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Love I Think

America is full of readers of all different sorts who love books in many different ways, and I keep meeting them. And I think editors should look after them, and make less effort to please people who don't actually like books.

- A. S. Byatt

Great Place Least

The oceans are more or less in disrepair. Long Beach really is making an effort to acknowledge this, and that's a great place to start. I'm trying to spread at least the knowledge that it's never too early to take care of our oceans and our environment.

- Aaron Peirsol

React Feel

When I step into a character's shoes, I don't judge them. I make a conscious effort not to look from the outside in but look from the inside out, and when you do that it allows you to feel and sense things more, and act and react from a core, you know?

- Abbie Cornish

Crisis Been

Our response has been, 'Well, let's then make an effort to get the Israelis and the Palestinians to sit around the table.' That hasn't happened. So we only have ourselves to blame for this crisis.

- Abdullah II of Jordan

Work Very

I am much pleased to find how very well I stand work & how my powers of attention & continued effort increase.

- Ada Lovelace

Happiness Times

Happiness is a choice that requires effort at times.

- Aeschylus

England Caused

The Stuart sovereigns of England steadily attempted to strengthen their power, and the resistance to that effort caused an immense growth of Parliamentary influence.

- Albert Bushnell Hart

Most Prevent

Most of one's life is one prolonged effort to prevent oneself thinking.

- Aldous Huxley

Me Surrealism

For me, surrealism is in my blood; it's not an effort.

- Alejandro Jodorowsky

Better Place Then

If we all make a concerted effort and try to improve the life of someone else, then this world would be a better place to live in.

- Alonzo Mourning

Alive Part

Myths are part of our DNA. We're a civilisation with a continuous culture. The effort to modernize it keeps it alive. Readers connect with it.

- Amish Tripathi

Living Never

Living never wore one out so much as the effort not to live.

- Anais Nin

Perfect Tomato

The federal government has sponsored research that has produced a tomato that is perfect in every respect, except that you can't eat it. We should make every effort to make sure this disease, often referred to as 'progress', doesn't spread.

- Andy Rooney

Your Aptitude

Nobody gets to be good at something without effort, no matter what your aptitude is.

- Angela Duckworth

I Think Used

If the quality and quantity of continuous effort toward goals matters as much as I think it does, we may actually get more productive, not less, as we get older - even if we can't pull all-nighters like we used to.

- Angela Duckworth

Practice Every Day

Someone who wants to write should make an effort to write a little something every day. Writing in this sense is the same as athletes who practice a sport every day to keep their skills honed.

- Anita Desai

Will Guaranteed

I believe we must protect Medicare's guaranteed benefit, and I will oppose any effort to dismantle Medicare and turn it into a voucher system.

- Ann Kirkpatrick

Matters One Thing

The one thing that matters is the effort.

- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Country Considered

In America, for a brief time, people who followed Coltrane were studied and considered important, but it didn't last long. The result is that the kind of music I played in the '60's is completely dismissed in this country as a wrong turn, a suicidal effort.

- Archie Shepp

Independent Percent

If there will be a serious Palestinian prime minister who makes a 100 percent effort to end terrorism, then we can have peace. Each side has to take steps. If terror continues, there will not be an independent Palestinian state. Israel will not accept it, if terror continues.

- Ariel Sharon

Very Use

We don't have any intention whatsoever to use military force to solve the Palestinian problem. But when it comes to terror - when it comes to terror, I believe that military - the right military steps is a very, very complicated kind of warfare, where I make every effort not to escalate the situation.

- Ariel Sharon

Dangers Prominent

Israel has many hopes, and faces extreme dangers. The most prominent danger is Iran, which is making every effort to acquire nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, and establishing an enormous terror network together with Syria in Lebanon.

- Ariel Sharon

Simple My Life

Since music is so important to me, I don't need to put in any extra effort to do this; it just flows for me. It's as simple as drinking water and having food, so definitely, music is one of the main purposes of my life.

- Armaan Malik

Production Stunning

The most interesting statistic, stunning statistic that came out of my research was that in 1942, as this war production effort is going on, the number of Americans killed or injured in war-related industries surpassed the number of Americans in uniform killed and wounded in action in the war by a factor of 20 to 1.

- Arthur L. Herman

I Think Romance

I think that romance sort of coincides with effort, so you can fall flat on your face, but as long as you're making a great effort, I think it comes off as romantic. So it can be something as simple as, like, if you're someone who doesn't cook, you can make a meal.

- Ashton Kutcher

Will Units

Success requires first expending ten units of effort to produce one unit of results. Your momentum will then produce ten units of results with each unit of effort.

