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Small Big

The chances of Israeli science competing with big American science are small. For almost 15 years, we had no competition.

- Aaron Ciechanover

Like Feels

The book industry is all about community, and it never really feels like anyone is competing against anyone, thankfully.

- Adam Silvera

Other Protecting

Antitrust law isn't about protecting competing businesses from each other, it's about protecting competition itself on behalf of the public.

- Al Franken

Think I Think

I think every album you have, especially if it's done well, you feel like you're competing with yourself.

- Alan Jackson

Stay Focused

The biggest challenge is to stay focused. It's to have the discipline when there are so many competing things.

- Alexa Hirschfeld

Think Been

I think any life can be interesting, any surroundings can be interesting. I don't think I could have been so brave if I had been living in a town, competing with people on what can be called a generally higher cultural level.

- Alice Munro

Myself Only

I'm only competing with myself.

- Allu Arjun

Always Mine

I was always really inspired by watching the older girls competing, just seeing other Olympians do great things, and I just really wanted to be a part of that whole experience. And to be able to represent USA was always a goal of mine.

- Aly Raisman


I don't like being compared to anyone or being in a class with someone. I'm a teen actress and therefore I'm competing against Hilary Duff. We're different people like everyone else.

- Amanda Bynes

Doing Through

Winning isn't everything, but playing and competing and striving and going through things can be a lot of fun and really important. As long as you're doing it in a way that's healthy, sports can be an incredible opportunity.

- Andrew Shue

My Life Had

I went professional with my partner, Erin Boag, 11 years ago, and we had success competing round the world, but appearing on 'Strictly' has changed my life.

- Anton du Beke

Business Tail

Being a competitive dancer is an expensive business - you have to buy the £2,000 or so tail suit and the shoes, and then get yourself around the world to the competitions. And there is not a lot of money to be made in competing.

- Anton du Beke

Audience Always

Stars are always bigger. They bring the audience to the theatres. More than that, they do a lot of work in a film, and they are always on top. I am in no way competing with them.

- Anushka Shetty

Find Olympic

Olympic athletes have to find a job right after they're done competing.

- Apolo Ohno

Think Other

Amaal is a music composer, and I am singer, so I think we compliment each other rather than competing with each other.

- Armaan Malik

Very Took

I took to the luge when I was very young, but I never imagined that it would become my passion. At 14, I was already competing on artificial tracks.

- Armin Zoggeler

Through Fulfill

Our markets have not achieved their great successes as a result of government fiat, but rather through efforts of competing interests working to meet the demands of investors and to fulfill the promises posed by advancing technology.

- Arthur Levitt

Strong Need

When I'm competing, I need to be strong.

- Ashley Wagner


We are competing against ourselves.

- Ashton Eaton


We all understand that this isn't about me beating you and you beating me. It's about each individual competing against himself.

- Ashton Eaton

Set Capabilities

I don't set goals. Competing with a number in your head can be limiting, and I don't know what my capabilities are yet.

- Ashton Eaton

Little Things

The only thing I want to think about the moments before a race is competing. I don't want the little things to distract me.

- Ashton Eaton

Think Through

I think watching multi-events is much worse than competing. Especially when you have vested interests because you go through the emotional ups and downs.

- Ashton Eaton

Here Same Time

People here argue about religion interminably, but it appears that they are competing at the same time to see who can be the least devout.

- Charles de Secondat

Olympic Jumping

Competing in show jumping is a school of life. And it's one of the few Olympic sports where men and women are equal.

- Charlotte Casiraghi

Worry Other

What I worry about the most is the competition for young eyeballs. We have so many other competing forms of media. I don't take any audience members for granted.

- Chris Meledandri

Worry Movie

We can't worry about competition. Besides, you aren't competing with anyone but yourself. They have nothing to do with whether you make a good movie or not.

- Chris Wedge

Reason Processes

The reason why it is so difficult for existing firms to capitalize on disruptive innovations is that their processes and their business model that make them good at the existing business actually make them bad at competing for the disruption.

- Clayton Christensen

Compete Grants

You have to compete with others in the field. Sometimes the competition gets pretty fierce because you're competing for funds or grants to do your work, the financial work.

- Clyde Tombaugh

Going Like

To me, I'm going out there focusing on competing, not worrying about cardio or anything like that.

- Colin Kaepernick

Think Nine

I think you can get a sort of intensity and an edginess offering nine stories in a book. Competing versions of things.

- Colm Toibin

Got Issues

Bitcoin's got its issues. But it is not competing with perfection.

- Dan Kaminsky

Love Behind

I just love playing so much, competing so much. You're able to put your losses behind you. One of the greatest attributes a decathlete can have is the ability to forget... to look ahead, not behind.

- Dan O'Brien

Some Very

When we were associated with eBay, it was surprising to me how many merchants were very reluctant to work with PayPal because we were accessing their data and their information, and they felt in some way, shape, or form they were competing with eBay.

- Dan Schulman

Think I Think

It's a lot of hard work, competing and not giving up. I think you get more appreciated the older you get.

