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Safety School

My children went to Bethesda Elementary School. I wouldn't do anything to endanger the safety of Bethesda.

- A. James Clark

Education Level

Creativity is the key to success in the future, and primary education is where teachers can bring creativity in children at that level.

- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Dreams Decide

It's when children are 15, 16 or 17 that they decide whether they want to be a doctor, an engineer, a politician or go to the Mars or moon. That is the time they start having a dream, and that's the time you can work on them. You can help them shape their dreams.

- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Know Want

I want my children to know that we often become resilient for others.

- Adam Grant

Question White

It's a significant question: should black people only adopt black children, and white people white children?

- Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

Two Your

There are two phone calls parents don't ever want to get from their children. No. 1 is, 'I'm in prison. Come fetch me.' And No. 2 is, 'I've written a novel... and it's set in your hometown.'

- Adriana Trigiani

Death His

For children preserve the fame of a man after his death.

- Aeschylus

More Now

For me, now, working and children is it. There's nothing more to life.

- Aidan Gillen

Refuse Artists

Artists are just children who refuse to put down their crayons.

- Al Hirschfeld

Keep Pads

I keep a picture of my beloved children close by. Also, water and plenty of pads and pens.

- Alain de Botton

Things Very

I do very well three things: my job, stupidities and children.

- Alain Delon

Grass Were

Were we closer to the ground as children, or is the grass emptier now?

- Alan Bennett

Other Trained

Our children were trained to look after each other.

- Alan Ladd

Little Children

Actors are frightened little children.

- Alan Rosenberg

Wife Worry

The only people whose opinions I worry about are my wife, my children, and my employees.

- Alan Sugar

Prefer Able

Being able to stay home with my children is what I prefer.

- Alec Baldwin

Happy My Life

My children are the only thing in my life that makes me happy.

- Alec Baldwin

Like Brothers

I have eight brothers and sisters, so I'd like to have a few children.

- Alek Wek

Few Were

There are few successful adults who were not first successful children.

- Alexander Chase

Better Than

Children are often better actors than adults because they have a greater capacity for believing in a situation.

- Alexander Mackendrick

Vampire Wanted

I wanted to make an adult vampire film, not something for children.

- Alexandra Cassavetes

Once Became

Once you became associated with a children's show, you're finished.

- Alexis Korner

Think Mothers

Mothers are the only ones that think nothing is beyond their control when it comes to their children.

- Ali Fazal

Had Sadly

Sadly, I haven't had a brain cell since I had children.

- Ali Hewson

Everywhere Cease

We must do everything in our power to cease the behaviour that makes children everywhere feel afraid.

- Alice Walker

Been Having

I know from having had a child, and from having been a child myself, that children will copy you.

- Alice Walker

Love World

You bring children into the world. You love them with heart and soul.

- Alice Walker

Same Abuse

Any abuse of animals is the same as abuse of men, women, or children.

- Alison Goldfrapp

Exploration See

Successful creative adults seem to combine the wide-ranging exploration and openness we see in children with the focus and discipline we see in adults.

- Alison Gopnik

Most Times

Children remind us to treasure the smallest of gifts, even in the most difficult of times.

- Allen Klein

Sad Bit

It's a sad moment, really, when parents first become a bit frightened of their children.

- Ama Ata Aidoo

City White

I was put in White City children's home when I was 15.

- Amanda de Cadenet

Future Owe

I owe it to my children to secure their future.

- Amber Frey

Always Pursue

If my children want to pursue their dreams, I will always support them.

- Amrita Singh

Love I Love

I love being with my children. They're fascinating people.

- Amy Grant

Want Lot

There are a lot of things that immigrants, especially Chinese-Americans, want to share with their children, but there are a lot of things they don't want to share.

- Anchee Min

Movies Most

My children haven't even seen most of my movies.

- Andie MacDowell

Practice Often

Because I practice often with my children at home.

- Andrea Bocelli

Say Must

While they are kids, my children must do as I say.

- Andrea Bocelli

Having Dreamed

I've dreamed of having my French bulldog become a bestselling children's heroine.

- Andrea Seigel

Be Careful Give

Be careful about the advice you give, especially to your children.

- Andrew Davies

Through Having

Having children was a revelation - it's like going through a doorway, and everything is different forever.

- Andrew Lincoln

Society Enemies

Victimizers of children are the enemies of any so-called society.

- Andrew Vachss

Relax Could

The only way I could relax was when I was with my children.

- Andrew Wiles

Reason Stands

It stands to reason that unloved and unwanted children are going to get into crime.

- Andrew Young

Know Need

Children need parameters, know what's right or wrong.

- Andy Garcia

About Handing

When you have children, you realize that at the end, it's all about passing on, about handing down.

- Andy Serkis

Through Been

My whole family have all been through a difficult time. My focus is my children, our children.

- Angelina Jolie

Work Particular

The 'Maddox Jolie-Pitt' Foundation's work is inspired by our children and their connections to particular countries.

- Angelina Jolie

Six Were

If I were happy, married with six children, I wouldn't be writing. And I doubt if I should want to.

