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Envy Difficult

You know, writing is really difficult, and it takes a real patience and a skill. I don't know if I have that. I admire it in others, so much, and I envy it.

- Adam Scott

Maybe Everybody

In our generation, everybody told us that it's really important and it's nice to be able to speak a lot of languages. It's an art, too. It really impresses me, people who speak, like, seven languages. I admire them so much, so I began with English, and then Spanish and maybe Portuguese.

- Adele Exarchopoulos

Leadership His

I admire Modi's leadership and his ideology.

- Akkineni Nagarjuna

Got Richard

You've got to admire Sir Richard Branson. He is a completely different style of businessman to me, but you have got to admire what he has achieved.

- Alan Sugar

Hate Trump

I don't hate Trump, but he's not somebody I admire.

- Alec Baldwin

Product Understand

I can't understand the conditions of a corporate product being designed and getting millions. I admire it, it's great, but I don't know how to do that.

- Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

Work Never

I work with people I admire and respect. It's never because of who they are.

- Alexander McQueen

Men Approve

Fools admire, but men of sense approve.

- Alexander Pope

Through Years

Any person I idolise, or I really admire their work, I want to beat them... For me, going through my years, I made sure to idolise myself... So when you're in a race, you have to make sure that you think you are the favourite to win. You have to have that confidence.

- Alia Atkinson

Robertson Philip

There are two trilogies I admire: Robertson Davies's 'The Deptford Trilogy' and Philip Pullman's 'His Dark Materials.'

- Amy Bloom

Personality His

I admire Roger Federer, not only for his tennis but also for his personality.

- Ana Ivanovic

Years Lucas

I worked with people I admire; Josh Lucas, who I'd worked with many many years ago on a pilot called The Class of 61 and Kurt Russell, and so there were a variety of different people that I enjoyed working with.

- Andre Braugher

Carter Endlessly

I admire Elliott Carter endlessly. But I have no ambitions to emulate him.

- Andre Previn

Above Wordsworth

But Wordsworth is the poet I admire above all others.

- Andrew Motion

People Wordsworth

If people connect me with the Romantics in general, they probably connect me most with Keats. But Wordsworth is the poet I admire above all others.

- Andrew Motion

I Think Toronto

I think professionally I admire people and the way they've handled their careers and being in the media. But the people that I used to inspire me and keep me going were my peers in Toronto - I would see the same girls going to audition after audition, and their resilience to do it again, and I found that inspiring.

- Anna Silk

I Think I See

When I look at women, older than I am, in their 50s, 60, 70s, 80s, and I see women that I admire, I think, 'Oh, I get it; that's how I'm going to be.' I'm not scared. I want to be that.

- Annette Bening

Good Dench

I do admire Judi Dench and Sir Ian McKellen, but I'm a philistine. I like the good life too much; I'm not good at going on stage night after night and on wet Wednesday afternoons.

- Anthony Hopkins

Like Kept

I just like to sit and admire my garden; it's so well kept by my gardener and my girlfriend.

- Anton du Beke

Love I Love

I love academics, theory and all that. I love and admire that and try to do as much reading as I can.

- Anton Yelchin

Role Part

I never see how meaty my role is. If I like the script in its entirety, the director, or if my co-star is someone I greatly admire, I sign up. You learn so much being part of a great team.

- Anushka Shetty

Planet Use

Of course 'we humans' have a funny relationship with the beings with whom we share our planet. We eat them, we care for them, we admire them, we use them.

- April Gornik

Voice Own

I guess that in this process of trying to incorporate or to be faithful to the films I admire so much, that's how I start to find my own voice. The admiration I have for filmmakers, this gratitude, perhaps that's my only way to become specific.

- Arnaud Desplechin

Advice Come

We all admire the wisdom of people who come to us for advice.

- Arthur Helps

Work Like

There are many actors I really like and whose work I admire.

- Asghar Farhadi

Deterioration Cease

To cease to admire is a proof of deterioration.

- Charles Horton Cooley


The actors I admire are character actors.

