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Very Christians

I very much dislike the intolerance and moralism of many Christians, and feel more sympathy with Honest Doubters than with them.

- A. N. Wilson

Love Other

The only time I felt I was different was when one of my friends said, 'I hate reading' and I stared at her like, 'What kind of an alien creature are you?!' Because it was so incomprehensible to me that someone could dislike reading! That really started my desire to help other children love reading and writing.

- Adora Svitak

Other Very

There's a lot of books that I've purchased simply because of the cover design. On the other hand, there's certain books that, even if I'm very curious about the content, I can't bring myself to buy if I really dislike the cover.

- Adrian Tomine

Work Disturbed

Nothing is so threatening to conventional values as a man who does not want to work or does not want to work at a challenging job, and most people are disturbed if a man in a well- paying job indicates ambivalence or dislike toward it.

- Alice S. Rossi

Want Like

Just so we're clear, Mark Watney is who I want to be. He has all the qualities I like about myself magnified without any of the qualities I dislike. Mark Watney isn't afraid to fly.

- Andy Weir

Art Read

I dislike literary jargon and never use it. Criticism has only one function and that is to help readers read and understand literature. It is not a science, it is an aid to art.

- Anne Stevenson

Frustration Like

The thing I like about decathlon is also the thing I dislike: It's the maximum challenge, but also the maximum frustration.

- Ashton Eaton

Why Like

The type of band that I have now, the type of music that we're playing you either like it or you dislike it. If you dislike it, you probably don't know why. By the same token, you can't even really say why you like it.

- Chico Hamilton

Injustice Away

What irritates me is the bland way people go around saying, 'Oh, our attitude has changed. We don't dislike these people any more.' But by the strangest coincidence, they haven't taken away the injustice; the laws are still on the books.

- Christopher Isherwood

Money Use

I don't dislike money, but there's only so much money you can use.

- Chuck Feeney

Reality Too

Too many moralists begin with a dislike of reality.

- Clarence Day

Everyone About

I never dislike anyone that I am in competition with. I welcome the challenge. Besides, I get along with just about everyone.

- Dante Hall

Song I Write

I definitely dislike pomposity and artifice. I hope that I'm not that. Once I write a song, it belongs to the world, and the way people perceive it, it's cool.

- Daryl Hall

Friendships Other

You don't have to dislike people you disagree with and it doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to have bipartisan friendships in this place. Life's too short to have it any other way.

- Dave Obey

Love Enriched

We define ourselves, in part, by the discriminations we make. The value of what we love is enriched by our understanding of what we dislike.

- David Ansen

Republican Fact

What seems strange is that Obama elicits such extreme dislike when, in fact, he is an exemplary family man, and his policy positions would have made him a conventional liberal Republican not that long ago.

- David Horsey

Like Rather

I rather like mysteries. But I do dislike muddles.

- David Lean

About Your

Obamacare is bureaucrats getting between you and your doctor, and that's what Americans most dislike about this legislation.

- Jim Jordan

Yes Means

There's so many people that dislike you all the time, so when somebody loves anything that you do, you go 'Yes! Finally!' Even if it means the dyn-o-mite thing.

- Jimmie Walker

Tragedy Suffer

Commonplace people dislike tragedy because they dare not suffer and cannot exult.

- John Masefield

Fruit Desserts

I dislike cloyingly sweet desserts - sweet is not a flavor - so I suggest dialing back the sweetness and focusing on what the dessert is about, whether it is a ripe fruit, chocolate, etc.

- Johnny Iuzzini

Other Developers

Basically, a manager's job is to make other people more productive. What's one really good way to do that? Do the work that is getting in their way. Which means find out what kind of important work your developers dislike the most, and do it for them.

- Jon Evans

Forced Starve

Socialism states that you owe me something simply because I exist. Capitalism, by contrast, results in a sort of reality-forced altruism: I may not want to help you, I may dislike you, but if I don't give you a product or service you want, I will starve. Voluntary exchange is more moral than forced redistribution.

- Ben Shapiro

Love Bad

The real lover of cats is one who demands a clearer adjustment to the universe than ordinary household platitudes provide; one who refuses to swallow the sentimental notion that all good people love dogs, children, and horses while all bad people dislike and are disliked by such.

- H. P. Lovecraft

Explain Tone

The people I really do dislike are the morally unimaginative kind of evolutionary reductionists who, in the name of science, think they can explain everything in terms of our early hominid ancestors or our genes, with their combination of high-handed tone and disregard for history. Such reductive speculation encourages a really empty scientism.

- Bernard Williams

Truth Very

Well, the truth is I'm very scared for people to dislike me. I have conflict-avoidance.

- Hans Rosling

Optimism Entertain

I am not a prophet in any sense of the word, and I entertain an active and intense dislike of the foregoing mixture of optimism, fatalism, and conservatism.

- Herbert Croly

People Seriously

No, seriously, I really don't have much ill-will toward anyone these days; I just ignore the people that I dislike.

