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Big Brother

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Celebrity Big

I try to keep my integrity. I don't want to be in 'Hello!' or on 'Celebrity Big Brother.'

- Aidan Gillen

Big Everyone

I just wanted to be myself and that's why I chose to do 'Big Brother,' because I wanted everyone to see the real Amy Childs.

- Amy Childs

Big Always

I've always have loved reality programmes. 'Big Brother,' 'I'm A Celebrity,' they're my guilty pleasure.

- Amy Childs

Big Safest

For me, Jesus is my cleft in the rock. He is my safest friend, my safe totally loving accepting big brother.

- Anne Lamott

Big Which

Narciso Rodriguez was my first fashion big brother. He made my wedding dress, which was wonderful.

- Claire Danes

Big Again

I'd only do Big Brother again if you paid me three times as much money.

- Coolio

Tell Big

I liked back in the sixties where you'd turn on the radio and go 'Oh that's Hendrix, that's Creedence Clearwater, that's The Doors, there's The Grass Roots, The Monkees, there's Big Brother.' You could just instantly hear it and tell. But in the eighties and nineties there's no way you could do that.

- Creed Bratton

Celebrity Big

I've said no to 'Celebrity Big Brother,' 'Strictly,' and the American one, 'Dancing With The Stars.' I don't feel it's right for me. I've been asked to do reality TV a zillion times. No way. No way. Nobody's going to get into my living room and see me there.

- Joan Collins

Big Some

When people talk about televisual phenomena such as 'Big Brother,' I haven't a clue what they're talking about. Having said that, if I'm staying in a hotel and there's a television in there, I'll go straight to it and watch it as if it's some incredible new invention.

- Jodhi May

Think Big

I was a militant smoker, and in my case, I think I particularly used smoking because what I felt was a kind of politically correct big brother assault on smoking.

- Joe Eszterhas

Learn Big

You learn more about life from watching 'Big Brother' than from reading a book.

- John de Mol, Jr.

Die Big

When we started with 'Big Brother' and created the reality genre, no one could ever foresee that there was so much space in the genre that it could deliver so many formats. There will be periods where there is not enough new stuff to keep the genre alive. But it will never die.

- John de Mol, Jr.

Big Telling

P.C. is just too Big Brother - telling me how I should act and feel.

- Johnny Kelly

Political Big

There are so many classic Big Brother warning books: the Internet is a horrible, controlling thing, as if it has a consciousness or political agenda.

- Joshua Cohen

Worry Over

I'm not taking maternity leave from 'Big Brother.' I e-mailed my boss over there this weekend and I said, 'Don't worry. I can still do the show!

- Julie Chen

Big Surprise

After I started getting criticism for doing 'Big Brother,' someone told me that Hugh Downs used to host 'Concentration' and Mike Wallace used to do 'The Big Surprise.' I thought, Huh, maybe that door isn't sealed shut if I want to do '60 Minutes' one day.

- Julie Chen

College Play

Jazz is the big brother of the blues. If a guy's playing blues like we play, he's in high school. When he starts playing jazz it's like going on to college, to a school of higher learning.

- B. B. King

Habits Big

Everyone and his Big Brother wants to log your browsing habits, the better to build a profile of who you are and how you live your life - online and off. Search engine companies offer a benefit in return: more relevant search results. The more they know about you, the better they can tailor information to your needs.

- Barton Gellman

Play LeBron

LeBron's been like a big brother to me, watching me play and giving me pointers on just little things. I really look up to him.

- Ben Simmons

Big Like

Big Brother doesn't like all these Little Brothers looking at it.

- Hasan M. Elahi

Big Desperate

I'm too old to be humiliated on reality shows, and I don't want to look desperate. You won't see me on 'Big Brother' or in the jungle.

- Bobby Davro

Busy Big

Big Brother is watching... look busy.

- Brandon Boyd

Big Surf

People have a right to surf the Web without Big Brother watching their every move and announcing it to the world. The Internet marketplace has matured - and it's time for consumers' protections to keep pace.

- Jackie Speier

Celebrity Big

I got offered loads of reality shows, including 'I'm A Celebrity' and 'Celebrity Big Brother.'

