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Treat Deny

Our system is the height of absurdity, since we treat the culprit both as a child, so as to have the right to punish him, and as an adult, in order to deny him consolation.

- Claude Levi-Strauss

Still Other

When you're in the muck you can only see muck. If you somehow manage to float above it, you still see the muck but you see it from a different perspective. And you see other things too. That's the consolation of philosophy.

- David Cronenberg

Me Always

Livability has always struck me as a consolation prize.

- Jonathan Raymond

Love Nature

A love of nature is a consolation against failure.

- Berthe Morisot

Men Defects

The defects of great men are the consolation of the dunces.

- Isaac D'Israeli

Me Desire

Kiss me out of desire, but not consolation.

- Jeff Buckley

Always Level

Even the most dismal and hopeless-sounding Wilco music, to my ears, has always maintained a level of hope and consolation.

- Jeff Tweedy

Cries Telling

Consolation of music is different from the one of words. It starts from the inside... It cries with you instead of telling you to stop crying.

- Ji-Hae Park

Mind Mankind

That is the consolation of a little mind; you have the fun of changing it without impeding the progress of mankind.

- Frank Moore Colby

Mind Religious

When the soul drifts uncertainly between life and the dream, between the mind's disorder and the return to cool reflection, it is in religious thought that we should seek consolation.

- Gerard De Nerval


In 'Growing Stronger,' I expose my most painful moments and open my heart, thoughts and person, so that my experiences can inspire alleviation, consolation and decisiveness.

- Thalia

Slow Most

What most of all hinders heavenly consolation is that you are too slow in turning yourself to prayer.

- Thomas a Kempis

Pain Lives

The Christian experiences and lives a paradox. He possesses joy in sorrow, fulfillment in exile, light in darkness, peace in turmoil, consolation in dryness, contentment in pain and hope in desolation.

- Mother Angelica

Broken Which

If I were John Bolton, I'd take great consolation in the words of my principal supporter on the committee, who gave a ringing endorsement, which was, There is no evidence that he has broken any laws.

- Mark Shields

Yes Sole

Nothing can be as astounding as life. Except for writing. Yes, of course, except for writing, the sole consolation.

- Orhan Pamuk


There is no consolation for anyone in the Scott Peterson story, and no final illumination.

- Robert Gottlieb

Great Perfect

The greater the artist, the greater the doubt. Perfect confidence is granted to the less talented as a consolation prize.

- Robert Hughes

Very Picked

I picked up the writing on the very day he died. It was the only consolation I could find.

- Wilfrid Sheed