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Analyse Experimental

In the course of my stay there, I also showed how one could analyse the experimental kinetic curves for the reaction of haemoglobin with carbon dioxide or oxygen by simulations in the computer, and so fit the rate constants.

- Aaron Klug

Mob Redress

There is no grievance that is a fit object of redress by mob law.

- Abraham Lincoln

Wanted Even

I even have shoes that don't fit. They're just so cool, I wanted to have them.

- Afrojack

Change Vice

It is easier to change the specification to fit the program than vice versa.

- Alan Perlis

Like Keep

I like to keep fit.

- Alan Sugar

Beautiful Always

Our clothes are not always beautiful on the hanger, but put them on, and they fit like bathing suits.

- Alber Elbaz

Inside Souls

Souls are designed to fit inside a body.

- Alex Chiu

Lives Terms

Lease terms don't fit start-up lives.

- Alexa Hirschfeld

Art Genius

One science only will one genius fit; so vast is art, so narrow human wit.

- Alexander Pope

Pieces Most

I tend to like the most basic pieces with the perfect fit and fabric, like a simple tank.

- Alexander Wang

Very Most

I managed to fit most of the writing to evenings and weekends, and my wife has been very supportive.

- Allan Guthrie

Never Garments

You can tailor garments all you want, but if it doesn't fit in the arms or legs, it never will.

- Amar'e Stoudemire

School Catholic School

I went to a Catholic school but did not really fit in.

- Amber Heard

I Am Living

I am all for healthy living and maintaining a fit lifestyle.

- Amy Jackson

Like Generally

I generally like to stay fit.

- Amy Jackson

Perfect Quick

We live in a social world now, and there's no denying the power that Twitter has yielded across all verticals. Sports is a perfect fit because fans are highly emotionally charged and things happen quick.

- Amy Jo Martin

Top Some

I don't write poetry and then strum some chords and then fit the words on top of the chords.

- Andrew Bird

Russian Tongues

Courage: Great Russian word, fit for the songs of our children's children, pure on their tongues, and free.

- Anna Akhmatova

Like Magnified

Everything about being a teenager and not feeling like you fit in is just magnified by being a mutant!

- Anna Paquin

Hopeless Wanted

I just wanted to fit in as a teenager, but it was hopeless.

- Anne Beatts

Always Tried

I always tried so hard to fit in, and then I figured out that I didn't want to fit.

- Anthony Davis

Man Self-Evident

It is self-evident that at sixty-five a man has done all that he is fit to do.

- Anthony Trollope

Me Preparing

Preparing for action sequences helps me stay fit.

- Anushka Shetty

Never Always

I never fit in as a kid. I always felt that there was something different about me.

- Anya Taylor-Joy

Will Even

Being fit helps me improve my concentration, my will power and even my determination.

- Arjun Rampal

Attempting Crossover

'Sorry' just fit the bill for the crossover that both Lost Stories and I were attempting to do musically.

- Armaan Malik

Communicate Idea

Oxygen was a good fit of values, and I liked the idea of being able to communicate with women.

- Cheryl Mills

Got Lot

If you want to make money and have action, you need to work from like, 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. Those are the hours. That just doesn't fit with a lot of people's schedules. And that's just the start of it. You've got to realize what you are getting into.

- Chris Moneymaker

Want Games

I just want to fit in and win games for my team.

- Chris Webber

Healthy Limited

I want to have a fit, healthy body and not have to be put in a box. I don't want to be limited by anything.

- Chrissy Metz

Kind Always

I always knew that I was kind of bored; the regular life of a child didn't fit me.

- Christina Ricci

Alike Places

All places are alike, and every earth is fit for burial.

- Christopher Marlowe

My Own Defense

In my own defense, I wrote a one-man show, and that to me was more where I fit.

- Christopher Meloni

Like Laws

Laws should be like clothes. They should be made to fit the people they serve.

