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Die Decade

The heart of the security agenda is protecting lives - and we now know that the number of people who will die of AIDS in the first decade of the 21st Century will rival the number that died in all the wars in all the decades of the 20th century.

- Al Gore

Him Around

There was one theory put forth by a journalist recently. I have a lot of friends that have died prematurely and a lot of friends that have died of natural causes. I've lost a lot of people over the years. This journalist basically recommended to me that God keeps me around because I amuse him.

- Al Jourgensen

Through Had

I can't complain that I've had a public all through my writing life, but people don't quite know what I've written. People don't read you too closely. Perhaps, after I've died, they'll look at my stuff, and read it through, and find there's more in it. That may be wrong, but that's what I comfort myself with.

- Alan Bennett

Remembering Louder

Dignified and respectful quietude speaks much louder than pomp and circumstance when it comes to remembering those who died.

- Alan Colmes

Hero Same Thing

The kids look at me, 'Ah, you're my hero.' I want to teach those kids. 'Hey listen, God is my hero. He died on the cross for my sins, and He's the one. That's how I wanna live - like Him - and I want you guys to do the same thing.

- Albert Pujols

Father Cry

When my father died, I did not cry. When my cat died three days later, I cried a lot.

- Alejandro Jodorowsky

Blonde Been

When I died my hair red the first time, I felt as if it was what nature intended. I have been accused of being a bit of a spitfire, so in that way, I absolutely live up to the stereotype. The red hair suits my personality. I was a terrible blonde!

- Amy Adams

Mom Young

As I celebrate life, I can't help but think how young my mom was when she died of a heart attack at 53. My mom didn't get to meet her grandchildren, but I'm determined to watch mine grow up.

- Andie MacDowell

Date Correct

If a columnist writes that something happened on a certain date, or that the government spent a certain amount of money on something, or that a specific number of people have died in the war in Iraq, to pick a few examples, it is his or her responsibility to make certain that information is correct.

- Andrew Rosenthal

Immediately Almost

I learned to knit in 2002, six months after my 5-year-old daughter, Grace, died suddenly from a virulent form of strep. I was unable to read or write, and friends suggested I take up knitting; almost immediately I fell under its spell.

- Ann Hood

About Had

Most of me was glad when my mother died. She was a handful, but not in a cute, festive way. More in a life-threatening way, that had caused me a long time ago to give up all hope of ever feeling good about having had her as a mother.

- Anne Lamott

My Life Play

The two saddest moments of my life were when my mother died and when I was told I couldn't play football for the Colts anymore.

- Art Donovan

Some Had

I had friends who died in the 9/11 tragedy; some of my friends lost family members in the aftermath of Godhra.

- Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Would Write

If I can't write it would be as if I died.

- Chris Cleave

Other Star

I can't speak for the other people whose children have died, but I can speak for my family and the other members of Gold Star Families for Peace. We believe we're honoring our children by working for peace.

- Cindy Sheehan

Remains Figures

On Nov. 5, 2012, my friend Elliott Carter died in New York at the age of 103. For me, he was and remains one of the most interesting figures of music history in the past century.

- Daniel Barenboim

Used Had

I wish I had never got manic depression. When I was in junior high, I didn't know what was the matter with me. It was as if I'd died or something. Now that I go to a clinic and get the right kind of medicine, I am not as depressed as I used to be.

- Daniel Johnston

Father Young

My father died when I was really young, on Christmas Day.

- David Ayer

Run Tell

The people who run record companies now wouldn't know a song if it flew up their nose and died. They haven't a clue, and they don't care. You tell them that, and they go, Yeah? So, your point is?

- David Crosby

Ring Placed

The wedding ring on my left hand was bought by my grandfather, Samuel Miliband, in Brussels in 1920. I never knew him, as he died when I was one. But his ring was kept by my aunt until it was placed on my finger by my wife Louise 32 years later.

- David Miliband

Films Lives

In my novel, 'First Blood,' Rambo died. In the films, he lives.

- David Morrell

Grandfather Arrest

My grandfather died under house arrest.

- Joe Garcia

Dead By The Time

When I read 'Rocky V,' it was a terrific story, a great script. Rocky died at the end. He has this devastating fight with Tommy Gunn, ends up in an ambulance with his head in Adrian's lap, and by the time they get to the hospital, he's dead.

