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HBO Showtime

There's three networks you want to be on: It's either AMC, HBO, or Showtime.

- Aaron Paul

Doing Nobody Else

Assume nobody else has any idea what they're doing, either.

- Aaron Swartz

Never Ammunition

I have never received a Farthing of Prize Money either for Artillery Ammunition or Vessels.

- Abraham Whipple

Love Middle

People, y'know, they either love us or they hate us; there's no middle ground.

- Ace Frehley

Love See

Once you come and see Kiss, you either love us or you hate us.

- Ace Frehley

Encourage Prevent

My neighborhood didn't really encourage women, though it didn't prevent women from progressing, either.

- Ada Yonath

Now However

However, all gifts seem now to be absorbed in one and a man must be either a Preacher or nothing.

- Adam Clarke

Thought Were

I was drawn to things I thought were either sexy or aggressive - or both.

- Adam Clayton

Number Reduce

We must either reduce the number of our engagements or increase the number of our troops.

- Adam Schiff

Never Watch

I don't leave the house without a book, and I never watch television without one, either.

- Adriana Trigiani

Truth Before

Every truth has two sides; it is as well to look at both, before we commit ourselves to either.

- Aesop

Drama Better

In drama you can either pretend everything is OK, or you can show the world as it really is in the hope that it gets better.

- Aidan Gillen

Head See

I see myself in the mold of Rin Tin Tin. It didn't go to his head either.

- Al Gore

Playing Clubs

If you're playing the clubs, you're either on your way up or your way down.

- Al Madrigal

Testimonial Poems

'A collected poems' is either a gravestone or a testimonial to survival.

- Al Purdy

Work Data

Either data supports the observations or they don't. Voting doesn't work in science.

- Alan Stern

Regret Marriages

I don't regret either of my marriages - not for a minute.

- Alana Stewart

Becoming Oppressor

Every revolutionary ends up either by becoming an oppressor or a heretic.

- Albert Camus

Death Will

There will be no lasting peace either in the heart of individuals or in social customs until death is outlawed.

- Albert Camus

Same Iliad

The author of the Iliad is either Homer or, if not Homer, somebody else of the same name.

- Aldous Huxley

Deal Sure

Either you deal with what is the reality, or you can be sure that the reality is going to deal with you.

- Alex Haley

Zero Means

Carbon zero simply means that the emissions you are releasing either are zero or balance out to zero.

- Alex Steffen

Ignored Terrifying

A woman's desire is either terrifying, or it's ignored.

- Alexander Chee

Music Computer

My favorite travel pastime is writing music, either with my guitar or on my computer.

- Alexander Ludwig

Funny Fattening

Everything I like is either illegal, immoral or fattening.

- Alexander Woollcott

Like Fattening

All the things I really like to do are either immoral, illegal or fattening.

- Alexander Woollcott

I Think Slave

I think it is the easiest mentality for a human being to be either colonized or to colonize. The structure of either the slave or the master seems to be the simplest and the most relaxing one to slip into. Either you are a slave, and you don't have to think for yourself, or you're a master, and you don't have to work for yourself.

- Alice Oswald

Get Redheads

Redheads get so stereotyped. You're either exotic and wild or totally Victorian.

- Alicia Witt

Making Having

I was having trouble making ends meet, and my beginnings weren't meeting either.

- Allan Sherman

Side Unable

Impartial - unable to perceive any promise of personal advantage from espousing either side of a controversy.

- Ambrose Bierce

Wealth Advantages

Eulogy. Praise of a person who has either the advantages of wealth and power, or the consideration to be dead.

- Ambrose Bierce


A man is either free or he is not. There cannot be any apprenticeship for freedom.

- Amiri Baraka

Hair Mum

My mum is really fair and has blonde hair, and my dad is not dark, either.

- Amy Jackson

Cut Books

All books are either dreams or swords, you can cut, or you can drug, with words.

- Amy Lowell

Boredom Spurs

Boredom is usually what spurs either bad decisions or any decision at all.

- Amy Seimetz

Law Does

Either the law exists, or it does not.

- Andre Norton

Paris Most

When I'm sitting in a casting room in Paris, I'm not the thinnest model. Sometimes I'm not the most flat-chested, either.

- Andrej Pejic

Play Them

Actors have either got to play something that's close to them, or something that's the complete opposite.

- Andrew Dominik

Through Loved Ones

Cancer is the great equalizer. Everyone is affected by it either themselves or through loved ones.

- Andrew Lo

Truth Leader

In truth, a leader should either apologize, mean it and do something about it - or not apologize at all.

- Andrew Ross Sorkin

Question Fail

Without question, I've either got to be a writer, or I fail.

- Andrew Vachss

Other Marked

Either you are a feminist or you are a sexist/misogynist. There is no box marked 'other.'

- Ani DiFranco

Hiding Take

Onstage, there's no hiding; you either can or can't act. There's no second take.

- Anna Friel

Government Form

Now one of two things is true: Either a republic is a desirable form of government, or else it is not.

- Anna Howard Shaw

May Although

A novelist should not be too intelligent either, although... he may be permitted to be an intellectual.

- Anthony Burgess

Ring Realised

I realised that I could either fight and get into trouble on the street or I could fight and get paid in the ring. I chose the ring.

- Anthony Joshua

Reverie Very

To lose one's self in reverie, one must be either very happy, or very unhappy. Reverie is the child of extremes.

- Antoine Rivarol

Fitness Blindly

Just as you can't blindly follow fashion, you can't follow fitness, either.

- Anushka Sharma

Like Too

Men don't like eating out of cans. And I don't like eating out of cans too much, either.

