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Think Like

I don't like gurus. I don't like people who ask you to follow or believe. I like people who ask you to think independently.

- A. S. Byatt

Always Like

I always ask, why can't I be just like Cary Grant or something.

- Aaron Eckhart

Say How

People ask, how do you cope, and all I can say is that you do.

- Alan Bates

Yourself Right

You ask yourself not if this or that is expedient, but if it is right.

- Alan Paton

Brooklyn Always

In restaurants in my Brooklyn neighborhood, I always ask for a doggie bag to bring the leftovers home.

- Alek Wek

Voice Always

People comment on my voice. They always ask me if I'm ill.

- Alexa Chung

Feedback Give

I ask my close friends to give me feedback.

- Ali Fazal

Family Me

When people ask me, 'What do you do for fun?' - it's my family. That's it.

- Andre Ward

Like Departed

So many people ask me, 'Do you like 'Departed?' I say, '50/50.'

- Andrew Lau

Questions Make

Ask questions; don't make assumptions.

- Angela Ahrendts

Want How

Ask people who have the job you want how they got it.

- Ann-Marie Campbell

People Help

You have to ask people for help. I wasn't good at that.

- Ann-Marie Campbell

Search Questions

I adore people who ask questions and who cause others to share in their search.

- Anne Parillaud

Questions Me

People ask me so many questions.

- Annie Lennox

Husband Understand

I don't understand boys - just ask my husband.

- Arabella Weir

Yes Depths

The depths of the Depression. You didn't ask what the job was, what the pay was, you didn't ask about stock options, or - you said yes.

- Art Linkletter

Four Seconds

People ask, 'Why is it called 5 Seconds of Summer when there's four of you?'

- Ashton Irwin

Advice Mean

We ask advice, but we mean approbation.

- Charles Caleb Colton

Harm Millions

When millions applaud you seriously ask yourself what harm you have done; and when they disapprove you, what good.

- Charles Caleb Colton

Myself Want

When I want to know what France thinks, I ask myself.

- Charles de Gaulle

Hustler Songs

I'm not a hustler. I don't pitch songs. I don't ask people to write with me. It's not what I do.

- Chris Stapleton

Saying English

I hear what they're saying. I ask my English tutor, 'What is this word 'tinkerer?''

- Claudio Ranieri

Sympathy Never

I never ask for mercy and seek no one's sympathy.

- Conrad Black

Players Least

I really don't have a favorite course. I usually ask where there are the least players.

- Darrell Royal

Support Teammates

As long as I have the support and respect of my teammates, that's all I can ask for.

- Darren Flutie

Me Autograph

People don't ask me for my autograph.

- David Furnish

Want Square

You ask people, 'should we go back to square one?' People don't want to do that.

- David Plouffe

Next Barack

I ask Hoosiers to come together and vote for Barack Obama to be our next President.

- Joe Andrew

Question Leaders

When you can't ask a question of your leaders anymore, that gets scary.

- Joe Wurzelbacher

Never Favor

Never claim as a right what you can ask as a favor.

- John Churton Collins

Should Justices

Justices are not politicians. They don't run on a political platform, and senators should not ask them to do so.

- John Cornyn

Country Memorial Day

My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.

- John F. Kennedy

Know Want

People don't really want to know what happens. They ask you for just a second, but then they don't want to know.

- Jorge Garcia

You About

You don't ask about what can be seen.

- Juan Gabriel

Help Get

When I ask for help with my creativity, I get it.

- Julia Cameron

Street Go

I often go out on the street with my camera and ask questions.

- Beeban Kidron

Charge Were

At that time, we were in charge. We didn't ask. We just did. We just did what was in our heart.

- Ben E. King

Away Get

People ask me where I go to get away, and I say 'Home.'

- Gretchen Wilson

More Why

Cute girls and burgers. What more can you ask for? That's why we live in America.

- H. Jon Benjamin

Space Moon

Oh, don't let's ask for the moon. We've already got the stars.

- Bette Davis

Sex Very

It's very hard for a man to ask questions about sex. The smart ones do.

- Betty Dodson

Always Everyone

Everyone's really sweet, really nice. The 'Buffy' fans always ask me to do Kendra's lines in Kendra's accent.

- Bianca Lawson

Politics Years Ago

Please don't ask me any questions about the politics of 30 years ago.

- Helen Reddy

Would Were

If you were to ask me what I couldn't do without, it would be sashimi.

- Bjorn Ulvaeus

Going Sure

If you are going to ask yourself life-changing questions, be sure to do something with the answers.

- Bo Bennett

Me Legend

I'm a legend in this sport. If you don't believe me, ask me.

- Bobby Heenan

Love Want

They don't ask much of you. They only want you to hate the things you love and to love the things you despise.

- Boris Pasternak

Her Expecting

I was not expecting my sister to ask me to be her best man. I was so honored.

- Brad Goreski

Love I Love

Don't ask me to put up a shelf, but I love engineering.

- Bruce Dickinson

Daydreaming Very

I'm very good at daydreaming. Ask any of my schoolteachers.