- John G. Avildsen

Father Immigrant

My great-great-grandfather lived to age 28, my immigrant great-grandfather Pedro Gotiaoco died at 66, my grandfather was 68, and my father died at 34.

- John Gokongwei

You Should

You should have died when I killed you.

- John le Carre

My Life Anywhere

Any kind of blockage is heart disease; when you have a blood clot anywhere, that's heart disease. When Wilt Chamberlain died, strongest man I ever met in my life, I started paying attention.

- John Salley

Got Jimi Hendrix

You're never going to see the fat Elvis in me. People I admired like Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and John Belushi all died at 27. I've got jeans older than that.

- Jon Bon Jovi

Smell Dead

Just because someone's dead doesn't mean it's over. My grandfather died more than 25 years ago, but I still think of him a lot and smell his smell.

- Julian Clary

Love Patriotism

We, the People, recognize that we have responsibilities as well as rights; that our destinies are bound together; that a freedom which only asks what's in it for me, a freedom without a commitment to others, a freedom without love or charity or duty or patriotism, is unworthy of our founding ideals, and those who died in their defense.

- Barack Obama

Through Had

In 2012, a five-year-old girl in Shandong province described to me how ten officials had chased her six-months-pregnant mother through the fields to prevent the birth of the family's second child, a boy. She died during the procedure.

- Barbara Demick

Providing Importance

When elected officials abandon our environment and ruin our natural resources, public health is endangered. I know the importance of providing a clean environment for our children; I have attended more than one funeral for a child who has died from an asthma attack.

- Gwen Moore

Somewhere Request

It's really sort of morbid, but she said her mother wanted to see me all her life. And when she died, she made just one request: that a picture of me be put into her casket. So somewhere in England, I'm in a casket.

- Hank Snow

About Suppose

I suppose the things you remember about someone who has died are the funny moments. Those are the ones that stand out.

- Harry Lloyd

Girl Kissed

I've only ever kissed one girl: my Dorothy. We met in 1915 and married in 1918. She died in 1970.

- Henry Allingham

Death Doing

You always think that 70 is the end of the road: 'Somebody died when they were 73; good life'. You're closer to death, and you better make sure you don't waste too much of your time doing things you don't want to do. No point in saying things you don't believe in.

- Ian Mckellen

Tried Kosovo

I tried to go to Kosovo to establish a statue to commemorate those who died during the wars, and to discuss moving on, so we could move into a new era. But I was banned from there.

- Ivica Dacic

Been Christ

When Christ died, He died for you individually just as much as if you'd been the only man in the world.

- C. S. Lewis

Dreams Had

I had lived all of my youthful dreams, but I couldn't think of many adult ones. I finally realized that we don't have many dreams for adults because, historically, people have always died much younger than they do today.

- Jack Gilbert

Myself Will

It is my hope and my belief that you will be able to report that I died with dignity, without animal fear and without bravado. I owe that much to myself.

- Caryl Chessman

Small Back

My mother arrived in Brussels in 1938 from a small town near Krakow. But strangely enough, in 1942 or 1943, she was taken back to Auschwitz, which was just 30 miles from where she grew up. Her parents died there and a lot of her family.

- Chantal Akerman

Vicious Freaked

It was sad when Sid Vicious died... I was freaked out when Phil Lynott died from Thin Lizzy. I cried. It was too crazy.

- Dee Dee Ramone

Sister She

And my little sister died when she was 16.

- Jeremy London

Down Drawbacks

But there, everything has its drawbacks, as the man said when his mother-in-law died, and they came down upon him for the funeral expenses.

- Jerome K. Jerome

Films TV

I have died in enough TV and films.

- Edi Gathegi

Sunday Morning Bush

Dr. Louis Bush Swisher died from the complications of a brain aneurysm that burst without warning one sunny Sunday morning less than 40 years ago.

- Kara Swisher

Looking Robert

When I first met Robert Patrick, I died - he is so scary looking - he is a scary looking man.

- Katherine LaNasa

Distinguish Another

Every man's life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another.

- Ernest Hemingway

Big Flames

The closest fires were near enough for us to hear the crackling flames and the yells of firemen. Little fires grew into big ones even as we watched. Big ones died down under the firemen's valor only to break out again later.

