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Reason Like

The biggest critics are in the comments online. People are so judgmental of me. It's like, 'Why is she wearing this?' or 'Why isn't she wearing that?' or 'Why does she talk like that?' That's the worst because they're judging for no reason.

- Alessia Cara

Better YouTube

YouTube is covered in comments that would be better expressed - and better spelled - via a simple thumbs-up or down.

- Alexandra Petri

Lives Certainly

When I was a kid, there was teasing in school. Then when I was a teenager on 'Days of Our Lives,' I certainly experienced hurtful comments from 'fans' of the show.

- Alison Sweeney

Politics Partner

A president from a partner nation should not make comments on Italian politics.

- Anibal Cavaco Silva

Going Will

People will make mean comments. People are going to say that you're fat, that you're this, that you're that. You just have to be comfortable in your own skin.

- Ashley Benson

Religious Hoped

The Divine Thing that made itself the foundation of the Church does not seem, to judge by his comments on the religious leadership of his day, to have hoped much from officers of a church.

- Charles Williams

Stupid Bad

I can feel so bad about myself, especially if I start to pay attention to the kinds of stupid comments around the Internet.

- Charlotte McKinney


Non-consensual, sexual advances are not the same as flirtatious comments from a creepy dude. The degree of harassment matters.

- Cheryl Yeoh

Actually Blogs

Blogs are evil. Actually, the blogs aren't as evil as blog comments.

- Christine Teigen

United States

You tax Mexico? The president of the United States is going to tax Mexico to get a wall for the United States of America? I'm pointing out the absurdity of a lot of these comments.

- Dana Perino

Sure Remain

I value kindness in myself and others. I try to remain super-vigilant about my targets and make extra sure that my sometimes barbed comments are deserved and in response to genuine malefaction.

- David Rakoff

Gender Certainly

An assumption underlying almost all comments on interruptions is that they are aggressive, but the line between what's perceived as assertiveness or aggressiveness almost certainly shifts with an interrupter's gender.

- Deborah Tannen

Change Will

I will accept comments and criticism about change.

- Jimmy Haslam

Broadcast Which

Moveon is not a one-way broadcast media. The Internet, when used best, is a two-way media. We have a forum in which people can post comments and those comments can be rated. We get a sense of what people feel most passionately about.

- Joan Blades

I Am Politician

I don't usually make political comments, because I am a businessman, not a politician.

- John Gokongwei

Lunch Maybe

Please watch a little less television. Maybe post a few less comments about the lunch you had today.

- John Skipper

Good Still

Either positive or negative comments are good because it shows I am still relevant.

- Justin Guarini

Personal About

Whenever I am asked about my personal relationships, I politely reply, 'No comments.'

- Hansika Motwani

Love About

I don't just post a video and then get offline. After uploading, I love to respond to comments, tweets, and messages about the video.

- Bethany Mota

Looks Figure

A lady likes to be complimented on her looks, her eyes, her figure. But the personality comments are much appreciated.

- Betty White

Devoted Though

Critics used to say that ABBA were formulaic or that our songs were rubbish. We never had time for those comments, though. We were sincere and devoted to what we did.

- Bjorn Ulvaeus

Tom Lot

I get a lot of comments from people that I remind them of a young Tom Hanks.

- Brendan Robinson

Say Arena

Anonymous comments? You're not in the arena, man. If you can't say it to me in person in front of my kids, don't say it.

- Brene Brown

Negative Never

Never make negative comments or spread rumors about anyone. It depreciates their reputation and yours.

- Brian Koslow

About Received

I have received nasty e-mails, messages on Twitter and ridiculous comments, not only about my size, but my family.

- Ireland Baldwin

Love Though

I'll miss the comments from the people on the street who love the show and who have felt its impact on the culture. I won't miss the shooting schedule, though!

- Dennis Franz

Will Other

It's hard for me to show work while I'm writing, because other people's comments will influence what happens.

- Donna Tartt

Play TV

Let's be honest: we all watch the show at home and play 'armchair' 'Survivor,' inserting our opinions, comments and yelling at the TV screen.

- Jenna Morasca

Face Jews

No one said anything to my face, but I constantly heard comments denigrating Jews.

- Edgar Bronfman, Sr.

Woman Absolute

I was absolutely astonished by an onslaught of comments expressing their absolute shock that IFLS is run by a woman.

- Elise Andrew


We're not going to pay attention to the silliness and the petty comments. And quite frankly, women have joined me in this effort, and so it's not about appearances. It's about effectiveness.

- Katherine Harris

Human Being Read

I never, ever read the comments below an article on the Web. People are mean. I'm a human being.

- Katori Hall

Ugly About

You can get a million comments about how beautiful you look and how awesome you are, but the one comment that says they hate you and you're ugly is the one that sticks.

