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Very About

I interned at Miramax and subsequently at Paramount because I was really curious about the future of entertainment - how were we going to get films online? While the inspiration for Box didn't come from that experience directly, it was very obvious that bigger businesses had a lot of slow processes and cumbersome technology.

- Aaron Levie


It's important to remember that, first and foremost, if not only, this is entertainment. 'The West Wing' isn't meant to be good for you.

- Aaron Sorkin

Muslim South

People lament that there's no roles being written for South Asian or Muslim characters. But their parents don't want their children to go into the entertainment field. You don't get it both ways.

- Aasif Mandvi

Small Before

I grew up in a small town in Alabama, and there wasn't much in the way of entertainment, so like our older siblings before us, we drove our pickup trucks out into the hayfield and lit a bonfire.

- Abbi Glines

Business Me

Nothing surprises me when it comes to people in the entertainment business.

- Adam Goldberg


I try to do things in comics that cannot be repeated by television, by movies, by interactive entertainment.

- Alan Moore

Passion Want

The fans have what they want. They want entertainment, they want passion and they want commitment.

- Alan Shearer

Going Like

I never, in anything I've ever done, tried to get you to like it. I was never going to succeed at that. That's not the way most entertainment is made. Most entertainment is trying to get you. It's tested, like toothpaste.

- Albert Brooks

I Write

I attempt to create a form of seriocomic entertainment to either delight, enlighten, or disgust, whichever you'd like. In terms of making motion pictures, I write and direct and act. I guess you'd say I'm a filmmaker.

- Albert Brooks

Artist Kind

'Biutiful' is a tough film. It doesn't make concessions to the vulgarity of light entertainment. It's not the kind of film that you see every day in the Cineplex. But as an artist, it's the thing that I needed to do.

- Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

More Used

People get used to more complex forms of entertainment, and they become bored by simpler forms. Television has become more complex in order to feed our demand.

- Alex Tabarrok

Mature Hang

When you're in the entertainment industry, you have to be more mature, be able to hang with the adults.

- Alexander Gould

Data However

Overall, while the Rovi entertainment store is a nice stand-alone offering, more importantly, however, it is also a part of our total customer solution, fitting in now with our data and TotalGuide offerings.

- Alfred Amoroso

Game Secure

DivX Plus Streaming provides secure streaming delivery of a feature rich premium digital entertainment experience to connected devices including HDTVs, Blu-ray players, smartphones, game consoles, PCs, Max and cable set-top boxes.

- Alfred Amoroso

Through TV

When combining the elements on the Total Guide Solution, we believe we are positioning it to be the starting point for consumers to discover and enjoy digital entertainment on their television. And our name changed to Rovi embodied the ability to be that homepage for consumer search through the TV.

- Alfred Amoroso

Wait Platter

Rock gives children, on a silver platter, with all the public authority of the entertainment industry, everything their parents always used to tell them they had to wait for until they grew up and would understand later.

- Allan Bloom

Work Always

I've always wanted to work in entertainment. My family moved to Orlando when I was 15 so I could make it.

- Amanda Latona

Art Bad

Art is for entertainment purposes, but it's also to reflect our dreams, our hopes, the present, the future the past - whether it's good or bad.

- Amber Valletta

Modes Main

Allowing alternative narrative modes in popular entertainment may seem obvious, yet when you turn a pilot into the people upstairs and the main character isn't after what she wants by the top of page two, you get treated as if you've failed at writing.

- Andrea Seigel

Life Episode

I watched the first episode of 'Survivor' in the spring of 2000, thinking I would hate it. My natural inclination steers me toward the indoors not only in my actual life but also in the settings of the entertainment I read and watch.

- Andrea Seigel

React Access

I can pretty much call anyone, whether at the White House, in a company or in the media. I have access, because of the silliness of the entertainment world and how people react to it. It gave me an enormous opportunity to do anything I really want to.

- Andrew Shue


Why does there exist a global American entertainment industry, but there isn't an equivalent coming from France or Italy? This is the case simply because the English language opens the whole world to the American cinema.

- Andrzej Wajda

News Read

I read the 'Times' and 'Post,' but I have nothing against the 'Daily News.' I also fish around the Internet for entertainment news but find most of what I read to be untrue or partially true.

