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Song My Own

The first album I ever bought with my own money was 'Ten.' Every single song reminds me of my childhood.

- Aaron Paul

Amazing Had

I had an amazing childhood.

- Abbie Cornish

Bad Going

Growing up in Poland, I didn't have the experience of going to Disneyland as a child, so I don't have any childhood memories connected to it, good or bad.

- Abel Korzeniowski

Always Honestly

My childhood was great, honestly. I have all these incredible memories of my childhood. I was an only child. I always had all my cousins around. I had my grandparents around. I had my parents around. I had my uncles around - whatever.

- Action Bronson

Process Very

Since an early age I was taught to be very politically aware and knew from childhood that the process was something I wanted to contribute towards if I could.

- Adam Rickitt

Friendship Big

Sixth grade was a big time, in my childhood, of hoops and friendship, and coming up with funny things.

- Adam Sandler

Happy Mundane

I had a mundane, happy childhood, without much struggle.

- Adrian Tomine

Watch Eighties

If you watch any John Hughes film of the eighties, that was my childhood experience.

- Aimee Mullins

Sure Low-Level

I'm sure I had low-level scurvy all of my childhood.

- Aisha Tyler

Kid Portion

Not only was I the only black kid and the only poor kid, but my parents were transcendental meditation devotees, and I live in an ashram for a good portion of my childhood.

- Aisha Tyler

Reasons Having

One of the reasons I get so much joy out of my own children's childhoods is that I'm having my first childhood myself.

- Al Sharpton

Nostalgia Over

I do not long for the world as it was when I was a child. I do not long for the person I was in that world. I do not want to be the person I am now in that world then. None of the forms nostalgia can take fits. I found childhood boring. I was glad it was over.

- Alan Bennett

Very Old

I was born in Somerville, but I don't remember very much about it because we moved from there to Arlington when I was five years old, and it was in Arlington that I spent most of my childhood.

- Alan Hovhaness

My Own Memphis

My own experience with trains dates to long-ago childhood trips with my family in Mississippi to see my grandmother off at the station in Jackson, bound for Memphis.

- Alan Huffman

Cards Big

I was a big baseball player, and my passion in life, in third grade, was collecting baseball cards. That was my childhood thing.

- Alan Ritchson

Happy Had

I had a happy childhood.

- Alastair Campbell

Always Pretty

I had a fairly regular childhood. I was a pretty boring kid. I didn't do much. I was always thinking, but I didn't really say a lot.

- Alessia Cara

Going Plays

I wrote poetry, journals, and, especially, plays for the neighborhood kids to perform. I had an ordinary, happy childhood. Nothing much was going on, but I had fun.

- Alex Flinn

Study Directed

From my earliest childhood, my attention was specially directed to the subject of acoustics, and specially to the subject of speech, and I was urged by my father to study everything relating to these subjects, as they would have an important bearing upon what was to be my professional work.

- Alexander Graham Bell

Living Shift

Imagination and invention go hand in hand. Remember how lack of resources was never a problem in childhood games? Shift a few pieces of furniture around the living room, and you have yourself a fort.

- Alexandra Adornetto

Complaints About

I have no complaints about my childhood.

- Alfie Allen

Last Repeatedly

For almost thirty years I repeatedly saw one and the same dream: I would arrive in Vienna at long last. I would feel really happy, for I was returning to my serene childhood.

- Alfred Schnittke

Own Will

Let a man turn to his own childhood - no further - if he will renew his sense of remoteness, and of the mystery of change.

- Alice Meynell

Them Produce

We produce destructive people by the way we are treating them in childhood.

- Alice Miller

Sure Lives

'Lives' is one of those books I should really have written when I was younger. It is the classic childhood, adolescence, breakthrough-into-maturity book. Every beginning writer has that material - and after that, you're not sure what you can do.

- Alice Munro

Love I Remember

I have a love affair with tomatoes and corn. I remember them from my childhood. I only had them in the summer. They were extraordinary.

- Alice Waters

Birthday New

I can remember the three restaurant experiences of my childhood. All I wanted to do on my birthday was to go to the Automat in New York... but I don't know if you consider that a real restaurant.

- Alice Waters

Mad Bigger

The satiric ethos of Mad was a much bigger childhood influence.

- Alison Bechdel


Childhood is a fundamental part of all human lives, parents or not, since that's how we all start out. And yet babies and young children are so mysterious and puzzling and even paradoxical.

- Alison Gopnik

Unusually Our

One of the most distinctive evolutionary features of human beings is our unusually long, protected childhood.

- Alison Gopnik

Private Shared

Siblings are the guarantors that the private childhood world - so unlike the adult world that scientists are only just beginning to understand it - is a fully shared and objective one.