- Chaske Spencer

Wake Up Drop

My sister could fall asleep at the drop of a hat. She would fall asleep on the train. Me, I never slept. Still. I have a hard time sleeping. But I used to admire her ability to wake up late.

- Cheri Oteri

Boredom Want

Although I did admire David Foster Wallace's final unfinished novel about boredom, I'm no DFW, and I want my books to be exciting, not boring.

- Chris Pavone

Art Same Time

I admire the abstract expressionists and pop artists so right now I'm referencing American '60s art and at the same time referencing Japanese manga culture.

- Christian Marclay

Cold Insights

While I admire the insights of many of the people in the world of computing, I get this cold feeling that I speak a different language.

- Clifford Stoll

Some Anybody

I admire fashion and I respect it greatly, but I don't necessarily follow trends. I never really have. I just wear what I like to wear. I really like colors, and there are some things I wear and don't care what anybody says about it being in style or not. I wear it anyway.

- Condola Rashad

Roles Pitt

I admire Brad Pitt. He hasn't just done leading-man hunky roles; he's done a lot of edgier things.

- Corey Sevier

Medical Giving Up

What I really admire are people like my daughter, Victoria, who don't give up, who have daily medical challenges and medical conditions. They go on with their lives and make the best of it, not giving up even when it's not easy.

- Craig Mello

Father Named

I was named after the great emperor Cyrus as my father, Farokh Broacha, was a great admirer of the Persian emperor. Continuing the tradition, I have named my son after Mikhail Gorbachev, someone whom I admire. He gave his people freedom.

- Cyrus Broacha

Rural Before

The people I admire unreservedly are my parents. They are the real pioneers of Africa in many ways. They were born and raised in rural Africa during the colonial period. They are the ones who came to the U.S. long before I did.

- Dambisa Moyo

Game Tell

Now, I admire The Sims as a game, but from a story viewpoint, there are two glaring problems. First, your relationship with those characters is like they're bugs in a jar. There's no empathy. And secondly, you've got this clunky, chemistry-set interface between you and them, with bars to show how tired or angry they are. It's all tell not show.

- Dave Morris

Most Steadfastness

The quality I most admire in a man is steadfastness.

- David Mamet

Villains Code

I admire the military. I guess in a world of villains and heroes, they're my heroes. Their dedication, their commitment, their discipline, their code of ethics.

- John Cena

College Began

It wasn't until I went to college that I met the theatre people and began to admire them because they were learning a trade that was guaranteed to make money!

- John Davidson

Agree May

Those who agree with us may not be right, but we admire their astuteness.

- John Heywood

Him Anybody

I admire him so much; if I was ever going to have a dude-crush, it would be on George Clooney. I mean, I don't think you can avoid it. It's like a superpower - he just sucks anybody in around him.

- John Krasinski

Want Lives

When you are older, you want to be around people you admire, even in their personal lives.

- John Lee Hancock

Famous Kind

I admire sensible, kind people. They're not often famous.

- John Malkovich

Art Some

When we hear some beautiful piece of Mozart or admire a wonderful building, we suddenly become present in ourselves. That's unusual nowadays because dishevelment and distraction have become an art form.

- John O'Donohue

I Think Guy

I don't aspire to write like Steve King. Sure, I admire his work, and I think he's a hell of a nice guy; we met shortly after my first Stoker win. I aspire to write like Jonathan Maberry.

- Jonathan Maberry

Tell Billy

I can tell you the actor who I admire the most. Billy Crudup. Do you know who he is? He's awesome.

- Jonathan Tucker

Always Willing

Something I always admire, especially in female comedians, is that they're willing to make themselves look terrible.

- Jorma Taccone

Doing Go

There's a lot of actors that I admire because they can just switch one second into the character. Then, they go back to jokes, and then they're doing something really dramatic. I can't do that. I have to really focus.

- Juan Pablo Di Pace

Love About

When it comes to babies and children and being a mother, there is so much to talk about. There are products that I keep discovering - endless products! People love to read about these things. And I interview cool mothers, mums with babies, and mums with teenagers... all mums who I admire.