- Andy Cohen

Pure Away

Pure entertainment is not an egotistical lady singing boring songs onstage for two hours and people in tuxes clapping whether they like it or not. It's the real performers on the street who can hold people's attention and keep them from walking away.

- Andy Kaufman


The entertainment industry isn't secure.

- Anita Hassanandani Reddy

Enjoy About

I'm aware families sit around the telly to watch 'Vera', which is making entertainment out of murder. But I don't enjoy reading about people's pain. I tend to put myself in that position, and it's not somewhere I want to be.

- Ann Cleeves


Art is difficult. It's not entertainment.

- Anselm Kiefer

Line Had

'Kitchen Confidential' wasn't a cautionary or an expose. I wrote it as an entertainment for New York tri-state area line cooks and restaurant lifers, basically; I had no expectation that it would move as far west as Philadelphia.

- Anthony Bourdain

Been Making

Entertainment's definition has been reduced to making people happy.

- Anurag Kashyap

Get Stop

Let's stop playing with ourselves and get on with the entertainment, shall we?

- April Winchell

Some Format

A lot of entertainment, and especially in a half-hour format, can be all jokes, all the time. And some of those jokes can be really, really funny, but what I respond to, as a viewers, is identification or caring about the characters.

- Ari Graynor

May Delusion

The delusion of entertainment is devoid of meaning. It may amuse us for a bit, but after the initial hit we are left with the dark feeling of desolation.

- Arthur Erickson

Dying Really

Entertainment, really, is a dying industry.

- Ashton Kutcher

Be Real TV

Let's be real: It's just TV; it's just entertainment.

- Chi McBride

Weekend Use

Users socialize to figure out what they're going to do on the weekend. They use MySpace to discover new music and post events. Musicians upload their music. People use it for entertainment purposes or to sell goods in the classified area. MySpace makes what they do in the offline world a) more efficient or b) more interesting.

- Chris DeWolfe

Kind Fact

We go to the movies to forget about time, to be in a dream state. And it's entertainment, distraction, from the fact that everything is kind of crumbling in front of our eyes.

- Christian Marclay

Some Extent

I'll bet Shakespeare compromised himself a lot; anybody who's in the entertainment industry does to some extent.

- Christopher Isherwood


Television is much better crafted today then in the 70s. The content is less positive but I'm one of those that feel our entertainment reflects our world, it's not a driver - art imitates life.

- Christopher Knight


In Fargo, they say, well, that's a job. How well do you get paid? For example, for this book I was written about in Entertainment Weekly, and it was kind of cool because my mom asked me if Entertainment Weekly was a magazine or a newspaper.

- Chuck Klosterman

Reach Like

I'm writing for entertainment. I like people to reach the end and feel they got their money's worth.

- Clive Cussler


My belief is that if I can achieve that level of entertainment by making the audience happy or sad or angry, then I have succeeded as an actor and have done my job. The profits and the fame as an actor will eventually surface, but first and foremost comes the work as an actor.

- Cole Hauser

Game Other

The game has kept faith with the public, maintaining its old admission price for nearly thirty years while other forms of entertainment have doubled and tripled in price. And it will probably never change.

- Connie Mack

Me Current

Working in the entertainment industry exposes me to every current cosmetic fad.

- Connie Sellecca

Away Worlds

I needed to step away from music because the truth was I couldn't be the dad I wanted to be to my kids. My truth was that I could not reconcile the two worlds - the entertainment world and being the dad I wanted to be in the present. You can't substitute time, you just can't.

- Corey Hart

Business Me

The entertainment business is not the be-all and end-all for me.

- Dan Aykroyd

Belong Works

The creative works of the entertainment industry belong to the millions of people who make them and are not for others to steal or unlawfully distribute.

- Dan Glickman

Next Other

The two championship contenders, Dario Franchitti and Will Power, are starting right next to each other in the middle of the grid. Honestly, if I can be fast enough early in the race to be able to get up there and latch onto those two, it will be pure entertainment. It's going to be a pack race, and you never know how that's going to turn out.

- Dan Wheldon

Line About

All reading should be pleasurable! I don't like people who keep reeling out the 'books are so important' line. First and foremost, reading is about entertainment, the same as movies, video games and music.

