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Country Reason

Because Jews were kicked out of every country in Europe at one time or another, and plenty of other places as well, there isn't an ability to identify with a national heritage - you'll never hear a Jew say 'I'm German' or 'I'm Polish,' without saying something about being Jewish as well, and for good reason.

- Adam Mansbach

Smart Japan

I still have a pretty lively audience in German and across Europe. And I continue to say, 'Thank you, God,' for making me smart enough to avoid getting hit by trucks and going out and finding myself an audience abroad. Which includes Asia - from Jakarta to Japan. Working hard at finding an audience abroad.

- Al Jarreau

Maybe Could

A German team could be quite good. But maybe they are a little bit too convinced that they are the best.

- Alain Prost

Other Based

Based on German prototypes, green walls and roofs are a natural idea in Singapore's tropical environment, where mosses, ferns, philodendrons, orchids and other epiphytes literally grow on trees.

- Alan Huffman

Big Another

I have a big scar in my thigh from a dog bite by my German shepherd. His name was Ripper. He was trying to get in a fight with another dog, and I tried to break it up, and he got me pretty good.

- Alex Rodriguez

Energetic Measures

The German government has taken energetic measures against the propagation of the defective, the mentally diseased, and the criminal.

- Alexis Carrel

Nobility Marked

The German people is not marked by original sin, but by original nobility.

- Alfred Rosenberg

Envy Study

Living in Manhattan opened me to whole new sets of things to envy, study, gather and imagine stealing. A full-size 1809 German harp, beautifully painted with three goddesses, covered in a pea-green coat of great silvery refinement: mine for $180. Though all its strings were broken, its beauty let it claim a quarter of my one - bedroom.

- Allan Gurganus

Reason Very

I know very well that Berlin attaches great importance to NATO and solidarity, in terms of sharing the burden. For this reason, I feel confident that the German government will take the right decision, one that serves both German and NATO interests.

- Anders Fogh Rasmussen

Seven Became

I was born into a Turkish family that had acquired Italian citizenship. Many members of the family subsequently became British, French, Brazilian, and German, so there was a bit of everything. It was not uncommon for people in the family to speak seven languages: English, French, Ladino, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, and even Greek.

- Andre Aciman

Love Other

St. Louis has a lot of weird food customs that you don't see other places - and a lot of great ethnic neighborhoods. There's a German neighborhood. A great old school Italian neighborhood, with toasted ravioli, which seems to be a St. Louis tradition. And they love provolone cheese in St. Louis.

- Andy Cohen

Cold Republic

Overcoming the Cold War required courage from the people of Central and Eastern Europe and what was then the German Democratic Republic, but it also required the steadfastness of Western partner over many decades when many had long lost hope of integration of the two Germanys and Europe.

- Angela Merkel

Very Caught

I felt really sorry for Oliver Kahn. Up to that point he had made lots of saves for the German team. Of course he could have caught the ball but it just happened. It was bad luck. In that situation, you need to be very strong psychologically to carry on.

- Angela Merkel

Other On And Off

In the German football team players from different clubs need to get on with each other both on and off the pitch. In the grand coalition Christian Democrats and Social Democrats sit in the same boat and need to pull in the same direction.

- Angela Merkel

Fact Ancestry

If we remind ourselves of the fact that every fifth American today rightly points and perhaps also with a certain degree of pride to his German ancestry or her German ancestry, we can safely say that we, indeed, share common roots.

- Angela Merkel

Germany Part

I said, yet again, for Germany, Europe is not only indispensable, it is part and parcel of our identity. We've always said German unity, European unity and integration, that's two parts of one and the same coin. But we want, obviously, to boost our competitiveness.

- Angela Merkel

Give Par

More reforms will give more impetus to German industries to invest in India. German companies want to be treated on par with Indian companies, and creation of an equitable market is crucial for investments.

- Angela Merkel

More Some

There are 1600 German companies active in India, and some of them are more than 100 years old. Our companies value India as a location for manufacturing and as a market.