- Boyd Rice

Change Going

There are those people who are in your corner no matter what, you can't do any wrong, even when you do wrong. And then there are those people that no matter what you do they are going to dislike you and that's not going to change.

- Brett Favre

Happy Bad

My main characters are the most sunny, happy, optimistic, loving creatures on the face of the Earth. I couldn't be happier that's where I start. I can put as many flawed people in the dog's world as I like, but the dog doesn't care. Dog doesn't judge. Dog doesn't dislike. Dog loves. That's not so bad.

- Bruce Cameron

Like Many

It's not that I dislike many people. It's just that I don't like many people.

- Bryant Gumbel

Like Real People

Creating characters is like throwing together ingredients for a recipe. I take characteristics I like and dislike in real people I know, or know of, and use them to embellish and define characters.

- Cassandra Clare

Woman Think

I never yet heard man or woman much abused that I was not inclined to think the better of them, and to transfer the suspicion or dislike to the one who found pleasure in pointing out the defects of another.

- Jane Porter

Play Type

It's fun to play the type of people you dislike.

- Jason Sudeikis

Love Game

This is a game where if you don't have people who dislike you, then you don't know what it is to be liked. I've had a lot of dislike thrown at me in this game, but I've also had a lot of love.

- Dominick Cruz

Movie Wagon

I went into Xanadu going, 'I really dislike this movie - let me try to make it something wonderful,' but with 'The Band Wagon,' I really revere this movie. It's really a beautiful movie musical. And, yet, because I'm a writer and look at it that way, I see that there are faults in it.

- Douglas Carter Beane

Like Some

I don't remember ever being full of dislike and hatred for people, like some kids I've come across now.

- Jeffrey Bernard

About Discovered

I've discovered I can't make a film about people I dislike.

- Jehane Noujaim

Love Other

I still enjoy acting. I love the moment in front of the camera, but it's all the other moments that I don't enjoy. The 'business' aspect of it, the gossip. I really dislike about 99% of what I do, but I like that 1% when I'm on camera.

- Jennie Garth

Love Sometimes

What I love about the East End is that there's a great perseverance, determination and courage. What I dislike about it is that there is sometimes a celebration of ignorance.

- Eddie Marsan

Argument Literally

I dislike conflict, so I do try and steer clear of arguments. Apart from with my coach. Who I literally have an argument with every day.

- Jessica Ennis-Hill

Life My Life

I don't particularly dislike any kind of person that might be reading my stuff. They like it and that's cool, but I don't do the work for any kind of group in particular, except for hobos, who just plain kick ass and light up my life.

- Jhonen Vasquez

Work Good Work

I dislike when people try to pigeonhole me, when all I want is to do good work.

- Karen Black

Always Been

I've always been afraid of saying no to people because I don't want them to be disappointed and dislike me.

- Elizabeth Gilbert

Call Elizabeth

People who know me well, call me Elizabeth. I dislike Liz.

- Elizabeth Taylor

Equivalent Anyone

I don't hate anyone. I dislike. But my dislike is the equivalent of anyone else's hate.

- Elsa Maxwell

Play Like

I'm an actor in that I just want to create roles and characters and play parts that people remember and like or dislike or hate.

- Eric Stonestreet

Congress About

I enjoy the debate... I haven't met a single person in Congress yet that I dislike. It's not about moderating your views: it's about being able to talk about them and defending them in a way that's uplifting to people.

- Kevin Cramer

Truth Indecent

There are those who so dislike the nude that they find something indecent in the naked truth.

- F. H. Bradley


In America, people are just so straightforward when they dislike things.

- Frances Mayes

City Heat

I live in Harlem, New York City. I am unmarried. I like 'Tristan,' goat's milk, short novels, lyric poems, heat, simple folk, boats and bullfights; I dislike 'Aida,' parsnips, long novels, narrative poems, cold, pretentious folk, buses and bridges.

- Langston Hughes

Color Dirty

Too many people hate the people that AIDS most affects: gay people and people of color. I do not mean dislike, or feel uncomfortable with. I mean hate. Downright hate. Down and dirty hate.

- Larry Kramer

Honour Like

I was not afraid of what I did not like. To overcome dislike of a thing often satisfied one's feeling of honour.

- Georg Brandes

Want Very

Life is very, very short, and you can choose to live it how you want. You can choose to dumb yourself down and not express yourself just so you can fit in, just so people won't dislike you.

- Gerard Way

Appreciate Fact

I dislike math, yet I respect and appreciate the fact that math is the language of the universe.

- Lucas Grabeel

Ugly Like

The ugly truth is it's the spineless parents who parade their undisciplined children around like royalty that make people dislike kids.

- LZ Granderson

Foreigners Averse

The British are supposed to be particularly averse to intellectuals, a prejudice closely bound up with their dislike of foreigners. Indeed, one important source of this Anglo-Saxon distaste for highbrows and eggheads was the French revolution, which was seen as an attempt to reconstruct society on the basis of abstract rational principles.

