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Week Four

We try to eat at home four or five days a week.

- Al Roker

Place Armor

I won't eat in a place that has suits of armor.

- Alan King

Other Many

Many live to eat, instead of the other way around.

- Alek Wek

Stronger One Thing

There's one thing we all share: We eat to nurture ourselves, to feel stronger.

- Alek Wek


We eat to live.

- Alek Wek

Rather Than

I'd rather eat a cow-pat on a bun than a bloody McDonalds.

- Alex Kapranos

Motivational Expect

Expect problems and eat them for breakfast.

- Alfred A. Montapert

Meat Go

I eat meat. I don't go to the gym.

- Alice Englert

Night Most

Most spiders eat and remake their webs every night.

- Alice Oswald

Been Unwilling

I'm unwilling to eat food that has been adulterated.

- Alice Waters

Being Well

Being champion is all well and good, but you can't eat a crown.

- Althea Gibson

Drink Watch

I watch what I eat and drink.

- Amber Heard

Fruits Amount

I eat an enormous amount of fruits and vegetables.

- Andie MacDowell

Fruit Meat

I try to eat fruit and veggies and meat and all the different categories and have a well rounded diet.

- Andrew Luck

Going Go

You've got to go out there and kill what you're going to eat.

- Andrew Mason

Fish Mostly

I eat mostly vegetables and fish.

- Andrew Tan

Healthy Tough

I eat as healthy as I can. It is tough.

- Ann Romney

Sometimes Trend

Eat kale sometimes, but skip it as a trend.

- Anna Getty

Like Season

I've become a produce snob. I like to eat food that's in season.

- Anton du Beke

Biscuits Minutes

I'm a sucker for a packet of biscuits. I can eat a whole pack in 10 minutes.

- April Bloomfield

Treatment Medicines

I don't eat wheat and am into alternative medicines and treatment.

- Arizona Muse


If I snowboard, I will eat it.

- Charlie Carver

Activity Consider

I have to consider everything I eat; I consider every activity I do.

- Charlie Kimball

Some Properly

You didn't eat some days for two days you didn't eat properly.

- Chingy


I like to eat.

- Chris Messina

Sad Happy

I eat my feelings - when I'm happy, when I'm sad.

- Chrissy Metz


I eat crap.

- Christina Ricci

Work Main

My main recollection is of the work I had to do in order to eat.

- Clifton Fadiman

Healthy Lot

I eat healthy, and I eat a lot.

- Constance Jablonski

Vegetarian Lot

I'm a vegetarian, so I eat a whole bunch of avocados a lot of the time.

- Courtney Eaton

Man Born

Man is born to eat.

- Craig Claiborne

Wife Me

Don't eat me. I have a wife and kids. Eat them.

- Dan Castellaneta

Carried Worms

If worms carried pistols, birds wouldn't eat 'em.

- Darrell Royal

Feed Lettuce

Feed the lettuce to the bunny and eat the bunny.

- Dashiell Hammett

Important Least

What we do eat is at least as important as what we don't eat.

- Dean Ornish

Try Only

I try to only eat animals that are vegan. I'm probably the opposite of a vegan.

- Jim Gaffigan

Matters Influences

What you eat matters. It influences the quality of your life.

- Joel Fuhrman

Every Day Should

One should eat cumin every day!

- Joel Robuchon

Industrial Get

You wanna get diarrhoea? Eat industrial food.

- Joel Salatin

Fitness Least

It's challenging, but you have to at least try to eat right and exercise.

- Joely Fisher

Mirror Begins

I'm the one who has to look in the mirror, and after a while it begins to eat at you.

- John Candy

Cake Would

Would ye both eat your cake and have your cake?

- John Heywood

Know Survive

I eat to survive, you know?

- Johnny Iuzzini

Healthy Lot

I run and do a lot of push-ups and eat healthy.

- Jonah Hill

Period Favorite Thing

Hamburgers are my favorite thing to eat, period.

- Joshua Bell

Spicy Only

I only eat spicy food.

- Joshua Ledet

Breakfast Liars

I eat liars for breakfast.

- Judy Sheindlin

Every Day Could

My favorite food is hot Cheetos. I could eat those every day.

- Julia Michaels

About Actually

Actually, I'm not crazed about what I eat.

- Julia Roberts

Person Private

I'm a private person; I stick to my neighbourhood and eat in my little restaurants.

- Juno Temple

Why Waffle

Why can't I just eat my waffle?

- Barack Obama

Healthy Active

I eat healthy and stay active and drink plenty of water.