- Angela Merkel

Remain Britain

We believe that from both a German and a Polish perspective, it is desirable for Great Britain to remain in the European Union.

- Angela Merkel

Never East

The only thing the East German system taught us was that we should never do it that way again.

- Angela Merkel

Daily Life Turned

After the reunification, there was a certain sense of foreignness because daily life in the former East German states was completely turned inside out - everything from the shops to the bureaucracy to the working world.

- Angela Merkel

Lucky Other

At German unification, we were lucky to get so much help from West Germany. Now, we have the good fortune of being able to help each other in Europe.

- Angela Merkel

Learning Sign

All the kids are learning different languages. I asked them what languages they wanted to learn, and Shi is learning Khmai, which is a Cambodian language; Pax is focusing on Vietnamese, Mad has taken to German and Russian, Z is speaking French, Vivienne really wanted to learn Arabic, and Knox is learning sign language.

- Angelina Jolie

Play Sure

I feel German, that's for sure. I grew up in Germany, I went to school in Germany and most of my friends are there. I play for Germany.

- Angelique Kerber

Christianity About

We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity. We weren't punctilious about locating and punishing only Hitler and his top officers. We carpet-bombed German cities; we killed civilians. That's war. And this is war.

- Ann Coulter

Own Very

I'm very aware of my own background. I'm Irish, French, and then a little bit of everything else thrown in, ranging from German to Native American. We're talking about tiny drops of blood.

- Anne Hathaway

Sky Caliber

Tom Arnold and I, we have a huge firefight scene on top of a German tank. I get to shoot 50 caliber rounds. We shoot a helicopter out of the sky. That's the only fight I'm in.

- Anthony Anderson

Country Over

When I was younger, I used to hate Germany. I hated the country, the people, the language, the culture, everything! But over the years I've grown to really appreciate the German people.

- Anthony Kiedis

Call Russians

Russians call me German, Germans call me Russian, Jews call me a Christian, Christians a Jew.

- Anton Rubinstein

Fact Singers

I have often heard the statement made by foreign singers, as a demonstrated fact, that the German artists are artists in feeling indeed, and serious in their devotion, but that their singing is crude.

- Anton Seidl

Beginning Been

At the beginning of June 1944, the war was reaching a climax. German troops had been brutalised by the savagery of the ongoing fighting in Russia, where the Red Army was secretly preparing its vast encirclement of the Germans' Army Group Centre.

- Antony Beevor

Been Other

The focus of our public discourse has been on how American companies are competing with Japanese, German, and other foreign companies. What this allows us to ignore is how each of those American companies is really in competition with the families of the workers. That's the real competition.

- Arlie Russell Hochschild

Process Means

Under no stretch of imagination can war be regarded as an ethical process; yet war, force, terror, and propaganda were the evolutionary means employed to weld the German people into a tribal whole.

- Arthur Keith

World War I Other

After World War I, while France and other Allies were building military defenses modeled on trench warfare, German commanders were shaping a nimble fighting force.

- Charles Duhigg

Horse Spanish

I speak Spanish to God, Italian to women, French to men, and German to my horse.

- Charles V

New Opera

I listen to lots of music, especially Bach, opera (all periods), German lieder, chamber music, and rock, old and new. I can't listen to music while I write. It's too absorbing.

- Cheryl Mendelson

Pursuing Very

Sometimes, I had very little - if any - idea for whom I was really working: at the end of the day, who reaped the profits? Was it a privately controlled German foundation or a global array of stockholders? A middle-class guy on the Upper West Side or Rupert Murdoch? Were we pursuing mere profit, or self-perpetuation, or something bigger?

- Chris Pavone

Education City

Born in England during the First World War, of Belgian parents with partly German roots, I grew up in the cosmopolitan city of Antwerp, where I had the benefit of a classical education taught in the two national languages of Belgium: French and Dutch.

