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Like Move

I don't like it when people don't look me dead in the eye. I move my head around trying to catch their eye.

- A. J. McLean

Thoughts Kings

It is eerie being all but alone in Westminster Abbey. Without the tourists, there are only the dead, many of them kings and queens. They speak powerfully and put my thoughts into vivid perspective.

- A. N. Wilson

Years Liked

When I was 6 years old, I was in a rock band that was horrible called 'Dead End.' The name kind of described us. People liked us; we would go and perform at coffee houses and stuff.

- Aaron Carter

Yellow Big

'Yellow Moon' was a poem. My wife at the time, Joel - she's dead now - it was our 25th anniversary. She had the chance to go on a cruise with her sister. And I'm home with the kids and looking up, and I saw the big moon, and I just started writing.

- Aaron Neville

Other Industry

In the U.A.E. we were the least-regulated environment in the region, and over time we are seeing more and more regulation coming in. On the other hand, a central bank can overregulate and choke the economy, and then we will have a dead banking industry.

- Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair

Long Life Large

It is true that a large percentage of the Western world hopes that I am imprisoned or dead. But all my people, the Palestinians and the Arabs, wish me long life and freedom.

- Abu Abbas

Eyes Good

He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed.

- Albert Einstein

Happy Guy

I hated Peter O'Toole. I wanted to kill that guy! When they said he was dead, I was happy. People said, 'Poor Peter O'Toole.' I was happy!

- Alejandro Jodorowsky

Books Ink

A recluse without books and ink is already in life a dead man.

- Alfred Nobel

Say Like

All I can say is in the world of 'The Americans,' like in life, if you're not dead, there's hope.

- Alison Wright

Recognized Come

As soon as tradition has come to be recognized as tradition, it is dead.

- Allan Bloom

Theatrical Also

'The Walking Dead' do such a great job with that world. It is real, but it's also otherworldly; it's strangely theatrical, and I suddenly did become quite invested in the whole zombie phenomenon.

- Alycia Debnam-Carey

Watching Horror Films

I'm not a person who's obsessed with scary movies or horror films or anything like that, so when I was watching the original 'Walking Dead,' I was kind of surprised at how into it I was getting.

- Alycia Debnam-Carey

Deal Term

In the medium or long term we'll all be dead. Let's deal with the problems at hand.

- Amado Boudou


Democracy is dead in the Maldives.

- Amal Clooney

Saint Edited

Saint: A dead sinner revised and edited.

- Ambrose Bierce

Live Long

Graphene is dead; long live graphene.

- Andre Geim

Will Perish

Only when manhood is dead - and it will perish when ravaged femininity no longer sustains it - only then will we know what it is to be free.

- Andrea Dworkin

Good Entertain

You get way better from playing to the passing public. You learn how to entertain. But it took me a good three years out on the promenade to figure that out. You also learn what makes them stop dead in their tracks and what doesn't.

- Andy Grammer

Love Here

You can never betray the people who are dead, so you go on being a public Jew; the dead can't answer slurs, but I'm here. I would love to think that Jesus wants me for a sunbeam, but he doesn't.

- Anita Brookner

Cigarette Does

One does not re-light a dead cigarette.

- Anna Held

Reading Then

Written poetry is worth reading once, and then should be destroyed. Let the dead poets make way for others.

- Antonin Artaud

Live Those

Those who live, live off the dead.

- Antonin Artaud

Some Romance

Many luckless people imagine that romance is dead: some, overcivilised, fondly suppose that there never was romance: a poet tells us that romance is unrecognised though really present: but scientists can meet him daily, walking at large and undisguised in the world.

- Archibald Hill

Living Educated

The educated differ from the uneducated as much as the living from the dead.

- Aristotle

Voting Exercising

Voting the names of the dead, and the nonexistent, and the too-mentally-impaired to function, cancels out the votes of citizens who are exercising their rights - that's suppression by any light.

