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Relationships Mine

Intimate relationships are a gold mine for literature to explore, to understand, to describe.

- A. B. Yehoshua

Ordered Multitude

I ordered gold in the meantime to be showered down without ceasing among the happy multitude.

- Adelbert von Chamisso

Love Jewellery

I inherited my love of gold jewellery from my grandmother.

- Aerin Lauder

Lot Wears

My mom wears a lot of gold.

- Alexandra Daddario

Cleaning Actual

You do not get gold stars for cleaning your toilet. In actual life, there is a depressing lack of stickers.

- Alexandra Petri

Love Only

Love is the only gold.

- Alfred Lord Tennyson

Money Civilized

Civilized countries generally adopt gold or silver or both as money.

- Alfred Marshall

Better Some

Go for the gold: better one great column and some undistinguished ones than constant mediocrity.

- Allan Sloan

Truth Second-Rate

In truth, the best Bitcoin can hope for is to be a second-rate version of gold, if that.

- Andrew Ross Sorkin

I Am Standard

I am the gold standard for liberal bile!

- Ann Coulter

Like Which

Gold like the sun, which melts wax, but hardens clay, expands great souls.

- Antoine Rivarol

Winning Right Way

It's fool's gold if you are winning games and are not playing the right way.

- Antonio Davis

Love Jewelry

I love to shop. Clothes, electronics, and I love jewelry, especially yellow gold.

- Apolo Ohno

Search Discovered

The alchemists in their search for gold discovered many other things of greater value.

- Arthur Schopenhauer

Love Being Different

You ready? I have gold teeth, I have braids, I'm wearing Rick Owens moon boots, I have rips in my denim, a biker vest, I love artsy girls, my favourite artists are Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon. I'm obsessed with being different.

- ASAP Rocky

Just Be Other

To be with the other two-time gold medalists is great, but it's great to just be a decathlete.

- Ashton Eaton

Goal Select

That's what we want people to do. Select a goal or gold and go after it.

- Ashton Eaton

Everyone Sure

My word is gold, And I make sure everyone gets paid.

- Charlie Shrem

Sleep Getting

Sleep is getting to be like gold.

- Chet Faker

Standard Figure

I want to figure out what comes after cinema as the gold standard for storytelling.

- Chris Milk

Finds Himself

One secures the gold of the spirit when he finds himself.

- Claude M. Bristol

Single Brilliant

There is no brilliant single stroke that is going to transform the water into wine or straw into gold.

- Coleman Young

Doing Grinding

It's a story of little girls who are pressed into working in sweat shops in games, who spend all day doing repetitive grinding tasks like making shirts, which are then converted into gold and sold on eBay.

- Cory Doctorow

Sports Medals

Gold medals aren't really made of gold. They're made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts.

- Dan Gable

Think Cedar

My records don't go platinum or gold. I think they go cedar.

- Dave Sitek

Subject Comparatively

Gold and silver are no doubt subject to fluctuations, from the discovery of new and more abundant mines; but such discoveries are rare, and their effects, though powerful, are limited to periods of comparatively short duration.

- David Ricardo

Like Shirt

On a show like 'Oz,' I was wearing Dickies and a cut-off shirt and a gold cross.

- Dean Winters

Find Never

You'll never find your gold on a sandy beach.

- Jim Steinman

Gym Made

Gold's was the first bodybuilding gym made for bodybuilders.

- Joe Gold

World Over

They came from all over the world to work out at Gold's Gym.

- Joe Gold

Never Circulation

There is never enough gold to redeem all the currency in circulation.

- John Buchanan Robinson

Play Actor

As an actor, it's great to play a strong leader with a heart of gold.

- John C. McGinley

Her Began

The first treasure California began to surrender after the Gold Rush as the oldest: her land.

- John Jakes

Insurance Assets

You'd be safe to hold 5% of your assets and savings in gold and silver. Insurance for the future.

- John Paul DeJoria

Times Holding

In these times of uncertainty for paper-based currency, I feel more secure in holding gold.

- John Paulson

Always Haven

Historically, gold has always been a safe haven against inflation and a safe haven in times of political instability.

- John Paulson

Art Coat

Art is like baby shoes. When you coat them with gold, they can no longer be worn.

- John Updike

Dream Joint

To win a joint gold medal with my brother - that's the dream, to cross the line together.

- Jonathan Brownlee

Like Read

I don't like to have to pan for gold when I read.

- Jonathan Carroll

New Old

Make new friends, but keep the old; Those are silver, these are gold.

- Joseph Parry

Miles Irishman

I was born in 1951 in Kalgoorlie, a prosperous mining town 370 miles east of Perth, Western Australia. Kalgoorlie was a gold rush town which sprang up in the desert after the Irishman Paddy Hannan struck gold there in 1892.

- Barry Marshall

Love I Love

I love having my hoop earrings. Just regular gold hoops.

- Becky G

Marble Over

For me, life is not about gold taps and marble all over the place.

- Ben Elliot

Think I Think

I think gold is made for kings and pharaohs - that's what I am.

- Big Sean

Never Wasting

I never look at it like I'm wasting money when I'm buying gold.

- Big Sean

Well Sissy

I do 'sissy with a heart of gold' really well.

- Billy Porter

World Better

Don't gain the world and lose your soul; wisdom is better than silver or gold.

- Bob Marley

Know Only

We Spaniards know a sickness of the heart that only gold can cure.