- Charles J. Givens

Life Members

I have a great race team, great grew members, awesome health care team, endocrinologist, nutritionist, and of course family and friends. It truly is a team effort, both when you are dealing with diabetes in regular life and also on the racetrack.

- Charlie Kimball

Mistakes About

I guess what bothers me so much about what I now see going on in both Washington and in Texas is an effort to keep people from finding out about the mistakes of lawmakers and then when they're uncovered, an effort to fool people and pretend there was nothing wrong.

- Chris Bell

About Been

I've been in the league 12 years. To sit on the bench and complain about the way things were, that doesn't get anything done. I don't know. I'm playing for a championship and trying to make the playoffs. My effort has never changed.

- Chris Webber

Stupid Gaming

Short of baseball and my family, it was gaming. And gaming is a $20-million to $200-million multi-year effort. It's an insane, stupid and utterly irresponsible act. But I did it.

- Curt Schilling

Game How Much Time

I don't think people know how much time and effort truly goes into the game and goes into simply just scoring a touchdown. So when you get that opportunity, you should be able to be free and be relaxed from all the pressure that went into scoring that touchdown and have fun.

- Dak Prescott

One Of The Things

One of the things I really learned from my first term is the importance of focusing. In that sense, it is a deliberate effort. What I look at with each vote is that priority of whether it's good for the middle class or not.

- Dan Maffei

About Quantities

At my heaviest, I was 5'8" and 175 pounds. I ate well, but in too large quantities, and I rarely made a concerted effort to burn off the extra calories. I'd beat myself up about being overweight, even though I had the tools to be in shape. Then I'd resort to an unhealthy diet to lose the weight that was making me self-conscious.

- Daphne Oz

Abroad Iran

We must make every effort to neutralize this threat peacefully, but be ever mindful of the growing danger Iran poses not just to a safe and free America, but to our allies abroad.

- Dave Reichert

Cool Values

It's cool when people notice that you make an effort to live certain values.

- David Archuleta

College Quickly

When I got onto PGA Tour Canada right out of college, I was competitive more quickly than when I got onto the PGA Tour, but that just shows you how much work and effort it takes to get to the world stage. The best players in the world are the best at dealing with those emotions.

- David Hearn

Other Your

To fail is a natural consequence of trying, To succeed takes time and prolonged effort in the face of unfriendly odds. To think it will be any other way, no matter what you do, is to invite yourself to be hurt and to limit your enthusiasm for trying again.

- David Viscott

Reasonable Obama

Given Mr. Obama's lack of experience as an executive, and his past performance in crises such as the oil spill, it is reasonable for those of us who support the effort in Afghanistan to worry that he will not be up to the job.

- Jim Talent

American Willing

With this realization, came a growing need for men and women willing to take up arms in an effort to protect our American way of life and the freedoms so many of our ancestors died to entrench.

- Jim Walsh

Accurate Portrayal

I know of no scholar more dedicated to bringing a thorough and accurate portrayal of America's involvement in Vietnam than Mark Moyar. Everyone who is interested in a full picture of that oft-misunderstood war should be grateful for his effort.

- Jim Webb

Image Very

I have a very realistic image of what marriage should be. It takes effort, but it shouldn't be the hardest thing that you do.

- Joanna Garcia

Been Supportive

In the ongoing effort to combat Ebola, more needs to be done to rewrite the public-health narrative. It must move from one that has been infused with fear to one that recognizes the hope for survival that supportive care can offer infected people.

- Joanne Liu

Winning Begins

A winning effort begins with preparation.

- Joe Gibbs

Independent Run

In 2012 there was a megafoolish, if well-funded, effort by a group called Americans Elect to raise an independent Cincinnatus to run for president via an Internet draft. It flopped, spectacularly.

- Joe Klein

Need Strengthen

We need to strengthen our analytic capacity in Washington, we need to centralize the anti-terrorism effort.

- John Ashcroft

Beginning Affects

I am pleased to see that information campaigns, such as the America's WETLAND effort, are getting the message out, and people are beginning to realize that wetlands loss in Louisiana affects us all.

- John Breaux

Best United

The best companies with the strongest credit ratings borrow like the United States: on a non-prioritized basis. This means that in the event of a default, all of their debts are of equal priority because lenders and creditors believe default is highly unlikely. And they spend considerable effort maintaining this status.

- John Delaney

Some Very

I am very fortunate. I am a glass-half-full eternal optimist type to the point of being a moron. But I would never presume to know how hard it goes for others. How, for some people, just getting though the day is an incredible effort that can hardly be borne.