- Daniel Nestor

Love Natural

For my father, being kind was natural... I have to really work at it. I love competing and winning, conquest - not words you usually associate with kindness.

- David Copperfield

Love I Love

I love competing.

- David Duval

Think Which

You think of the rainforest as this incredibly abundant place of fauna and animals and flora. This great, rich wilderness. And yet it is such a biological battlefield in which everything is competing.

- David Grann

Always Wanted

When I was a little boy, I always wanted to run. I loved competing with my friends.

- David Rudisha

Will Worst Thing

When it's your will versus another person's will, the worst thing you can do is smile in their face when you're competing. That's what I tell our guys. Go have fun.

- DeAngelo Williams

Doing Been

Since I was kid, what's drawn me to racing is the feeling inside of me, the passion I have for the sport, the feeling I have while competing and doing what I do in a car, on a bike, whatever it's been.

- Jimmie Johnson

Highest Level

Competing at the highest level is not about winning. It's about preparation, courage, understanding and nurturing your people, and heart. Winning is the result.

- Joe Torre

Big Away

I stay away from big chunks of carbs and try to keep it lean, even when I'm competing.

- Joel Parkinson

Some Going

I didn't want to go on the DL. I want to keep pitching and competing. They decided it's better for me to take some time off and that's what we're going to do.

- Johan Santana

Play Product

Releasing a record is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the promotion of the product, but you have to play the game if you are to have a chance of competing in the market place.

- John Barrow

Old Bookstores

We're competing with everything: the beach, the mall, bookstores. Libraries are in a transition right now, caught between two forces, the old ways and technology. Libraries are under a lot of pressure to provide both.

- John Callahan

Lucky Always

To be able to get a football team that's capable of competing for world championships, you always got to get a little bit lucky, but you got to have all phases to win it all.

- John Elway

New Based

NAFTA recognizes the reality of today's economy - globalization and technology. Our future is not in competing at the low-level wage job; it is in creating high-wage, new technology jobs based on our skills and our productivity.

- John F. Kerry

Give More

So that we focus not on competing visions for Europe but on what Europe can do to improve economic growth, to give us a cleaner environment, to create more jobs, to make us more secure.

- John Hutton

Reason Iowa

I'm not competing in Iowa for a reason.

- Jon Huntsman, Jr.

Religious Allow

The power of the American system of republicanism lies in its capacity to allow religious belief to be a competing, not a controlling, factor in American life.

- Jon Meacham

Little Brother

To be able to have winning in your blood growing up, whether it was pounding my little brother or trying to beat my dad in something, or just competing on teams with my friends, it was nonstop.

- Jordan Spieth

Deep Forged

When actors are vying for the same kinds of roles, there's bound to be a little rivalry. Deep friendships cannot be forged when you are competing with each other.

- Juhi Chawla

My Life Been

Racing, competing, it's in my blood. It's part of me, it's part of my life; I have been doing it all my life and it stands out above everything else.

- Ayrton Senna

Small Through

I used to sail a lot in all kinds of weather, competing on small sailboats in the ocean. And I travel a lot in Iceland on horses every summer, through the wild areas where there's no inhabitants and there are volcanoes.

- Baltasar Kormakur

Highest Level

Since I achieved something, running has exploded in my country. For me sometimes it is difficult even to know who the athletes are who are competing at the highest level. There are thousands.

- Haile Gebrselassie

Business Reason

Comcast rents modems directly to consumers, thereby competing directly with companies like Zoom. It has every reason to make Zoom modems more expensive or even to drive companies like Zoom out of business.

- Bernie Sanders

Always How

I don't know how long I'll be competing, but I'll always be surfing. I'll be surfing until I'm old.

- Bethany Hamilton

New Next

In L.A., everyone is competing for the next job, and in New York, it's pretty much the same thing: competing for a better job.

- Bill Kurtis

London More

I was only 18 and I'd be 22 if I was competing at London. I'm stronger and more experienced and I know I would have won gold.

- Billy Joe Saunders

Me Shape

Competing helps me to polish my shape.

- Blanka Vlasic

New Other

When I began competing with the other artists in New York, I discovered classical North Indian music.

- Henry Flynt

Here Some

I wish I had said 'some athletes here are competing unfairly.' It was my opinion, never an accusation.

- Bob Costas

Country Always

There are so many music genres competing against each other, but I feel like country music has always been a unified front.

- Hillary Scott

Some First One

All in all, the League of Nations is not inevitably bound, as some maintain from time to time, to degenerate into an impotent appendage of first one, then another of the competing great powers.

- Hjalmar Branting

Sports About

To me, it doesn't matter how good you are. Sport is all about playing and competing. Whatever you do in cricket and in sport, enjoy it, be positive and try to win.

- Ian Botham

Level Going

If we're playing and competing at the level we want to and we know we can, then nothing else is really going to matter.

- Brooke Sweat

Over Disturbed

Not wishing to be disturbed over moral issues of the political economy, Americans cling to the notion that the government is a sort of automatic machine, regulated by the balancing of competing interests.