- Julia Restoin Roitfeld

Florence Liked

I like people who don't accept boundaries. Like Florence Nightingale. And Napoleon or Louis XIV, though I'm not sure how much I'd have liked to meet them. I admire people who aren't circumscribed by circumstance.

- Julian Fellowes

Spanish Films

I admire a lot of Spanish filmmakers and actors. I grew up watching a lot of Spanish films and novellas, and there's just so much talent out there.

- Julie Gonzalo

Work Competence

I have no idols. I admire work, dedication and competence.

- Ayrton Senna

Woman Most

Most of us have trouble juggling. The woman who says she doesn't is someone whom I admire but have never met.

- Barbara Walters

Feel Need

If you agree with a critic, you admire him or her. If you disagree, you despise them. We all feel a great need to be confirmed in our opinions.

- Ben Brantley

Like So Much Money

I admire people like Warren Buffett that are donating so much money to charity.

- Bethenny Frankel

Measure Obama

I admire President Obama's class and measure.

- Hart Bochner

I Think Before

I've worked with Len Wiseman before, on the 'Underworld' series, in which I was a vampire. The first two of those were his first two films. And I admire him beyond measure. I think he's tremendous, as a man and as a director.

- Bill Nighy

Understand Always

You always admire what you really don't understand.

- Blaise Pascal

Newspaper Use

A good column is one that sells paper. It doesn't matter how beautifully it is written and how much you admire the author... if it doesn't sell any papers, it's not a good column. It's a terrible yardstick to use, but in the newspaper business, that's the whole thing.

- Herb Caen

Know Few

Many admire, few know.

- Hippocrates

Lucky Been

I've been lucky enough that I can gather all sorts of experiences and find inspiration by traveling around and by spending time with people I admire.

- Bonnie Raitt

Doing Through

One thing I've learned through all the ups and downs is that if you're doing things right, then you have a core group of people. Not just a core group like your homies or your buddies, but a group of people that has a good influence on you, who you respect and admire, and you know that if they're on your side, you're doing something right.

- Hope Solo

Excellent Them

I do not admire politicians; but when they are excellent in their way, one cannot help allowing them their due.

- Horace Walpole

Other Very

I always admire the French and the Italians who are very devoted to their marriages. They take them extremely seriously, but it is understood that there might be other visitors at 5 o'clock in the afternoon. You just never boast about. They never say anything, but that's what keeps marriages together.

- Hugh Grant

King Viola

I started off in drama, and there are so many women that I admire. Women in this industry are gladiators. Cicely Tyson, Viola Davis, Taraji Henson, Regina Hall, Regina King.

- Bresha Webb

Hockey Capabilities

I admire Miken's exceptional engineering capabilities and was drawn to their passion for hockey and drive to be the best in all they do.

- Brett Hull

Goal Ultimate Goal

I admire Cate Blanchett as an actor: that's my ultimate goal. To be as good as she is!

- Indiana Evans

Art More

I feed on art more than I ever do on photographs. I can admire photography, but I wouldn't go to it out of hunger.

- Irving Penn

Other Immensely

I live in New York, and the only live animals you see are cockroaches, rats and pigeons, which I admire immensely. When I see an animal that thrives in the garbage, I feel relief; in our urban environment, other animals are dying out.

- Isabella Rossellini

Photos Cover

Tacked above my desk are photos of artists I admire - Hopper, Sargent, Twain - and postcards from beloved bookstores where I've spent all my time and money - Tattered Cover, Elliot Bay, Harvard Bookstore.

- J. R. Moehringer

Life My Life

I started boxing because of my brother. And then I came to admire the all-time greats, like Roberto Duran and Muhammad Ali. I'd say I admired Ali more than any fighter in my life.

- Canelo Alvarez

Happiness Desiring

The secret of happiness is to admire without desiring.

- Carl Sandburg

Love In My Opinion

I would love to work with Johnny Depp. I really admire him as an actor, and personally, in my opinion, his portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow is one of greatest performances given by an actor. I love his creative sense and the way he creates a character, so it would be a dream come true to work with him.