- Christian de Duve

Lose Some

In German science, we have a special problem. We lose talented women at the time they get pregnant. Some of it occurs because they are encouraged - by their husbands, bosses and the government - to take long maternity leaves.

- Christiane Nusslein-Volhard

Die Behind

Before the Berlin Wall came down, we played behind the Iron Curtain and sang, 'Born in the U.S.A.,' and I thought, 'We're all going to die. The man is going to get us all killed.' But then you saw all these kids with the American flag and German flags together and singing the song, and it was, wow, like 'We Shall Overcome.'

- Clarence Clemons

Aim University

A university anywhere can aim no higher than to be as British as possible for the sake of the undergraduates, as German as possible for the sake of the public at large-and as confused as possible for the preservation of the whole uneasy balance.

- Clark Kerr

Abroad Like

Berlin is like being abroad in Germany. It's German, but not provincial.

- Claudia Schiffer

How Very

My friends often tell me how very German I still am.

- Claudia Schiffer

Mind Very

The German mind has a talent for making no mistakes but the very greatest.

- Clifton Fadiman

Father Elder

My birth neither shook the German Empire nor caused much of an upheaval in the home. It pleased mother, caused father a certain amount of pride and my elder brother the usual fraternal jealousy of a hitherto only son.

- Conrad Veidt

School Learns

Every German child learns to speak English in school.

- Cornelia Funke

Couple Spanish

I actually speak fluent English and Spanish and... I dabble in a couple of languages, but I'm not fluent in German, Russian and Arabic.

- Cote de Pablo

Like Movie

I like the movie 'Das Boot,' the German film made in the '80s. I found out it was a series that was made into a film for the U.S.

- Courtney Gains

Freckles Mum

On my mother's side, I'm English, so that's where the freckles come from. On my father's side, I'm German, and he has the fantastic olive hues... I was given mum's skin, whereas my brothers and sisters were given my dad's skin. I do tan up quite well, but it takes me a bit longer.

- Dan Feuerriegel

Germany Like

I grew up in Germany for a little while, and all my German friends said that Seattle, weather and energy-wise, is a lot like West Germany. It's true.

- Daniel Breaker

I Think Movie

I started to do theater when I was a little boy at school, and then, I think because my father was a documentary filmmaker and worked for German television, I was of course fascinated by what he did. Then when I was around 15, I did my first movie.

- Daniel Bruhl

Always Spanish

Well, my first languages are German and Spanish because I was brought up by a Spanish mother and a German father, so I always spoke both languages at home. I'm very thankful that I was brought up in a bilingual house.

- Daniel Bruhl

Think I Think

I started to do theater when I was a little boy at school, and then, I think because my father was a documentary filmmaker and worked for German television, I was of course fascinated by what he did.

- Daniel Bruhl

Always Spanish

My first languages are German and Spanish because I was brought up by a Spanish mother and a German father, so I always spoke both languages at home. I'm very thankful that I was brought up in a bilingual house.

- Daniel Bruhl

Lucky Doing

I was lucky to start working when German cinema was having an interesting moment. Now the quality is going downhill again because they're insisting on doing comedies. We should know by now that we make good cars but we're not the funniest people.

- Daniel Bruhl

Been Convincing

The quality of the Neues Museum's construction is extraordinary even by German standards, and people can smell that quality. The concept would not have been so convincing without it.

- David Chipperfield

Surrounded Shared

I like to be surrounded by books. My wife Evelyn has a Ph.D. in comparative literature, so we have a lot of her Spanish and German literature books which are wasted on me, plus a lot of novels and books on art and architecture shared by us both. Evelyn used to edit an art magazine called 'FMR,' so we have a common interest in design.

- David Chipperfield

Had Dad

I had old bunk beds that my dad got from Seabrook Farms. They were first used by German prisoners during World War II, who were sent to work the farms during the war. The metal beds with their thin mattresses could easily be used as a jungle gym and I loved them.