- Behati Prinsloo

Dessert Big

I don't eat sweets. I'm not a big dessert guy.

- Guy Fieri

Dress Thyself

Eat to please thyself, but dress to please others.

- Benjamin Franklin

Weight Dropped

I also started to eat sensibly. The weight just dropped off.

- Harry Melling

Mean Really

I mean, I eat really healthily.

- Heather Mills

Healthy Play

Usually on 'Yo Gabba Gabba,' we eat healthy and organic. We don't play.

- Biz Markie

Nothing Most

If a man has nothing to eat, fasting is the most intelligent thing he can do.

- Hermann Hesse

Work Work Out

I work out to eat.

- Bobby Flay

Challenge Quite

It was quite a challenge to make people eat crab ice cream.

- Heston Blumenthal

Part Japanese

The Japanese have a long lifespan in part because they eat different forms of algae.

- Homaro Cantu

More Taken

People have more fun if they don't eat so much they have to be taken home in an ambulance.

- Ina Garten

Believe Well

I eat well, but I don't believe in diets.

- Bruno Tonioli

Ice Cream

I eat ice cream all the time.

- Bryce Harper

Them Too

You can't eat your friends and have them too.

- Budd Schulberg

You Make

You are what you eat, and you make what you hear.

- Cam

Meal Snob

I'm not a snob. I can make a meal out of anything. I can eat anywhere.

- Cara Buono

Up Keeps

I eat healthily, as it keeps my energy up.

- Jack Whitehall

Myself Me

The evening is really hard for me. I have to force myself not to eat.

- Carnie Wilson

Milk Celery

I don't eat celery. I eat raw milk, cheeses.

- Carol Alt

Meat Even

I'm a pescatarian - I don't even eat meat!

- Jacqueline Emerson

Only Things

I only eat things that you don't have to kill.

- Carol Kane

Tell Intimate

My relationship with food is intimate. I don't eat and tell.

- CeeLo Green

Burger Only

I hate eating vegetables. The only vegetables I eat are lettuce on a burger.

- Chance The Rapper

Complicated Burn

Dieting isn't complicated: if you eat 2,000 calories, you have to burn it off; simple as that.

- James Purefoy

Share Shaped

If you are what you eat, then you are shaped by what you share as you eat.

- Deng Ming-Dao

Desk Eater

I eat and drink at my desk, but I'm a tidy eater.

- Jamie Zawinski

Watch Reasons

I do watch what I eat, but not for weight reasons.

- Diane Kruger

Motto My Motto

Eat, drink and remarry is my motto.

- Jay McInerney

Juice Lot

I drink a lot of juice and eat a lot of vegetables.

- Jean-Georges Vongerichten

Meat Cooked

I don't eat sushi, but I eat cooked meat.

- Drake Bell

Fiber Sure

I can eat a man, but I'm not sure of the fiber content.

- Jenny Eclair

Sweet Tooth Watch

I do watch what I eat but I've got a real sweet tooth.

- Jessica Ennis

Time Fast

I eat fast food all the time.

- Jessica White

Affect Expression

You can dramatically affect the expression of your metabolism and your biochemistry by the way you eat and the way you live.

- Jillian Michaels

Interested Terribly

But really I'm not terribly interested in what I eat.

- Jilly Cooper

Fruits Nuts

Avoid fruits and nuts. You are what you eat.

- Jim Davis

Watch Obviously

I watch what I eat obviously. I'm not a regular gym-goer but I'm conscious of it.

- Elisha Cuthbert

People Nose

People can drink with their eyes; I can eat with my nose.

- Karl Lagerfeld

Nothing Next

I eat next to nothing.

- Karl Lagerfeld

Bubble Like

I don't eat bubble gum, but I like the smell.

- Karl Lagerfeld

Horse Like

I eat like a horse!

- Elle Macpherson

Love Cook

I hate to cook and love to eat.

- Kate DiCamillo

Honest Always

Be sweet and honest always, but for God's sake don't eat my doughnuts!

- Emma Bunton

Better Perform

When I eat better, I perform better.

- Kathryn McCormick

Try Too

I try not to eat too much dairy or gluten.

- Katrina Bowden

Anybody Oatmeal

You have to eat oatmeal or you'll dry up. Anybody knows that.

- Kay Thompson

Time Hamburgers

I eat hamburgers all the time.

- Kayla Ewell

Hungry Mornings

You eat when you're hungry, and I'm not normally hungry in the mornings.

- Eric Bristow

Every Day Could

I could probably eat sushi every day.

- Eric McCormack