- C. Wright Mills

Having Coached

When I started competing, you had to have your coach there. Now you can be coached from a home office via Skype or video. That's not the same as having them on the field with you.

- Jackie Joyner-Kersee

Think Which

She said I did good and I think she was happy with what I did. She just wants me to get my higher Start Value vault, which I'll be competing at Trials and, hopefully, the Olympics.

- Carly Patterson

Always Still

I'm a racer at heart more than anything else, and that will always be my priority: competing. But ultimately, if you can't drive, you can still have the competitive spirit outside of a car.

- Jacques Villeneuve

Gambling Lose

Athletics is athletics. When you do sport, you are gambling. You run, you win, you lose. It doesn't matter if you are competing or you are not competing.

- Caster Semenya

Play Atmosphere

The athletes are still out competing the same as a Division I team, and I think we've done a good job of creating an atmosphere where they're responsible for their actions and their play.

- Cat Osterman

Her Either

I was supposed to be a romancer, either wooing the leading lady or competing with the leading man for her.

- Cesar Romero

Love No Question

I just love sport; I love competing. I'm obsessed by it, to be honest. I can accept losing, sure, no question, but it just drives me crazy. Just ask my wife.

- James Spithill

Thoughts Like

I wasn't thinking of competing with any artists as such, I was more thinking of being among them, and sharing thoughts with them; like sharing views, ideas, etc.

- Dennis Brown

Bring Disasters

In a world full of competing emergencies and disasters, it really helps if there is an international locomotive that can help us bring attention - help us bring resources.

- Jan Egeland

Divided Still

Sibling rivalry was, and still is to this day, rampant in my family. We were all competing for my parents' divided attention.

- Janine di Giovanni

Other Level

When you reach that elite level, 90 percent is mental and 10 percent is physical. You are competing against yourself. Not against the other athlete.

- Dick Fosbury

Individuals Many

The rate of human invention is faster, and the rate of cultural loss is slower, in areas occupied by many competing societies with many individuals and in contact with societies elsewhere.

- Jared Diamond

Always Punches

I have always been a martial arts fighter; it goes to back when I was eighteen. I was competing on the circuit, but when you're performing, you tend to pull punches because you don't want to hurt anyone.

- Jason David Frank

Mind Think

I'm still the best bantamweight in the world in my mind, yes. If I had any doubt that I was the best in the world then I shouldn't be competing. If you don't think you're going to be the best, what's the point?

- Dominick Cruz


Tennis is such an individual and competitive sport, but it is great being part of a team and getting to know the girls outside of tennis - even though we are all competing for the same thing!

- Dominika Cibulkova

Great Time

During dark times, real entrepreneurs come out. They are not competing with 10 look-alike companies for engineering talent, so it's a great time to invest and help build companies.

- Douglas Leone

Trying Franchise

We're trying to be that franchise that year-in and year-out is competing for a championship.

- Drew Brees

Think Want

I don't want to think of life after competing. But if I were to do anything else I'd go down the psychology route. That's what interests me.

- Jessica Ennis

Stop Fit

After I stop competing, I'd like to do something that inspires people to get active and fit.

- Jessica Ennis-Hill

Always Taller

In those days I would go for an interview and find myself competing with this other chap who would always be younger and taller, and much handsomer than I.

- Edward G. Robinson

My Life Rest

The joint lubrication was not what it was when I was competing, and I decided that not having arthritis or rheumatism for the rest of my life was a lot more important to me than returning to the track.

- Edwin Moses

Used Save

I used biomechanics to save time when I was competing.

- Edwin Moses


Competing at full price is the way we like to do business, but we cannot ignore the promotional environment.

- Karen Katz

Nine Belt

When I was nine, my father said 'You can take piano lessons or do karate' - I had a black belt and was competing before I was 19.

- Elodie Yung

Doing Play

I want to play against the best, and that's what I'm doing, just going out there and being focused, just competing every possession.

- Kawhi Leonard

Fearless Pretty

I attacked my cancer diagnosis the same way I attack training and competing, and that's pretty fearless.

- Eric Shanteau

More About

The future of Norway isn't about competing on being the cheapest but the most innovative. We have an expensive welfare state, and the only answer to continue that way is to become more competitive, especially on knowledge.

- Erna Solberg

Which Same Thing

All of us in social media and regular media, we're all competing for the same thing, which is this gap between something happening in the world and you knowing about it.

- Kevin Systrom

Newspaper Other

Every newspaper in the country covers stories that other newspapers cover. Every industry is filled with people who are competing to do the best job providing a particular service.

- Ezra Klein

Shape Standard

A true athlete is someone who doesn't just stop training when they stop competing. It's a way of life, and they keep in shape just to keep up that standard.

- Fedor Emelianenko

Race Other

I didn't want to fall into the trap of competing with all these other great guitar players. I just want to sidestep the whole thing and get out of the race.

- Kirk Hammett

Other Last

It is idle to say that nations can struggle to outdo each other in building armaments and never use them. History demonstrates the contrary, and we have but to go back to the last war to see the appalling effect of nations competing in great armaments.

- Frank B. Kellogg