- John Niven

Before Least

Yet, if we accept the solution offered today by this bill to explore and develop for oil on the coastal plain of ANWR, it will be 5 years, at least, and probably closer to 8 before the first barrel of oil flows from that effort.

- John Olver

Reason Them

Since human wisdom cannot secure us from accidents, it is the greatest effort of reason to bear them well.

- John Paul Jones

Within Principle

The principle of all successful effort is to try to do not what is absolutely the best, but what is easily within our power, and suited for our temperament and condition.

- John Ruskin

Worry About

I just don't have time to really sit there and worry about someone disliking what we put so much effort into.

- Johnny Christ

Only Begins

Effort is only effort when it begins to hurt.

- Jose Ortega y Gasset

News Report

When we are reporting the news, we make every effort to report it in as factual way as possible.

- Joshua Micah Marshall

Peers About

The truth is, the sport of skiing takes so much effort, setting up and traveling with equipment, that you can only train for a certain number of days in the summer. Most of my peers ski between 40 to 60 days. I ski about 55 days.

- Julia Mancuso

Matter Thankless

Teachers are sort of faced with a thankless task, because no matter how good they are, unless they find a way to personally rationalize the rewards of their effort, nobody else is really going to do it for them en masse.

- Julius Erving

Symbol Innocents

It requires an effort of logical acrobatics to believe that carnage of innocents is an instrument for freedom and elections are a symbol of deception and repression!

- Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Like Wear

I like it when people make an effort to wear things that you wouldn't normally put together - I like eccentrics.

- Bat for Lashes

Better Anyone

I believe that anyone can become better, if you put in the effort.

- Bella Thorne

Doing Least

Well, we are not doing that film actually. At least I am not at the moment, but we are making an effort to get it done; I don't know whether we'll get the financing for it. The old story we had it, it fell out of place and this and that.

- Harvey Keitel

Sacrifice Some

In an effort to eliminate the possibility of any rival growing up, some monopolists would sacrifice democracy itself.

- Henry A. Wallace

Will May

This evolution may compromise Java's claim of being simpler than C++, but my guess is that the effort will make Java a better language than it is today.

- Bjarne Stroustrup

Team Midnight

The final effort came when our reconnaissance team reported contact with the POWs and their guards by radio near midnight at a pre-arranged crossing site.

- Bo Gritz

Mind Still

There is both a skill factor and an effort factor in dream recall. People can develop dream recall skills, such as lying still in the morning and writing down whatever comes to mind.

- Henry Reed

Works Lot

Trying to build a spaceship by making an aeroplane fly faster and higher is like trying to build an aeroplane by making locomotives faster and lighter - with a lot of effort, perhaps you could get something that more or less works, but it really isn't the right way to proceed.

- Henry Spencer

Pole Least

I won it, at least five million times. Men who were stronger, bigger and faster than I was could have done it, but they never picked up a pole, and never made the feeble effort to pick their legs off the ground and get over the bar.

- Bob Richards

United While

While the crash only took place six months ago, I am convinced we have now passed the worst, and with continued unity of effort, we shall rapidly recover. There is one certainty of the future of a people of the resources, intelligence and character of the people of the United States - that is, prosperity.

- Herbert Hoover

Determined Due

I was determined that if I failed it wouldn't be due to lack of effort.

- Heston Blumenthal

Bargain Absorb

I've not as yet found one hobby that would absorb me completely when I'm not working, but I have just bought a new apartment and didn't quite bargain for the amount of effort and time and money that that absorbs.

- Hugh Dancy

Asking Almost

Honestly, I don't think I'm a good promoter. I spend almost zero time or effort asking new readers to sample or purchase my work. That's not the job of the author. We should write our best material and leave it up to readers to spread the word.

- Hugh Howey

Real Keep

I make an effort to keep it as real as I possibly can.

- Ice T

Duck Merit

To listen is an effort, and just to hear is no merit. A duck hears also.

- Igor Stravinsky

Environmental Big

I really believe in the environmental movement right now - it only takes a little effort to make a big difference.

- Brooke Burke

Things Put

At Linkabit, we put little effort and energy into patenting things.

- Irwin M. Jacobs

Wonderful Willing

For those who are willing to make an effort, great miracles and wonderful treasures are in store.

- Isaac Bashevis Singer

Simple About

It has taken me years of struggle, hard work and research to learn to make one simple gesture, and I know enough about the art of writing to realize that it would take as many years of concentrated effort to write one simple, beautiful sentence.

- Isadora Duncan

Conservative About

Whether I'm speaking to conservative or liberal audiences, I don't find that people are close-minded about the things I say. I'm still optimistic that we can bridge a divide between these various bubbles. But I do think that it requires a little bit of effort.

