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Crappy Suffers

Latin food suffers like Chinese. You can do marginal Chinese and be successful. You can do crappy Mexican and be packed.

- Aaron Sanchez

Most Feels

For most Americans, my Chinese music feels like a novelty, and it's not what it is for me.

- Abigail Washburn

Principle Been

Chinese civilisation is so systematic that wild animals have been abolished on principle.

- Aleister Crowley

Doing Think

I think the Chinese government is doing a great job right now.

- Alex Chiu

Political Right

I don't care what political party is controlling China right now. All I know is we are all Chinese.

- Alex Chiu

Proud Traitor

I am proud to be Chinese, and I do not tolerate any traitor.

- Alex Chiu

Similar Using

I start by using Chinese and many of the sounds of other languages are similar.

- Andy Lau

Example Similar

For example, in Malay, there are pronunciations that are similar to Chinese.

- Andy Lau

Movies Big

I look at American movies, the big muscles, and try to apply that to Chinese film-making.

- Ang Lee

Think I Think

I think that at heart I am an old-fashioned Chinese, really I am.

- Ang Lee

Government Yuan

The Chinese government does not like people betting against the yuan.

- Anthony Scaramucci

Country Big

China is a big country, inhabited by many Chinese.

- Charles de Gaulle

Interesting Times

I'm not Chinese. I thrive in interesting times.

- Charles de Lint

Japanese Learned

When I learned Japanese, they say that I sounded like a Chinese with diarrhea!

- Charo

Want Record

I want to record the name of Chen Guangbiao in Chinese history.

- Chen Guangbiao

Love Number

I just love Chinese food. My favourite dish is number 27.

- Clement Attlee

College Studied

I've studied Chinese in college, but basically, I'm not bilingual.

- David Henry Hwang

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor has more chins than the Chinese telephone directory.

- Joan Rivers

Even Billion

Even one billion Chinese do not a superpower make.

- John Lukacs

Think Tattooed

Do you think the Chinese think twice about hiring a hacker with a mohawk or a tattooed face? No.

- John McAfee

Never Named

Never eat at a Chinese restaurant named Mama Teresa's Trattoria.

- Joy Behar

Like Gross

I really like gross Chinese things.

- Awkwafina

Obedience Obey

Because of the Chinese culture of obedience, you don't ask questions... You follow and obey.

- Bai Ling

Driving Country

We have in-depth knowledge about Chinese industries. We know what's driving the country's economic growth.

- Guo Guangchang

Club Very

Club Med is very suitable for a Chinese lifestyle.

- Guo Guangchang

Unit Family Unit

Chinese society is organised around the family unit.

- Guo Guangchang

Gifted Instruments

Liu Fang is a truly gifted, world-famous player of the pipa and the guzheng, classical Chinese stringed instruments.

- Guy Gavriel Kay

Very Russians

The Chinese were good to us. The war years for us Russians in China were very good years.

- Harry Triguboff

Wish Religious

But I wish to point out that it is entirely wrong to say that the Chinese are not religious.

- Hu Shih

Been Historically

Historically, there had been many periods of Chinese Renaissance.

- Hu Shih

Rock Rock And Roll

The release of 'Chinese Democracy' marks a historic moment in rock n' roll.

- Irving Azoff

Pizza Anything

I actually didn't grow up in a household that loved Chinese food particularly, and it's not really my go-to food or anything... We were more a pizza family, being from the Chicago area and all.

- Jami Attenberg

Very Most

I find when you talk with the Chinese on most subjects, they are very practical.

- Dennis C. Blair

London Spoke

When I went to London, they told me I spoke with a funny accent - English with a Chinese accent.

- Jean-Georges Vongerichten

Camps Been

Millions also perished in the Chinese camps, and there have been terrible genocides in Cambodia and Vietnam.

- Jean-Marie Le Pen

Method Prefer

I prefer the Chinese method of eating. You can do anything at the table except arm wrestle.

- Jeff Smith


My siblings and I are known as ABCs, American-born Chinese.

