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Color Intensity

I want to express the utmost intensity of the color, bring out the quality, make it expressive.

- Adolph Gottlieb

I Am Secretive

I am expressive but secretive about my emotions.

- Alia Bhatt


Clarinet is an incredible instrument. It's a great, expressive instrument.

- Anat Cohen

Used Because

I've just simply used what I've used because of the great, great expressive potential of it.

- John Eaton


I'm expressive and animated.

- Juliette Lewis

Art Making

Drawing is like making an expressive gesture with the advantage of permanence.

- Henri Matisse

Mother Dad

My mother is Italian and my dad's Irish. In my family, we're expressive. Nobody holds back.

- Kate Walsh

Language Silk

The 'silk' in silkpunk refers not to a source of power, but to an entirely different, expressive technology language.

- Ken Liu

Music Very

I'm not a man of many words, I'm not very expressive or emotional, but it comes out in my music.

- Kris Allen

Think Touch

I don't think anything can touch the expressive range of the guitar.

- Gary Clark, Jr.

Always Outfit

So my advice is to always choose something simpler - an expressive outfit, plus a hat, can be frightening.

- Philip Treacy

Very Characters

In 'Rocky' and 'Paradise Alley,' my dad played very expressive characters, and he was out there.

- Sage Stallone

Feeling Very

My relationship with fashion is playful and very expressive of what I'm feeling at the time.

- Phoebe Philo

Art Therefore

Food can be expressive and therefore food can be art.

- Grant Achatz

Expanding Form

Simply put, I'm glad that manga as an expressive form is expanding.

- Natsuki Takaya

Private Very

I'm very expressive, but I'm also a very private person. It is so hard to be private in the entertainment business.

- Shirley Eaton

More Tend

American audiences tend to be more expressive than British ones.

- Simon Pegg