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Sensible Wants

No sensible author wants anything but praise.

- A. A. Milne

Bad Sincerely

A bad book is as much of a labor to write as a good one, it comes as sincerely from the author's soul.

- Aldous Huxley

Process Like

It's hard, because when you talk about process or your characters ruling your narrative, it sounds like you have no control, but obviously you're ultimately the author, so you do have control.

- Alice Sebold

Think Want

People really want to think that these things really happened. I don't know why that important, but I know that when I finish reading a novel or something, I want to know how much of that really happened to this author.

- Alison Bechdel

Very Happier

I was a very happy banker, but I feel happier as an author.

- Amish Tripathi

Karma Rest

As a writer, it's important to stay true to your story without giving a hoot about publishers, critics and readers. You should do your karma as an author the way you want to, and rest is up to God.

- Amish Tripathi

My Life Question

If your life were a book and you were the author, how would you want your story to go? That's the question that changed my life forever.

- Amy Purdy

Negative Exact

The really great novel tends to be the exact negative of its author's life.

- Andre Maurois

Political Favourite

My favourite author is Leon Trotsky - the political philosophy and the way he writes is beautiful, and really relevant, too.

- Andrej Pejic

Which Otherwise

A novel is, hopefully, the starting point of a conversation, one in which the author engages readers and asks that they see things from a different point of view than they might otherwise.

- Anne Fortier

Banal Read

I really believe we read differently when we know even the most banal facts of an author's life.

- Anne Michaels

Empathy Daily Life

A novel can enlarge the empathy and imagination of both its author and its reader, and my experience, that sense of enlargement is most intense when I'm transported beyond the narrow limits of my daily life.

- Anthony Marra

Love Truth

An author must be nothing if he do not love truth; a barrister must be nothing if he do.

- Anthony Trollope

Friend Choose

Choose an author as you choose a friend.

- Arthur Helps

Same Time Makes

For an author to write as he speaks is just as reprehensible as the opposite fault, to speak as he writes; for this gives a pedantic effect to what he says, and at the same time makes him hardly intelligible.

- Arthur Schopenhauer

Like Full Time

Unlike a typical professional, I can't quit my job to become a full-time author; I don't have that luxury. For me, writing is therapy; if I choose to write full-time, it might start feeling like work.

- Ashwin Sanghi

Being Read

To write what is worth publishing, to find honest people to publish it, and get sensible people to read it, are the three great difficulties in being an author.

- Charles Caleb Colton

Generations Having

Author: A fool who, not content with having bored those who have lived with him, insists on tormenting generations to come.

- Charles de Montesquieu

Never Read

I have never met an author who did not read voraciously as a child.

- Christopher Fowler

Flowers Unexpected

The author O. Henry taught me about the value of the unexpected. He once wrote about the noise of flowers and the smell of birds - the birds were chickens and the flowers dried sunflowers rattling against a wall.

- Chuck Jones

Republican Very

Ann Coulter is very popular. She has got a niche. She is a best selling author, but she does not represent Republican women.

- Dana Perino

Television Memoir

With the marketing pressures driving the book world today, it's much easier to get the author of a memoir on a television show than a serious novelist.

- David Halberstam

Perfect No Sense

There's no such thing as a perfect person, so it makes no sense to write a perfect person. I don't know any author who'd try. And we write characters, not representations of groups.

- David Levithan

Sense Will

Readers will stay with an author, no matter what the variations in style and genre, as long as they get that sense of story, of character, of empathetic involvement.

- Dean Koontz

Subject Modes

With a photograph, you are left with the same modes of interpretation as you are with a book. You ask: 'What do we know about the author and their background? What do I know about the subject?'

- Joel Sternfeld

Oranges Compare

I can't change overnight into a serious literary author. You can't compare apples to oranges. William Faulkner was a great literary genius. I am not.

- John Grisham

My Own Dedicated

I actually own a copy of my own book; that's how dedicated I am as an author.

- John Hodgman

Including Chasing

Robin Wasserman is the author of several books, including 'Hacking Harvard,' 'Chasing Yesterday,' 'Seven Deadly Sins,' and her latest, 'Skinned.'

- John Joseph Adams

Real Real People

Many of the characters who appear in the pages of the Fourth Gospel are literary creations of its author and were never intended to be understood as real people, who actually lived in history.

- John Shelby Spong

Socially Joyce

The first author I met socially was Joyce Cary.

- John Updike

Book Telling

Everything is different - except for publishing itself: getting hold of an amazing author, working to make his or her book the best and best-looking it can be, telling the world.

- Jonathan Galassi

Most Learns

Who learns most from a good book is the author.

- Jose Bergamin

Always Been

The burning of an author's books, imprisonment for opinion's sake, has always been the tribute that an ignorant age pays to the genius of its time.