- Hernan Cortes

Add His

Apolo is going to have to keep skating so he can add more gold to his entourage.

- Bonnie Blair

Like Veteran

Coming in as a veteran, I'd like to finish with a gold medal.

- Howard Bach

Almost Panacea

Gold has an almost atavistic lure. People feel it has a panacea effect.

- Howard Blum

Year Couple

I have a couple of gold teeth. I had braces for a year but I didn't wear the retainer.

- J Mascis

Think I Think

I think the mental victory is worth it as much as a gold medal.

- Cameron van der Burgh

Like Reasons

If you like gold, there are many reasons you should like Bitcoin.

- Cameron Winklevoss

Listening Single

The carbon tax is the single biggest rolled gold example of Federal Labor not listening.

- Campbell Newman

Medal Stadium

Playing in Wembley Stadium in front of 83-some-thousand fans to win a gold medal was unreal.

- Carli Lloyd

Devil Like

The Devil is like a strainer that separates the mud from the gold.

- Carlos Santana

Olympic World

I want to be European, world and Olympic gold medallist.

- Jade Jones

Spend Paints

Spend as much time as you can in silence. Look at the way the sun paints the ground gold.

- Carolyn Chute

DNA Regarded

DNA was my only gold rush. I regarded DNA as worth a gold rush.

- James D. Watson

Goal Standard

Our goal is to set the gold standard when it comes to compliance.

- Cathy Engelbert

Heroes Million

Nowadays a gold medal is a $1 million contract. Our athletes are our heroes.

- Cathy Rigby

Like Things

Silver, gold - I don't discriminate! I like sparkly things.

- Charlaine Harris

Inspirational Dwells

Happiness resides not in possessions, and not in gold, happiness dwells in the soul.

- Democritus

Like Pot

A Leprecaun without a pot of gold is like a rose without perfume, a bird without a wing, or an inside without an outside.

- James Stephens

Trust Diamonds

I'm a dirt person. I trust the dirt. I don't trust diamonds and gold.

- Eartha Kitt

Golden Doth

Gold all is not that doth golden seem.

- Edmund Spenser

Intended Deadwood

Obviously I struck gold with 'Deadwood.' No pun intended.

- Jim Beaver

Rainbow Pot

There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

- Karen Black

Ignorant Shines

Brass shines as fair to the ignorant as gold to the goldsmiths.

- Elizabeth I

Medals Heck

Heck, gold medals, what can you do with them?

- Eric Heiden

Night How

Great night. Phelps got a gold. How sick is that.

- Eric Weddle

News Big News

Three events. Three gold medals. I was news, big news, in the sports world.

- Esther Williams

London Want

I want to win a gold medal in London.

- Kerri Walsh Jennings

Skin Hit

My skin is 24 karat gold when a sun hit it.

- Kevin Gates

Never Rather

You'd rather own gold; never own the miner.

- Kevin O'Leary

His Finest

The finest compliment you can pay a man is that his word was as good as gold.

- Evel Knievel

Dreaming Been

I've been dreaming of winning gold medal in the Olympics.

- Kim Yuna

Think Never

I never think in terms of gold, currency, diamonds. I'm not clever enough for that.

- Lars Larsen

Goal Everybody

I definitely want to win a gold medal, that should be everybody's goal.

- Laura Wilkinson

Kind Like

It's kind of like I won a gold medal with my family.

- Laurie Hernandez

Truth Washing

Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth, but by washing away from it all that is not gold.

- Leo Tolstoy

Me Everybody

Everybody expects me to win the gold medal.

- Genzebe Dibaba

World Dream

My dream is to get gold medal both in the world championship and the Olympics.

- Genzebe Dibaba

Red Extinguished

The blue of my eyes is extinguished in this night, the red gold of my heart.

- Georg Trakl

Quick Getting

Getting silver and gold out of junk machinery was quick to be learnt by others.

- Li Shufu

Tried Acceptable

For gold is tried in the fire and acceptable men in the furnace of adversity.

- George Santayana

Trust Own

Not at all do I trust augurs, who enrich the ears of others, so that they can enrich their own homes with gold.

- Lucius Accius

Bed Next

I haven't let the gold medal out of my sight; it sleeps next to me in bed.

- Magdalena Neuner

London Will

I will try to win the Olympics gold in London.

- Ryoko Tani

Redemption Best Way

The best way to use the gold of the Redeemer is for the redemption of those in peril.

- Saint Ambrose

Think Looks

Gold looks good on my skin, and gold looks good on black people, I think.

- Theophilus London

Take Ever

I have my gold forever and no one can ever take it away from me.

- Picabo Street

Mask Hides

A mask of gold hides all deformities.

- Thomas Dekker

Never Named

Someone named Gold has never won gold, I'm told.

- Gracie Gold

Olympic Parking

No one likes a show-off, but if parallel parking was an Olympic sport, I would get gold, no probs.

- Miranda Hart

Confidence Reached

I've reached a point where I feel the only asset I have confidence in is gold.

- Thomas Kaplan

Love Jewelry

I love jewelry - gold and diamonds. I'm a woman.

- Monica Bellucci

Mother's Day Mother

It may be possible to gild pure gold, but who can make his mother more beautiful?

- Mahatma Gandhi

Mystery Preservation

Mystery is a resource, like coal or gold, and its preservation is a fine thing.

- Tim Cahill