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Leading I Think

I'm a chubby middle-aged white guy with short hair. I think that's it, really. I kind of have a look. Right now, I'm not fat enough to be the fat friend, but I'm not thin enough to be the leading man, so I look like a cop.

- Aaron Douglas

Reason Cops

I'm not a model; hence I don't see the reason to have a six-pack abs. I can pull off a tough and rugged look of a cop in 'Dhoom' series without taking my shirt off. Cops don't have to move around without a shirt to flaunt their machismo. What makes the character of a cop stand out is his attitude and not his six-pack abs.

- Abhishek Bachchan

Infantry Your

I was an infantry Marine, and there are only so many things you can do when you get out of the military that you can apply your job to. Either a janitor or a cop. I tried to do both of those things because what else are you going to do?

- Adam Driver

Guns Houses

Cop families have guns in their houses.

- Amy Carlson

Goodbye Play

To play a cop's wife - there's so much in that world, the wives or partners of anyone who is a first responder - it's not an easy job. It's not an easy way to live, to say goodbye to someone in the morning and not know what's going to happen throughout the day.

- Amy Carlson

Operas Main

Our main character is Klem Ristovych, the most senior detective in the MCPD. Klem's a dinosaur, the oldest cop working the Fuse, and nobody can believe she hasn't retired yet. Hell, she can hardly believe it herself. But what else is she going to do? Sit at home and watch soap operas all day? She'd throw herself out of an airlock first.

- Antony Johnston

Through Shake

One night I was driving and so infatuated with dipping French fries into my milk shake that I drove right through a stop sign. The cop who pulled me over had no mercy.

- Arielle Kebbel

Every Day Cops

I wanted 'Southland' to feel immediate, like a ride-along, and to make it the closest thing possible to a cop reality show. We've got real cops out there every day. A lot of times we'll say, 'You guys just do what you normally do and we'll film it.'

- Christopher Chulack

Never TV

I never saw myself as being a cop on TV.

- Ciaran Hinds

Drama Everybody

You can't beat a cop drama. That's what everybody seems to want to watch.

- Clark Johnson

Like Saint

I like the yin-yang of a cop's life, where he's part fascist and part saint. That's where the good dramas are.

- Clark Johnson

Career Boxes

The notion of being on a cop show was appealing, just because it's one of those tick boxes in a career.

- Dallas Roberts

City Mob

My dad was a homicide cop in the gay neighborhood in the city when gay neighborhoods were desperate, depressing, sad places run by the mob. The only gay people he'd met when I came out to him were corpses.

- Dan Savage

Love Absolutely

I'd love to do a cop film in America. That's a genre I absolutely adore.

- Danny Boyle

Had Quickly

It was a department where you had honesty and integrity stamped right on you when you came into the Los Angeles Police Department. If you violated that, or if you were a dishonest cop, you were terrible. We got rid of you as quickly as possible.

- Daryl Gates

Heart Blood

I'm a cop at heart - it's in my blood.

- David A. Clarke, Jr.

Pretty Like

'Colors' is pretty good. It takes you inside the cop car bit. I like reality myself. I like reality-based kind of movies.

- David Ayer

Tell Maybe

Maybe it's stress or anger or adrenaline or disillusionment or a bullying nature or simple fear of getting killed themselves, but there is a problem if a cop cannot tell the difference between a menacing gangster and the far more common person they encounter whose life is a little frayed and messy.

- David Horsey

City New

My dad was a New York City cop. His father was a New York City fireman. And my mother's dad was a city taxi driver.

- Joe Lhota

Carpenter Got

I was familiar with that and 'Rio Bravo.' 'Rio Bravo' was what John Carpenter did, that brilliant move of taking a western and turning it into an urban flick. And from there you got, you know, all the cop genre movies of the time.

- John Leguizamo

Over Rolls

We get picked up in these Rolls Royces and get three miles down the highway and five cop cars pull us over.

- Johnny Thunders

Dirty Shut

In Rio de Janeiro, every cop has to make a choice. He either turns dirty, keeps his mouth shut, or goes to war.

