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Be Happy

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Happy Greatness

I'd be happy if people said that I did a little bit to raise the dignity and recognition of the greatness of African-American music.

- Ahmet Ertegun

Happy Writing

As long as I'm writing stuff and people are reading it, I'll be happy.

- Alexandra Petri

Happy Nobody

If I can't be happy, nobody can be happy.

- Amanda Eliasch

Happy Breathing

If I'm breathing in 2016, I'll be happy.

- Andrew Cuomo

Love Happy

I love music, and I love acting, so if I can just live and be able to do those two things, I can be happy, you know?

- Craig Horner

Happy Want

If you want to be happy, make others happy!

- Dada Vaswani

Happy Busy

If I can stay constantly busy, I'll be happy.

- Daniel Cudmore

Happy Like

Life is like a roller coaster, live it, be happy, enjoy life.

- Avril Lavigne

Happy Creative

I have to be creative to be happy.

- Gwen Stefani

Happy Want

I wouldn't push my kids to do anything. I want them to be happy, healthy, and I want them to be who they want to be, you know?

- Heidi Klum

Happy Over

One moment I can be happy and laughing, but then it comes over me. It's my mom.

- Bobbi Kristina Brown

Happy About

I've got so much to be happy about.

- Boy George

Happy Try

If you try to hold on to something you don't have anymore, you can't be happy in the moment.

- Jennifer Grey

Happy Things

There's just so many things I wanna do. At the end of the day, I wanna be happy.

- Jessica Lowndes

Happy Know

Be happy with who you are, and know that being you is the best thing you can do for yourself.

- Ellen Wong

Happy Best Way

Money is not necessarily, although it helps a lot for happiness, it's not necessarily the best way to be happy, to be rich, you know.

- Eric Ripert

Happy Feels

It feels so good to be happy.

- Etta James

Happy Going

You know, God has a plan for me, and I'm going to follow in his footsteps and just rejoice and be happy.

- Gabby Douglas

Happy Myself

I can't laugh, be happy, present myself at any prize and also win on the centre court.

- Gabriela Sabatini

Happy Hour

I did not know what it was to be happy for a whole day at a time, scarcely for an hour.

- Georg Brandes

Happy Right

You can be right or you can be happy.

- Gerald Jampolsky

Happy Difficult

You have to make difficult choices in your life, and you just have to be happy with them.

- Lori Loughlin

Happy Want

It's an unhealthy habit to say that life is what you make of it, and if you want to be happy, then you can be happy. That's just rubbish, basically.

- Mike Leigh

Happy Disorder

You don't have to have an eating disorder to be happy or successful.

- Scarlett Pomers

Happy Want

I just want to be happy. You know what I'm saying? I just want to be happy, and I want to be able to make somebody else happy.

- Sean Combs

Happy Gonna

It's not right to believe that the only way you're gonna get a job and the only way you're gonna get a man or be happy is by being so skinny.

- Maria Conchita Alonso

Happy Living

I would be happy living on a massive ranch in Montana and not seeing anyone except my friends and family.

- Nick Frost

Happy Tomorrow

I try to be happy, but I'm never happy. I don't believe in happiness. I was happy yesterday, but today and tomorrow is a different story.

- Sirio Maccioni

Happy Need

I need to write to be happy.

- Nora Roberts

Happy Until

No one can be said to be happy until he is dead.

- Solon

Happy Die

Be happy or die.

- Rob Cohen

Happy Enjoy

I believe that God put us in this jolly world to be happy and enjoy life.

- Robert Baden-Powell

Happiness Happy

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.

- Omar Khayyam

Happy My Life

My mother once said to me, 'You must promise to be happy; it is the greatest favour you can do to others'. It has guided me throughout my life.

- Stephane Hessel

Happy Other

To be happy, make other people happy.

- W. Clement Stone

Happy Yourself

You can't be happy if you're not tolerably happy with yourself. The addition of friends adds immeasurably to life.

- Patrick O'Brian

Happy Very

Most women would not be happy being me. People say, 'But you're alone.' But I don't feel alone. I feel very un-alone.

- Stevie Nicks

Happy Worry

It was a myth that's often perpetuated at commencement that holds that only hope and promise lie beyond the halls of academe. Don't worry, be happy. Everything is fine.

- Paul Tsongas

Happy Ambition

My ambition is to be happy.

- Penelope Cruz

Happy Need

To be happy in this world, first you need a cell phone and then you need an airplane. Then you're truly wireless.

- Ted Turner

Happy Want

I know that there's people that have expectations of me, and I'm a people pleaser, so I want them to be happy.

- Yvette Nicole Brown