- Terry Eagleton

Going Visceral

There is a visceral dislike of George Bush, and it's going to bring these guys together.

- Terry McAuliffe

Political Punish

You can't cheer when political officials punish the expression of views you dislike and then expect to be taken seriously when you wrap yourself in the banner of free speech in order to protest state punishment of views you like and share.

- Glenn Greenwald

Always Violent

The effect of violent dislike between groups has always created an indifference to the welfare and honor of the state.

- Thomas Babington Macaulay

Tell Very

I'm very unpopular for my dislike of this food, but I've never liked avocado. Everyone gives me so much flack for it because they tell me how healthy it is for me, how delicious it is. I don't like it, but it's not for lack of trying. I tried to like it, and it's just not my thing.

- Samira Wiley

Always Having

I've always had a problem saying what I feel for fear of having someone dislike me.

- Sandra Dee

Correct Take

What you dislike in another take care to correct in yourself.

- Thomas Sprat


I dislike the trait of ungratefulness.

- R. Madhavan

Love Allowed

If I want to dislike women, I should be allowed to. As it happens, I love them. Women to me are privately worshipped and publicly disdained.

- Sebastian Horsley

About Became

There's nothing I dislike more than being in a photo shoot where they say, 'Be yourself.' That's not why I became an actress. That's what I find so funny: that you become an actor, and all of a sudden, everyone wants to know about you. But I didn't become an actor so I could show you me.

- Margot Robbie

Book Own

Great dislike to the Bible was shown by those who conversed with me about it, and several have remarked to me, at different times, that if it were not for that book, Catholics would never be led to renounce their own faith.

- Maria Monk

Good Qualities

Be able to cite three good qualities of every relative or acquaintance that you dislike.

- Marilyn vos Savant

Really Elves

I really dislike elves.

- Rhianna Pratchett

Glasses Every Day

Every day is great for me. I dislike rose-coloured glasses.

- Mark E. Smith

Like Side

I dislike the word 'victim.' I dislike being told that I 'lost' my husband - as if I had idly abandoned you by the side of the railway track like an unwanted pair of old shoes.

- Nina Bawden

Enemy About

I don't dislike rappers or hip-hop or people who like it. I went to the Def Jam tour in Manchester in the '80s when rap was inspirational. Public Enemy were awesome. But it's all about status and bling now, and it doesn't say anything to me.

- Noel Gallagher

Pursuits Afforded

It is my belief that many who think they dislike poetry are really poetical in their natures and are indebted to it, more than they imagine, for the success they may have achieved, even in practical pursuits, and for the enjoyment their lives have afforded them.

- Orson F. Whitney

Business Anybody

There's nobody in show business that I dislike so I wouldn't want to get in there to hurt anybody.

- Robert Goulet

Thought Silent

I dislike society because conversation exhausts my brain more than silent thought - again, I cannot hold my water long enough for a prolonged conversation.

- W. H. Davies

Wit Which

There are two things in ordinary conversation which ordinary people dislike - information and wit.

- Stephen Leacock

Alive Reason

There's not a human being alive I won't talk to. There's a quite simple rule. If you like somebody more than you dislike them you can have a relationship. Once you accept you like 75 per cent but 25 per cent you find irritating for this or that reason, you just have to ignore that 25 per cent.

- Robert Powell

Software Built

As a person with the retentive mental capacity of a goldfish and a dislike of repetition, I frequently make use of the thesaurus built into my Microsoft Word U.K. Software.

- Meg Rosoff

Know Get

You really have to get to know Dewey to dislike him.

- Robert Taft

Free Life Could

I have an intense dislike for artificial society. In France, one could lead a free life - to do what one wanted to do without interference or criticism from one's neighbors.

- Robert W. Service

Song Neil

I'm not full of malice, but I do dislike Neil Diamond a lot, and I'm sorry that I've done a Neil Diamond song.

- Robert Wyatt

Idea Nowadays

Most of all, I dislike this idea nowadays that if you're a black person in America, then you must be called African-American. Listen, I've visited Africa, and I've got news for everyone: I'm not an African.

- Whoopi Goldberg

Only About

The only time people dislike gossip is when you gossip about them.

- Will Rogers

Red Shirt

I feel a bit awkward playing in a red shirt out at Wimbledon. But I don't dislike it.

- Roger Federer

Trump Donald

Donald Trump - and I don't dislike Donald one single bit - has no idea how good the Mexican people are at building tunnels.

- Ron White

Mince Figures

I will normally eat about seven or eight mince pies in one sitting. Sometimes, I can get to double figures. My friends, and probably most people, stop at two, so they probably dislike me a bit for it.

- Tamsin Egerton

Irrelevant Genre

Genre categories are irrelevant. I dislike them, but I do not have the casting vote.

- Tanith Lee