- Artur Davis

I Think Grateful Dead

I think most people's record collections are more interesting than radio generally gives them credit for. You're likely to be as interested in the Grateful Dead as Palestrina. It pisses me off how compartmentalised music is. I used to be in a punk band, you know?

- Charles Hazlewood

Everyone Thinks

The thing that's funny is that everyone thinks I'm dead.

- Charles Nelson Reilly

Want Spielberg

When Steven Spielberg thinks you're the one, then I'll do anything. If you want me to put a dead horse on my head, I'll do it.

- Charlotte Le Bon

Alive Am

My neighbors are quiet. I am not. I don't know if they're dead or alive.

- Charo

Guitar Solos Were

In the '90s, guitar solos were dead.

- Chris Daughtry

Energetic Here

Here in L.A., there are a lot of dead spots, and you have to drive to find energy, but all of India is so energetic.

- Chris Kattan

Been Shake

Lately, I can't shake the feeling that I've been living a dream for the last 10 years or so; I can't account for most of my 20s, and I have to continually remind myself that certain people are dead now and many of my friends have children.

- Chris Ware

Color Point

When taking a photo, I tend to look for one of the following: depth, symmetry, color or contrast. All of those things catch my eye to the point where I stop dead in my tracks to capture whatever it is that I've seen.

- Connor Franta

Should Retrospective

Normally, you should be dead if you have a retrospective.

- Daphne Guinness

You Optimize

If you don't optimize for the consumer on the Internet, you're dead.

- Dara Khosrowshahi

Proud Created

I'm insanely proud of every single one of my credits until the people who created the shows are dead.

- Dave Finkel

Tell Anybody

I'd like to see the giant squid. Nobody has ever seen one. I could tell you people who have spent thousands and thousands of pounds trying to see giant squid. I mean, we know they exist because we have seen dead ones. But I have never seen a living one. Nor has anybody else.

- David Attenborough

About Photos

All pictures are unnatural. All pictures are sad because they're about dead people. Paintings you don't think of in a special time or with a specific event. With photos I always think I'm looking at something dead.

- David Bailey

Been Had

I should have been dead 50, 60 years ago. God just wasn't ready for me. Because I used to raise hell and drink. I've had my fun!

- David Edwards

Needs Address

Post-modernism is dead because it didn't address human needs.

- David Guterson

Like Very

I walk like a duck: very straight up and down. Or like a penguin. It's a dead giveaway that I'm a dancer.

- David Hallberg

Speak Fall

When they speak, dead frogs fall out of their mouths.

- David Hare

Thought Directing

People thought I was dead. But I wasn't. I was just directing 'The A-Team.'

- David Hemmings


Metrosexuality is dead. And good riddance to it.

- David Zinczenko

Injustice Living

We must not permit our respect for the dead or our sympathy for the living to lead us into an act of injustice to the balance of the living.

- Davy Crockett

Back Fair

I do mourn my characters. I wrote an essay once where I was sure that far back in a marsh there was a hummock - a little hill of hardwoods - and an old farm house, where all the heroines in my novels lived together with all my beloved dead dogs. I've discussed this with my therapist, naturally. He says it's okay in fair amounts.

- Jim Harrison

Love I Love

I love 'Evil Dead 2!' Who doesn't love 'Evil Dead 2?'

- Joe Dante

Mistakes Play

But there is a process that happens when you're making something, be it a musical or a new play. That process takes time, and mistakes will be made along the way, and you will go down and hit dead ends. But it is so public now. Any yahoo with a computer can start a firestorm.

- Joe Mantello

Song Like

The song I like to do is 'Dead.' I'm constantly playing that one.

- Joey Santiago

Soul Your

Go miser go, for money sell your soul. Trade wares for wares and trudge from pole to pole, So others may say when you are dead and gone. See what a vast estate he left his son.