- James Arthur

Down Big

When there's an accident, we all have to slow down and watch the accident. We all have to be a little voyeuristic. I mean, look at the world we live in now, with all these 'Big Brother' shows. We're all a bunch of voyeuristic people.

- Donny Osmond

United States

It's like Canada is the little brother to the United States and one day they are going to show the world they're just as cool as their successful big brother.

- Dustin Milligan

Big Allow

New video gaming systems are coming out that track every joint of your body. It's basically going to become a normal thing for us to allow Microsoft to put a three-dimensional camera on top of your television set looking at you, which sounds like a Big Brother scenario if ever I heard one, but, still, it's what we're going to allow.

- Jesse Schell

Big Role

The biggest problem is that people have stopped being critical about the role of the computer in their lives. These machines went from being feared as Big Brother surrogates to being thought of as metaphors for liberty and individual freedom.

- Ellen Ullman

Thought Big

I was a 'Big Brother' fan. I thought they were better musicians than their detractors claimed, but more to the point, technical accomplishment was not something I cared about.

- Ellen Willis

Big Learned

I probably learned most at MIT by teaching and working with Peter Diamond, who acted like a big brother to me during my time in the department.

- Eric Maskin

Big Very

I miss her in my bones. I was her big brother. I was supposed to protect her - I could not... It very nearly destroyed me.

- Kelsey Grammer

Big TV

I hate these reality TV shows where people walk off Big Brother and think they're A-list celebrities when they've done nothing in their lives, it really does my head in.

- Kevin Pietersen

Gift Give

I can't even give my father a proper gift. Every single Father's Day means so much to me. I'm so close to him. He's my big brother, but also my father.

- Kyrie Irving

England Which

In England, I suppose I have been known to once or twice tune into 'Big Brother', which is a pretty terrible guilty pleasure.

- Freddie Stroma

Big Very

My wife is the host of 'Big Brother.' Her name is Julie Chen, and she'll say, 'Da da da, but first we do this.' So they mashed together her saying 'but first' a couple dozen times. Literally. In different outfits. And when you cut it together like that, it appears very robotlike. They called her the Chenbot.

- Leslie Moonves

Brother Big

Big Brother is watching you.

- George Orwell


Years ago, as I was beginning my professional career on Wall Street, I volunteered as a Big Brother in New York City.

- Gerald Chertavian

Listening Big

My big brother listened to classic rock, and I grew up listening to a classic rock station called KSHE.

- Louise Post

Year Big

If I had a big brother who was a year older than me or something, I probably wouldn't have ended up being a filmmaker.

- M. Night Shyamalan

Celebrity Big

Celebrity culture, it's everywhere, isn't it? It's reality TV, Big Brother. I didn't become a footballer to be famous, I became a footballer to be successful. I didn't want to be famous. Now people want to be famous. Why? Why would you want people following you about all day?

- Ryan Giggs

Big Comments

I don't look at negative comments because my parents and family don't let me. My big sister controls my Instagram, and my big brother controls my Twitter. I also don't really Google myself or anything like that.

- Millie Bobby Brown

Big Set

I didn't set out to be famous; if I'd wanted that, I would have gone on 'Big Brother.'

- Sam Worthington

Big Give

When I was younger, even though I had a big brother, my parents would give me the house key every day.

- Granit Xhaka

Lucky Big

Daniel, my big brother, is eight years older. I'm lucky he didn't mind hanging out with his little sister and my younger brother.

- Samantha Stosur

Ideas Big

It's time for the party of big ideas, not the party of Big Brother!

- Mitt Romney

Think Big

I will say this: I think 'Big Brother' is the biggest snooze known to mankind.

- R. J. Cutler

Big Some

I really wish there was some big brother conspiracy theory. I just think it's the ignorance of trying to make a dollar. That's what the networks have done and will continue to do. If anyone doesn't think that this is about making money, then they're crazy.

- Montel Williams

Big Some

If I could embed a locator chip in my child right now, I know I would do that. Some people call that Big Brother; I call it being a father.

