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Need Bronx

I don't need bodyguards. I'm from the South Bronx.

- Al Pacino

Play Surrounded

I want to have lots of bodyguards around me and be surrounded by beautiful women while watching my brother play at Wimbledon.

- Alex Pettyfer

Think Movie

I don't have people following me around, like bodyguards. I don't know how people live like that. Maybe the young movie stars have to live like that, I don't know. But it seems a little crazy to me. I don't think you need all that stuff.

- Anthony Hopkins

Big Like

The Capone era. That was my time. Capone was a big baseball fan. He'd walk into the ballpark like the president walking in today, with bodyguards all around him.

- Billy Herman

Want Anybody

Actors have bodyguards and entourages not because anybody wants to hurt them - who would want to hurt an actor? - but because they want to get recognized. God forbid someone doesn't recognize them.

- James Caan

Think I Think

Having bodyguards is just part of being famous, I think.

- Dolph Lundgren


I wore bulletproof vests, and my bodyguards had the option of having bulletproof vests - I bought five sets.

- Ernst Zundel

Want Chill

I'm not a security-type person, I don't want to have bodyguards around me. I'm not into all that. Now we just chill in the house. There are a lot of times when we want to go out, but we just don't.

- The Notorious B.I.G.

Want Person

I'm not a security-type person: I don't want to have bodyguards around me. I'm not into all that.

- The Notorious B.I.G.


I don't know if, at the end of the day, how brave Saddam Hussein would be if he were stripped of his bodyguards and everything else.

- Richard Armitage

Treat Kind

I'm not a person who comes with bodyguards. I'm a simple jhola-kurta kind of girl. So people treat me as a buddy.

- Shreya Ghoshal

Think Celebrity

I drive around on my scooter in Milan alone - we don't have bodyguards or anything like that. I am a fashion designer, not a celebrity, and although I get stopped for autographs and the like, I don't think I am famous.

- Stefano Gabbana

South Africa

I roll with bodyguards when I go back home to South Africa.

- Yolandi Visser