- Jose Padilha

Some Hollywood People

As a cop, I dealt with every kind of bum and criminal. They all have more integrity than some Hollywood people.

- Joseph Wambaugh

Field Over

The Onion Field made a real writer. And then I knew it was over, I couldn't be a cop anymore.

- Joseph Wambaugh

I See Couple

I see a really good tag on a building, a man passed out in the middle of the street, a couple hugging, a cop arresting a panhandler. I'm interested in how all these things are happening in one block.

- Barry McGee

Play Allowed

It's funny, I was talking to somebody who writes for a cop show, and he was saying how they aren't allowed to acknowledge Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, just because it has to be able to play forever.

- Hannah Simone

Been Saw

I've been watching cop procedurals my entire life, so when I saw an opportunity to make fun of one, I jumped at it.

- Hayes MacArthur

Everyone Isolationism

There's nothing wrong with being a cop. There's nothing wrong with being a white person. It's about where your heart is... We've got to get everyone beyond the xenophobic isolationism.

- Bobby Seale

Show Depending

Depending on the show, I've played a cop, a criminal, or a victim. So there's a range.

- Brent Sexton

Fact Tucker

When I was 13, Eddie Murphy was to me what Chris Tucker was to 13-year-olds when I made 'Rush Hour.' And 'Rush Hour' really came out of the fact that I grew up watching 'Beverly Hills Cop' and '48 Hrs.'

- Brett Ratner

Television Beverly

'Beverly Hills Cop' opened up a whole world. I got the television show and movies, and I would go sign autographs for one hour and get paid $25,000.

- Bronson Pinchot

Want Everybody

You don't ever want to go out there and not be the best. You want to be the best cop that you can. Be the best writer you can be. Everybody has their goals. Everybody has their dreams.

- Bryce Harper

Study Likely

A recent police study found that you're much more likely to get shot by a fat cop if you run.

- Dennis Miller

Show TV

When 'Supernatural' came out, there were a lot of procedurals and you were either a doctor or a cop or lawyer, otherwise the show didn't stay on TV. And then we came around, and I don't want to say we were trailblazers, but we found our niche.

- Jared Padalecki

Every Day Foam

When I first started the show, I was known as the 'cop nerd.' I was in the 9th Precinct in the East Village every day. I'd be at work wearing a fake bulletproof vest with foam in it, then I'd leave and put on a real one to ride around with these guys.

- Jason Wiles

See Type

I don't usually see my type for on-camera stuff as a series regular. Normally, my type is the janitor, the secretary, the cop, or the nurse.

- Donna Lynne Champlin

Roof Practical

My action follows my characters. If a character is a cop, you cannot be posing all the time, you cannot fly off the roof because it doesn't make any sense - it's not practical.

- Donnie Yen

Car Mirror

The best car safety device is a rear-view mirror with a cop in it.

- Dudley Moore

Movie About

What 'Shaun of the Dead' and 'Hot Fuzz' and 'World's End' do is smuggle a different movie under the guise of a zombie movie or a cop or alien invasion movie. Even though they all have action and carnage, they are really films about growing up and taking responsibility.

- Edgar Wright

Steak Potatoes

I'm playing a cop in Chicago. So I have to look beefier - like a guy who eats steak and potatoes.

- Jesse Lee

Guns Civilization

Civilization is a youth with a molotov cocktail in his hand. Culture is the Soviet tank or L.A. cop that guns him down.

- Edward Abbey

Some Mostly

First, I'm trying to edit down about 7 hours of material which I made prior to the Cop days and find some way to get it out. This stuff is pretty out there, mostly sonic collages and tape manipulations.

- Jim Coleman

Career Director

In my career, I have played a gangster, an ex cop, a journalist and a film director. Yet, the label of a serial kisser refuses to leave me.

- Emraan Hashmi

Survive Wear

I'd make a lousy cop. I'd just wear it too close to my skin and wouldn't survive. I'll stick to acting.

- Enrico Colantoni

New Going

Long time ago, I was going to be a New York cop, then got involved with this girl who was into acting, then got bit by the acting bug myself.

- Erik Estrada

Love Which

One of the things I would love to do is 'Axe Cop,' which is a comic book. I would like to be involved in 'Axe Cop' someday. I would also love to be in a Western.

