to build the circulation, to build a high profile and to hire staff that made Salon what it is today.

- David Talbot

Here Agent

My agent says that I'm a 'repeat business guy.' If you hire me to come do a movie, I'll be on time, know all my material, be ready to go, have a good attitude. I'm here to work, so I get hired over and over again by the same producers. If you just be a team player on set you can work so much more often.

- Dean Cain

Used Weeks

When I came out of high school, my objective in life was to get a job selling used cars, but after trying for two weeks, nobody would hire me.

- Jim Pattison

Stage Would

I like to hire the kind of people that I would want to be on stage with.

- Joe Mantello

Kinds Gotten

When I interview somebody, I look at their resume to see what they've done, who they've worked with, and how many times. If they've gotten repeat work. Those are the kinds of actors I want to hire.

- Joe Pantoliano

Need Faucet

When you hire a plumber because no hot water is coming out of the kitchen sink faucet, you need to go to the water heater, not the faucet.

- Joe Wurzelbacher

London Stoke

I might have made more money if I had outsourced to India, and I knew I'd find it easier to hire senior managers in London. But I wanted to be in Stoke. What could be more satisfying than creating work for 3,000 people in my home town?

- John Caudwell

Thanks Bush

Thanks to President Bush and Republican principles, businesses now have more confidence to hire workers.

- John Doolittle

The Most Important

The most important thing a mayor does is hire talented people to run the city.

- John Hickenlooper

New Which

The Treasury Department would use the interest from these securities to hire U.S. companies to build Saudi Arabia - new cities, new infrastructure - which we've done.

- John Perkins

Book Available

I certainly grew up seeing more movies and television than I read books, but when it came time to do the thing itself you don't have to hire a lot of people to sit down and write a book, so that was the story-telling medium that was available to me.

- John Sayles

Kind Took

When I first started, I was kind of surprised that anyone would ever hire me at all. So I took everything that I was offered.

- John Slattery

Think I Think

I think great bosses hire great people. 'A' people hire 'A' people, but 'B' people hire 'C' people; they're worried they might be shown up... they're concerned that that person might make them look bad.

- John Stumpf

Chance Initial

After that initial success, every chance we got we'd hire that remote recording truck and just record stuff at the Whisky because it was so inexpensive.

- Johnny Rivers

Country New

As a Member of Congress from one of the fastest growing States in the country, we hire close to 2,500 new teachers a year, close to 5,000 support staff and faculty.

- Jon Porter

Religious Based

Any religious organization should be allowed to hire based on their religious preference- but not with federal dollars.

- Jose Serrano

Reward Filecoin

The purpose of the Filecoin currency is to create a fungible token that can be spent to hire the miner network to store files. The first and foremost use of the currency is precisely this: locking it up as a reward to miners who successfully store data on the network.

- Juan Benet

Doing Learned

I don't make money doing my podcast. I've learned that people want to hire creative people who are already doing something when they approach them.

- Julie Klausner

Students Academics

We don't hire students who are just good at academics.

- Julie Sweet

Gun Been

I had never created my own business before. I had always been the gun to hire... But I had to finally say, nobody is going to give me my dream job, so I better figure it out myself.

- Julie Wainwright

Danger Big

What is a danger is that we stay stuck in a new normal where unemployment rates stay high, people who have jobs see their incomes go up, businesses make big profits. But they're learned to do more with less, and so they don't hire.

- Barack Obama

Business Will

Hire sales people who are really smart problem solvers, but lack courage, hunger and competitiveness, and your company will go out of business.

- Ben Horowitz

Decision Terror

Look - this is the terror of being a founder & CEO. It is all your fault. Every decision, every person you hire, every dumb thing you buy or do - ultimately, you're at the end.

- Ben Horowitz

Woman Having

I literally couldn't get anyone to hire me. Having a woman do sports was seen as too risky.

- Hannah Storm

Production Other

What being a socialist means is... that you hold out... a vision of society where poverty is absolutely unnecessary, where international relations are not based on greed... but on cooperation... where human beings can own the means of production and work together rather than having to work as semi-slaves to other people who can hire and fire.

- Bernie Sanders

Lives Private

If 300 million people were to offer up the details of their private lives, you would need to hire another 300 million people just to keep up.

- Hasan M. Elahi

The Most Important

CEOs who can hire properly, that's the most important part of the job. The CEO's job is really to hire the right team and execute the vision second.

- Bill Maris

Will Figured

I've never figured out who 'Heath Ledger' is on film: 'This is what you expect when you hire me, and it will be recognizable.'