- Darren Shan


The Sophists' paradoxical talk pieces and their public debates were entertainment in 5th century Greece. And in that world, Socrates was an entertainer.

- David Antin

May Gods

From this entertainment industry, may the gods of language protect us.

- David Antin


I'm a bit of a chameleon with the whole entertainment industry so to speak.

- David Boreanaz

Honor Alive

You've got to honor your relationship with your audience - that they sit down because they want to be entertained. And that doesn't mean you can't provoke them and antagonize them and challenge them in the course of the entertainment as long as you keep the entertainment part of the equation alive.

- David E. Kelley

Country Very

Entertainment is very close to religion in this country. If you buy the hype, it can be very dangerous.

- David Eigenberg

I Think

Animation films are about entertainment and about fun for the whole family, and if you went too far down a dark path, it's not what people, I think, expect from a great animated film.

- David Furnish

Love I Love

I love sport as long as it's kept as an entertainment - not a meaning of life.

- David Icke


Sometimes I've found that by getting into a certain drag, or a certain feeling, you can cast off your mortal coil and really do something. I don't know if it's important, but it's something. It's entertainment.

- David Johansen

Art Form

I do not regard advertising as entertainment or an art form, but as a medium of information.

- David Ogilvy

Next Moved

There are three things that I'm addicted to when it comes to entertainment. In no particular order, One, I'm addicted to the cheer moment. 'Librarians' has plenty of them. Next, I feel that life is hard, and I want my entertainment fun, and 'Librarians' is fun as a Christmas party. And third, I like to be moved.

- Dean Devlin

Thought Fact

The best thing I ever learned from my dad was he knew he wasn't the best of singers, but he always knew he was a great entertainer, and I always thought that was a good concept to bring along, that ultimately acting is an entertainment art and you have to be aware of the fact that you want people to be excited to be watching you.

- Dean Norris

Direct Other

I don't look at Spotify or Rdio or any of these guys as a direct competitor: I look at other forms of entertainment as the competitor.

- Jimmy Iovine

Business Fan

Everything that you do in this entertainment business, you build a fan base.

- Joanna Krupa

Think Will

Whether you think a film will affect society or it's plain entertainment, it's all excellent, it's all noble.

- Joaquin Phoenix


The menu should be part of the entertainment, part of the dining experience. It's kind of like reading the 'Playbill' when you go to the theater. It should be an alluring and interactive document. Does it have burn marks on it from the candle? If you ever get a greasy menu with food stains on it, it's time to run like hell.

- Joe Bastianich


Politics has become entertainment.

- Joe Eszterhas

Love While

After a while, no matter how much you love any pop song, you're going to get tired of it. That's the way it is with any entertainment. It's good when you first hear it or see it, you like it for a while, then it gets old. It gets chewed up and spit out and it's done.

- Joe Perry

Means Misuse

It is better to make a piece of music than to perform one, better to perform one than to listen to one, better to listen to one than to misuse it as a means of distraction, entertainment, or acquisition of 'culture.'

- John Cage

Asking Movie

I won't call my work entertainment. It's exploring. It's asking questions of people, constantly. 'How much do you feel? How much do you know? Are you aware of this? Can you cope with this?' A good movie will ask you questions you don't already know the answers to. Why would I want to make a film about something I already understand?

- John Cassavetes


I hate entertainment.

- John Cassavetes

Which Movie

As far as entertainment, 'The Right Stuff' is a good movie. As far as a documentary of the early space days, which they purported it to be, it is not at all.

- John Glenn

Been TV

I've been been on the cover of TV Guide, on every single talk and entertainment show except Letterman. It's interesting being older and dealing with this kind of success. I'm more appreciative of it now, and I don't take it for granted.

- John Stamos

Game Tonight

'Entertainment Tonight' would send me out to do interviews with musicians like Sting and Coldplay, and I was able to watch how they plan their shows. The late Jerry Garcia of Grateful Dead always had a game plan, but he also was flexible if he had to change something at the last minute.

- John Tesh

I Think

I think people should be able to have at their behest, like, four hours of music, entertainment, visual knowledge, different pathways. That's what I'm trying to do with modern technology, not just another song and another song.

