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I See Some

Some movies I see today have the most dramatic plot points but the actors are not playing them dramatically.

- Aaron Eckhart

Like About

I like to write about teenagers because it's such an uncertain and dramatic time.

- Adam Rapp

Global Unreality

There is an air of unreality in debating these arcane points when the world is changing in such dramatic ways right in front of our eyes because of global warming.

- Al Gore

Political Social

My responsibility is to make a film and find my dramatic language; I don't have any political or social responsibility.

- Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

Concept Very

Forgotten was presented to me by the drama department at LWT as a concept and I found it immediately intriguing and very powerful. I was completely led by the power of the piece and its dramatic potential.

- Amanda Burton

Goes Loves

My mother loves me and everything goes well. I have no conflict with her, so that's not dramatic.

- Ang Lee

Lives Ghastly

Decay is quiet but ghastly, explosion is dramatic and dreadful. There's not much to choose between the two of them in reality, and most of our lives have sufficient of both.

- Anne Roiphe

Art Comedy

Jackie Gleason said that comedy is the most exacting form of dramatic art, because it has an instant critic: laughter.

- Chuck Jones

Work Why

To be a dramatic writer takes hard work, talent, and discipline. And that's why I just make up crap.

- Colin Mochrie

Comedy Sometimes

Life is dramatic and comedic at times. Sometimes in the most dramatic situations, there is comedy. And good comedy comes from a sense of reality.

- Constance Marie

Acute Leukemia

A dramatic turn has matched me with acute myeloid leukemia. From the sidelines to being sidelined, 40 veins and 40 electrolytes.

- Craig Sager

Yes Comics

If you look at Stan Lee and the Marvel comics, yes, there's a lot of awesome, serious and dramatic action that takes place.

- David Dastmalchian

Civil War More

Speaking as a writer, it would be difficult to find an event in American history more dramatic and riveting than the Civil War.

- David Zabel

Exciting Things

Things are rarely as exciting or dramatic as we make them out to be in the press.

- Joaquin Phoenix

Patient Kidney

Post-operatively the transplanted kidney functioned immediately with a dramatic improvement in the patient's renal and cardiopulmonary status.

- Joe Murray

No Sense Italians

Italians have no sense of the dramatic.

- Jose Carreras

Start Feeling

As soon as you are trying to be funny or dramatic, that's when things start feeling fake and boring.

- Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Organ Could

Post-operatively the transplanted kidney functioned immediately with a dramatic improvement in the patient's renal and cardiopulmonary status. This spectacular success was a clear demonstration that organ transplantation could be life-saving.

- Joseph Murray

Woman Very

When you're a French woman and you have a lot of Latin blood, you can be very dramatic. It definitely makes your personal life exciting - and exhausting.

- Josephine de La Baume

Ideas Against

Most women seem to be required to pit themselves against men in dramatic situations, and the men got to pit themselves against ideas or God.

- Judy Davis

Search Self

As a teenager I was severely, cripplingly dramatic and in search of self.

- Juliette Lewis

Center Arc

When you guest-star, you're usually at the center of the dramatic arc, so that's fun.

- Bellamy Young

Became Contracted

The IT bubble is the IT bubble, and of course, we became a company that contracted dramatically in 2001 and 2002: we basically came down by 45,000 people - a dramatic ramp-down.

- Hans Vestberg

Comedy Production

I was drafted and went to Korea where I had an opportunity to create a production team that did dramatic and comedy shows. I had also done a little disc jockeying.

- Casey Kasem

Diane Shirley

All of my favorite actresses are comedians at heart: Shirley MacLaine and Madeline Kahn, Diane Keaton and Debra Winger. And they are all amazing dramatic actresses, but everything they do is funny.

- Casey Wilson

Planet Historical

I'm a history buff, and right now we're sitting on one of the most dramatic historical shifts that this planet has ever seen and we have a front row seat for it.

- James Daly

Song Sufficiently

In song the same rule applies as in dramatic verse: the meaning must yield itself, or yield itself sufficiently to arouse the attention and interest, in real time.

- James Fenton

Low Making

I'd be really interested in making a dramatic, low key 3D film.

- James Mangold

More Role

Until Genevieve I had tended towards the more dramatic type of role.

- Dinah Sheridan

Simple Which

'Of Mice and Men,' Steinbeck's fifth novel, adheres to a simple dramatic structure, which observes the classic Aristotelian unities of time, place and action.

- Jay Parini

Thailand IMF

The runs started in Thailand after the IMF intervened in such a dramatic way. Then the IMF came to Indonesia.