- Scott McNealy

Big TV

I think TV is all about caring, and if you don't care about a character in a drama or a person when they get voted out of a reality show, it's bad TV. I wouldn't care if you dropped a bomb on the 'Big Brother' house.

- Ray Winstone

Here Big

There's a stigma attached to being an actor. People from 'Big Brother' call themselves actors. There's so much crap. It's not about appreciating that we're here to service the public, that we're storytellers. It doesn't sit comfortably with me.

- Nathan Phillips

Big Very

I wish that people had an opportunity to watch me 24/7, like on 'Big Brother.' You'd see a person who is quiet and reserved and very analytical - a huge observer.

- Ndamukong Suh

Celebrity Big

I can't imagine having a conversation about 'Celebrity Big Brother' in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

- Niall Ferguson

Big TV

When you're on TV and in people's houses - it's great that anybody watches anything you've done, but you feel as though you're being watched by Big Brother sometimes. Even if people have no idea who you are, you get the feeling you're being watched.

- Nicholas Hoult

Celebrity Big

I made my name and reputation DJing in hip-hop clubs in New York. 'Celebrity DJ' is a term that I hated. To me a celebrity DJ is someone that's on 'Big Brother' or in some kind of B-movie who gets a gig to DJ even though they're not talented enough to do it.

- Mark Ronson

Amazing Big

Drake is an amazing person. Also, a magician. He's a big brother, super-talent; he's cool.

- Travis Scott

Big Stunt

Big Brother sounded like a silly stunt and that's what it is.

- Nigel Kneale

Big Instance

You can't really class all reality shows together. For instance, 'Top Chef' is about talent and competition. 'Big Brother' is more like what happens when you get all those narcissistic personalities crammed in together... and there are limits to that.

- Sienna Guillory

Big Like

The closest person in the industry to me who is like a big brother is Tyrese. He gives me a lot of good advice. We both do the same things. We're both from the same background.

- Marques Houston

Security Big

I clearly say yes to Big Data, yes to greater security and convenience, but no to paternalism and Big Brother.'

- Martin Winterkorn

Big Shouting

After 'Big Brother,' people came up to me in the street shouting, 'You woz robbed!'

- Vinnie Jones

Big Middle

With a modem, anyone can follow the world and report on the world-no middle man, no big brother. I guess this changes everything.

- Matt Drudge

Over Means

'Socialize' means we turn more of our personal powers over to Big Brother, not free enterprise.

- Robert Kiyosaki

Big I Remember

Reality shows. I'll watch them, but I won't tell anyone I'll watch them. I remember when the first British 'Big Brother' was on. I watched that Nasty Nick. I never watched it since, but I watched the first one. I was mesmerized. Don't tell anyone!

- Robert Taylor

Big Too

So, my big brother was playing guitar and I figured I'd try it too.

- Stevie Ray Vaughan

Better Big

My big brother still thinks he's a better singer than me.

- Rod Stewart

Big Cops

I'm quite proud of what I anticipated about reality television from my books in the early '90s, which I based on the early seasons of 'Cops' and on the amazing stuff I had read about happening on Japanese shows and the British 'Big Brother'.

- William Gibson

Big Issue

The PRC is the big brother in this relationship, and it has the capacity to be generous to Taiwan on this issue in a manner that might do much to defuse that issue internally in Taiwan.

- William Kirby

Big Everybody

When a kid graduates from being the youngest in a family to being a big brother or sister, there's an amazing transformation. They have to make a big effort, and when they accept their new position in the family, everybody breathes a sigh of relief. All of a sudden they seem bigger, and they seem smarter, and they feel good about it, too.

- Peggy Rathmann

Husband Big

For women who turn to welfare, Big Brother becomes Husband.

- Tammy Bruce

Love My Life

You know, I think everything I do cinematically for the rest of my life will probably have some direct route back to Jonathan. But I love him to death. He's like my best friend and my big brother.

- Ted Demme

Big Great Guy

It's not like a boss and artist relationship; it's like a big brother to a younger brother relationship, and he's a great guy. So big shout-out to Akon and the Konvict Muzik crowd.

- WizKid