- Alison Gopnik

Very Months

I had a very outdoorsy childhood. I was athletic and used to ride and do dressage. I could ride almost before I could walk. There is a picture of me at 18 months old sitting happily on the back of a donkey.

- Alison Jackson


Baseball represents family. It represents my childhood.

- Alyssa Milano

Folly Period

Childhood: the period of human life intermediate between the idiocy of infancy and the folly of youth - two removes from the sin of manhood and three from the remorse of age.

- Ambrose Bierce

Trust Country

My childhood ended in this horrible way. I lived in a country where I didn't trust anybody.

- Aminatta Forna

Worry Next

Families fighting childhood cancer should not have to worry about where they're going to get the next dose of the drug they need to save their child's life.

- Amy Klobuchar

Ballet Took

Well, I took ballet for many, many years, so my whole childhood really revolved around dance class. I grew up around dance; my mother was a dancer.

- Amy Sherman-Palladino

I See Had

My childhood memories are amazing; I had freedom in every way - but I see everything from a different perspective now that I live outside.

- Ana de Armas

Music Remember

It's hard to remember my childhood without remembering music.

- Andra Day

Nature Idea

When I look back at my childhood on the Ayrshire coast, I recall a basic devotion to the idea that human nature and national character are as unknowable as the weather's rationale.

- Andrew O'Hagan

Toys Broke

The happiest moments of my childhood were when my toys broke, because then I could destroy them with impunity.

- Andrew Stanton

May Compel

While early childhood experiences may impel, they do not compel. In the end, evil is a matter of choice.

- Andrew Vachss

Love England

I grew up in Cambridge in England, and my love of mathematics dates from those early childhood days.

- Andrew Wiles

Snow Reach

Snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood.

- Andy Goldsworthy

Away Brought

It was a fairly happy childhood. My father was working away, and my mum brought up five kids all on her own.

- Andy Serkis

New Newark

My early childhood was spent in Newark, New Jersey, but my family moved to Denver when I was 12.

- Anita Diament

Never Does

Childhood sometimes does pay a second visit to man, youth never.

- Anna Jameson

Through Actress

As an actress, you're perpetually about to be unemployed. That fear - when you have two parents who worked 9-to-5 jobs and went through periods of being unemployed - is real. Those were not welcome times in my childhood.

- Anna Kendrick

Art Been

Ever since childhood, I've been interested in history and myth. Not just the facts and figures of the past, but everything that contributes to shape our perception of an age: architecture, art, literature and so forth.

- Anne Fortier

Nutrition High

Investing in early childhood nutrition is a surefire strategy. The returns are incredibly high.

- Anne M. Mulcahy

Never Very

I had a very unusual childhood in that I grew up on the Stanford campus and I never moved.

- Anne Wojcicki

Myself Very

To me in my childhood, elves and fairies of all sorts were very real things, and my dolls were as really children as I was myself a child.

- Annie Besant

Very Grip

Southeast Asia has a real grip on me. From the very first time I went there, it was a fulfillment of my childhood fantasies of the way travel should be.

- Anthony Bourdain

Comics Draw

I'm a comic nerd. I'm a former serious collector for much of my childhood and early teen years I wanted to draw underground comics.

- Anthony Bourdain

Always Compete

I grew up with an older brother who was always stronger and faster and better than me at everything, but I was close enough in age to try and compete, so we had a competitive childhood.

- Anthony Browne

Had Underdogs

A lot of my characters are underdogs or sad or lonely, but I had a comfortable, golden sort of childhood.

- Anthony Browne

Reading Yielding

Calvin and Hobbes are the only two characters from my childhood reading that I return to with any regularity, and they have grown with me, yielding newer and deeper meaning.

- Anthony Marra

Career Set

Chechnya forms the bookends to Tolstoy's career. He began writing his first novel, 'Childhood,' while in Starogladovskaya in Northern Chechnya, and his final novel, 'Hadji Murad,' is set in the Russo-Chechen War of the 19th century.

- Anthony Marra

Some Arrival

The concentration in my book on Marie Antoinette's childhood and on her family influences. It is surprising how some books actually start with her arrival in France!

- Antonia Fraser

Living Here

When I was born here on one of the farms in Israel, my childhood, I never thought for one day that we will not be living together with Arabs.

- Ariel Sharon

Mother Been

My mother is a Telugu, so I have been familiar with the language since childhood.

- Armaan Malik


The four stages of man are infancy, childhood, adolescence, and obsolescence.

- Art Linkletter

Like Stunned

'400 Blows' was so much like my own childhood, it really stunned me.

- Arthur Penn

Genius Will

Genius is the recovery of childhood at will.

