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New Unbelievable

Once we understand how molecules are formed, we can manipulate them. If you can manipulate molecules, you can manipulate genes and matter, you can synthesize new material - the implications are just unbelievable.

- Ahmed Zewail


Talent is an accident of genes - and a responsibility.

- Alan Rickman

Evidence Orientation

We don't really know where human sexual orientations come from yet. What we do know is that the evidence we have that sexual orientation includes an innate component doesn't seem to point to the existence of simple 'gay genes' and 'straight genes.'

- Alice Dreger

Very Honestly

Honestly, I'm blessed with good genes and a good sense of discipline - I eat whatever I want, but I eat very controlled portions and stop when I'm full.

- Alice Greczyn

Think I Think

I think the impulse to get to the heart of the story and to tell it well is in my genes.

- Amy Bloom

About Them

I don't spend a lot of time thinking about my genes because I can't do anything about them.

- Angela Duckworth

Six One Night

I first heard about 'genes' when I was six years old. At dinner one night, I heard my mom tell my sister, 'It's in your genes.'

- Anne Wojcicki

Lucky Very

I'm lucky to have very good genes. My mother was so tiny she was almost bird-like, and my father was tall and lean. Both lived until their early 80s.

- Cherie Lunghi

Mathematics Which

In mathematics and science, there is no difference in the intelligence of men and women. The difference in genes between men and women is simply the Y chromosome, which has nothing to do with intelligence.

- Christiane Nusslein-Volhard

Think Like

People think if you have deciphered the genome of humans that you can change everything. But you cannot change everything, because you do not know what the genes mean, and you have no methods for changing them, and you can't do experiments with humans like you can with animals.

- Christiane Nusslein-Volhard

Plants And Animals

RNA interference has proven to be a quite reliable mechanism for turning genes off in a whole variety of different plants and animals.

- Craig Mello

Imagine Gene

Imagine that: If you could change one of the genes in an experiment, an aging gene, maybe you could slow down aging and extend lifespan.

- Cynthia Kenyon

Habits Begins

A long healthy life is no accident. It begins with good genes, but it also depends on good habits.

- Dan Buettner

Big Kindergarten

Blessed with Mom and Dad's remarkable genes, raised on big words and big, iconoclastic attitudes, Larry and I, before entering kindergarten, knew who we were, what we wanted, and how we would get there.

- Dan Hill

Mutations Influenced

First of all, many human diseases are influenced by, if not caused by mutations in genes.

- Daniel Nathans

Education Learn

In literature classes, you don't learn about genes; in physics classes you don't learn about human evolution. So you get a fragmented view of the world. That makes it hard to find meaning in education.

- David Christian

Change Fate

Your genes are not your fate... if you change your lifestyle, you change your genes.

- Dean Ornish

Will Principle

Once the principle is there, that cells have the same genes, my own personal belief is that we will, in the end, understand everything about how cells actually work.

- John Gurdon

Angels Inherit

Creativity is not a trait that we inherit in our genes or a blessing bestowed by the angels. It's a skill.

- Jonah Lehrer

Lucky Given

I'm really, really lucky. I was given my dad's good genes.

- Josh Brolin

Still Been

I have been blessed with good genes, and that's why, irrespective of how much I eat, I still retain my lean look.

- Barun Sobti

Reflection Direct

A person's health isn't generally a reflection of genes, but how their environment is influencing them. Genes are the direct cause of less than 1pc of diseases: 99pc is how we respond to the world.

- Bruce Lipton

Hollywood Away

Hollywood was a detour, although my mother was an aristocrat from Tokyo who ran away to join the theatre, so acting is in my genes.

- Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

Themselves Made

Genes themselves are made of bits.

- James Gleick

Lucky Guess

I guess I'm just lucky with my genes.

- Jamie Dornan

Determine On And Off

If you talk to geneticists they are constantly finding that your genes are being switched on and off because of the environment. Genes alone do not determine an exact path in your life.

- Jeffrey Eugenides

Refuge Idea

A refuge is supposed to prevent what? The genes from flowing out of sight? This refuge idea won't stop insects from moving across boundaries. That's absurd.

- Jeremy Rifkin

Means Restraining

It's politely assumed that democracy is a means of containing and restraining violence. But violence comes not from genes but from ideas.

- Edward Bond

Mother Weighs

I have skinny genes. My mother weighs 90 pounds.

- Ellen Barkin

Lucky Pretty

I'm lucky. I've got pretty good genes.

- Kate Walsh

Show Immune

The immune system constantly creates genes on the fly that are specific to the things that show up in the body. It's amazing.

- Erez Lieberman Aiden

Thankful Mean

I mean you got to thank your parents for giving you the right genes.

- Eric Heiden

Love Blessed

I'm blessed with good genes, but I also love to look my best self.

- Farrah Abraham

Art Art Of War

Boxing's in my genes. I come from a fighting background. My dad and both my uncles were good boxers. I'm blessed with the art of war.

- Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

Parent Some

If you know the mother's genome and the father's genome, and you see that the children have some genes that neither parent has, then you know that difference is either a mutation or a processing error.

- Leroy Hood

Lots Exercises

I have good genes, and I also do lots of exercises.

- Leroy Hood

Been Creatures

Animals have genes for altruism, and those genes have been selected in the evolution of many creatures because of the advantage they confer for the continuing survival of the species.