- Jon Anderson

Deal MMA

My family actually owns an MMA promotion company, so it's kind of a family deal. It's called Fight Sports Entertainment, and they throw amateur fights in California. Because of that, I've given my mom a lot of the fighters to fight in a show.

- Jonathan Lipnicki

Work Going

You have to be a mindful eater. There has to be intention in what you do in your life if you're going to be happy and authentic. Food isn't supposed to be entertainment in the way that your kids, your work, and your relationship are.

- Jorge Cruise

Against Read

Anyone who regards poetry as an entertainment, as a 'read,' commits an anthropological crime, in the first place against himself.

- Joseph Brodsky

Cute Ricky

In entertainment, I adore Ricky Gervais in 'Derek.' His performance is unbelievably charming, funny and poignant. In life, I adore my girlfriend. She is the most adorable person I have ever met - from her silly jokes to her cute teeth to her little drawings.

- Josh Zuckerman


I'm against escapist entertainment.

- Joshua Oppenheimer

More Very

It's very easy to confuse Sean Connery with James Bond. Sometimes in the entertainment industry, people believe the cake is more real than the baker.

- Judd Nelson


This is government. There is no entertainment.

- Judy Davis

Which Took

They weren't interested in entertainment. They were tough. I learned one trick, which was to be quieter than they were until they had to look at you. It took a lot of agressiveness.

- Judy Holliday

Could Crimes

If you could place blame on entertainment for all the crimes people commit, you'd be in court all the livelong day.

- Juliette Lewis

Could Felt

We started Wayfarer Entertainment to create content that we felt could actually inspire people to be the best version of themselves. We take life for granted so often, and we don't realize that tomorrow isn't guaranteed.

- Justin Baldoni

End Know

You know, entertainment is just a curtain at the end of the day.

- Aubrey O'Day

Sports Must

Sport must be amateur or it is not sport. Sports played professionally are entertainment.

- Avery Brundage

Ageism TV

As I plotted 'Blueprints,' I realized that ageism against women is most obvious in the field of entertainment - and that I needed a TV show in my book.

- Barbara Delinsky

Business New

The entertainment business hasn't had a new idea in years.

- Barry Diller

Been Town

As an actor, I travel around a lot and live in a lot of hotels, and many times I've been in a town where the only entertainment to be had is what you find in the hotel bar or lobby.

- Beau Bridges

Sports More

Don't let anyone turn you into a slave. You're a slave if you let the media tell you that sports and entertainment are more important than developing your brain.

- Ben Carson

Summer Going

I left acting in the summer of 1988 because I was unhappy with a lot of the irresponsibility that was going on in the entertainment industry.

- Ben Harney

Apply Though

I find it interesting, the different rules that apply to journalism and drama, even though journalism has become more and more about entertainment, and entertainment has become more and more about journalism.

- Gus Van Sant

Forward More

I welcome viagogo's fresh approach to the entertainment industry and I look forward to helping them build more innovative partnerships in the future.

- Guy Oseary

I Think

I think there's always a call for people who are bucking the norm. But I don't expect it to happen now because I think that more than ever the entertainment industry is trying to serve as a distraction, to keep people from thinking too hard.

- Guy Picciotto

Needed Dave

Mark Ruffalo is Mark Ruffalo - no explanation needed. He has the biggest heart of anyone I've ever met, and he's sort of the Dave Schultz of the entertainment industry.

- Bennett Miller


No one in my family is in entertainment. They thought acting was a fun hobby, and when I got a degree, I'd settle down.

- Hannah Murray

Play Some

From the first time you can look in the paper and you accept that you're the entertainment for some people that night, it becomes so much more enjoyable to play live.

- Bill Callahan


Television is full of fictional and real violence that's turned into entertainment.

- Bill James

I Am

I am with the entertainment industry since the age of 12.

- Hazel Keech


A lot of our entertainment throws into detail the stagnation and illness of how we live today-it's sad and it's sick... and it's profitable.

- Heather Donahue

Digital Last

With the rise of the Internet, fashion did become part of the global entertainment industry in the last ten years, and will follow the digital evolution of the music or film industry.

- Hedi Slimane

Love Very

I was very much an only child who was raised by the television and movies, and I grew up in New York. We weren't, like, rich people, but we were middle-class people and my parents supported this love I had for entertainment.

- Billy Eichner