- Arthur Rimbaud

Christmas Old

Happy, happy Christmas, that can win us back to the delusions of our childhood days, recall to the old man the pleasures of his youth, and transport the traveler back to his own fireside and quiet home!

- Charles Dickens

Old Had

I have had playmates, I have had companions; In my days of childhood, in my joyful school days - All, all are gone, the old familiar faces.

- Charles Lamb

Gift Idol

I got to act with my childhood film idol, Robert Redford, and that's a gift in itself.

- Chin Han


There is a lot of my childhood in 'The Sandcastle Girls.'

- Chris Bohjalian

Always Quick

My mom told me as a youngster I was always intellectual, like as far as being able to adapt fast and quick. But I had a fun childhood, went to regular school.

- Chris Brown

Living Amount

I came from a childhood where I spent a lot of time alone and a lot of time just living with my imagination, and a certain amount of the adult world was kind of alienating.

- Chris Cornell

Back Right

If you're walking down the street and you smell a scent, it can take you right back to a memorable time in your life, whether it's a moment with an ex-girlfriend or a childhood event.

- Chris Evans

Crush DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack in 'Titanic' was my childhood crush!

- Christa B. Allen

Wait Back

I carry a disposable camera. It takes me back to my childhood, when you had to develop your film and wait to see what pictures you got.

- Christa B. Allen

Deep Always

Growing up with the childhood that I had, I learned to never let a man make me feel helpless, and it also embedded a deep need in me to always stick up for women.

- Christina Aguilera

Caged Felt

I felt caged by my childhood.

- Christina Aguilera

Magic Books

Recently, I've really responded to books that bring the magic of childhood back to us as adults.

- Christina Ricci

Three Ages

There are three terrible ages of childhood - 1 to 10, 10 to 20, and 20 to 30.

- Cleveland Amory

Innocence Lot

The innocence of childhood is like the innocence of a lot of animals.

- Clint Eastwood

Give Your

I would just encourage people: your childhood belongs to you, and don't give anyone, especially me, the power to ruin your childhood.

- Colin Trevorrow

Magic Almost

The movies of our particular childhood were so great that it's almost impossible to recapture that magic, especially as adults.

- Colin Trevorrow

Give Take

You get 12 years of childhood, give or take.

- Colin Trevorrow

Violin Gilbert

My mom was sort of involved in amateur dramatics like Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, and played the violin. My dad played banjo and piano and sang as well, so there was all this music in my childhood.

- Colm Wilkinson

Sad Would

My childhood, I would say, was a bit sad.

- Columba Bush

Society Would

My childhood, I would say, was a bit sad. Society resents that.

- Columba Bush

Rough Very

I had a very rough and tumultuous childhood.

- Corey Feldman

Could Dad

I had what you could call a chaotic childhood. My parents divorced when I was 2; I went back and forth between my mom's and dad's houses for years.

- Crystal Bowersox

Strength Through

They say everything you go through in your childhood builds character and inner strength.

- Curtis Joseph

Always Sense

I've always reverted to a sense of childhood, just in everyday life.

- Daniel Craig

Nation Capital

As a native Washingtonian, I am well aware that childhood obesity is a real problem in our nation's capital.

- Daniel Snyder

Lucky Always

Jersey is always with me. I was one of the lucky ones. Asbury Park is just the greatest place in the world to spend your childhood.

- Danny DeVito

Increases Usable

In neighborhoods without a usable park or playground, the incidence of childhood obesity increases by 29 percent.

- Darell Hammond

Rates Given

Given that the biggest rise in childhood obesity rates are occurring in children ages 3 to 5 years, we must modify our efforts to place an emphasis on prevention versus intervention.

- Darell Hammond

Play Natural

Play is the best natural resource in a creative economy. Kids need more of it. It is the work of childhood. We hope to intrinsically change the opinion that play is not just a luxury but an absolute necessity for kids' lives.

- Darell Hammond

Wife Long Island

My wife and I live in Brooklyn, N.Y., not too far from where my Long Island childhood happened.

- Darin Strauss

Lucky Pretending

I feel really lucky that I grew up pretending to be a spy for my whole childhood.

- Daryl Sabara

Happy Extremely

I had a happy childhood: extremely outdoorsy and independent.

- Dasha Zhukova

Art Still

I have had an interest in art since childhood. I loved to draw as a child and still do.

- Dasha Zhukova

Strip Malls

There's something about strip malls that just reeks of my childhood.

- Dave Foley

Week Some

Some of my happiest childhood memories are going to the movies with my dad and seeing whatever was out that week. In 1977, when I was 7, it was 'Star Wars.' That was a life-changer.

- David Benioff

Perfume Smells

Childhood smells of perfume and brownies.

- David Leavitt