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Bad Stuff

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Bad Bothers

I am human, when people write bad stuff about me it bothers me, but I know that will never end.

- Curt Schilling

Bad Very

I was eating bad stuff. Lots of sugar and carbs, junk food all the time. It makes you very irritated.

- Avril Lavigne

Want Bad

When you've seen a lot of bad stuff and just want to enjoy your life and be happy and have your kids happy and have your friends happy, you just have a value system where it raises the bar on what's important.

- Bob Saget

Bad Reveal

It's just like any relationship, the more contained the environment, the more the good stuff appears and the more the bad stuff will reveal itself.

- Bruce Greenwood

Bad Things

Things heal. Bad stuff happens, but you go on. Life takes care of it.

- J. K. Simmons

Game Read

Never read bad stuff if you're an artist; it will impair your own game.

- James Lee Burke

Bad Some

Some of the material out there - I don't want to say that it's all bad - but there's a lot of bad stuff out there. You just continue reading scripts, and eventually you find something you connect with.

- Jay Hernandez

Bad Back

For a while, I was drawing on good paper, but now I've gone back to the bad stuff. I put matte medium on it. If you put matte medium on it, it seals up, so it doesn't really matter.

- Jean-Michel Basquiat

Bad TV

When you turn on the TV, you hear bad stuff, all the time.

- Drew Roy

Bad Cherries

Life is not a bowl full of cherries, there's good and bad stuff.

- Fuzzy Zoeller

Bad Give

The only advice you can give is, 'Don't let the bad stuff keep you down.'

- George A. Romero

Race Waste

Race and class are extremely reliable indicators as to where one might find the good stuff, like parks and trees, and where one might find the bad stuff, like power plants and waste facilities.

- Majora Carter

Bad Bother

When something's painful, you just avoid it. Why bother dredging up the past if it's nothing but bad stuff?

- Shane Koyczan

Always Salty

In conventional oil and natural gas production, you always produce a lot of formation water, and it's crummy water. It's real salty. It's got heavy metals in it. It's got bad stuff in it.

- Rex Tillerson

Away Set

Honestly, all the sweets and bad stuff on set don't really call to me because I'm working so much. I've trained myself to stay away from sugar.

- Taylor Schilling