- David Mixner

I Think Very

The Germans have done wonderful work. Not long ago, a German battle group battalion conducted a very impressive counterinsurgency operation in a portion of Baghlan province. I think these are the first counterinsurgency operations conducted by any German element after World War II. And they did a very impressive job.

- David Petraeus

Original Call

When I'm working with German audiences, I will call on my Rilke and Goethe in the original.

- David Whyte

Woman My Life

I got married about three years ago again to a wonderful German woman. Her name is Monika and she is beautiful. She is one of the biggest women Zappa fans I have ever met in my life.

- Jimmy Carl Black

Thought Very

I thought it was quintessentially American - very hip, very late-'60s. I was absolutely stunned when a German production company asked me if I could do a 'Sesame Street' in Germany. It was absolutely the happiest surprise.

- Joan Ganz Cooney

Composers Hundred

A hundred years ago, of course, the question that the German Composers' Co-operative asked itself sounded a lot more fundamental: How do you create a fair share for those who ensure that works can actually be performed at all?

- Johannes Rau

Tonight Qualified

Listeners will wonder what an Englishman is doing on the German radio tonight. You can imagine that before taking this step I hoped that someone better qualified than me would come forward.

- John Amery

About Poems

I used to carry about with me a German map-case filled with poems.

- John C. Hawkes

Father South

I was born on 7 September 1917 at Sydney in Australia. My father was English-born and a graduate of Oxford; my mother, born Hilda Eipper, was descended from a German minister of religion who settled in New South Wales in 1832. I was the second of four children.

- John Cornforth

Own Forming

A German firm called Friendsurance relies on people forming their own groups, which apply peer pressure to keep claims and costs lower. The result is refunded premiums for customers and profit for the company.

- John Gerzema

New Conservative

Conservative New Testament studies could also provide an intellectually satisfying alternative to German biblical criticism and to the liberal theology that accompanied it.

- John Gresham Machen

Private Pupils

I taught principally German language and literature at Eton. But any master with private pupils must be prepared to teach anything they ask for. That can be as diverse as the early paintings of Salvador Dali or how bumblebees manage to fly.

- John le Carre

Very Particularly

More particularly, having a largely German-oriented education has made me very responsive to 19th-century German literature.

- John le Carre

Fact Code

I'm 16 now, I was 15 when it happened... and the encryption code wasn't in fact written by me, but written by the German member. There seems to be a bit of confusion about that part.

- Jon Johansen

I Remember Some

There was this mountain village in Russia where my music was getting in on some German radio station. I remember this because music used to get up to Saskatchewan from Texas. Late at night after the local station closed down.

- Joni Mitchell

United Been

The United States is our most important ally. They helped us many times. Without the United States, the unification or German democratisation after the Nazi period would have been much more complicated, or almost impossible.

- Joschka Fischer

Think I Think

I think if German literature could survive the '40s and Russian literature could survive Sovietism, American literature can survive Google.

- Joshua Cohen

Nine Larger

Our fifty principal cities contain 39.3 per cent of our entire German population, and 45.8 per cent of the Irish. Our ten larger cities only nine per cent of the entire population, but 23 per cent of the foreign.

- Josiah Strong

Thought Learn

When I raced with Mercedes, I thought I'd learn German. But my wife didn't want to live in Germany.

- Juan Manuel Fangio

Will Use

Sometimes I don't use the words 'will' and 'want' in the right way. The German word 'will' is the English word 'want,' so that's a little bit of the problem.

- Jurgen Klopp

Game Here

The English game is not faster than the German game. Perhaps there are a few more sprints. But there is a different style of football here, partially due to the weather.

- Jurgen Klopp

Spanish Eastern

I have Jewish friends. I have Middle Eastern friends. I have Spanish and Italian and British and Scottish and German friends and Austrian friends, and guess what? They all deal with homophobia. It's an earthling epidemic; it's not isolated in the black community.