- J. D. Vance

Sometimes Worth It

You have to remind kids to stay connected to the meaning of Christmas. Sometimes it takes a little bit of effort, but it's so worth it.

- Caroline Kennedy

Put Weeks

It wasn't my plan to create such a record. All I did was put in the effort to win every match I played and it went on for weeks, months and years until my defeat to Ross Norman in Toulouse in 1986.

- Jahangir Khan

Work Practice

Futures thinking is hard work. Fortunately, you do get better at it with practice. It's worth the effort.

- Jamais Cascio

Doing Skin

I wouldn't mind spending a little more time and effort and money on good skin care. And I'm sure they'll come out with, as they are doing, with more and more treatments that are noninvasive and healthy ways to keep your face looking as good as it can.

- Catherine O'Hara

Practice Strategic

You can't kill your way to success in a counter insurgency effort. You have to protect the people, get the civil military balance right, train the locals, and practice effective strategic communications.

- James G. Stavridis

Conscious Effort Am

I make no conscious effort to be tough, or hard-boiled, or grim, or any of the things I am usually called.

- James M. Cain

Will Continuous

Continuous, unflagging effort, persistence and determination will win. Let not the man be discouraged who has these.

- James Whitcomb Riley

Education College

I probably didn't put forth the effort I should have put forth, didn't realize the value of education until I went to college.

- Jamie Moyer

City Made

The futuristic city on 'Legends Walking's cover rejects any connection with the contemporary setting of 'Changer.' It was as if every effort was made to keep readers of 'Changer' from finding this stand-alone sequel.

- Jane Lindskold

Other Main

One of the main uses of a home is to stay in it, when one is too weak and spiritless for conforming, without effort, to the ways of other houses.

- Jane Welsh Carlyle

I Think Very

I don't believe that there's such a thing as objectivity in much of journalism, but I think there is a serious effort to and a regard for facts and into taking that stuff seriously is very important to the public discourse and it's very important to democracy.

- Jann Wenner

Rigor Sets

When salaries skyrocket, budgets skyrocket, and then rigor mortis sets in: moviemakers turn out formulaic junk in an effort to hedge their bets.

- Jeff Giles

Literary Had

I had started writing as a poet in a closed, post-Revival, claustrophobic world, where the shadows of the national upheaval and the intense effort - the intense self-conscious effort - to make a literary movement were still evident. Now we lived a life as writers that was more cosmopolitan, more open, that had more travel and exchange.

- Eavan Boland

Serve Discontent

Discontent, blaming, complaining, self-pity cannot serve as a foundation for a good future, no matter how much effort you make.

- Eckhart Tolle

North Use

The Unites States used to use law enforcement to aggressively target North Korea illicit activities - counterfeiting U.S. currency, drug-running, counterfeit cigarettes and pharmaceuticals - until diplomacy gutted those efforts. The effort should be reinvigorated.

- Ed Royce

United Payments

The United States has never prioritized or failed to pay any obligation when due during a debt limit impasse. Despite the institutional risks and the lack of clear legal authority, we assume that Treasury will attempt to prioritize payments in a last-ditch effort to avoid default.

- Jerome Powell

Loss Marked

In life every effort is marked down at the end as a win or a loss.

- Edward Bennett Williams

Been Fulfill

Our top priority is our troops, who are making the extraordinary effort to fulfill the mission they have been given. Democrats will work with this Administration to better define that mission and a realistic expectation of success in Iraq.

- Jim Clyburn

World Factories

If you take all the factories in the world today, they could make all the parts necessary to build more factories like themselves. So, in a sense, we have a self-replicating industrial system today, but it would take a tremendous effort to copy what we already have.

- K. Eric Drexler

Love About

I've learned not to let it be the end of the world if a boy doesn't like you. I used to put so much effort into boys. I started playing guitar because I wanted to impress this boy. Then, I ended up in love with guitar and I didn't care about the boy anymore.

- Ellie Goulding

Students Very

My fellow students there were very smart, but the really novel thing was that they actually seemed to put a lot of effort into their school work. By the end of my first semester there, I began to get into that habit as well.

- Eric Allin Cornell

Move Amount

It takes a huge amount of effort to move from a successful high-tech prototype to broader adoption of an imaging technology.

- Eric Betzig

Experiments Your

I would say, as an entrepreneur everything you do - every action you take in product development, in marketing, every conversation you have, everything you do - is an experiment. If you can conceptualize your work not as building features, not as launching campaigns, but as running experiments, you can get radically more done with less effort.

- Eric Ries