- Lewis Thomas

Over Other

The urgency to mate persists in all people as in all other mammals because of the evolutionary drive to continue the species, the inborn imperative for genes to reproduce and hormonal differences that evolved over millions of years.

- Lynn Margulis

Religious More

That human behavior is more influenced by things outside of us than inside. The 'situation' is the external environment. The inner environment is genes, moral history, religious training.

- Philip Zimbardo

DNA Like

Genes are like the story, and DNA is the language that the story is written in.

- Sam Kean

Nature Looked

The more that I looked at DNA, the more I realized it was nature and nurture. It's how genes and your environment work together to produce the person you are.

- Sam Kean

Gene Arise

Mutations can arise anywhere in the genome, in gene DNA and noncoding DNA alike. But mutations to genes have bigger consequences: They can disable proteins and kill a creature.

- Sam Kean

Add Could

No one really has the guts to say it, but if we could make better human beings by knowing how to add genes, why shouldn't we?

- Gregory Stock

Still Lives

Genes are mysterious things, still unpredictable after all of our research, flecks of humanity that can destroy lives but, just as often, can teach us to appreciate the strange wonder of our existence.

- Monica Hesse

Like I Was Born

I would like to be known as one of the best actors in the world because that is something that I would have earned. And being sexiest would come from my genes... it is something I was born with and not earned it for myself.

- Randeep Hooda

Living Some

I would ask my dad what he did, and he'd say, 'I listen to people's problems.' In some way what he did for a living is in my genes.

- Marcia Cross

Good Around

I have good genes in my family, so we'll see just how long I'll be around.

- Marcia Cross

Got Sign

If you can make yourself symmetrical, you're sending out a sign that you've got good genes, you've got a good upbringing and therefore you'll make a good mate.

- Marcus du Sautoy

Soul Molecules

To say that my anxiety is reducible to the ions in my amygdala is as limiting as saying that my personality or my soul is reducible to the molecules that make up my brain cells or to the genes that underwrote them.

- Scott Stossel

University Though

Though women are no longer barred from university laboratories and scientific societies, the idea that they are innately less suited to mathematical science is deeply ingrained in our cultural genes.

- Margaret Wertheim

Which Ways

There are many ways in which genes influence the brain.

- Sebastian Seung

Manager Individual

There's nothing wrong with pitch counts. But not when it's spit out by a computer, and the computer does not look at an individual's mechanics. And you can't look at his genes. It should come from the individual and the pitching coach and the manager.

- Tom Seaver

Thought Imagine

It used to be thought that our genes were historically immutable and that it was not possible to imagine a conversation between culture and genetics.

- Nicholas A. Christakis

More Quickly

While weight loss is important, what's more important is the quality of food you put in your body - food is information that quickly changes your metabolism and genes.

- Mark Hyman

Want Unbelievable

I want to hear from the creature who isn't blessed with unbelievable good looks and incredible genes. I want to hear from the geek girl, the forgotten girl, the invisible girl and the miserable girl.

- Shirley Manson

Normal Last

If there's a seminal discovery in oncology in the last 20 years, it's that idea that cancer genes are often mutated versions of normal genes.

- Siddhartha Mukherjee

New Add

New molecular methods that add or modify genes can protect plants from diseases and pests and improve crops in ways that are both more environmentally benign and beyond the capability of older methods.

- Nina Fedoroff

Last Learned

In the last century, as we learned more about genes, we were able to devise ways of accelerating evolution.

- Nina Fedoroff

Memory Molecules

According to materialistic science, any memory requires a material substrate, such as the neuronal network in the brain or the DNA molecules of the genes.

- Stanislav Grof

Father Danish

I have good genes. My father is Danish and my mother is Irish and Native American. They both have good skin.

- Virginia Madsen

Lie About

People who lie to themselves about investing are the same as overweight people who blame their genes for their obesity.

- Robert Kiyosaki

Everyone Tenth

In 15 years we'll have all the sequence, a list of the genes everyone has in common and those that differ among people. We know only something like a tenth of 1 percent of the sequence at the moment.

- Walter Gilbert

Responsible Lots

The interaction of the variation in our genes is what's responsible for lots of our attributes and vigor.

- Walter Gilbert

The Most Important

One of the most important aspects of what makes us who we are is neither straight genes or straight environment but actually what happens to us during development.

- Robert Winston

Genetic Gene

When a trait is universal, evolutionary biologists look for a genetic explanation and wonder how that gene or genes might enhance survival or reproductive success.

- Robin Marantz Henig

Back Personal

My personal belief is that attraction to SF/F is coded right into your genes. I was attracted to monsters and robots as far back as I can remember.

- Will McIntosh

Think Works

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they think about memes is they try to extend on the analogy with genes. That's not how it works. It works by realizing the concept of a replicator.

- Susan Blackmore

Project Namely

After I arrived in Basel, I initially attempted to continue the project of my days in Dulbecco's laboratory, namely, the transcriptional control of the simian virus 40 genes.

- Susumu Tonegawa

Delay Old

Somehow I have managed to delay looking old. In reality I have good genes.

- Michael Schumacher

Evolving Receive

Genes that underlie the capacity to receive, use and transmit information are the evolving properties.

- Peter R. Grant