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Want Like

If you want to shine like a sun, first burn like a sun.

- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Soccer Through

Soccer players generally burn through all of their carbohydrate stores by halftime, so how are you going to replace those? That's what we do at halftime.

- Abby Wambach

Tan Bake

Albanians, we tan well! I don't burn; I bake.

- Action Bronson

Happen Masculine

I don't burn any calories trying to be masculine; I just happen to be from that world.

- Adam Carolla

Work Lucky

Thankfully, I'm lucky enough to be able to eat ice cream. I've got to have my cookies and cream! But I work out a lot, so I burn a lot of calories.

- Adrian Peterson

Desire Living

A revolutionary poem will not tell you who or when to kill, what and when to burn, or even how to theorize. It reminds you... where and when and how you are living and might live, it is a wick of desire.

- Adrienne Rich

Think Very

I think it's better to burn out than to fade away... it's better to live out your days being very, very active - even if it destroys you - than to quietly... disappear.

- Ahmet Ertegun

Off Lest

A man should live with his superiors as he does with his fire: not too near, lest he burn; nor too far off, lest he freeze.

- Albert Pike

Thoughts Brought

Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun's rays do not burn until brought to a focus.

- Alexander Graham Bell

Business Materialize

Founders go wrong when they start to believe their business plan will materialize as written. I advise entrepreneurs to burn their business plan - it's simply too dangerous to the health of your business.

- Alexander Osterwalder

Go Books

Books won't stay banned. They won't burn. Ideas won't go to jail.

- Alfred Whitney Griswold

Little Things Things

It is the little things that pierce and burn and prick for years to come.

- Algernon Blackwood

Always Some

I need to be bad. I don't want to burn out. I also don't want to be a person who is always performance-oriented. I also want to have some fun.

- Alia Bhatt

Bicycle Like

For cardio, I do SoulCycle. I really don't like to run, plus I have terrible knees and get bored on the elliptical. SoulCycle is basically a dance party on a bicycle, and you burn calories, and it's so fun.

- Allison Williams

Away Go

Better do a good deed near at home than go far away to burn incense.

- Amelia Earhart

Think I Think

I think that women on expeditions often get sucked into giving 150 percent of themselves because they feel they have to prove themselves physically equal to men. We get ourselves into trouble and burn out.

- Ann Bancroft

Through Which

No one will burn out doing aerobic running. It is too much anaerobic running, which the American scholastic athletic system tends to put young athletes through, that burns them out.

- Arthur Lydiard

Idea Could

I had no idea there were so many ways you could burn yourself out.

- Chris Evans

Tax Earn

Tax what you burn not what you earn.

- Christine Pelosi

Lucky Everyone

I'm lucky I have a fast metabolism... my whole family does... everyone's got a lot of nervous energy so we burn it off.

- Claire Foy

Fast Getting

You don't burn out from going too fast. You burn out from going too slow and getting bored.

- Cliff Burton

High Stories

These are the stories the Dogs tell, when the fires burn high and the wind is from the north.

- Clifford D. Simak

Happy Game

I had an amazing experience with 'Third Watch'. I was so happy when 'The Game' came back because I never wanted it to end. And then with 'Burn Notice,' too.

- Coby Bell

Flag Himself

I prefer a man who will burn the flag and then wrap himself in the Constitution to a man who will burn the Constitution and then wrap himself in the flag.

- Craig Washington

Couple Which

If you're down to 6% body fat, which I've done before, you burn out really quickly. Like, in a couple hours, you're pretty much done, and then you're useless.

- Daniel Wu

World Watched

I've watched the world crash and burn in every sense. I've watched the record industry crash and burn; politically I've watched it crash and burn, financially crash and burn.

- Daryl Hall

New Actual

I probably listen to Burn more than any of them, because it was so new me, so novel. To see my name on an actual record was such an incredible feeling.

- David Coverdale

Which Hardest Thing

The hardest thing in life to learn is which bridge to cross and which to burn.

- David Russell

Global Fuels

The truth is, as most of us know, that global warming is real and humans are major contributors, mainly because we wastefully burn fossil fuels.

- David Suzuki

Better Private

Sometimes we crash and burn. It's better to do it in private.

- Dean Kamen

Lose Nothing

Come on, come on! And there'll be no turning back! You were only killing time and it can kill you right back. Come on, come on! It's time to burn up the fuse. You got nothing to do and even less to lose.

- Jim Steinman

Love Going

Love is a fire. But whether it is going to warm your hearth or burn down your house, you can never tell.