- John Dryden

Died By The Time

When I read 'Rocky V,' it was a terrific story, a great script. Rocky died at the end. He has this devastating fight with Tommy Gunn, ends up in an ambulance with his head in Adrian's lap, and by the time they get to the hospital, he's dead.

- John G. Avildsen

Butcher Recognized

A dead cow or sheep lying in a pasture is recognized as carrion. The same sort of a carcass dressed and hung up in a butcher's stall passes as food.

- John Harvey Kellogg

Body Had

The doctors realized in retrospect that even though most of these dead had also suffered from burns and blast effects, they had absorbed enough radiation to kill them. The rays simply destroyed body cells - caused their nuclei to degenerate and broke their walls.

- John Hersey

Design Back

I like stuff designed by dead people. The old designers. They always got it right because they didn't have to grow up with computers. All of the people that made the spoon and the dishes and the vacuum cleaner didn't have microprocessors and stuff. You could do a good design back then.

- John Maeda

Some Numerous

The world, we are told, was made especially for man - a presumption not supported by all the facts. A numerous class of men are painfully astonished whenever they find anything, living or dead, in all God's universe, which they cannot eat or render in some way what they call useful to themselves.

- John Muir

Alive Would

If life was fair, Elvis would be alive and all the impersonators would be dead.

- Johnny Carson

Grateful Like

I mean people have compared us to like the Grateful Dead and all these like psychedelic sixties bands.

- Jon Fishman

Bad Mail

If the day gets really bad, I can always pull out fan mail. Who else gets mail where kids write to you and say, 'Dear Mr. Scieszka, we were supposed to write to our favorite author, but Roald Dahl is dead. So I'm writing to you.'

- Jon Scieszka

Sixth Sense Sense

Little Haley Joel Osment in 'The Sixth Sense' can see dead people. Well, I can see racist people.

- Jordan Peele

Show Before

'The Walking Dead' was my favorite show before I even auditioned for it. That's every actor's dream, to be on a show that they're a fan of. It's just dark, and as a comedian, I'm drawn to dark things.

- Josh McDermitt

Bit Very

I like many different things you know so I'm probably going to experiment, and if I didn't I'd be a little bit strange and boring and stiff and kind of dead, and I'm very not that.

- Joss Stone

Always Having

When he is late for dinner and I know he must be either having an affair or lying dead in the street, I always hope he's dead.

- Judith Viorst

Smell Died

Just because someone's dead doesn't mean it's over. My grandfather died more than 25 years ago, but I still think of him a lot and smell his smell.

- Julian Clary

Living Govern

The dead govern the living.

- Auguste Comte

Over Made

Over the years, so many exceptions and amendments were made to China's one-child policy that it was hard to pinpoint a moment to pronounce it dead.

- Barbara Demick


When I'm not a politician, I'll be dead.

- Barry Goldwater

Woke Matt

If I ever woke up with a dead hooker in my hotel room, Matt would be the first person I'd call.

- Ben Affleck

Back TV

I'm on a never-ending quest to get back on a TV series, and I want to get on 'The Walking Dead'. I'm at this point now where, I have three things. I could either be on the Governor's team, I could be on Rick's team, or I could be a seven-foot zombie who never dies.

- Grizz Chapman

Death About

Ultimately, you walk life side-by-side with death, and the Day of the Dead, curiously enough, is about life. It's an impulse that's intrinsic to the Mexican character.

- Guillermo del Toro

I Think About

Personally, I think 'Dead Americans' is the best title I have, but you can't win with everyone. Titles have to be short, catchy, not too obscure, not offensive, and still capture the genre, and so on and so forth. Takeshi Kitano has it about right when he says he'd just like to title his films by number.

- Ben Peek

Some Wider

It is absolutely necessary, for the peace and safety of mankind, that some of earth's dark, dead corners and unplumbed depths be let alone; lest sleeping abnormalities wake to resurgent life, and blasphemously surviving nightmares squirm and splash out of their black lairs to newer and wider conquests.

