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Abroad Studying Learning

Cross-cultural learning and studying abroad can be transformative.

- Amal Clooney

Very High Sleep

If you are a lawyer, and you want to take on easier cases, you can prosecute traffic violations or something. You'd have a very high rate of success, and you probably could sleep more easily at night. But that's not what drives me.

- Amal Clooney

Think I Think Ashamed

I think the international community should be ashamed that they haven't done more for the Yazidis.

- Amal Clooney

Principle Protecting

Protecting free speech is not only a matter of principle, it is also pragmatic.

- Amal Clooney

Held Believe Turn

I believe in international justice. I believe it's important that you don't just turn the page without people being held to account.

- Amal Clooney

Means I Was Born Arabic

My name means 'hope' in Arabic, and I was born when there was a war in Lebanon.

- Amal Clooney

Need Vocal Advice

The first piece of advice I would have from my experience is that governments need to be vocal about human rights.

- Amal Clooney

Going Very Then

If you don't have a good case, and you don't have a good message, then shining a light on it is not going to get you very far.

- Amal Clooney

Does Reduce Dissent

Locking up dissenters does not reduce dissent - it fosters it.

- Amal Clooney

Away Woman Might

If you're a woman lying on the beach in the Maldives, you might want to know that a kilometer away, another woman is being flogged. And you might want to find your own way to protest that.

- Amal Clooney

I Think Away Facts

I think it's important for tourists to know the facts of what's happening in the Maldives. I don't think people realize that there's a flogging taking place a kilometer away when they're sunbathing in their resort.

- Amal Clooney

Dead Democracy

Democracy is dead in the Maldives.

- Amal Clooney

Wikileaks Amendment

WikiLeaks' disclosures should be protected under the First Amendment.

- Amal Clooney

Government Chance Critics

No government intent on persecuting its critics will want to leave the outcome of a trial to chance.

- Amal Clooney

Most Passionate Cases

I want to work on cases that I feel the most passionate about.

- Amal Clooney

Means Country London

A horseman's head is in Athens, and his body is in London: Poseidon's torso is separated between Greece and the U.K. This means that they cannot be celebrated and appreciated as a whole in the country they came from.

- Amal Clooney

Break Allow Executive

There was a break in the proceedings when Peter Greste was deported, and that was considered sufficient then to allow the executive to intervene.

- Amal Clooney

Fact Death Sentencing

Sentencing a political opponent to death after a show trial is no different to taking him out on the street and shooting him. In fact, it is worse because using the court system as a tool of state repression makes a mockery of the rule of law.

- Amal Clooney

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Behind Next Immortality

I suppose that every one of us hopes secretly for immortality; to leave, I mean, a name behind him which will live forever in this world, whatever he may be doing, himself, in the next.

- A. A. Milne

Behind Woman Bearing

Behind the man is the Tree of Life, bearing twelve fruits, and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is behind the woman; the serpent is twining round it.

- A. E. Waite

Behind Play Indie

As an actor, the ambition is to play interesting characters. And in the indie genre world, the budgets are low. That allows me, as an actor, not to have a financial value behind my name, to justify me being in these bigger parts for these types of movies.

- A. J. Bowen

Bad Doors Breaking Bad

'Breaking Bad' has definitely opened many, many doors for me.

- Aaron Paul

Sure Doors Known

I'm not sure if being known opened or closed doors for me.

- Adam Goldberg

Give Doors Mischief

What exists outside is a man's concern; let no woman give advice; and do no mischief within doors.

- Aeschylus

Work Doors The Doors

I'll work overtime to open the doors of opportunity to industry and commerce.

- Alan Autry

Brainy Doors Known

There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.

- Aldous Huxley

Behind Through Warhol

Warhol was the ultimate voyeur, constantly observing people through the lens. He watched and listened, but did not participate. Behind the camera, Warhol was in control.

- Alison Jackson

Behind About Historical

In 1965, when I was fourteen, I read my first adult novel; it was a historical novel about Katherine of Aragon, and I could not put it down. When I finished it, I had to find out the true facts behind the story and if people really carried on like that in those days. So I began to read proper history books, and found that they did!

- Alison Weir

Always Running Lots

As a family, we were always active. Lots of walking, lots of running as well as riding bikes with dad.

- Alistair Brownlee

Behind Other Sources

Don't commit to being a columnist unless you're willing to do it right. Report your behind off, so you have something original and useful to say. Say it in a way that will interest someone other than you, your family and your sources.

- Allan Sloan

Think Behind I Think

I think that with the success of, like, VH1's 'Behind The Music' and stuff like that, the fact that it's so successful, it's clear that people are interested in rock lives.

- Allison Anders

Behind Doors Lots

There is lots of my work that takes place behind closed doors that is not ever seen.

- Amal Clooney

Think Always Lots

I don't think it's always good to read lots of poetry.

- Amber Tamblyn

Because Great Lots

There are lots of great actresses who are great because they'll do anything.

- Andie MacDowell

Doing Having Lots

There is no pleasure in having nothing to do; the fun is having lots to do and not doing it.

- Andrew Jackson

Good Lots Producers

There are lots of good producers out there.

- Andrew Lau

TV TV Shows Lots

I did a few TV shows in Germany, lots of media.

- Angelique Kerber

Doors Mistake Singapore

Singapore is an international city, and it would be a grave mistake to close our doors.

- Tony Tan

Behind Doors Reveal

I will reveal the secrets behind these doors.

- Zahi Hawass