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Great I Am Happen

As a child of God, I am greater than anything that can happen to me.

- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Big Happen Issue

Regarding marriage, it - somehow, it didn't happen. One fellow in such a big family not getting married is not an issue.

- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Newspaper Needs Happen

Reading a newspaper is like reading someone's letters, as opposed to a biography or a history. The writer really does not know what will happen. A novelist needs to feel what that is like.

- A. S. Byatt

Like Places Things

I like things in their proper places.

- Alan Sugar

May Things Got

Things have got to be wrong in order that they may be deplored.

- Alfred Whitney Griswold

Beautiful Things Happiest

Looking at beautiful things is what makes me the happiest.

- Ali MacGraw

Always Things Every Day

Corporations always are controlling things, and we have the ability every day to do something about that. Every day.

- Ali Shaheed Muhammad

Like Things Be Real

I like to be real. I don't like things to be staged or fussy.

- Alice Temperley

Want Things Teach

I try to teach my heart not to want things it can't have.

- Alice Walker

Love I Love Things

I love cooking and one of my favourite things to do with my husband is open up the refrigerator.

- Alicia Silverstone

Will About Happen

I heard there was a debate about fighting teammates, and if a fight should happen because the fans or promoter wants it, I will fight a teammate, but family is ridiculous.

- Alistair Overeem

Been Would Happen

If it had been what was supposed to happen, it would have happened.

- Allan Houston

Too Men Expect

Men expect too much, do too little.

- Allen Tate

Happen Question Come

How does one happen to write a poem: where does it come from? That is the question asked by the psychologists or the geneticists of poetry.

- Allen Tate

Appreciate Critics Expect

You can't expect critics to appreciate all kinds of cinema.

- Allu Arjun

Big Happen Thankful

I say grace. I'm a big believer in grace. I happen to believe in a God that made all the food and so I'm pretty grateful for that and I thank him for that. But I'm also thankful for the people that put the food on the table.

- Alton Brown

Opposed Expect Obedience

There was a time when we expected nothing of our children but obedience, as opposed to the present, when we expect everything of them but obedience.

- Anatole Broyard

Me Tech Expect

I have no people reporting to me and don't expect to. My competency is in the tech realm.

- Anders Hejlsberg

Will More Expect

Women will change the corporation more than we expect.

- Anita Borg

Which Actor Expect

As an actor, you want to do something which audience don't expect from you.

- Anita Hassanandani Reddy

Elected Right Expect

When millions of Americans are tightening their belts, folks have the right to expect their elected officials to do the same.

- Ann Kirkpatrick