- Ernie Pyle

Revelation Rather

Hierarchical formulations died because their wedding cake levels posited a multiply fractured cosmos that does not match the Space Age revelation of a unified universe in which the earth is clearly in, rather than separated from, the heavens. Hierarchical representations do not reflect what either the world or we are like.

- Eugene Kennedy

University Became

Shortly after Senator Eugene J. McCarthy died in 2005 the age of 89, I became an honorary member of the committee starting a fellowship in McCarthy's name at his alma mater, Saint John's University in Collegeville, Minnesota.

- Kitty Kelley

Now Dig

I'm really into Sweet 75 right now, and I dig playing Nirvana, don't get me wrong. Even if Kurt never died, more than likely I'd be in Sweet 75 today still.

- Krist Novoselic

Confined Had

In 1964, at the age of 39, Flannery O'Connor died from complications of lupus. She had lived with this autoimmune disease for 14 years, primarily confined to her mother's farm, Andalusia, in Milledgeville, Ga.

- Floyd Skloot

About Before

Two more years were to go by before I knew anything about William Blake. Many years later, when his wife died, my godfather gave me the two books as a remembrance.

- Laurence Housman

Image Offer

I offer my performance as prayer for someone I've worked with as an actor or someone who has died. The image that comes into my head as I walk to the stage, I offer that performance up for that person.

- Liam Neeson

Oscar Became

But when it became an international hoopla where careers lived and died on whether or not you did or didn't get an Oscar, then it got out of hand.

- George C. Scott

Comedy Idol

Freddie Prinze was my idol, and he died, and there is not much of his stuff to look at. But now, your comedy can live on forever.

- George Lopez

Veterans Day Rather

It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived.

- George S. Patton


My mom died when I was 8.

- Lisa Guerrero

My Life Malaria

My son, who is five, was adopted from Ethiopia. My daughter was adopted from Guatemala. Her parents died of typhoid and malaria. We got her from an orphanage. They are the lights of my life.

- Lisa Kristine

Wife University

I met my wife, Margaret L. Mack, at the University of Chicago. We were married in 1936. She died in 1970.

- George Stigler

Always Had

I always went to my sister, because she was older and had the care of me after my mother died.

- Lizzie Andrew Borden

Bent Had

I had no specific bent toward science until my grandfather died of cancer. I decided nobody should suffer that much.

- Gertrude B. Elion

Would Snobbery

Laughter would be bereaved if snobbery died.

- Peter Ustinov

Father Wanted

Did I become an entertainer because my father died and I wanted to be what he loved? I don't know.

- Gilda Radner

Country Nations

On April 18, 1980, the last outpost of empire in Africa died. From Rhodesia's ashes rose a country that would take its place among the free nations as Zimbabwe, the last among equals. And men and women leapt to embrace this dream called Zimbabwe.

- Petina Gappah

Father Strong

My father died when I was five, but I grew up in a strong family.

- Philip Levine

Me Star

No operatic star has yet died soon enough for me.

- Thomas Beecham

Might Millions

What millions died that Caesar might be great!

- Thomas Campbell

Admire Writers

All of the great writers whom I admire have died. I guess the most recent one would be Marquez.

- Sam Shepard

Three About

I basically started playing violin at the age of six. That lasted about three years because my previous teacher died and the second teacher didn't really know how to successfully get me going.

- Miroslav Vitous

Spirit Spirit World

I'm aware that people I have loved and have died and are in the spirit world looking after me.

- Princess Diana

Husband Want

When my husband died in 2006, I didn't want to be Mitzi Gaynor anymore.

- Mitzi Gaynor

Enjoy Needing

When you first start out in stand-up and, probably, as any performer, you enjoy the attention so much, and even though that hasn't died down on stage, it certainly has satiated whatever was in me that was needing that much attention. When I'm off stage, it's not something that I really need.

- Tig Notaro

Better Writer Nursing

I am just getting into Zora Neale Hurston, who is possibly a much better writer than the critics and rivals who tried to erase her from history, resulting in a life in which she worked as a maid and died in a welfare nursing home. She's clever. She does something modern to the sentence.

- Rachel Kushner

Papa He

Papa died when he was 77.