- Joan Crawford

Double Two

Two days prior to the Herrick operation I repaired a double cleft lip, resected a recurrent cancer of the mouth, corrected lop ears in a child, and closed a burn of the buttocks.

- Joe Murray

Brief Pungent

If you be pungent, be brief; for it is with words as with sunbeams - the more they are condensed the deeper they burn.

- John Dryden

Some Brilliant

Some actors are brilliant in David Mamet, but they would crash and burn in my plays and visa-versa. You either have my music in your body, or you don't.

- John Patrick Shanley

Country Been

And we have abundant natural energy resources in the country. We haven't been taking adequate advantage of them, and we can burn coal in a clean way; we could improve the grid.

- John W. Snow

See Will

Catch on fire and people will come for miles to see you burn.

- John Wesley

Hands Lest

Money never stays with me. It would burn me if it did. I throw it out of my hands as soon as possible, lest it should find its way into my heart.

- John Wesley

Love Life

Make space in your life for the things that matter, for family and friends, love and generosity, fun and joy. Without this, you will burn out in mid-career and wonder where your life went.

- Jonathan Sacks

Positive Pain

Find a place inside where there's joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.

- Joseph Campbell

Fast Oftentimes

Oftentimes, rumors burn white hot only to fizzle as fast as they ignited.

- Judy Smith

Trust Read

Old wood best to burn, old wine to drink, old friends to trust, and old authors to read.

- Athenaeus

Like Very

Happiness consumes itself like a flame. It cannot burn for ever, it must go out, and the presentiment of its end destroys it at its very peak.

- August Strindberg

Away Semblance

The only way that you can find any semblance of a rule, or make any semblance of your own rule, is to tear up the rulebook. Throw it out, burn it, throw it away, and make your own rules.

- Ben Harper

Think Which

When you're a kid, 'Star Trek' is a slower burn. It's funny, it's entertaining, but it also has a maturity about it - which is its universal appeal, I think.

- Benedict Cumberbatch

Come Gonna

If America don't come around, we're gonna' burn it down.

- H. Rap Brown

Business Otherwise

Anyone in the humor business isn't thinking clearly if he doesn't surround himself with idea people. Otherwise, you settle for mediocrity - or you burn yourself out.

- Hank Ketcham

Own Needed

Every burn on my body has had its own different personality. And all of them needed different things.

- Hannah Storm

Worry Still

You live in this shadow that you're going to burn in Hell until you're saved. And I still worry about it a little. I don't believe in Heaven, but I do still fear Hell.

- Beth Ditto

Die Me

When I die, I hope they don't cremate me 'cuz I'll burn forever.

- Harry Caray

Finger Limitation

Kids only learn that the stove is hot when they put their finger on and they burn it. This, unfortunately, is the limitation of our precious brain.

- Hasso Plattner

Will Books

Wherever they burn books they will also, in the end, burn human beings.

- Heinrich Heine

Beauty Alone

Loneliness adds beauty to life. It puts a special burn on sunsets and makes night air smell better.

- Henry Rollins

Humor Ever

A sense of humor is good for you. Have you ever heard of a laughing hyena with heart burn?

- Bob Hope

Character Quick

These days with the web, you can burn out a character really quick.

- Bobby Moynihan

Like Brilliant

A man must live like a great brilliant flame and burn as brightly as he can. In the end he burns out. But this is far better than a mean little flame.

- Boris Yeltsin

Audience Hours

When you hire me, you hire a nut who is going to work 24 hours a day for you and never, ever burn his audience.

- Howard Stern

Which Allow

We should burn all libraries and allow to remain only that which everyone knows by heart. A beautiful age of the legend would then begin.

- Hugo Ball

City Will

I will burn your city, your land, your self.

- Hulagu Khan

Some Tub

I take a baths all the time. I'll put on some music and burn some incense and just sit in the tub and think, Wow, life is great right now.

- Brian Austin Green

Itself Very

Money may kindle, but it cannot by itself, and for very long, burn.

- Igor Stravinsky

Religion Candle

Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.

- Buddha

Like Saved

The only people for me are the mad ones: the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who... burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow Roman candles.

- Jack Kerouac

Product Roof

A product name has to be specific. You know that Tasty Soup is tasty - that Hot Chips will burn off the roof of your mouth.

- Caroline Leavitt

Being Raised

I was raised thinking I'd burn in hell for being gay, but I didn't have a choice. It's just who I am.

- Jai Rodriguez

Bed Read

Before bed, I read a book or flip on the radio - I'm not picky, I'll just turn it on and see what comes up. I burn a yummy lavender- scented candle.