- Heath Ledger

Role About

I do the best I can when I'm accepting the role to say, 'This is about as much as I can do, and if that's not suitable for you, then you should hire somebody else.'

- Billy Crudup

Hiring Entrepreneurs

As entrepreneurs, we often get pressured into hiring an industry executive. While it's good to hire people with experience, it can also be a stumbling block because they think about the business the same way everyone else does.

- Blake Mycoskie

New Which

At a tiny station in New Albany, Indiana, which is right across from the river from Louisville, Kentucky, where I grew up. The Louisville stations were loath to hire beginners, so I had to go across the river.

- Bob Edwards

Minutes Like

When I interview someone, I know in the first two minutes if I like them or not. I find that if it's easy to talk to someone and I see an openness and honesty and integrity, then I usually hire them.

- Bobbi Brown

Minorities Area

I want companies who get federal contracts to hire more women and minorities from the local area.

- Hilda Solis

Men Lawyers

Lawyers are men who hire out their words and anger.

- Horace

Trust Conservative

We've not had one Republican president in 34 years balance the budget. You can't trust right-wing Republicans with your money. You ought to hire somebody who has balanced a budget. I'm much more conservative with money than George Bush is.

- Howard Dean

Here Always

I've seen an increasing willingness to hire Canadians for lead roles that shoot up here. When I started, they would always just fly in L.A. people to do the lead roles.

- Brandon Jay McLaren

London Donations

Global poverty is the product of reversible policy failures overseen by politicians, past and present. The poorest of the poor don't vote in American or European elections. They don't make donations to political parties or hire lobbyists in D.C., London or Canberra.

- Hugh Evans

Woman Actress

Today it's almost impossible to do it unless you are an actress or writer with power... I wouldn't hesitate right this minute to hire a talented woman if the subject matter were right.

- Ida Lupino

Had Prepared

One of the defense mechanisms I have for the difficulties in the business, one of which is rejection, is that if I do the work, I go in, and I'm prepared and I audition and they don't hire me, I'm always just amazed, thinking, 'Wow! For that money, they could've had Bruce McGill, and they didn't take me? I just think that's amazing.'

- Bruce McGill

Cool Doing

If somebody's in the community doing cool stuff, we'll hire them.

- Burnie Burns

Play Audience

Why would they have gone to the trouble to hire the best comedy writers in the business to write funny material for us to play straight, if the children in our audience were the only audience.

- Burt Ward

Costs Sunk

I can hire out for editing, proofreading, formatting, and cover design, and those are fixed, sunk costs. Once those are paid, I can earn 70% on a self-pubbed ebook.

- J. A. Konrath

Helping Providing

Low unemployment numbers are clear indicators that Republican tax relief and economic policies are spurring growth and helping businesses hire new workers while providing American families with job security.

- J. D. Hayworth

Want How

Well, I don't know as I want a lawyer to tell me what I cannot do. I hire him to tell how to do what I want to do.

- J. P. Morgan

Some Standard

I used to have to beg and borrow £25 to hire some French windows. I started producing in 1967, and I was in debt until 1981. Having a think about whether you can afford 'this' or 'that' is a good discipline to have, to maximise what you can achieve to the highest standard.

- Cameron Mackintosh

Other Half

I can hire one-half of the working class to kill the other half.

- Jack Gould

Senior Also

In addition we also hire many senior citizens.

- Carl Karcher

Deaf Other

In other restaurants you'll see employees signing to each other, since we also hire many deaf men and women.

- Carl Karcher

Everybody Could

Everybody on my team - I couldn't do their jobs. I could not. I really mean that. So I figured out early on that the way you're successful is you hire really successful people.

- Carol Bartz

Love Girl

All this happens without him knowing - they actually install cameras in his apartment and hire this girl to get him to fall in love with her so that she can be in the apartment and present him products without him knowing.

- Caroline Dhavernas

Trust Employers

Employers, like most people, tend to trust their intuitions. But when employers decide whom to hire, they trust those intuitions far more than they should.

- Cass Sunstein

Harm Critical

We face cyber threats from state-sponsored hackers, hackers for hire, global cyber syndicates, and terrorists. They seek our state secrets, our trade secrets, our technology, and our ideas - things of incredible value to all of us. They seek to strike our critical infrastructure and to harm our economy.

- James Comey


An element of virtually every national security threat and crime problem the FBI faces is cyber-based or facilitated. We face sophisticated cyber threats from state-sponsored hackers, hackers for hire, organized cyber syndicates, and terrorists.

- James Comey