- Manolo Blahnik

Father Hollywood

Later, my father died up in Marysville. So, my mother and I got in the car and came down to Hollywood.

- Marc Davis

Idea Mention

I wanted to make a human monster. His name is Coffin Baby. The idea is based on a group of people from Pasadena whose names I can't mention. His mother died and during the funeral, this baby came out of her in the coffin.

- Tobe Hooper

Battlefield Supposed

If I died on the battlefield, then that was the way it was supposed to be.

- Marcus Luttrell

High Quality Year

I wanted to be Jimi Hendrix's drummer when I was in high school, but I graduated in 1970, the year he died.

- Narada Michael Walden

Before Several

Chris was a friend of mine, I loved him. I didn't see him for 18 months before he died, but I'd met him several times after the accident. What was remarkable was his personal growth in his interior life.

- Margot Kidder

Country Show

For example, when my mother died, the people who showed up just to put an apron on to cook, people who really do the right thing, so to speak, as my momma would always say to show that they care, a sense of community that we've lost so much in our country.

- Sela Ward

Father Strong

I was 9 years old when my father - a strong, vibrant man in his early 40s - died of a heart attack. He was such a central figure in our lives that losing him was a terrible shock to all of us, my mother in particular.

- Marillyn Hewson

Read Should

Many peoples' tombstones should read 'Died at 30, burried at 60.'

- Nicholas M. Butler

My Life Wonderful

I worked with him for ten years until he died and it was the most wonderful time of my life.

- Mark Oliphant

Love Other

I'd love to have a room full of taxidermy. I'd be devastated if my cat, Archimedes, ever died. I was debating the other day with a friend whether I should stuff him, but don't know whether he would end up looking like himself. I'd be really sad if he looked strange.

- Tuppence Middleton

Alive Allowed

As a Jew, there's a need to keep that atrocity alive. There were Catholics and gypsies and homosexuals who died in the Holocaust, too. It's amazing that people allowed this slaughter to take place. There's a need to make these films and reiterate it happened.

- Martin Landau

Done Had

If we had a party every time someone died on 'The Following,' we'd never get anything done.

- Valorie Curry

Achieve Him

Dickens was born in 1812 and died in 1870, having produced fifteen novels, many of which can confidently be called great, as well as having accomplished outstanding work in activities into which his insatiable need to expend his vast energies - to achieve, to prevail - carried him: journalism, editing, acting, social reform.

- Robert Gottlieb

Diabetic Became

When my parents died, they both were 47, and they died of complications of different diseases, one being diabetes. I became a diabetic at 17 and went on this road of kind of self-destruction, eating-wise, until I was 40.

- Stephen Furst

Father Own

My father's life was so decimated by his earliest experiences. His mother died when he was 7 years old, which he always said was the worst experience in his life. When he was 8, his father disappeared and he was on his own from the age of 8.

- Walter Mosley

Nobody Ever

Nobody ever died of laughter.

- Max Beerbohm

Essence Before

I watched Janis one time - we opened for her - and that's the only time I ever saw her. We opened for Jimi Hendrix. I got to stand on the side of the stage and watch him for two hours and then he died. But I got the essence before they left.

- Stevie Nicks

Complexity Same Thing

I was struck after 9/11 by what seemed the assumption that everyone bereaved by that event was suffering the same thing. I wanted to explore how individual grief is, how complicated, how colored by the complexity of the mourner's relationship with the person who's died.

- Sue Miller

Thinking About

For a long time, sure, I was letting the pressure of being Rodney King get to me. It ain't easy. Even now, I walk into a place wondering, 'What people are thinking? Do they know who I am? What do they think about what happened? Do they blame me for the all those people who died?'

- Rodney King

History Before

Journalists are supposed to put the people first, even before themselves. Around the world and throughout history, journalists have died to get the truth out.

- Michael Arrington

Faith Girl

I grew up in a house full of faith, and my mother died when I was a little girl, and I found comfort in my faith.

- Roma Downey

Still Average

In 1900 Americans on average lived for only 49 years and most working people died still on the job.

- William Greider


My mum died when I was 11.

- Romy Madley Croft

Mother Year

In the seventeenth year of my age my mother died.

- William Lilly

Go Had

I had to go to Europe to tour and he died on the second day of the tour.

- Percy Heath