- Aretha Franklin

Beast Delighted

Whosoever is delighted in solitude is either a wild beast or a god.

- Aristotle

My Life Never

I never lied to a person in my life; my kids didn't, either.

- Art Modell

Always Will

The compromise will always be more expensive than either of the suggestions it is compromising.

- Arthur Bloch

Gun Someone

If you make a gun, you are either going to sell it or you are going to use it. And if you're going to sell it, someone else is going to use it.

- Arthur Boyd

Decision Needs

Did God create man, or did man create God? Either way, the decision needs to be reviewed.

- Ashwin Sanghi

Politics Country

In politics it is necessary either to betray one's country or the electorate. I prefer to betray the electorate.

- Charles de Gaulle

Literature Works

All great works of literature either dissolve a genre or invent one.

- Charles J. Shields

College Through

You know that it is only through work that you can achieve anything, either in college or in the world.

- Charles William Eliot

Love Think

People either love me or they think I'm obnoxious. I get that.

- Cheyenne Jackson

Cook Else

I don't do dishes, and I don't cook, either! Everything else, I can do!

- Chiara Ferragni

Rock Rock Star

When I was a kid, I wanted to be either a rock star or a wrestler.

- Chris Jericho

Love I Love

I'd love to have a child. Either one or 40. I love kids.

- Chris Kattan

Heels Barefoot

I'm either in heels or barefoot.

- Christina Hendricks

Love Fly

I would love to fly privately, but unfortunately, I don't. I don't summer anywhere either.

- Christina Ricci

Small Same

All the roles are for boys. The girls' roles are either small or all the same. There's just nothing interesting.

- Christina Ricci

Growing Grows

Any business either grows or dies. You've just got to keep growing.

- Christoffel Wiese

Legend Old

To be a legend, you've either got to be dead or excessively old!

- Christopher Lee

Better Stratford

In Stratford you either turn into an alcoholic or you better write.

- Christopher Plummer

Courage Ocean

Either you decide to stay in the shallow end of the pool or you go out in the ocean.

- Christopher Reeve

Dying Better

It is better to not even try it than to endure the ramifications of either quitting smoking or dying.

- Christy Turlington

Social Allow

You can either allow social media to be helpful for you or it can be harmful. I like to let it be helpful.

- Ciara

Take Over

It used to take a day to get over the partying. But I don't party anymore. I don't miss it, either.

- Clarence Clemons

Charm Intangible

Charm is an intangible. Chutzpah, charm, charisma, that kind of thing, you can't buy it. You either have it or you don't.

- Colm Feore

None Had

We had said, it was either all of us or none of us.

- Connie Sellecca

Book Judge

Don't judge a book by its thickness either.

- Craig Bruce

Quickly Part

The shows are either 11 or 22 minutes and they move pretty quickly, and that's part of the charm of them - so it was just trying to keep that in mind and keep the energy of the story moving, even though we were dealing with a longer format.

- Craig McCracken

You Haul

You're either in it for the long haul or you're not.

- Crystal Gayle

Most Yankee

Most guys who don't like me are either Democrats or Yankee fans.

- Curt Schilling

Think Tells

No one tells me what they think because they're either intimidated by me, or they don't want to upset me.

- Curtis Sliwa

Music Critics

Either you live by the barometer of the music critics, or you live by your own. I choose the latter.

- Daniel Barenboim

Delegate Deal

I either delegate something, I dump it, or I deal with it.

- Daniel L. Doctoroff

Will Including

Ultimately, there is no compromise. Westerners will either retain their civilization, including the right to insult and blaspheme, or not.

- Daniel Pipes

Politics Expression

Every artistic expression is either influenced by or adds something to politics.

- Dario Fo

Success Failure

You can't be afraid of failure and you can't be afraid of success, because either one gets in the way of your work.

- Dave Van Ronk

Feedback Create

The orbs create feedback loops that can influence either personal of employee behavior.

- David Rose

Take Distinguish

But I don't distinguish between being laughed with, and laughed at. I'll take either.

- David Sedaris

Business Sink

In this business you either sink or swim or you don't.

- David Smith

Always Characters

I suppose I'm always looking for a sort of acuity of perception either in my characters or about my characters.

- Deborah Eisenberg

Through Other

Broaden your work experience - either within your company or through your job progression in other companies.

- Debra L. Reed

Want Call

Either you can do what others want, or you can do what you want to do. That's an easy call.

- Jim Harrison

Dinosaurs Very

Boys like either dinosaurs or airplanes. I was very much an airplane boy.

- Jim Lovell

Motivational Run

Either you run the day or the day runs you.

- Jim Rohn

Think Lots

Lots of people think it was Jimmy Page who had the first fuzzbox. It wasn't, No! it wasn't me either.

- Jim Sullivan

World Movies

The world is littered with movies about people that are depressed that either did not come out or are not successful.

- Jodie Foster

Defeat Always

Empires won by conquest have always fallen either by revolt within or by defeat by a rival.

- John Boyd Orr

New Take

I try to take things that challenge me either physically or mentally, or I have to learn a new skill.

- John C. Reilly

Attractive Britain

In Britain, girls seem to be either bright or attractive. In America, that's not the case. They're both.

- John Cleese

Slaves Wholly

Either be wholly slaves or wholly free.

- John Dryden

Get Die

You either get tired fighting for peace, or you die.

- John Lennon

Mind Province

In the province of the mind, what one believes to be true either is true or becomes true.

- John Lilly

Born Storyteller

No, you're either born a writer, a storyteller, or you're not.

- John Milius