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Human Robot

What's casual for a robot isn't necessarily what's casual for a human.

- Alan Tudyk

Lot Film Acting

A lot of film acting is about being casual.

- Alan Tudyk

Them Kinds

I have jeans with holes in them and I have nice jeans. I have casual and I have dressy jeans. I've got all kinds.

- Amanda Seyfried

Whenever Prefer

Whenever I go out, I have to have a jacket on. I prefer casual ones for a party and semi-formal ones for events.

- Armaan Malik

Always Like

On vacation, you can wear all the colorful and casual clothing that you like, but you must always be elegant.

- Christian Dior

Taken Should

Casual drug users should be taken out and shot.

- Daryl Gates

Against Secular

I tended to emphasize the secular, the casual, the colloquial, the vernacular against the sacred.

- David Antin

Enthusiasm Waver

When it comes to casual clothing, my enthusiasm for clothes starts to waver.

- Bill Nighy

Would Hardcore

I would say I'm a casual gamer. I'm not hardcore.

- Bruce Feirstein

Nature Very

The true nature of evil is that it is so very casual.

- James St. James

Natural Use

I use not casual phrases but imagistic phrases that create a rhythm of natural presence.

- Gerald Vizenor

Tension Taste

The difference with Cleveland is that the racial tension was not a casual taste of it. It was outlandish.

- Terrence Howard

Forever Listener

The casual listener won't be around forever.

- Mike Shinoda

Like Commoner

Mamata Banerjee is just a casual worker, just like a commoner.

- Mamata Banerjee

Know How

I don't really know how to do casual clothes.

- Oscar de la Renta

Wear Obsessed

For casual wear, I'm obsessed with Onassis in Soho. Hip-preppy and well priced.

- Max von Essen

Head Like

I look like a casual, laid-back guy, but it's like a circus in my head.

- Steven Wright

Life Is A Right

Life is a right, not collateral or casual.

- Suheir Hammad

Brothers Collar

A Brooks Brothers button-down with an unfastened collar, rolled-up sleeves, and jeans makes for a comfortable, casual look.

- Roger Stone

Habits Attitudes

If you're not working, over time you're much more likely to develop attitudes and orientations and behavior patterns that are associated with casual or infrequent work. And then when you open up opportunities for people, you notice that these attitudes, orientations, habits and styles also change.

- William Julius Wilson