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Like Guess

But I guess I like playing flawed guys 'cause it gives a place for the characters to go.

- Aaron Eckhart

Me Always

I always gravitate towards characters that are so opposite of me.

- Aaron Paul

Through Act

I do not speak through my characters; it's not a ventriloquist act.

- Aaron Sorkin


I'm about my characters.

- Abel Ferrara

New New World

There's nothing more fun to me than new characters and a new world.

- Adam McKay

Nothing More

There's nothing more fun than mean-spirited characters.

- Adam McKay

Want Stories

I want to tell authentic, real stories with real characters.

- Adepero Oduye

Real People

Among adults, we can admit that of course, characters are creations. They aren't real people.

- Alain de Botton

Love I Love

I love novels where not much 'happens' but where the interest is in the ideas and analyses of characters.

- Alain de Botton

Think I Think

I think the world is a place for oddballs and freaks. I'm only interested in oddballs and freaks as characters.

- Alan Ball

Tell Once

Once you have your characters, they tell you what to write, you don't tell them.

- Alan Furst

History Few

Few characters in history are indispensable.

- Albert Bushnell Hart

Remember Movies

I remember pretending to be the characters in the movies when I was a little kid.

- Alden Ehrenreich

Music Connected

With contemporary music, you automatically get connected. It connects you to the emotion of the characters.

- Aldis Hodge

Know Benefits

One of the benefits to television is that you're with these characters for years, you know them so well.

- Aleksa Palladino

Working Lots

Traditionally, lots of vagrants and unemployable characters wind up working in kitchens.

- Alex Kapranos

Fiction Will

Any author of fiction will tell you that characters don't need to be told what to do.

- Alexander McCall Smith

Remember Liking

I do remember being a fan of the Marvel characters and not liking the DC characters at all.

- Alfred Molina

Personality Get

I get pigeonholed into type-A personality characters, but I'm really not type A. I'm kind of a spaz.

- Alison Brie

Lot I Write

I put a lot of myself into my characters when I write.

- Alison Tyler

Depth More

I do feel more towards certain characters who have depth and intelligence.

- Allison Scagliotti

Every Man Which

Every man has three characters - that which he exhibits, that which he has, and that which he thinks he has.

- Alphonse Karr

Play Big

It was a big deal to me to play characters and feel things and connect to somebody in a fake world.

- Amanda Seyfried

Play Perfect

I don't like to play characters that are too perfect.

- Amanda Seyfried

My Own Through

I'm much more comfortable speaking through my characters' voices than my own.

- Amy Adams

Your Appears

Plays are wonderfully different than short stories, first because it's a story that's on a stage, but there's a different sort of tension that appears on stage - you get to see your characters in a different way - like with lights.

- Amy Bloom

Always Like

My characters always like themselves.

- Amy Sedaris

Project Tend

I am, as are most writers, just hugely obsessive, and so are many of my closest friends, who tend to be writers or scientists. It's a trait of human nature that I'm particularly in touch with. So I tend to project it onto my characters.

- Andrea Barrett

Move Through

The kind of actors I admire move through different characters and genres.

- Andrew Scott


Emotions serve characters' purposes. That is their motivation.

- Ang Lee

Plot Trace

I try to trace the connection between the characters and that way a story or plot emerges.

- Anita Desai

Boring Would

None of the characters I've played are really like me. That would be boring. That wouldn't be acting.

- Anna Paquin

Opera Always

I've always said, I prefer the opera to the soap - those extreme characters and circumstances.

- Anthony Geary

Play Lucky

I've been lucky to play characters that are really broad.

- Anton Yelchin

Play Would

I want things to be characters and not me. Why would I want to play me?

- Anton Yelchin

Belong Plays

Characters don't belong to anyone, not even the person who plays them.

- Antonio Banderas

Normal Forcing

I like the way that psychological extremity can illuminate more 'normal' characters by forcing a comparison.

- Antonya Nelson

Play Aloof

I am not as confident as the characters I play. I am a bit aloof. I am uncomfortable in social situations.

- Anushka Sharma

See Films

Films work due to scripts, characters, and what you see on screen.

- Arjun Kapoor

Play Aspire

I aspire to play interesting characters.

- Arjun Kapoor

Will Reader

Make your characters believable, and your reader will believe what they believe.

- Arthur Slade

Alone Everyone

Everyone thinks I live alone, but I don't. My characters all live with me.

- Arundhati Roy

Life Jeans

I'm sort of a reverse Method actor. In my personal life, I become my characters. After 'One Tree Hill', I started dressing in Converse and ripped jeans and hoodies. On 'Awkward', it manifests in how I speak.

- Ashley Rickards

Play Lot

A lot of the characters I play are very naive, and I don't think I'm like that. And I'm not stupid!

- Ashton Kutcher

Think Always

It always helps me connect with characters, to think about what music they respond to.

- Charles Frazier

How Stories

Storylines are how characters create the plots involved in their stories.

- Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Important Lot

I find that it's really important for me to imagine characters and situations. That allows me a lot of freedom.

- Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Literature Me

To me, characters are at the heart of great literature.

- Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Drama Offer

I enjoy doing everything, comedy and drama. I just look for the characters really and what they offer.

- Chiwetel Ejiofor

Play Long Time

Six years is a long time to play the same characters on the same show.

- Chris Wood

Think Ashamed

I don't think I like characters who are afraid and ashamed of who they are.