- Anita Brookner

Aunt Although

I basically don't do that well with children, although my sister says I'm a great aunt.

- Ann B. Davis

Teach Right

As parents, we teach our children to do what's right.

- Ann Callis

Education Deserve

All children everywhere deserve the opportunity that is unlocked for them by education.

- Ann Cotton


I have six children.

- Ann Marie Buerkle

Love Book

You love each book. They're your children.

- Ann Maxwell

Lost Getting

Children usually do not blame themselves for getting lost.

- Anna Freud

I Am Glad

I am glad that I do not have any children.

- Anna Freud

Next Act

I want more children but for the next three years I want to act.

- Anna Friel

My Own Whether

I absolutely want to have children, whether I have my own or adopt.

- Anna Kournikova

Freedom Parenting

Children should have enough freedom to be themselves - once they've learned the rules.

- Anna Quindlen

Society Will

We must not inflict life on children who will be resented; we must not inflict unwanted children on society.

- Anne Lamott

Better Million

Something as simple as better breastfeeding could save a million children a year.

- Anne M. Mulcahy

Guidance Far

Children require guidance and sympathy far more than instruction.

- Anne Sullivan

I Think Used

People are used to dealing with risk. You are told if you smoke, you are at higher risk of lung cancer. And I think people are able to also understand, when they are told they are a carrier for a genetic disease, that is not a risk to them personally but something that they could pass on to children.

- Anne Wojcicki

Chaos Always

It's always 'busy' with four children; it's chaos.

- Annette Bening

Me Never

I never speak for my husband, and I never speak for my children. It's a rule. Believe me, it is.

- Annette Bening

Dominant Form

Animation did not become the dominant form of children's television until the '60s.

- Annette Funicello

Woman Give

I understand what it is for a woman to want to protect their children and give them the best they can.

- Annie Lennox

Like Sensational

It doesn't seem to me strange that children should like the macabre, the sensational, and the forbidden.

- Anthony Hecht

Leads Whom

The children whom nobody leads by the hand are the children who know they are children.

- Antonio Porchia

Leave Before

Parents have to really talk to their children before they leave home.

- Aretha Franklin

Some Reciprocate

Some caregivers want to reciprocate the care they themselves received as children.

- Ariel Gore

Models Plenty

There are plenty of models who have children.

- Arizona Muse

Wife No Friends

I don't have friends, I have thousands of acquaintances. No friends. I figured I had a wife and children.

- Charles Bronson

How Surrounded

How paramount the future is to the present when one is surrounded by children.

- Charles Darwin

Problem Up

The problem with children is that you have to put up with their parents.

- Charles de Lint

Legal Lawyers

Lawyers, I suppose, were children once.

- Charles Lamb

Like Defend

The absent are like children, helpless to defend themselves.

- Charles Reade

Same Leave

I spoil my children rotten and hope to leave them enough so they can do the same to theirs.

- Charles Saatchi

Regret My Life

The great regret of my life is that I didn't have children.

- Charlie Rose

Silent Against

I cannot be silent when facing these evils against women and children.

- Chen Guangcheng

Music Side

The focus on my wife and my children, it really helps me make sense of the music side of it somehow.

- Chris Cornell

Succeed Grown-Ups

Children succeed when grown-ups care about them.

- Chris Meledandri

Your About

When I hear people talk about juggling, or the sacrifices they make for their children, I look at them like they're crazy, because 'sacrifice' infers that there was something better to do than being with your children.

- Chris Rock

Book Basically

When somebody says, 'This must be a children's book,' basically they're saying, 'You must be a child.' And so my answer is, 'Well, yes, I guess I am a child.' But I don't think of myself that way.

- Chris Van Allsburg

Cares Felicity

Many children, many cares; no children, no felicity.

- Christian Nestell Bovee

Father Terrific

My father is not that comfortable with children, but he's a terrific father for an adult.

- Christie Hefner

Unhappy Suffer

When you're unhappy in your marriage, your children are the ones who suffer.

- Christina Aguilera

Feel Reasons

Many people, for many reasons, feel rootless - but orphans and abandoned or abused children have particular cause.

- Christina Baker Kline

Mother Profound

Bambi has a profound effect on children because it's about losing your mother.

- Christine Baranski

Legacy Left

It is up to us to live up to the legacy that was left for us, and to leave a legacy that is worthy of our children and of future generations.

- Christine Gregoire

My Time About

When I'm not working, my time is really about my children.

- Christine Lahti

Education Give

Misdirected focus on paperwork, on procedures, and on bureaucracy frustrates teachers and fails to give children the education they need.

- Christopher Bond

Priorities Having

Having children really changes your priorities.

- Cindy Crawford

My Life Were

My children were the center of my life.

- Cindy Sheehan

Life Whole

My children are my whole life.

- Cissy Houston

Lives Half

The first half of our lives are ruined by our parents and the second half by our children.

- Clarence Darrow

Tragedy Think

Just think of the tragedy of teaching children not to doubt.

- Clarence Darrow

I Am My Own

I am comfortable around babies and children because I have two of my own.

- Clive Owen

Men Like

As long as you know men are like children, you know everything!

- Coco Chanel