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Unless Noticed

I've often noticed that we are not able to look at what we have in front of us, unless it's inside a frame.

- Abbas Kiarostami

Gratitude Honor

It is a great honor for me to be able to express my sincere gratitude to the Nobel Foundation.

- Ada Yonath

Living Actor

My plan was to be able to make a living as an actor.

- Adam Driver

Explain Need

I need to be able to explain myself in context.

- Adam Lambert

Fail Improv

You have to be able to fail with the improv. You have to not care.

- Adam McKay

Identify Prefer

I prefer to be able to identify what I'm eating. I have to know.

- Alain Ducasse

Habit Bad

We have a bad habit of not being able to do things cheap.

- Alain Wertheimer

Love Romantic

Full-blooded romantic love I wouldn't be able to write about.

- Alan Bennett

Should Receive

The value of a man should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive.

- Albert Einstein

Children Prefer

Being able to stay home with my children is what I prefer.

- Alec Baldwin

Images Been

To destroy images is something every revolution has been able to do.

- Alfred Rosenberg

Art Influenced

You should be able to be influenced by art no matter where it comes from.

- Ali Shaheed Muhammad

Humor May

You may not be able to change a situation, but with humor you can change your attitude about it.

- Allen Klein

Want Convince

I want people to be able to influence themselves. We convince ourselves, and that allows us to convince others.

- Amy Cuddy

Normal Should

Normal people should be able to run for office.

- Amy Klobuchar

Think Special

I didn't think it was special to be able to sing.

- Amy Winehouse

Bank Convenient

It has to be convenient. You have to be able to bank with me anytime.

- Ana Patricia Botin

Implementation Use

There is a state that is able to understand the demand in the economy. That state should use prices as an instrument for implementation of this understanding.

- Anatoly Chubais

Choose Always

You're not always able to choose.

- Anatoly Chubais

Art Me

To be able to do art, it was a luxury to me.

- Anchee Min

Which Should

You should be able to choose which hospital you go to.

- Andrew Lansley

Like Things

I like being able to walk or ride my bike to restaurants and do different things.

- Andrew Luck

Nice Very

It's very nice to be able to be who you are.

- Andrew Tobias

Sometimes Interesting

Not being able to touch is sometimes as interesting as being able to touch.

- Andy Goldsworthy

Personality Ring

Gollum has a weak personality and isn't able to cope with the power of the ring.

- Andy Serkis

Ambition Play

My ambition was just to be able to play guitar.

- Angus Young

Work Auto

Go into the auto mechanic, you've got to know computers to be able to work on the cars.

- Ann McLane Kuster

Money Never

I never imagined being able to make money from acting - and now I can.

- Anna Faris

Future Needs

Being able to do research in a real-time way is the way research needs to be done in the future.

- Anne Wojcicki

Be A Man Like

I like being able to be a man.

- Anson Mount

Been Brothers

I wouldn't be able to do the things I do if I hadn't been around and seen the stuff my brothers did.

- Apollo Robbins

Treat Very

It's very expensive to treat your dog, and thankfully, I was able to do that.

- Ashlan Gorse Cousteau

Embrace Been

The SoCal weather can't be beat, but I just haven't quite been able to embrace the lifestyle.

- Ashley Wagner

Always Go

It's always great to be able to go to a premiere with the actors there.

- Asif Kapadia

Been Wake

You have to be able to wake up in the morning and say, 'I've been true.'

- Charles Gwathmey

Mind Meet

I constantly push my body to meet what my mind wants me to be able to do.

- Charlie Ebersol

Against Anybody

You should be able to have good matches against anybody.

- Charlie Haas

Always Been

I used to lead off when I was a rookie. I've always been able to bunt.

- Chili Davis

Motivate Innovate

Organizations that can diminish fear are those that are able to motivate, create, and innovate.

- Chip Conley

Only Depressed

There are days when I'm completely depressed and able to do only one drawing.

- Christian Lacroix

Success Spend

There is only one success - to be able to spend your life in your own way.

- Christopher Morley

Gift Feel

To be able to feel the lightest touch really is a gift.

- Christopher Reeve

Lunch Needs

To be a good producer, one needs to be able to eat lunch, and make ill-informed decisions.

- Cindy Morgan

Solution Method

It must be able to assist in devising the method of solution of problems and not merely solve them.

- Cliff Shaw

Know Hi

It's nice to be able to let the fans know that you're around and say 'Hi.'

- Courteney Cox

Worlds Gotta

You gotta be able to change worlds.

- Courtney Love

Genius First Place

The difference between being able to understand something and inventing it in the first place... is called genius.

- Craig Bruce

Throw Oftentimes

Oftentimes, you have to be able to throw it in order to run it.

- Dan Quinn

Circumstances Need

To be able to live and train in Iraq under these circumstances you need to be brave.

- Dana Hussein

Men Saint

I was able to do The Saint of Fort Washington, on the relationship between two homeless men.

- Danny Glover

Always Been

I've always been able to make choices that don't embarrass me.