- Ken Marino

Always Still

An honest cop still can't find a place to go and complain without fear of recrimination. The blue wall will always be there because the system supports it.

- Frank Serpico

Never Like

I've never played anybody like a cop before.

- Leelee Sobieski

Think I Think

Look at the number of cop shows and lawyer shows and forensics shows... I think there could be room for two quite different examinations of the same political office.

- Geena Davis

Specialty Reporters

I'm unique for a suspense author in that I don't have a specialty background. A lot of suspense writers used to be lawyers or crime beat reporters. I didn't even know a cop when I started out. I finally figured out that I could visit prisons - I just had to be willing to make the phone calls.

- Lisa Gardner

Delicate Another

It's like trying to be a traffic cop and write a poem at the same time. You need an executive head to handle all the vast paraphernalia of moviemaking. You need another, more sensitive head to get the delicate human emotional values you are trying to put on film.

- George Stevens

Death Decision

Every soldier, every cop who's faced with a decision to make, a life or death, does the best he or she can.

- Peter T. King

Movie Remember When

I can remember when anything further downtown New York than Canal Street was risky and the whole area still looked like a '70s cop movie location; when the original loft-owners were more dash-than-cash, artistic types.

- Peter York

Like Dad

When your dad's a cop, calling 911 is really just like calling Dad at work.

- Ryan Reynolds

Feel Episode

A lot of cop shows, because they have the restraints of having a new case every episode, the victims often become these kind of nameless, faceless plot points, and as an audience we don't feel anything for those people.

- Mireille Enos

Been Movie

I've been treated really well for 'Stick It.' There was this cop and he pulled me over and he was like, 'Oh my God, you're in 'Stick It.' I said, 'Yes. Yes. You're the last person I would think would be pumped up by this movie'. He let me go, so that was nice.

- Missy Peregrym

Thought Some

I never thought about being a cop. I'm kind of sensitive. I don't know if I could handle that job. It's hard to go home every day and be able to still live your own life because some of the stuff you see really affects you.

- Missy Peregrym

Wheel Reinvent

It's hard to reinvent the wheel with a cop show. But 'Rookie Blue' has a pure emotional center that's not cynical.

- Gregory Smith

Love Couple

A couple of my favourite cop movies are 'I Love a Man in Uniform' and 'The Long Goodbye.'

- Gregory Smith

Am Huge Fan

I didn't watch a lot of cop shows growing up, but I am a huge fan of 'Southland' now.

- Gregory Smith

Would Besides

If I was to do anything besides acting, I would be a fireman or a beat cop. I'd do a regular job.

- Manny Montana

Behind Cops

If you're driving, and a cop is behind you, you automatically think they're going to pull you over, but cops have so much more going on than to think about pulling you over. The last thing a real cop wants to do is write a ticket. That's the truth.

- Manny Montana

Psychological Rejected

If the real radical finds that having long hair sets up psychological barriers to communication and organization, he cuts his hair. If I were organizing in an orthodox Jewish community, I would not walk in there eating a ham sandwich unless I wanted to be rejected so I could have an excuse to cop out.

- Saul Alinsky

Parent Separate

You can't separate the two, being a parent, being a cop.

- Raymond Kelly

Suburbs Cities

Gimmicks come and go; the cop show seems one genre that will never leave - not as long as people like to sit at home in the suburbs and see what awful things go on in the cities.

- Tom Shales

Original Transferred

'Dragnet' (the 1951 original, transferred nearly intact from radio) served as a veritable template for all cop shows to come.

- Tom Shales

Humor Similar

G.I. humor is similar to cop humor.

- Nelson DeMille

Love About

It's kind of up to the actor to deconstruct the scene and deconstruct the character and figure out how to make it real. That's what I love about this job: It's sort of a puzzle each time, and figuring that out is sort the key, whether I'm playing a cop or a killer.

- Shawn Hatosy

Career Some

Any street cop knows you will be sued or involved in some type of litigation throughout your career.