- Bruce Dickinson

Body Noble

I have a noble body. It adapts to all I ask of it.

- Canelo Alvarez

Forever Our

We can't have landfills forever, and we can't ask others to accept our trash.

- Jaime Lerner

Surprise Fail

I ask all my actors to do two things: I ask them to fail for me, and I ask them to surprise me.

- Derek Cianfrance

Woman Soldier

Ask any soldier. To kill a man is to merit a woman.

- Jean Giraudoux


All we ask is to be let alone.

- Jefferson Davis

Golden Does

God doesn't seek for golden vessels, and does not ask for silver ones, but He must have clean ones.

- Dwight L. Moody

Beauty Judaism

The beauty of Judaism is that it demands we ask questions, especially of ourselves.

- Edgar Bronfman, Sr.

Not Fair Willing

It is not fair to ask of others what you are not willing to do yourself.

- Eleanor Roosevelt

School Catholic School

I went to Catholic school. Do as you're told; don't ask questions and you will be illuminated.

- Katherine Helmond

Blessed Blind

Blessed are the blind, for they know not enough to ask why.

- Ernest Renan

Teach Want

Don't just ask God for what we want. Let him teach us what we should want.

- Kevin DeYoung

Own Lot

You have to ask a lot of questions and listen to people, but eventually, you have to go by your own instincts.

- Kirk Kerkorian

Contempt Another

An appeal is when you ask one court to show its contempt for another court.

- Finley Peter Dunne

Brilliant Movie

I can't ask for every movie I make to be great and brilliant. I can only try.

- Kristy Swanson

Judge Me Made

I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made.

- Franklin D. Roosevelt

Better Better Life

I couldn't ask for a better life.

- Freddy Adu

Decision Investment

Every time we make an investment decision at FedEx, we ask ourselves: 'What is the return on this investment?'

- Frederick W. Smith

Friends Open

When friends ask for a second cup they are open to conversation.

- Gail Parent

Work Me

I don't work with people who ask me questions.

- Leos Carax

Expert Answers

An expert knows all the answers - if you ask the right questions.

- Levi Strauss

Questions Gangsters

I'm a gangster, and gangsters don't ask questions.

- Lil Wayne

Men Public

You ask men in office to be honest; I ask them to serve the public.

- Lincoln Steffens

Militia Public

I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people except for a few public officials.

- George Mason

Having Things

I hate being helpless, and I hate having to ask people to do things for me.

- Lindsey Vonn

Always Everything

Always do everything you ask of those you command.

- George S. Patton

Lot Listener

I can be a good listener. I can ask the right questions a lot of the time.

- Lisa Randall

Jazz Never

If you have to ask what jazz is, you'll never know.

- Louis Armstrong

Writing Read

When people ask me for secrets to writing, I say, 'Read to write.'

- Terrance Hayes

Learn Most

Ask yourself when you learn the most. I guarantee it's when you felt at risk.

- Ginni Rometty

Why Schools

We ask why there is violence in our schools, but we have systematically removed God from our schools.

- Mike Huckabee

Best Planet

I believe, and, when I pray, I ask to become one of the best attackers on the planet.

- Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Forgiveness Than

It is often easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.

- Grace Hopper

Pay Willing

What you can do is ask: 'What is the value to the customer? What are they willing to pay for?' Then, deliver great products and services.

- Greg Brenneman

Teammates Your

Ask not what your teammates can do for you. Ask what you can do for your teammates.

- Magic Johnson

Goal People

People ask what my goal is. I don't have a goal.

- Magnus Carlsen

Patient Doctors

Doctors say there's no such thing as chemo brain, but ask any chemo patient.

- Sarah Addison Allen

I Am Mischievous

To ask if I am mischievous is the understatement of all time.

- Malcolm Gets

Questions Observations

You have to experience life, make observations, and ask questions.

- Mos Def

Parachute Jumps

All right, then nobody can complain if we ask pregnant women to make parachute jumps.

- Muammar al-Gaddafi

Career Most

Don't ask me about my career - I've forgotten most of it.

- Timothy Dalton

Fundamental Questions

Astronomers ought to be able to ask fundamental questions without accelerators.

- Saul Perlmutter

Book Me

You can ask me anything. I'm an open book.

- Marc Jacobs

Me Say

When people ask me what my religion is, I say it's the Arsenal.

- Marcus du Sautoy

Person Mary

You ask any person in the U.S. and they know who Mary Lou Retton is.

- Nastia Liukin

Know Too

I don't know too many kids who ask to weed the garden.

- Tom Douglas

Brain Computer

Ask not what the brain can do for the computer. Ask what the computer can do for the brain.

- Sebastian Seung

Year Now

Each year, I ask, 'Now that I have this knowledge, these resources, what can I do?'

- Reid Hoffman

Living Might

And what is religion, you might ask. It's a technology of living.

- Toni Cade Bambara

Me Want

I said I didn't want to run for president. I didn't ask you to believe me.

- Mario Cuomo

You Role

Ask not what the role can do for you; ask what you can do for the role.

- Ricardo Montalban