- Jennifer Lee

Think Fortune

People think of fortune cookies as being Chinese, but in essence, they are fundamentally American.

- Jennifer Lee

Vigilance Downtime

Chinese cooking is noisy - a multitasking activity that requires constant vigilance. There is no downtime.

- Jennifer Lee

Been Ritual

Chinese restaurants have long been a weekly or monthly ritual for many Americans.

- Jennifer Lee

Thought Moved

When I first moved from Shanghai when I was five, I just thought of myself as Chinese.

- Jenny Zhang

Getting Saving

The Chinese are saving like mad, but they are not getting a very good return on their savings.

- Edward C. Prescott

Art Move

Wushu is a move in Chinese, a physical move. An attack. Wushu is like an art.

- Jet Li

Chinese People

This film 'Hero' talks about the peace of Chinese people.

- Jet Li

Like Bikes

In Dogtown, skateboards are like bikes to the Chinese.

- Emile Hirsch

Mistake Literature

As it was, I realized choosing the study of Chinese literature as my life's work was probably a mistake.

- Eric Allin Cornell

Sword Some

I also have some Chinese weapons, but I like the Japanese sword the best.

- Kelly Hu

Fact Literary

I'm conscious of the fact that I'm sort of a bridging figure. I have my Chinese literary heritage and cultural background, so I'm comfortable with these things, but at the same time, I have to navigate the Anglo-American tradition, which has a self-centred view of what Asia and what being Chinese means.

- Ken Liu

Replicate Sentence

There is no way for me to replicate for you what a sentence reads like for a Chinese reader.

- Ken Liu

Like Mine

Being in a Chinese coal mine for 30 years is like an epic novel. It's tragic.

- Evan Osnos

Sugar Butter

My food demons are Chinese food, sugar, butter.

- Kirstie Alley

Splits Able

I used to be able to do the Chinese splits, where you open your legs sideways.

- Kylie Minogue

Fancy Milky Way

To ancient Chinese fancy, the Milky Way was a luminous river, - the River of Heaven, - the Silver Stream.

- Lafcadio Hearn

Taiwan Come

But if the Chinese mainland, the PRC, attacked Taiwan, we'd be obligated to come to their aid.

- Fred Thompson

Know Want

Clearly, the Chinese know that we want a good relationship with them.

- Fred Thompson

Clear Very

The Chinese are quite clear what their interests are and very consistent on pushing their interests.

- Lee Hsien Loong

Trading Volume

From the Chinese perspective, Korea ranks about third or fourth in terms of trading volume and about third in terms of investment.

- Lee Myung-bak

Stronger Yuan

A stronger yuan could lead to greater Chinese asset accumulation in the U.S. and elsewhere.

- Gary Becker

Frontier Cast

Throughout my career, I was to be cast as a frontier girl, an aristocrat, an Arabian, a Eurasian, a Polynesian, and a Chinese.

- Gene Tierney

Think Companies

Chinese... companies do not have to think about whether they do something to enhance their competitive edge in international markets.

- Li Shufu

Government Very

Chinese entrepreneurs have to implement their work under the leadership of the Party and the government - it is very clear.

- Li Shufu

Habit Most

The Chinese have a habit of reading. Many families regard books as the most valuable family asset.

- Li Yuanchao

School Thought

In my school days, everyone thought I'm too tall for a Chinese girl.

- Liu Wen

My Life Never

I never bought a stock in my life. I don't understand it. To me it is like Chinese.

- Lorraine Bracco

Dig Read

I want to become a student. I want to read Chinese history and go on a dig.

- Louis V. Gerstner, Jr.

Portray Kingdoms

The great quality of the 'Three Kingdoms' is that it seems to encapsulate and portray every facet of the Chinese personality.

- Ma Jian

I Am Taiwanese

I am Taiwanese as well as Chinese.

- Ma Ying-jeou

Run Communist

The kleptocracy overseen by Chinese President Xi Jinping is more vicious and brutally anti-democratic than any regime run by any clique the Chinese Communist Party's ruling elite has vomited up since the days of Mao Zedong.