- Jussie Smollett

Been Mythological

Basically, fundamentalism is a modern phenomenon. In the same way that Hitler evoked a mythological religion of German purity and the glory of the past, the Islamists use religion to evoke emotions and passions in people who have been oppressed for a long time in order to reach their purpose.

- Azar Nafisi

Think TV

I don't think there is such a thing as a German movie star. There are respected actors, but we are not publicized like TV people.

- Barbara Sukowa

Country Big

There was a time for German stars in the 1950s with Curt Jurgens, Hardy Kruger, O. W. Fischer, and Maria Schell. That was a totally different generation. It all ended in 1968 during the big students' movement in my country. It was an anti-authority movement that changed everything. All my country's hierarchies, morals and values were questioned.

- Barbara Sukowa

Back Lay

I have won the most national titles as a German, so what should I do after that? Lay back and take it easy? That's not how I am.

- Bastian Schweinsteiger

Small Visible

The small teams are playing well. That's visible, and it has had an impact on German football.

- Bastian Schweinsteiger

Delicate Swedish

The Swedish language combines the strong manhood of the German with the delicate beauty of the Italian.

- Bayard Taylor

Brought Surface

The German mass murder of the Jews... brought my Jewishness to the surface.

- Ben Hecht

Death Worlds

I have seen and drawn dying, poisoned worlds. I published a book of drawings called 'Death of Wood' about one such world, on the border between the Federal Republic of Germany and what was then still the German Democratic Republic.

- Gunter Grass

Against Doubted

I knew German history well, and out of my experiences in the rest of the world I believed to know the German kind; therefore I never doubted that, although for the time being all indications were against it, one day a change would come.

- Gustav Krupp

Thoughts Adolf

Our thoughts fly therefore by themselves in this festive hour of our plant community, to the man whom we thank for the ressurection of our Nation: Adolf Hitler, the patron of German labour and German art.

- Gustav Krupp

Through Laid

Through years of secret work, scientific and basic ground work was laid, in order to be ready again to work the German Armed Forces at the appointed hour, without loss of time or experience.

- Gustav Krupp

Symbol Which

Just as a child respects his father even when he perceives his weaknesses and faults, so a German will not despise the old Germany which was once a symbol of greatness to him.

- Gustav Stresemann

Past Sometimes

During the past few years I have led a sometimes hard battle for German foreign policy.

- Gustav Stresemann

Thought Within

Dante can be understood only within the context of Italian thought, and Faust would be unthinkable if divorced from its German background; but both are part of our common cultural heritage.

- Gustav Stresemann

Bicycle Destiny

The difference between the Parthenon and the World Trade Center, between a French wine glass and a German beer mug, between Bach and John Philip Sousa, between Sophocles and Shakespeare, between a bicycle and a horse, though explicable by historical moment, necessity, and destiny, is before all a difference of imagination.

- Guy Davenport

Alike Thousands

I know thousands of German's who are totally different from me, so we're not alike, we're not the same.

- Bernhard Langer

Thankful Sometimes

I can't say I'm thankful about being German because I sometimes experience it as a huge burden. But it is an integral part of me and I wouldn't want to escape it. I have accepted it.

- Bernhard Schlink

Before Certainly

I certainly know German colleagues in the U.S. who try to be Americans, try to melt into Americanism, even before they get married and become American citizens. But I've never tried that.

- Bernhard Schlink

Influence Doubtless

English policy may not yet have made the definite decision to attack us; but it doubtless wishes, by all and every means, even the most extreme, to hinder every further expansion of German international influence and of German maritime power.

- Bernhard von Bulow

Sacrifices Obtain

Since the German people, with unparalleled heroism, but also at the cost of fearful sacrifices, has waged war against half the world, it is our right and our duty to obtain safety and independence for ourselves at sea.

- Bernhard von Bulow

College Adolf

I worked as a lawyer; as a member of the teaching staff of a technical college; and then I worked principally as legal adviser to Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist German Workers Party.

- Hans Frank