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Me Blueprint

There's not a blueprint for me to follow.

- Adam Lambert

Want Herd

I don't want to follow the herd.

- Alain Robert

Good Something Good

When we do something good, people immediately follow it.

- Allu Arjun

Ideas Needs

First of all, the actor needs to get out of the character's way. You follow the character without judgment or prejudice or preconceived ideas.

- Amy Ryan

Court Superstitions

I do not follow superstitions on court.

- Ana Ivanovic

Could Marketplace

If I could only follow one person on Twitter, it would be Heidi Moore. She's a financial journalist at NPR's Marketplace.

- Andrew Ross Sorkin

Chelsea Still

I still follow Chelsea's fortunes.

- Andriy Shevchenko

My Own Own

I don't really follow market research. In the end, I respond to my own instincts.

- Anna Wintour

Like Little Time

When the season ends, I like to take a little time off from the diet I follow when I'm playing.

- D'Brickashaw Ferguson

Ben Nelson

I'd follow Ben Hogan and Byron Nelson anywhere.

- Dan Jenkins

Information Edit

I don't edit information, I follow it.

- David Icke

Shoes Say

Hopefully, I can follow in Leonardo DiCaprio's shoes. I probably say this in every interview, but he is one of my favorite actors of all time.

- Jimmy Bennett

Passion Your

Follow your passion.

- Joel Siegel

Heels Automatically

We won't just automatically click our heels and follow the Americans.

- John Howard

Heart Christ

Men mark the passion of Christ, and print it on their heart somewhat to follow it. It was the most voluntary passion that ever was suffered, and the most painful. It was most voluntary, and so most meritorious.

- John Wycliffe

Personal Everyone

I respect religion in general. I respect a lot, but I don't follow any religion. You know, I just follow my personal connection with God. For me, God is inside my heart and is inside everyone's heart.

- Juanes

Commitment Want

Something as unique as 'Scrubs' is a tough act to follow. It's hard to find something that good that you want to really make a commitment to.

- Judy Reyes

Away Foods

I really don't follow a strict diet; I just watch my fat intake and stay away from fried foods.

- Justice Smith

Law Gotta

There's only one law you gotta follow to keep outta trouble. Do it first, do it yourself, and keep on doin' it.

- Ben Hecht

Excited Am

I am quite excited that Moi is leaving. Kenyans have changed. We have a free press, and it is no longer a situation of 'follow in my footsteps.'

- Binyavanga Wainaina

Easy Twitter

With Twitter, it's as easy to unfollow as it is to follow.

- Biz Stone

Like Pessimists

People don't like to follow pessimists.

- Bob Iger

Articulate Once

Once you articulate an agenda, you have to follow it.

- Brian Mulroney

Leader Great Leader

Leadership is hard to define and good leadership even harder. But if you can get people to follow you to the ends of the earth, you are a great leader.

- Indra Nooyi

Sacrifice Your

You don't have to sacrifice who you are to follow your beliefs.

- Bryan Clay

Around Leaders

We're the only species who follow unstable leaders. This is true - it has little to do with America - around the world, pack leaders are unstable. Animals don't follow that.

- Cesar Millan

Birth Planet

I call it the birth vision - what we are called to accomplish. If we follow this calling, we help spiritualize the planet.

- James Redfield

Business Sound

Follow sound business trends, not fashion trends.

- Janice Dickinson

Rules Trend

People who follow all the rules and chase every trend tend to get forgotten - they look great, but they're not as memorable.

- Dita Von Teese

Path Slavery

No blessing, no good, can follow in the path trodden by slavery.

- Dorothea Dix

Woman Say

I would say if you have a dream, follow it. It doesn't really matter whether you are a woman or from India or from wherever.

- Kalpana Chawla

Food Trends

I don't follow the food trends.

- Eric Ripert

Been Published

Since 1966, hundreds of books have been published that follow murderers along their paths of destruction. Every serial killer, it seems, now has a biographer or two.

- Eric Schlosser

Fashion Trends

I follow fashion trends.

- Kiernan Shipka

Choose Christ

When you choose to follow Christ, you choose to be changed.

- Ezra Taft Benson

Simplicity Keys

Comfort and simplicity are two keys that I follow when it comes to fashion.

- Fawad Khan

Always Right

We all have our paths in life we are supposed to follow to find who we are supposed to be, but it's not always a straight path. There is something inside of us that guides us, and if you are quiet and listen to it, you'll be all right.

- Kyan Douglas

Start Trends

Don't follow trends, start trends.

- Frank Capra

Dreams Believe

I believe people have to follow their dreams - I did.

- Larry Ellison

Good Person Going

I guess it's from going to Virginia Military Institute. I'm a good person to follow orders.

