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I'm not that hands-on as a grandfather.

- Alan Sugar


I was Everett LeRoi Jones. My grandfather's name was Everett.

- Amiri Baraka

Born He

My grandfather is from Peshawar; he was born there.

- Arjun Kapoor

Rock Me

Rock's so good to me. Rock is my child and my grandfather.

- Chuck Berry

Like Tom

My grandfather was like Australia's Tom Jones.

- Conrad Sewell

New Originally

I'm a quarter Indian; my grandfather's originally from New Delhi.

- Daya

Arrest Died

My grandfather died under house arrest.

- Joe Garcia


My grandfather was a Pentecostal preacher.

- Billy Ray Cyrus

Death Deal

My grandfather's death was really hard to deal with.

- Casey Eastham

Blues Musician

My grandfather is a blues musician.

- Desiigner

Great Chef

My grandfather was a great chef.

- Douglas Booth

Amazing Guy

My grandfather was an amazing cap-in-hand guy.

- Lawrence Osborne

Shame Able

I have family in Ponce. It's a shame that my grandfather passed and I wasn't able to be there with him.

- Lloyd Banks

Married Wants

Who wants to be married to a grandfather?

- Loretta Lynn

Brothers Were

My brothers were rabbis. My grandfather was a rabbi.

- Saul Leiter

Factory Worked

My grandfather was a shoemaker who worked in a shoe factory.

- Stephen Pagliuca


I'm a grandfather now.

- Robert Plant

Chicago Aunts

I'm from Chicago. My grandfather was a policeman, and my aunts are married to policemen.

- Robin Tunney

Very Were

My grandfather and I were very close.

- Tea Obreht