- Carrie Underwood

Big Acceptable

It is not acceptable that we continue to see thousands of acres burn because of forest fires, because of poor management on our forests, big kill, and we have these catastrophic situations take place when we are not able to take action.

- Cathy McMorris Rodgers

Very We Cannot

What has become clear from the science is that we cannot burn all of the fossil fuels without creating a very different planet.

- James Hansen

Snuff Thy

Burn not thy fingers to snuff another man's candle.

- James Howell

Rest More

Do you know how much coal China burns? In 2013, we already were burning 3.6 billion tons. And do you know how much coal the rest of the world burns? We burn more than the rest of the world combined.

- Chai Jing

Disease Original

Starvation and disease are the original weapons of mass destruction. When you burn fields and kill animals, people are left vulnerable.

- James Nachtwey

Complicated Eat

Dieting isn't complicated: if you eat 2,000 calories, you have to burn it off; simple as that.

- James Purefoy

Like Watch

I really like playing people who are exciting to watch and who burn brightly.

- James Purefoy

Time Which

Time is the school in which we learn, time is the fire in which we burn.

- Delmore Schwartz

Good Luck Think

I don't think I really have any wisdom. Stay out of trouble. Good luck. Stay away from women because they will burn you, haha.

- Jason Aldean

Hollywood Pets

So many young pets burn out in Hollywood, it's crazy.

- Jason Gann

Behind Set

I never wanted to set the world on fire. So I never had to burn any bridges behind me.

- Dinah Shore

Woman Took

I was the first woman to burn my bra - it took the fire department four days to put it out.

- Dolly Parton

Asians Lot

Asians are nice people, but they burn a lot of shirts.

- Don Rickles

Think Wanting

We're living in a time where I think most people are wanting someone to invite them respectfully to a policy position, not try to just slash and burn the other person.

- Jeff Fortenberry

Months Having

I don't want to go back to WWE and burn out within four or five months, and having another run as TNA world champion would feel just as good.

- Jeff Hardy

Think I Think

The most fun I've had on 'Burn Notice,' I think it would have to be working with China Chow and Lucy Lawless.

- Jeffrey Donovan

Love Church

If you love god, burn a church.

- Jello Biafra

Hair Been

I've been burn when it comes to my hair that it ain't no joke.

- Jenifer Lewis

Separation Going

You know, Scooter's going to do the first separation burn; I'm going to do the second separation burn.

- Duane G. Carey

Which Fed

I shall strive not to be guilty of adding any fuel to the flames of hatred and passion which, if continued to be fed, promise to burn up whatever is left by the war of decent human feeling in Europe.

- Eamon de Valera

Phoenix Before

Sometimes you have to burn yourself to the ground before you can rise like a phoenix from the ashes.

- Jens Lekman

Audience Still

So it's one of those things where we have to - our problem is pacing ourselves and still reaching a large enough number of our audience. Because we don't want to burn the audience. And we don't want to be excluding anybody.

- Jerry Garcia

Calories Lot

You can burn a lot of calories mopping the house.

- Jerry Hall

Flight Sometime

We need a community of nations capable of space flight because we all have to be off this planet sometime in the future. Our sun is going to burn out eventually, and we are not in a sustainable situation.

- Edgar Mitchell

Product CD

The packaging has to really sell the product today, because kids can go out and buy a CD and then 10 kids can burn them. So you have to really be on your toes.

- Jerry Only

Fast Models

Models are like athletes: You burn hard and fast.

- Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann

New Reason

I know too many musicians that have to tour on the same 10 songs, and they burn out. They get back to their house, and they have no reason to write new music. They are music'd out.

- Justin Vernon

Right Thing Legally

Is it the right thing to burn Qurans? Legally? Can pastor burn Quran tomorrow? People accept legally it is right. But is it the right thing to do? No.

- K. A. Paul

Will Tell

I can tell you 100 percent Pastor Jones will not burn the Quran tomorrow. There will be no Quran burning.

- K. A. Paul

Starving Amount

One should eat everything especially healthy and not junk food. I don't like the idea of starving. I would eat and burn it out in gym. The amount of intake is what matters.

- Kareena Kapoor Khan

Run Always

I know that's definitely the way for me to run races - instead of trying to burn up at the front and blowing up, it's always better to be passing people at the end.

- Eloise Wellings

More Going

I used to skip breakfast, but eating gets my metabolism going, so I burn more calories all day.

- Kate Walsh

Top Minutes

If I put the top down, I start to burn in about five minutes.

- Kathleen Robertson

Flag Been

Nowhere else in history has there ever been a flag that stands for the right to burn itself. This is the fractal of our flag. It stands for the right to destroy itself.

- Ken Kesey