- H. P. Lovecraft

Keep Them

Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead.

- Benjamin Franklin

Reading Worth Reading

If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write something worth reading or do things worth writing.

- Benjamin Franklin

Men Tell

Dead men tell no tales.

- Haniel Long

Love Parts

To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already three parts dead.

- Bertrand Russell

Dignity Treated

We treated all of the dead with dignity.

- Harry Anderson

Reputation Had

In Montana, where Sen. William Andrews Clark made his fortune and lost his reputation, people had assumed that all his children were long dead. After all, he was born in 1839 and was of age to serve in the Civil War.

- Bill Dedman


The beast is not dead.

- Heather O'Rourke

Love Tell

I do eat well. I try to love my body. That is what I tell my daughter. I say, 'Love every bite of food. Love your body. We're all going to be dead soon.' Actually I don't say that last thing to her.

- Helen Hunt

Red Caught

I wouldn't be caught dead in red.

- Billy Porter

Always Another

A dead end can never be a one way street; you can always turn around and take another road.

- Bo Bennett

Die Decide

You're going to die. You're going to be dead. It could be 20 years, it could be tomorrow, anytime. So am I. I mean, we're just going to be gone. The world's going to go on without us. All right now. You do your job in the face of that, and how seriously you take yourself you decide for yourself.

- Bob Dylan

Rolling Great War

I must return to my old comrades of the Great War - to the brown, the treeless, the flat and grave-set plain of Flanders - to the rolling, heat-miraged downlands of the Somme - for I am dead with them, and they live in me again.

- Henry Williamson

May Read

When I am dead, I hope it may be said: His sins were scarlet, but his books were read.

- Hilaire Belloc

Work Very

I don't look at the work of my contemporaries very much; I tend to look at pictures by dead artists. It's much easier to get near their paintings.

- Howard Hodgkin

Believe Yes

Yes, I believe blue material is funny, but if that's all you've got, you're dead in the water. It's not good.

- Howard Stern

Soil Hundred

Europeans are familiar with terrorism and violence. We have not experienced a true conflict on our soil in a hundred years, and especially not one that involved 3,000 dead.

- Brent Scowcroft

Other Libraries

Exclusively oral cultures are unencumbered by dead knowledge, dead facts. Libraries, on the other hand, are full of them.

- Huston Smith

Colour Raise

Colour can raise the dead.

- Iris Apfel

Never Supposed

'Evil Dead 1' was never supposed to have a sequel.

- Bruce Campbell

Been Main

Television broadcasts have, in the main, been more suggestive, less specific, more distant in their images than the print press: often you knew that lump was a dead body only because a chattering reporter told you it was.

- Bruce Jackson

Lives Beethoven

Napolean is dead - but Beethoven lives.

- Bruno Walter

Buried About

Audiences aren't going to get rid of me. One thing I can say, with absolute certainty, is that my shows will still be performed when I'm dead, buried and forgotten. They're going to absolutely outlive me, which is a wonderful thing to think about.

- Cameron Mackintosh

Learning Believe

The minute that you're not learning I believe you're dead.

- Jack Nicholson

Change You

The dead can't change, but you can.

- Caroline Leavitt

About Eventually

Eventually, all of our impressions will be dead. That's one of my favorite things about Paul F. Tompkins' 'Dead Authors' podcast is to be able to do impressions of people you've never otherwise think to do or get to do. I did Walt Whitman on there, and that was really fun.

- James Adomian

Sexy Grand

Rufus? He's a grand kisser, and he's dead sexy.

- Catherine McCormack

Death Maybe

If a man can bridge the gap between life and death, if he can live on after he's dead, then maybe he was a great man.

- James Dean

Devil Link

We have met the Devil of Information Overload and his impish underlings, the computer virus, the busy signal, the dead link, and the PowerPoint presentation.

- James Gleick