- Mark Fuhrman

Decision Here

Whenever I've had to make a major decision as a doctor, cop or for a company I've worked for, I ask myself: What is the value proposition here? Will my decision bring added value to the population I have the privilege to serve?

- Richard Carmona

Police Officers About

I've physically seen profiling. I've seen me walking up the street with my friends, and the police officers get out of their car and bust the hell out of my friends. And they can't do anything about it, and the cop gets back in his car and drives off.

- Tyron Woodley

Little Brother Here

'Axe Cop' is an animated show that just started on Fox that is based off the comic book series. And here's the hook: it's written by a 5-year-old. This 5-year-old has a brother who's, like, 28 and is in the business, and the little brother kept coming up with all these awesome stories for this character he dreamed up called Axe Cop.

- Rob Huebel

Interesting Always

When I watch cop shows, I really enjoy them because you can really follow the story and get involved, and the characters are always really interesting.

- Vicky McClure

Think Kind

Clothes are a kind of uniform. A nun's habit, a surgeon's scrubs, a cop's uniform. People often say that when they put on a certain uniform, they actually think of themselves differently.

- Victor LaValle

Florida Made

'The Glades' is a light cop procedural about a cop from Chicago who got shot in the bum by his captain and made a change down to Florida, so he's a bit of a fish out of water.

- Matt Passmore

Thought Dad

I went home one night and told my dad that an older kid was picking on me. My Dad, a Korean War vet and a Chicago cop for 30 years, told me, 'You better pick up a brick and hit him in the head.' That's when I thought, 'Wow, I'm going to have to start dealing with things in a different way.'

- Steve Wilkos

Bad Hosting

My show is not just a cop hosting a talk show - the two are completely different. My show is about helping people stand up to the bad guy.

- Steve Wilkos

Always Hill

Privately, we always called 'Hill Street' 'Cop Soap.'

- Steven Bochco

Character Bad

Gomez is a by-the-book cop. He's the only character not to break bad.

- Steven Michael Quezada

One Day Retain

Actors look at life in a different way. When I meet people, I know that one day I may portray that person or someone like them. It may be a cop or a homeless guy. It helps you to pay more attention to people. Everyone I meet, I retain something from them, something from their personality. It helps me to portray realism in my work.

- Mekhi Phifer

Times Thriller

'Polisse' is the sort of cop thriller where people do things like angrily bang on a desktop or sweep everything off it. If it happens once, it must happen six times. But every time it did, I wanted to stand up and cheer, which I've never wanted to do for any such thriller.

- Wesley Morris

Complexity Feels

There's nothing worse than a director who feels more like a cop than a comrade, so I try to never give orders or create an environment where it's 'my way or the highway,' because actually allowing talented people to bring their originality and insight always brings more depth and complexity than if everyone has to do what you tell them to!

- Tamzin Merchant

Violent Became

I somewhere along the way became fascinated with exploring characters who are willing to put themselves into violent situations, whether it's football, hockey, boxing, being a cop, being a soldier. There's not a lot of people who are willing to put themselves into those situations.

- Peter Berg

Die Considered

I've never considered being a cop. I could be a teacher, I could be a minister, a social worker or a professor. As long I don't have to see blood and see people die every day, if I could inspire or help in their lives, that's something I'd want to do.

- Ruben Santiago-Hudson

Gender Very

I am very gender fluid and feel more like I wake up every day sort of gender neutral. I cop a fair bit of flack for going from 'such a babe to such a boy.'

- Ruby Rose

TV Animal House

My siblings and I, we were raised on TV and films. Not a day went by that we weren't watching one of three movies - 'Caddyshack,' 'Animal House,' 'Beverly Hills Cop' - on rotation. Our comedy, our personalities were set watching 'Sesame Street': these really sort of wacky, Jim Henson-y characters.

- Teddy Sears

Island Long Island

My grandfather was a cop in Long Island. I often try to draw on things that I've heard about him.

- Yancy Butler

Medical Why

The stuff that I find really intriguing is always how do ordinary people behave in extraordinary circumstances. And that's why we have a lot of cop shows and lawyer shows and medical shows is that you're looking for situations that just always heighten the stakes.

- Zeljko Ivanek