- Kendall Jenner

Street Hard

It's hard to walk down the street without 'Entourage' comments, and that's all nice.

- Kevin Dillon

Pretty Made

I'm the one who made many of the bold comments that we'd seen the technologies from AMD as pretty good. Their technology in many areas was leading. But those are transient.

- Kevin Rollins

May Which

I regret any comments I have ever made which may have cast any doubt on the personal faith of our president, Mr. Obama.

- Franklin Graham

Feel Bloke

I get a lot of comments from people that I'm just an ordinary bloke. They immediately feel they have a closer relationship with you; they relate to you.

- Gerry Harvey

Communicate Main

Comments are my main way to communicate with you bros.

- PewDiePie

Always Read

I try not to read the negative comments, and when I do, I let it roll off my back. I remind myself that there will always be haters as long as you are in the public eye.

- Ryan Lochte

Bad Sometimes

Sometimes online, there are what we call trolls or bullies that want to leave negative comments. That's just because they feel bad about themselves, and they want to spread that.

- GloZell

College Courses

The most frequent complaint I hear from college students is that professors inject their leftist political comments into their courses even when they have nothing to do with the subject.

- Phyllis Schlafly

Big Brother Big

I don't look at negative comments because my parents and family don't let me. My big sister controls my Instagram, and my big brother controls my Twitter. I also don't really Google myself or anything like that.

- Millie Bobby Brown

Always Twice

Media always comments if I wear the same thing twice.

- Prince Royce

Want Refugees

I don't want to be the only one speaking up for the refugees. I get all these comments from people saying, 'Thanks so much for your courage,' and, 'You're the only one who's spoken out.' But I don't want to be the only one speaking up.

- Til Schweiger

Prove Been

One of the comments that we've heard that has really blessed us is people have been driven back to the book of Revelation to prove us wrong only to find that what we said was there.

- Tim LaHaye

Over August

The tenor of the comments as we got closer and closer to August got dominated by 'Wouldja please get this over with' and not let us go into default.

- Nan Hayworth

Standard Figures

The standard way to record a meeting is to list people's names, the topics, and action items. The visual way is to doodle a rectangle (the table) populated by figures (the participants) sitting around the table with their comments as cartoon word balloons.

- Tom Wujec

Most Scores

The most interesting comments, they don't come from people with Klout scores. They don't come from people with a history on our sites.

- Nick Denton

Everybody About

When I went to the Olympics, I had every intention of shaving the mustache off, but I realized I was getting so many comments about it - and everybody was talking about it - that I decided to keep it.

- Mark Spitz

Always Separate

I always separate myself from reviews, but tweets and Instagram comments, they go directly to my phone. It's hard to keep up.

- Skylar Astin

Everyone How

Everyone makes their own comments. That's how rumors get started.

- Venus Williams

Other Which

I am genuinely sorry that my attendance at an event which, other than my comments, appears to have primarily involved a discussion of cockfighting, has created concern on the part of many Kentucky voters.

- Matt Bevin

YouTube Read

If I have one technology tip of the day, it's this: No matter how good the video on YouTube is, don't read the comments, just don't, because it will make you hate all humans.

- Matt Groening

Reason Singers

Getting comments like that from even the young people at the shows who probably aren't singers, the girls who just tell me that I'm an inspiration to them, for one reason or another.

- Wanda Jackson


My comments are reserved for reputable journalists.

- Ward Churchill

Bad Like

I see a lot of comments on Twitter and stuff about how ugly I am, how bad I am at the drums, how awkward I look, and I'm like, yeah, I agree with most of those things.

- Patrick Carney

Agent Code

As of today, the Postfix mail transport agent has almost 50,000 lines of code, comments not included.

- Wietse Venema

Bus Angeles

Regarding comments attributed to me in the Los Angeles Times - allegedly made on a bus trip from Germany to Holland in 1998 - I emphatically denounce such comments as false.

- Paul Crouch

Happen Made

The statements of four witnesses of unquestioned integrity, traveling with me that day, attest that such comments were never made and confirm that it simply did not happen.

- Paul Crouch

Some Chest

I had heard some women make comments about my chest, so why not show it off? Nobody wants to see a fat guy in tights. That wouldn't be fair to the fans.

- Paul Stanley

Bad About

Women have said the most malicious, disgusting things about me. But I know that when somebody comments about you, good or bad, it is 99 percent of the time their projection of how they feel about themselves.

- Paz de la Huerta

Give Read

I joined Twitter and you read a lot of the comments. You're biting your lip and you want to reply but you know a headline will be made from it and you don't want to give people the satisfaction.

- Michael Owen

Waste Making

When you hear people making hateful comments, stand up to them. Point out what a waste it is to hate, and you could open their eyes.

- Taylor Swift