- Danny Glover

Through Physically

What I couldn't say verbally I was able to express physically through the guitar.

- Dave Mustaine

Pay Bills

If you're able to pay your bills, you pay your bills. It's as simple as that.

- Dave Ramsey

Work Excited

I'm really excited that I'm able to work again.

- David Gest

Dialogue Should

A good film script should be able to do completely without dialogue.

- David Mamet

Been Before

I try to do things I haven't been able to before.

- David Morse

Work Going

It's such a luxury to be able to be happy about going to work in the morning.

- Joe Pantoliano

Like Digest

At this point, I wouldn't be able to digest meat, and I don't like eating things with faces.

- Joely Fisher

Artist Draw

As a storyboard artist, you have to be able to draw anything.

- John Allison

Alive Want

I'll sing as long as people want to hear me, and I'll be able to sing as long as I'm alive.

- John Raitt

Think I Think

I think people should be able to do what they want to do.

- Jonathan Davis

Zone Were

We were able to flood the zone immediately.

- Jonathan Klein

Control Were

In being strict, you were able to control.

- Joseph Jackson

Surprise Days

That's the tricky thing these days: being able to surprise people.

- Joseph Kosinski

Love I Love

I love being able to make people laugh.

- Judith Light

Past Forget

'Movement is life;' and it is well to be able to forget the past, and kill the present by continual change.

- Jules Verne

Problem Never

I have never had a problem with people not being able to understand the words and the meanings in Titus.

- Julie Taymor

Lucky Carve

I sort of got lucky in that I was able to carve a niche for myself.

- Juliette Lewis

Balance Strike

Balanchine was just able to strike the balance between literal narrative and abstract dance.

- Justin Peck

Been Prank

I have been able to stay clear of the Harry Connick, Jr. prank show but have seen the wrath.

- Austin Stowell

Love I Love

To say 'I love you' one must first be able to say the 'I.'

- Ayn Rand

Love Happiness

Happiness is when you love who you are and you are able to accept yourself and others.

- Bar Refaeli

Want Sell

We want to be able to sell you anything, anywhere, any time you want it.

- Barry Diller

Military Straight

You don't have to be straight to be in the military; you just have to be able to shoot straight.

- Barry Goldwater

You Got

You've got to really be able to accept the rejection.

- Barry Mann

Small Country

No doubt that the U.S. is a super-power capable of conquering a relatively small country, but is it able to control it?

- Bashar al-Assad

Myself Act

I only got to be able to act, because I gave myself a job as a producer.

- Griffin Dunne

Need Communicate

You need to be able to communicate your feelings. We need to be able to do that to feel empowered.

- GRiZ

Work Actor

I had the privilege of being able to choose, or at least have the opportunity to work at, being anything but an actor.

- Benedict Cumberbatch

Accomplish Does

Pooh is able to accomplish what he does because he is simpleminded.

- Benjamin Hoff

Been Perform

I've been blessed by God to be able to perform.

- Benjamin Watson

Happy Across

As long as I'm able to write across the media and across the age groups, I'm happy.

- Berlie Doherty

I Am Sure

I'm not sure that I am able to feel embarrassment.

- Beth Ditto

Wanted Ever

All I ever wanted to do was be able to pay my rent.

- Bethenny Frankel

New Form

We have to be able to adapt to new situation. It's another form of the definition of intelligent behavior.

- Hasso Plattner

Gun Buy

If you're a terrorist, you shouldn't be able to buy a gun.

- Bill Nelson

I Am I Write

I write and sing about whatever I am able to understand and feel.

- Bill Withers

Money May

We may not be able to control the Supreme Court... but we can control the money.

- Henry Bonilla

Strengths Weaknesses

I have strengths, and I have weaknesses. I don't pretend to be able to write a great thesis or doctorate - I have no pretensions in that direction.

- Bob Ainsworth

Relevant Plays

To be able to analyze plays and novels is so relevant to acting.

- Holliday Grainger

Feel Away

I feel fortunate that I was able to step away from it when I wasn't interested.

- Boz Scaggs

Freedom Terms

I know the freedom that cycling gives you in terms of being able to just jump on and go.

- Bradley Wiggins

Lost Use

My language is what I use, and if I lost that, I wouldn't be able to say anything.

- Howard Hodgkin

Things Might

A fight can express things people might not be able to say with words.

- Brandon Lee

Talent Wanted

I didn't really have an agenda for my talent. I just wanted to be able to sing.

- Brenda Lee

Writer Else

I'm a writer, and what I do is write. I wasn't able to do anything else.

- Hugh Leonard

Love Learn

First, to be able to love, then to learn that body and spirit are one.

- Hugo von Hofmannsthal

Been Complete Freedom

The media bring our wars home, but only rarely have they been able to do it in complete freedom.

- Bruce Jackson

See Always

It's always nice to be home and be able to see my family. It's the best feeling.

- Isabeli Fontana

I Am Want

I want to, at the end of the day, be able to say, 'I am a runner.'

- J. R. Martinez