- Christina Ricci

Go Tend

I tend to go for these half-little-boy characters.

- Christine McVie

Grow Over

One pleasure of working on a trilogy is watching characters warp and grow over time.

- Chuck Hogan


After Shakespeare, Dickens is the great creator of characters, multiple characters.

- Claire Tomalin

Villain Aspect

I played characters with villainous aspect. But out-and-out villain? No.

- Clint Eastwood

Always Were

I always liked characters that were more grounded in reality.

- Clint Eastwood

Lovely Basics

It's just lovely to be involved in a movie that does go back to the basics - characters and great writing.

- Clive Owen


I'm blessed and proud and privileged to have played two wonderful characters on television.

- Colin Cunningham

Movies Stuck

I've played all kinds of historical characters, but they are stuck in movies that aren't their movies.

- Colm Feore

Character Think

Describe character using dialogue. Describe character using what the characters see or do or think, but not what they had done or where they had been.

- Colm Toibin

Sunrise Tequila

I saw Tequila Sunrise as a romantic picture with complex, bigger than life characters.

- Conrad Hall

Then Nicer

I'm much nicer then all my characters, let's just put it that way.

- Constance Zimmer

Cool Toys

I'm a geeky toy collector, and to have toys of your own characters is unbelievably cool.

- Craig McCracken

Love I Love

I love playing characters that have secrets.

- Cynthia Watros

Doing Audience

The fun thing about doing origin stories is you are introducing the audience to characters.

- Damon Lindelof

Book Telling

Because they feel that without them telling you to do this, you wouldn't have had the characters that you have, you wouldn't have the book that you have.

- Dan DeCarlo

See Made

In 20 years I want to look back and see a collection of crazy characters that I made - a menagerie.

- Dan Fogler

Love Fall

There are characters that become more popular as we fall in love with them.

- Dan Scanlon

Play Tend

I tend to play the dangerous characters, the boyfriend, that sort of thing.

- Dana Ashbrook

See Other

When people come to see my stand-up, they get a chance to see my characters interact with each other.

- Dana Carvey

Difficult More

I'm more interested in characters who are a little difficult.

- Daniel Clowes

Mind Play

I don't mind what the role is at all; I just want to play cool characters.

- Daniel Cudmore

Always Plot

I'm always writing about character first. Plot, such as it is, comes from the characters.

- Daniel Woodrell

Honest Bringing

My job is to focus on bringing characters to life in an honest and personal way.

- Danny Pudi

Calm Some

Characters stretching their legs in some calm haven generally don't make for interesting protagonists.

- Darin Strauss

Bad Yeah

You get a bad review with a novel, and it hurts. But I imagine if you get a bad review with a memoir, it hurts more because you can always say, 'Well, they didn't like my characters,' but when you're the character, it's like, 'Oh, yeah, they actually didn't like me.'

- Darin Strauss

Important Very

Casting ethnic characters is a very hard thing to do, but it's important. It's also interesting.

- Darren Aronofsky

Think Face

I think I would much rather push the boundaries of the degradation that the characters face.

- Dave Rowntree

Writing Get

A certain luxury when you get to writing a novel is to have the space to have your characters just banter.

- David Benioff


I like characters who are contradictory.

- David Bergen

Sketches Vastly

Sketches have characters, exits, entrances and are vastly different.

- David Cross

Love Always

People always love and respect characters who speak the truth, even if the truth hurts.

- David Duchovny

Children Like

When you create a show, and create characters, these people are like children to you.

- David E. Kelley

Movie Identify

Yet as a director, I don't feel you have to identify with your characters as a requirement to make a movie.

- David Fincher

Learn Like

I like characters who don't change, who don't learn from their mistakes.

- David Fincher

First Foremost

I'm first and foremost interested in the story, the characters.

- David Lean

Truth Embrace

Readers embrace all kinds of characters as long as they are written with emotional truth.

- David Levithan

Cast Ongoing

Television provides the opportunity for an ongoing story - the opportunity to meld the cast and the characters and a world, and to spend more time there.

- David Lynch

Like Would

'Evil' is quite a blanket term. People aren't the demonic characters we would like them to be sometimes.

- David Morrissey

Deep Shows

I like shows that are surprising and not predictable. That have deep, rich characters that are fully formed.

- David Nevins

Career Classic

During my career I've enjoyed re-invigorating and contextualizing classic characters that are relatable to contemporary audiences.

- David S. Goyer

Very Fry

Twitter is very impulsive and impermanent and you only have 140 characters. There is no greater 'Emperor' of Twitter than Stephen Fry.

- David Tang


Contemporary audiences are interested in watching characters navigate ethical challenges and moral dilemmas.

- David Zabel

Makeup Doing

Doing makeup was a way to create characters, only I got tired of doing it for other people.

- Debi Mazar

Always Either

I suppose I'm always looking for a sort of acuity of perception either in my characters or about my characters.

- Deborah Eisenberg

Driven Settings

As a writer, I'm driven by settings. Others are driven by characters or predicaments, but with me, settings come first.

- Jim Lynch

Loved Always

I've always loved the underdog characters.

- Jim O'Heir

Journey Bigger

Writing sketches, you're also learning about a journey and characters, and you translate that to bigger things.

- Jim Rash

Love Been

Yes, I love playing cartoony characters. Been known for that.

- Joan Collins

Play Like

I'd like to play nothing but good characters.

- Joan Leslie