- Terry Glavin

Government Chance

I am really close to the Chinese government. And I have a chance to talk to them, listen to them.

- Thaksin Shinawatra

Uniform How

The North Koreans or Chinese may have a million men in uniform but it's about how you perform.

- Philip Hammond

I Am Other

I am Chinese - it doesn't matter what other people say.

- Gong Li

Russian Equivalent

Mo Yan is the Chinese equivalent of the Soviet Russian apparatchik writer Mikhail Sholokhov: a patsy of the regime.

- Salman Rushdie

Pretty About

The Chinese are good at repression and can be pretty ruthless about it.

- Salman Rushdie

I Am Proud

I'm as proud to be Chinese as I am American.

- Ming-Na Wen

College Very

My major in college was Chinese Studies. It was very intentional.

- Mira Sorvino

Allow Regional

Obviously, the Philippines or any regional state can never match Chinese defense spending, but we will have to develop minimum deterrence capabilities that allow us to resist and inflict sufficient retaliation if China continues to undermine Philippine territorial integrity.

- Miriam Defensor-Santiago

Spanish Descent

I'm of Filipino, Spanish, and Chinese descent, and was raised on Hawaii.

- Tia Carrere

Red Duck

So I went to the Chinese restaurant and this duck came up to me with a red.

- Tim Vine

Hungry Later

Not like Chinese food, where you eat it and then you feel hungry an hour later.

- Ray Liotta

Most Mostly

Most of my background is Filipino and partly Chinese, but mostly Filipino.

- Reggie Lee

Sound Like

I wonder what all those Chinese poets sound like in Chinese. I like their distilled quality.

- Tom Verlaine

Task Communist

The Chinese, as befits a Communist autocracy, approached the task of dominating the Olympics with top-down military discipline.

- Shashi Tharoor

Love Away

I can't stay away from Chinese food. I really love that stuff.

- Shaun White

Mind Tries

Chinese food tries to engage the mind, not just the palate. To provoke the intellect.

- Nicole Mones

Society Engine

Food is the main engine that drives connectedness, relationship in Chinese society.

- Nicole Mones

Market Very

The Chinese market is very, very unique.

- Niklas Zennstrom

Want Quantities

The Chinese do make vast quantities of wine for home consumption, but you wouldn't want to drink it yourself.

- Simon Hoggart

Low Price

Fairly or not, Western consumers associate Chinese products primarily with 'low price.'

- Nirmalya Kumar

Automobile Market

Growth in the Chinese automobile market has exceeded everyone's expectations.

- Martin Winterkorn

Very Japanese

I look like I'm Chinese or Thai or Japanese - very different.

- Mary Kom

Red Colour

In Asia, red is the colour of joy; red is the colour of festivities and of celebration. In Chinese culture, blue is the colour of mourning.

- Vincent Tan

Big China

If you are only big in China, you are only a local Chinese company.

- Wang Jianlin


The Chinese are no slouches when it comes to capitalism.

- Patricia Marx

Proud Very

I'm very proud I'm Chinese and represent the Chinese community.

- Patrick Chan

Education Where

I grew up in a Chinese family where the parents' No. 1 priority is the kids' education.

- Weili Dai

Children Very

My children speak very good Chinese, and they translate for our American friends.

- Wendi Deng Murdoch

Sometimes Back

I grew up in China, but I live in the U.S. and I want my children to understand what's going on over there. They ask me sometimes, 'Are we Chinese or Australians?' My family are in L.A., New York and China, and they have the freedom to go back and forth, which is really, really nice.

- Wendi Deng Murdoch

Long Same

Written by the ancient Chinese philosopher of the same name, the 'Zhuangzi' is one long perplexing puzzle of a rambling collection of enigmatic short stories. It's a strange feeling to laugh at a joke written by someone in the 4th century B.C.

- Patrick Stump

Arrived Opium

Although the Chinese had used opium as a medicine, there was no widespread addiction before the British arrived.

- Robert Trout

Opium Introduced

Many Chinese saw opium as a poison introduced by foreign enemies.

- Robert Trout