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Dress Code

You've got to have the right attire for the right event. I attend a lot of dinners, a lot of concerts, and I have to be on the red carpet; each has its own dress code, and I have to be prepared. Jeans and a hoodie are great for a concert, but a dinner party?

- Amar'e Stoudemire

Great Arrangement

Great men are seldom over-scrupulous in the arrangement of their attire.

- Charles Dickens

Chance Next

The 'National Suit Drive' collects gently used professional attire, but what it's really collecting is inspiration and a chance for men to feel empowered as they head into their next job interview.

- Joseph Abboud

Mountains Rock Star

At home, I'm not a rock star. I wear dad-appropriate attire. I drive a truck. And we go out to the mountains to light fires and have barbecues. Even then, The Killers are usually in the back of my mind.

- Brandon Flowers

Part Fashionable

For the most part, my daily attire is comfortable yet fashionable - I guess you can call it tomboyish.

- Justine Skye

Dress Like

Fashion, for me, is reviving different things - I like to stand out every time I dress up and what I'm comfortable in. I need to be extremely confident and comfortable in the attire I wear.

- Karishma Tanna

Tone Some

A lot of times on our show, 'Shadowhunters,' we have excuses to dawn some kind of sexy black leather attire under the excuse that we're going to fight demons, but it's all part of the tone of the piece and the tone of the story.

- Katherine McNamara

Here Ballerina

The ballerina style is here to stay. An added advantage is that the shoes blend well with Indian as well as Western attire.

- Priya Sachdev

Rules Wear

I didn't have any look or any style in prison. Your footwear couldn't cost more than $50. You can't wear blue, orange, gray, any patterns, or you couldn't wear your hair down. There were just so many rules that coincided with your attire.

- Remy Ma

Half Brought

It's much more casual than it was, but my clothes and my ring attire - I thought up half of what I brought to the show.

- Ric Flair

Very Tailored

Everyone that knows me already know that I rarely stray from my black jeans, black T-shirt and a black jacket - tailored or leather. I like to have a uniform and one that's versatile. I'm a very hands-on Creative Director, and I need to feel comfortable and be able to move between both casual and more formal attire at the same time.

- Simon Spurr

Work Else

But the suit I wear is my work attire, and nothing else.

- Rosa Bonheur