- Jeffrey Sachs

Day Same

Life can be dramatic and funny all in the same day.

- Jennifer Aniston

Lindsay Literally

Keegan-Michael Key and Lindsay Sloane are two of the best, literally, just dramatic actors.

- Jessica St. Clair

Think Films

People think I am funny all the time. But I am not. I am serious, too. Also, I enjoy serious, dramatic films.

- Kapil Sharma

Bar Lives

To the biographer all lives bar none are dramatic constructions.

- Katharine Anthony

Allow Material

I really look for peak experiences and dramatic material that can allow peak experiences.

- Kathryn Bigelow

Sad Sexy

I can be dramatic. I can be funny. I can be sexy. I can be sad. I can be glad.

- Kimberly Elise

Want Always

People are always so surprised when I want to do dramatic stuff.

- Kristen Wiig

Mistake Nothing

I believe nothing happens by mistake. You know, the universe has a divine plan. That sounds dramatic.

- Lana Del Rey

Art American

I decided to take a stab at acting. I entered the American Academy of Dramatic Art, where one teacher told me I'd never make it - I was too tall.

- Fred Gwynne

First Time Dad

A dramatic thing, the first time you stand up to your dad.

- Lenny Kravitz

1930s Soft Spot

I've got a soft spot for Theatr Colwyn because my granddad used to run the Colwyn amateur dramatic society in the 1930s.

- Terry Jones

World Meets

You can't do the end of the world in a conventionally dramatic way or Boy Meets Girl way.

- Terry Southern

Problem Whole

The whole problem of the sound-work is distancing oneself from the dramatic.

- Pierre Schaeffer

Think Back

If you think back to your time as a teenager, everything was dramatic.

- Sarah MacLean

Just TV

I live a dramatic life, it's just not on TV yet.

- Marc Wallice

Always Most

I was always looking for the most dramatic emphasis.

- Neil LaBute

Material Things

We live in a material world, not a dramatic one. And truth resides not in melodrama, but in the precise measure of material things.

- Richard Flanagan

Real Estate Very

In real life, I'm very rational, and I'm not very dramatic.

- Sophie Kennedy Clark

Stupid People

I've never met a funny person who wasn't smart. I've met a lot of dramatic people who were stupid. But I've never met a funny person who wasn't smart.

- Rob Lowe

History Historian

I am not trying to be a historian and a dramatist; I'm a dramatist, a dramatic historian, or one who does a dramatic interpretation of history.

- Oliver Stone

History Never

I never put out a history, I put out a dramatic history.

- Oliver Stone

Anybody Come

Has anybody ever seen a dramatic critic in the daytime? Of course not. They come out after dark, up to no good.

- P. G. Wodehouse

Television Some

I suppose I was formed by too many movies and too much television. At some point I absorbed the dramatic formula.

- Stephen Hunter

Technical Satoshi

In 2008, Bitcoin was mysteriously introduced to the world in an obscure, technical paper written under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. By late 2013, the financial press was filled with reportage on Bitcoin and its dramatic price increase.

- Steve Hanke

Friends Bond

Ian Fleming and Norman Felton were friends. 'U.N.C.L.E.' was basically a tongue-in-cheek 'Bond.' It wasn't quite as serious and dramatic as 'Bond,' nor did we have the budget for that.

- Robert Vaughn

Bad TV

Why are we casting all these stand-up comedians to do 'Breaking Bad,' one of the most dramatic TV shows ever?

- Steven Michael Quezada

Jews Christians

If Christians see Mormonism as a dramatic deviation from a millennia-old, biblically-based faith, Jews see Christianity in the same light.

- Meir Soloveichik

Got Busiest

I got into radio when I was eight, and I was one of the busiest child dramatic actors in America.

- Mel Torme

More About

What interests me more than dramatic heroics are the domestic things: How do people do laundry and find food when the world is about to end?

- Susan Beth Pfeffer

Love Concerned

I was really dramatic, really concerned with love or life.

- Paula Pell

Think Sure

I'm sure there are people who think I only do music, people who think I only do theater, and people who think I only do dramatic stuff. I do things that interest me.

- Michael Lindsay-Hogg

Then Towards

I don't steer towards anything. I steer towards character and truth. If it's funny then so be it. If it's dramatic, so be it. I just steer towards characters.

- Tate Taylor

May I May Not

I may not lead the most dramatic life, but in my brain it's 'War and Peace' everyday.

- Rufus Wainwright