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Result Nights

Recruiting Station was a story that came as the result of many anxious awakenings during many nights.

- A. E. van Vogt

I Am Always

I am always anxious.

- Alain de Botton

I Am Other

I'm not anxious to be anywhere other than where I am right now.

- Amy Grant

Turn Isolated

The more anxious, isolated and time-deprived we are, the more likely we are to turn to paid personal services. To finance these extra services, we work longer hours. This leaves less time to spend with family, friends and neighbors; we become less likely to call on them for help, and they on us.

- Arlie Russell Hochschild

Thought Physically

There was a point in time where the thought of people even talking about me made me anxious. Physically.

- Chris Ofili

Wanted Too

My mom told me to do whatever I wanted to do and don't get too anxious about it.

- David Giuntoli

Diplomatic Assumes

Negotiation in the classic diplomatic sense assumes parties more anxious to agree than to disagree.

- Dean Acheson

Diplomatic Assumes

Negotiating in the classic diplomatic sense assumes parties more anxious to agree than to disagree.

- Dean Acheson

Give Which

Our people are unemployed and anxious to work for the food which foreigners can give us.

- Joseph Hume

Borderline Almost

Yeah. I do get incredibly anxious. Almost borderline panic attacks.

- Julian Cope

Think Very

I think writers are very anxious.

- Helen Garner

Truth Myth

As for the men in power, they are so anxious to establish the myth of infallibility that they do their utmost to ignore truth.

- Boris Pasternak

About Anonymity

I'm anxious about losing anonymity.

- Brooke Smith

Very Became

From that, I became very anxious to produce something of my own.

- Jackie Cooper

Gnawing Realised

I've realised I need a gnawing, nagging, anxious doubt when I wake at 4 A.M.

- Catherine Tate

Hour Very

Well, they know that I'm not very anxious to get into one hour again.

- Charisma Carpenter

General Most

It is a general popular error to suppose the loudest complainers for the public to be the most anxious for its welfare.

- Edmund Burke

Will Itself

Do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Let the day's own trouble be sufficient for the day.

- Jesus Christ

Means Even

Feeling anxious or depressed sometimes is part of what it means to be a person, and it might even be essential to success.

- K. Flay

World Worst

Being anxious is the worst feeling in the world.

- Enrique Iglesias

Eternal Inexorable

It was one long, anxious, inexorable, eternal vigil.

- Frank James

Love How

Love is so holy, so confusing. It makes a man anxious, tormented. Love, how can I define it?

- Gao Xingjian

Doing Always

Lazy people are always anxious to be doing something.

- Luc de Clapiers

Anxiety Young

That's the duty of the old, to be anxious on behalf of the young. And the duty of the young is to scorn the anxiety of the old.

- Philip Pullman

Just Because Most

The most anxious time was during launch, just because that is so dramatic.

- Sally Ride

Myself Sexy

I'm not anxious to starve myself. For me, it's not at all sexy to be ultra-thin.

- Scarlett Johansson

Mortality Does

I know mortality exists, but I cannot do anything about it. So it does not make me anxious.

- Renato Dulbecco

Fear Ever

No good work is ever done while the heart is hot and anxious and fretted.

- Olive Schreiner

Love Love Is

Love is full of anxious fears.

- Ovid

More Than

We should be more anxious that our afflictions should benefit us than that they should be speedily removed from us.

- Robert Hall

Guilt Lovely

I get anxious. That lovely Jewish guilt that comes with ancestry.

- Maya Rudolph

Actress Very

I would like to remain an actress, but am very anxious to direct and produce.

- Megan Gallagher

Today Severe

Today's gasoline prices are taking a severe toll on Americans' pocketbooks. Consumers are anxious.

- Pete Domenici

Time Neurotic

I'm completely neurotic, totally anxious and high-strung all the time.

- Taylor Momsen

Person Very

I'm a very anxious person, and it's hard for me to be in the moment. Improv demands that you be in the moment.

- Zach Woods