- Clarence Darrow

Lot Based

Unfortunately, a lot of the concepts in the Bible are based on ancient mythology that doesn't fit the findings of science.

- Clyde Tombaugh

Actor Himself

An actor can change himself to fit a part, whereas a personality has to change the part to fit himself. The personality has to say it his own way.

- Dale Robertson

Pop Daft

Daft Punk wouldn't have normally fit into anything that was pop on the radio, but they just did it.

- Danger Mouse

Actress Delights

It delights me that I don't fit the stereotype of an actress.

- Danica McKellar

Reasons Very

I'm very attracted to poetry for all the reasons someone likes poetry. The notion of compression seems to fit my personality.

- Daniel Woodrell

Doom Longer

Talking doom and gloom all day no longer fit who I was as a person.

- Daryn Kagan

Movie TV

I'm not a movie guy, I'm not a TV sitcom guy, but whatever seems to fit and is funny is good for me.

- Dave Attell

Always Tried

I've always tried to stay fit, but I'm a little guy. I'm 5-foot-7.

- David Eigenberg

Will Sees

The future will use and dispose of the memories of people that we knew as history sees fit.

- David Eisenhower

Politics Never

Caricatures created by politics never fit comfortably into the Oval Office.

- David K. Shipler

Task Country

What is our task? To make Britain a fit country for heroes to live in.

- David Lloyd George

Political Some

Many studies or theories by political scientists fit some subset of cases that a court decides, but literally no theory can account for all of them, particularly when it comes to studying a complex institution like the Supreme Court.

- David Stras

Healthy Teens

I was debauched in my 20s, but I was fit and healthy in my teens.

- Davinia Taylor

Character Actor

I fit into the quirky, character class type of actor.

- Debra Wilson

Love Always

The way that words fit together is always interesting to me. I love words.

- Joanna Newsom

Never Up

I grew up a misfit. I never fit in.

- Joe Manganiello

Through Caught

He submits to be seen through a microscope, who suffers himself to be caught in a fit of passion.

- Johann Kaspar Lavater

I See Out

If you can figure out where you fit into any particular story, you'll be okay. When you're not quite sure where you fit in, you try to be too many parts of the story. You gild the lily. I see it all the time.

- John C. McGinley

Business How

The stakeholder approach to business sees integration rather than separation, and sees how things fit together.

- John Mackey

Process Very

So Whitehead's metaphysics doesn't fit very well on to physics as we understand the process of the world.

- John Polkinghorne

Actor Sentence

The word 'career' and 'actor' really don't fit in the same paragraph, let alone sentence. There is no career structure for actors.

- John Rhys-Davies

Mind Half

We seem, as it were, to have conquered and peopled half the world in a fit of absence of mind.

- John Robert Seeley

Wise Flourishes

Zeal is fit for wise men, but flourishes chiefly among fools.

- John Tillotson

How No Sense

Guys out there have no sense of how their clothes should fit.

- John Varvatos

You Must

If it doesn't fit, you must acquit.

- Johnnie Cochran

Away Sees

God gives us life and takes us away as He sees fit.

- Johnny Cash

Everyone TV

TV tends to try and fit everyone into a TV mold.

- Josh Holloway

Most Novelists

Most novelists are narcissistic egomaniacs who would probably fit somewhere on the CEO spectrum.

- Joshua Cohen

Everyone Never

I never fit in. Everyone knew my dad was Indian. I was half-Indian.

- Joy Harjo

Woods Get

I get fit taking my bike out in the woods.

- Juan Pablo Montoya

Society Civilized

We are born charming, fresh and spontaneous and must be civilized before we are fit to participate in society.

- Judith Martin

Anxiety Head

Depression and anxiety can't fit in your head if you're cultivating feelings of joy and inspiration.

- Austin Butler

Music Sound

The diverse sound of my music makes it a good fit for that demographic.

- B.o.B

Interested Sees

America is interested in re-arranging the region as it sees fit.