- Caroline Sunshine

Think Other

It's great to admire other people's fashion choices, but I don't think you should idolise anyone.

- Cat Deeley

Myself Only

All this is only for the mice and myself to admire!

- Catherine the Great

Want Anytime

Anytime you get to join a group of people you admire and respect, you want to keep those doors open.

- James Wolk

Me Blindly

If you're blindly loyal to me, then you're just acting like a crony of mine. If you say you admire me because of the principles for which I stand, I understand that, but then you also have the right to call me to the carpet when you think I'm falling short.

- Jamie Dimon

Both My Parents

Both my parents were immigrants, as were many of their friends, the parents of the children with whom I grew up. Of course I respect and admire immigrants and their undeniable contributions to America, as we all should.

- Jan C. Ting

Love Caught

I love and admire the American culture and the American dream. I learnt so many things about the American shoe industry and marketing strategies. I caught the secrets of American casual wear, that is elegant and wearable, retro and modern, and mixed it with an Italian touch, luxurious and handmade.

- Diego Della Valle

Church Repair

The Church is not an automobile showroom - a place to put ourselves on display so that others can admire our spirituality, capacity, or prosperity. It is more like a service center, where vehicles in need of repair come for maintenance and rehabilitation.

- Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Voice Had

They would wake me up when I was sleeping, and say sing a song for our friends. I had a sweet voice, I had a nice little tenor voice. God knows what I sang, but my whole family would admire me.

- Dominic Chianese

Sure Could

I admire Dickens beyond words. He is one of the greatest plotters of all times. Didn't have a clue about women, but he sure could plot.

- Donna Leon

Australian Artists

I do greatly admire Australian artists.

- Jeffrey Archer

Work Cool

Don Cheadle is up there for me. I've met him; he's a cool little dude. I admire his work.

- Dule Hill

People Back

I admire the Elsie Tanners and Barbara Windsors of the world: people who have crawled back from the abyss. I'm quite camp in that respect.

- Jenny Eclair

More Considered

She did not admire him any more than she had. It was merely that she considered him the Lesser of two evils.

- Edgar Rice Burroughs

Michael Jordan Been

I hate to say it's not a Laker but Michael Jordan. He's been the greatest player I've ever seen. And I'm probably a harsh judge of talent in the sense that I admire players that are really good defensive players and really good offensive players.

- Jerry West

Lot Careers

I admire a lot of actors, but I don't covet people's careers.

- Jesse Spencer

Tell About

You can tell a person's morale from their Twitter feed. I like that; it's so honest. And I like being able to follow people who I respect and admire, and the possibility of them seeing my comment about them.

- Jessie Cave

Good Held

She kindly laments that I am not of the party, and to be sure I honour great ladies, and I admire great wits, but I am of the same opinion in regard to assemblies that is held concerning oysters, that they are never good in a month that has not the letter R in it.

- Elizabeth Montagu

Destroy Themselves

I admire people who destroy themselves.

- Karl Lagerfeld

Me Criticize

I don't care if people I admire criticize me because their opinion is valuable to me.

- Karl Lagerfeld

Love Year

I go to Prague every year if I can, value my relationships there like gold, and feel myself in a sense Czech, with all their hopes and needs. They are a people I not only love, but admire.

- Ellis Peters

Woman Think

I really think that aside from admiring my talent you really admire me as a person and as a woman.

- Katherine Dunham

Young Move

I do not admire young actresses whose foreheads cannot move.

- Kathleen Turner

Hero Private

It's a cliche, but John Lennon is my hero. He was so rebellious, so outspoken and so publicly opinionated, and I'm someone who's so private. I suppose you admire people who have the qualities you wish you had.

- Emun Elliott

Happiness Desiring

The secret of happiness is to admire without desiring. And that is not happiness.

- F. H. Bradley

Often Very

You find with the really great actors, the ones you really admire and look up to, very often they're very giving, generous, warm people.

- Kit Harington

Hero Someone

A hero is someone we can admire without apology.

- Kitty Kelley