- Joseph Lewis

Truth Truth Is

Truth is Mormonism. God is the author of it.

- Joseph Smith, Jr.

Go Romeo

If Shakespeare had to go on an author tour to promote Romeo and Juliet, he never would have written Macbeth.

- Joyce Brothers

Art Communion

Reading is a majority skill but a minority art. Yet nothing can replace the exact, complicated, subtle communion between absent author and entranced, present reader.

- Julian Barnes

Always Like

Our life is a book that writes itself and whose principal themes sometimes escape us. We are like characters in a novel who do not always understand what the author wants of them.

- Julien Green

Use Tabernacle

It appears a bold thing to say so when one sees how much many a modern author who knows how to make a skilful use of the Book of Chronicles has to tell about the tabernacle.

- Julius Wellhausen

Voice Read

Each author has his or her own voice. I read each book slowly so I can see the patterns they use to spread out the garden of earthly delights.

- Barbara Rosenblat

King Tell

Stephen King has inspired me with his humor and honesty, and his admonition that the author's job is to tell the truth.

- Barry Eisler

Living About

I'm a journalist and author. I make my living by finding things out and writing about them.

- Barton Gellman

Very I Write

A very wise author once said that a writer writes for himself, and then publishes for money. I write for myself and publish just for the reader.

- Guillermo Cabrera Infante

Necessary Embraces

Ideas improve. The meaning of words participates in the improvement. Plagiarism is necessary. Progress implies it. It embraces an author's phrase, makes use of his expressions, erases a false idea, and replaces it with the right idea.

- Guy Debord

Guns August

I never admit to wishing I'd written something by another author, but if my name mysteriously appeared on the title page of 'The Guns of August,' I wouldn't complain.

- H. W. Brands

Survive Commercial

It is difficult to survive as an author in Sweden, so for commercial success, it is good idea to write crime, get yourself translated, and live happily ever after.

- Hakan Nesser

Will Cast

As an author, you hope for a director and a cast that will make something wonderful out of your book.

- Bernhard Schlink

Book Movie

As an author, you can't expect a movie to be an illustration of the book. If that's what you hope for, you shouldn't sell the rights.

- Bernhard Schlink


I want to be an author.

- Harry Lloyd

Identify Agent

I identify as an agent when I'm agenting, and I identify as an author when I'm writing. I expect both those things to be true for as long as I'm able to do them.

- Bill Clegg

Challenges Like

Like an author, a cricketer signs his name on every innings he bats or bowls in; indeed for every cricket ball that challenges him on the field.

- Harsha Bhogle

Art Fiction

The world of fiction is a sovereign world that comes to life in the author's head and follows the rules of art, of literature. And that is the major difference that is reflected in the form of the work, in its language and its plot. An author invents every aspect of a fiction, every detail.

- Imre Kertesz

More Read

It's rare that I read more than two or three books by any one author; usually only one.

- Isaac Marion

Becoming Shorthand

I have no intention of becoming a shorthand author.

- Isaac Pitman

Becoming Figure

The public figure of the writer, the writer-character, the 'personality-cult' of the author, are all becoming for me more and more intolerable in others, and consequently in myself.

- Italo Calvino

Parent Will

I'm a single parent, a working mother, an executive, and an author. My greatest accomplishment will be to raise three wonderful children.

- Ivana Trump

More Large

When a single author uploading his own books to Amazon can earn more money than a large N.Y. publisher exploiting both print and e-rights, there's something amiss.

- J. A. Konrath

My Own More

No author's writing more influenced my own than that of Robert Louis Stevenson. My first steampunk story, 'The Ape-box Affair,' is a sort of melange of Stevenson and P.G. Wodehouse.

- James Blaylock

Over Very

I'm very comfortable with tweeting, I have a very active author Facebook page, I Skype book clubs all over the world.

- Cathy Marie Buchanan

History Goal

A key goal for an author of history is to persuade his or her readers to forget what they know and to relive the world as it unfolded for characters of the time - with outcomes uncertain.

- Del Quentin Wilber

Original Very

I don't tend to be a nitpicker when I'm watching movies, so as long as something is true to the spirit of the original, that's very much what we got for. You try to never do something that the original author wouldn't have done themselves.

- Jane Goldman

Career Began

When I look back at my career as an author, I don't look at the first book that was ever published as to where my career began - I look to the first book that I ever wrote.

- Jarrett J. Krosoczka

Die Does

An author departs, he does not die.

- Dinah Maria Mulock

Always Two People

When you're an author, you're always two people. Jasper the writer is different from Jasper the person at home.

- Jasper Fforde

Will Been

The attitude of, 'I will never self-publish,' coming from any author, indicates that they have never been in a position where it is their only option.