- Bashar al-Assad

Always Running

I think it's fun running with dogs. They're always so fit and fast.

- Bear Grylls


I still fit in with the hillbillies!

- Gretchen Wilson

New Perfect Fit

The new independent spirit at Warner Music is a perfect fit for a stand-alone label like Maverick.

- Guy Oseary

Peace Only

The services in wartime are fit only for desperadoes, but in peace are only fit for fools.

- Benjamin Disraeli

Life Entire

My entire life can fit into a knapsack.

- Bennett Miller

Matter Gimmick

I speak a little Italian and Spanish because of where I grew up. I also am well-versed in Angelino slang and corporate Euro-speak. I don't like gimmicks. The biggest gimmick of all is trying to fit in and be 'normal'. I will always be myself no matter what. Crazy is a compliment. Flashback.

- Benny Cassette

Puzzle Pieces

Colors must fit together as pieces in a puzzle or cogs in a wheel.

- Hans Hofmann

Sometimes Comfortable

You have to fit in sometimes to make people comfortable to listen to you.

- Hans Rosling

School Student

It shouldn't matter what type of school a student attends, so long as the school is the right fit for that student.

- Betsy DeVos

Curvy Great Sense

The clothes at Style369 are fashionable - and have a great sense of fit for curvy girls.

- Hayley Hasselhoff

Society Concept

The concept of multiculturalism is difficult to make fit with a democratic society.

- Helmut Schmidt

Man Company

I'm not fit company for man or beast.

- Billy Strayhorn

Think I Think

Being in Hawaii, it's almost impossible not to be fit, I think.

- Henry Ian Cusick

Whenever Workouts

I try to fit in workouts whenever I can.

- Idris Elba

I Am Commercial

I am not ready to fit into the mould of commercial cinema.

- Irrfan Khan

College Had

I had tried to go to college, and I didn't really fit in. I went to a real narrow-minded school where people gave me a lot of trouble, and I was hounded off the campus - I just looked different and acted different, so I left school.

- Bruce Springsteen

Me Trying

I'm not trying to fit in with nobody. I'm just me.

- Bryce Harper

Southern Placed

It was jarring to be berated for 'acting white' when I was placed in a predominantly black middle school in Southern California. I was also chubby, into boys who weren't into me, and tried too hard to fit into this 'blackness' I was supposed to be.

- Issa Rae

Pretty Most

I like to wear tight jeans. Most of my stuff is pretty slim fit.

- Carl Hagelin

Fitness Important

Teaching kids about health and fitness is important to me. It's about being fit for life.

- Jackie Joyner-Kersee

Fitness Maintain

Even though I'm not a competitive athlete, I have to still maintain things and try to keep myself fit because I am at that age where I need to make sure to get those regular checkups and make sure everything is in tact.

- Jackie Joyner-Kersee

School High

I hated high school. I didn't have any friends because I didn't fit in.

- Chad Michael Murray

Receive Give

You must be fit to give before you can be fit to receive.

- James Stephens

Week Compete

I'm fit, but I need to get even more fit to compete with these guys every week.

- Denis Shapovalov

Some Phrase

If you feel you have the right key, you try to make some phrase or sound that will fit.

- Jan Garbarek

Reputation New

New Yorkers, by reputation, are fast-talking, assertive and easily annoyed; I fit right in.

- Jane Pauley

Better Like

The body must stay fit. Fit people like themselves much better.

- Diana Vreeland

Running Been

Running has been great for keeping me fit throughout my acting career.

- Jason Flemyng

Still Galactica

I can still fit into my Battlestar Galactica costume!

- Dirk Benedict

Though Felt

I was a bratty little sister. I was the youngest of three, and I often felt as though I didn't fit in.

- Dorothy Hamill

Always Owner

The owner always has the final say. You have to decide who is going to be the best fit for the organization.

- Jeffrey Lurie

Stretch Hours

24 hour broadcasts have to stretch limited material to fit 24 hours worth of space.

- Drew Curtis