- Fred Willard

Leadership Get

Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

- Laurence J. Peter

Back Your

It's important for any child really to have somebody to back you up and let you follow your dream.

- Freya Tingley

Coke Other

The thing is, if you follow whatever meal you have with Coke, it eats up the other things. It helps with the digestion of it.

- Lennon Parham

Leader Being

Well, the first quality of being a good leader is you have to be able to follow. See, a good leader can't just be the leader all the time, I have to be able to follow.

- Lisa Leslie

Done Disarming

And when it is done, we ought to follow the example by disarming ourselves.

- George William Norris

Good Always

Always follow good counsels.

- Louis XIV

Famous Any

I don't know if any famous people follow me, but their daughters definitely do.

- Lucky Blue Smith

Best Beginning

In the beginning there was the word. The word was Jah. The word is in I, Jah is in I. I make what is good, better, and what is better, best. I follow this in every aspect of life.

- Peter Tosh

People Jobs

Jobs follow people. People don't follow jobs.

- Mick Cornett

Men Me

I can make men follow me to hell.

- Philip Kearny

Morals Books

Books follow morals, and not morals books.

- Theophile Gautier

Kind Will

I don't follow any kind of 'isms.' If there is one, it will be Pram-ism.

- Pramoedya Ananta Toer

Own My Own

I don't follow trends, so I make my own.

- Mohamed Hadid

Always Will

This path that we are now starting will be long, and we must follow it to remind ourselves of the great principles that, in our understanding, should always inspire us.

- Marc Forne Molne

Active Rob

I'm on Twitter, but I'm not super active. I follow a lot of the same people that a lot of people follow: Rob Delaney, Megan Amram, Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, people I've worked with.

- Randall Park

Laws Lay

I don't follow any system. All the laws you can lay down are only so many props to be cast aside when the hour of creation arrives.

- Raoul Dufy

Stylish Need

You don't need to follow trends to be stylish.

- Naomie Harris

Game Been

I did follow 'Game of Thrones.' I'm incredibly jealous of that cast. I mean, I would have loved to have been on that.

- Sebastian Roche

Really Idea

There's no safety in anything, but in the arts, there is really this idea of no promises. I didn't follow the writing dream for safety.

- Nathan Englander

Heart Must

I must follow my heart.

- Neymar

Always Go

I just follow the things I'm interested in. That's always guided me. If I'm interested in something, that's where I go.

- Mark Bradford

Differences About

Differences are scarier now. The dollar isn't so guaranteed if you don't follow what they see as the norm. But I don't moan about it. I just keep working.

- Marlee Matlin

Guys Attracted

Usually it's the guys that don't follow you around, who you're attracted to!

- Sigourney Weaver

Inspiration Like

I like people-watching and getting inspiration from the unique people who don't follow any fashion tides. From 12-year-olds who have full freedom, to 86-year-old ladies with a ton of class.

- Rila Fukushima

I Am Am

I am not a Sufi, but I follow the Sufi.

- Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Soldiers Just

Actors are just soldiers who follow commands.

- Om Puri

New Old

If a man would follow, today, the teachings of the Old Testament, he would be a criminal. If he would follow strictly the teachings of the New, he would be insane.

- Robert Green Ingersoll

Advice Tremendously

My clerkship with Justice Douglas was tremendously important. He told me, Christopher, get out into the stream of history and see what happens. I've tried to follow that advice.

- Warren Christopher

Similar Another

Just as predatory animals follow a similar general design and behave in similar ways, so organizations, especially those in competition with one another, must follow certain design principles if they are to succeed and prevail.

- Robert Shea

Believe Will

I believe if you are nice to people, children will follow. Likewise, if you are rude to people, children will follow.

- Wendi Deng Murdoch

Circuit Previous

The obligation of the judge in the circuit is to follow the previous decisions in the circuit unless those decisions are overruled by an en bloc panel of the court.

- Merrick Garland

Then In My Opinion

In my opinion, it is not in our interest to have complicated negotiations with a region, and then have to follow it up with 535 negotiations at home. I have experienced recounts, and it is better to vote once.

- William M. Daley

Over Identify

Just as you can identify eras of fashion by glancing at a piece of vintage clothing, logos create and follow trends over time.

- Peleg Top

Believe Sometimes

Sometimes, in order to follow our moral compass and/or our hearts, we have to make unpopular decisions or stand up for what we believe in.

- Tabatha Coffey

People Titles

People don't follow titles, they follow courage.

- William Wells Brown

Why Nothing

The photographer, even in fashion and portraiture, has to have a standpoint. It's important to know what you stand for, no? Most people just take pictures, but they stand for nothing. They follow trends and don't know why.

- Peter Lindbergh