- Jennifer Armintrout

Negotiate Still

I couldn't really experience being an author when I was still working in publishing - I was trying to negotiate being both. Sometimes the knowledge doesn't translate between the two roles.

- Jennifer Gilmore

Will Some

'Some day,' I said, 'I will be an author.'

- Jennine Capó Crucet

Children Became

I became a children's author by accident.

- Jerry Spinelli

Political Enough

I have never known a novel that was good enough to be good in spite of its being adapted to the author's political views.

- Edith Wharton

Own Extension

Your source material is the people you know, not those you don't know, but every character is an extension of the author's own personality.

- Edward Albee

Subject Sincerely

The author himself is the best judge of his own performance; none has so deeply meditated on the subject; none is so sincerely interested in the event.

- Edward Gibbon

Important Having

Having a facility for language is an important part of being an author.

- Elizabeth George

Baltimore Becoming

While growing up in Baltimore, Maryland, I dreamed of becoming many things: an archaeologist, an ambassador, an actor, an author.

- Karen Hesse

More Anything Else

I'm not over-enamored of complicated books, and wonder if it's more for the author's ego than anything else?

- Eric Hill

Plays Set

At his heart, Shakespeare was a YA author. So many of his plays are set with high school-aged characters. He understood the passion, the confusion and drama that marks that life stage.

- Eric Walters

Destiny Reader

For success, the author must make the reader care about the destiny of the principals, and sustain this anxiety, or suspense, for about 100,000 words.

- Ken Follett

Sometimes Still

And now, I'm a best selling author, a different sort of fairy tale that I still sometimes wonder when I'll wake up from.

- Erin Morgenstern

Remember Think

I don't think the author should make the reader do that much work to remember who somebody is.

- Kevin J. Anderson

Books Decided

Being an author of banned books is cool, I've decided.

- Lauren Myracle

Cool Reaction

What I find cool about being a banned author is this: I'm writing books that evoke a reaction, books that, if dropped in a lake, go down not with a whimper but a splash.

- Lauren Myracle

Celebrity Part

I admit to subscribing to all the celebrity rags. The best part of being an author is if the celebs aren't being ridiculous enough, you can just make it up.

- Lauren Weisberger

Pursuit Works

Life is the most versatile thing under the sun; and in the pursuit of life and character the author who works in a groove works in blinkers.

- Laurence Housman

Perfect Which

I've dealt with depression my entire life, on and off, which makes me the perfect author for teenage readers.

- Laurie Halse Anderson

Like Reader

As an author, I really hate a reader like me. There's no loyalty.

- Gayle Forman

Been Nuances

Armchair poverty tourism has been around as long as authors have written about class. As an author, I have struggled myself with the nuances of writing about poverty without reducing any community to a catalog of its difficulties.

- Leslie Jamison

Becoming Made

Becoming an author changes your attitude too. Once you see where books come from, and how they're made, they never seem quite as sacred again.

- Lev Grossman

Better Rehearsals

At dramatic rehearsals, the only author that's better than an absent one is a dead one.

- George S. Kaufman

Myself King

I have a huge author crush on Stephen King. Have never met him. Would probably embarrass myself. But it would be worth it.

- Lisa Gardner

Character Ongoing

An author's life is different, complex, and ongoing, while a character's remains frozen in one little story.

- Lorrie Moore

Guild Refused

MWA and The Author's Guild refused to accept me as a member.

- M. J. Rose

I Am Now

Now I'm not an author, I'm a writer, that's all I am.

- Mickey Spillane

Some Idea

It makes me nuts, the idea that if you put a political struggle at the heart of your book, then it has to be that the author - me - is trying in some way to push my views onto my readers.

- Ruth Ozeki

The Most Important

Point-of-view is a matter that readers rarely pay attention to, yet it's one of the most important story decisions an author makes.

- Therese Fowler

Sure His

Be sure that you go to the author to get at his meaning, not to find yours.

- Salman Rushdie

Read Which

Nobody wants to read a 600 page book in which the author is fabulous throughout.

- Salman Rushdie

Shrimp Shall

I shall be but a shrimp of an author.

- Thomas Gray


When you have an author and an auteur, it's a difficult and challenging relationship.

- Sam Taylor-Johnson

Wife Actress

I'm a mom. I'm a wife. I'm an actress. I'm an executive producer. I'm an author. I'm an entrepreneur, and I'm a sister and a best friend.

- Tia Mowry

Lot Starter

A novel is a conversation starter, and if the author isn't there for the after-party, both the writer and the reader are missing a lot.

- Maggie Stiefvater

Sure Read

As an author, I realise, you're on your own. You have to do everything you can to help The Book. If I make sure people know it's out there, they can make up their own minds whether they want to read it.

- Tibor Fischer

Social Spent

Personally I estimate about a third of my time is spent on author events, social media and traditional publicity.

- Sara Sheridan