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Game Been Basket

This year I've just been aggressive. I still have that mindset of passing the ball, and being aggressive and attacking to the basket is going to draw more attention, and that way I can find my teammates. Being in attack mode is something I try to bring into every single game, and that's what's making me be so successful.

- James Harden

Been Blessed Star

My dream was to be in the NBA. I wasn't really focused on being a star player on a team. I just wanted to make it to the NBA. I've been blessed for the opportunities to be in the Finals, been in the playoffs ever since I've been in the NBA.

- James Harden

Had New I Wish

Growing up, I wish that I'd had the supplies and laptops and all the new technology that's out right now.

- James Harden

Ways Leader Score

Now, I'm back to my old ways: Needing to be the leader, needing to score.

- James Harden

Rather Some Plane

Some guys travel with expensive Louis Vuitton luggage but it gets all scratched up under the plane. I'd rather not spend too much money on something that's just going to get messed up.

- James Harden

Country Named USA

Being named as a finalist for the USA Basketball National Team is an unbelievable feeling and an opportunity that is truly humbling. It is an honor to be included with such talented players and I look forward to the chance to represent my country this summer.

- James Harden

Old School Old School

I'm old school. I'm not the fastest guy or the quickest guy.

- James Harden

Like Give Been

That excitement on the court, I'm the same way off the court. I like to have fun, meet people; I like to give high-fives to the kids courtside. Just have fun. That's kind of my personality, that's how I've been.

- James Harden

Old School Old School

I'm old school.

- James Harden

Going Good Any

In any situation, I'm going to be good.

- James Harden

Back Took Seat

I took a back seat and did whatever it took for the team to win.

- James Harden

Been Winning Questioning

I heard a lot of those things. I heard that I was greedy; that I didn't care about winning; heard the questioning of my loyalty. And I'm thinking: 'Of course I want to win. I've been winning my entire life.'

- James Harden

Always Like Green

During summer or charity games I'll wear my bright orange or green or turquoise ones and guys are always like, 'Why are your shoes so bright?'

- James Harden

Nine City Crowd

The kind of support we have in Oklahoma City, it's the best in the NBA. Phenomenal. Beards in the crowd, the whole nine. The city is really something special.

- James Harden

Guy Personally

Personally, I'm a V-neck guy.

- James Harden

More Use Addicted

I have an iPhone, too, but I use the Blackberry more because I'm addicted to BBM'ing. I'm also on Twitter 24/7 and it's a lot easier on the BlackBerry.

- James Harden

Business Move Move On

In a business, you've got to move on.

- James Harden

Anyone Mesh

I mesh with anyone.

- James Harden

Guy Fastest

I'm not the fastest guy or the quickest guy.

- James Harden

College High Growing

Growing up in college, in high school, I was the focal point.

- James Harden

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Behind Play Indie

As an actor, the ambition is to play interesting characters. And in the indie genre world, the budgets are low. That allows me, as an actor, not to have a financial value behind my name, to justify me being in these bigger parts for these types of movies.

- A. J. Bowen

Mine Play Victoria

Reading about Queen Victoria has been a passion of mine since, as a child, I came across Laurence Housman's play 'Happy and Glorious,' with its Ernest Shepard illustrations.

- A. N. Wilson

Another Play Tell

Of all liars the most arrogant are biographers: those who would have us believe, having surveyed a few boxes full of letters, diaries, bank statements and photographs, that they can play at the recording angel and tell the whole truth about another human life.

- A. N. Wilson

Part Play National Defense

We seek the right to play our part in advancing the cause of national defense and national unity. But certainly, there can be no true national unity where one-tenth of the population is denied their basic rights as American citizens.

- A. Philip Randolph

Want Like Play

I'd like to play characters who are older - I don't want to be playing 14-year-olds too much longer.

- Alison Lohman

Ever Play Sang

I just sang at first - I didn't ever play guitar before The Kills.

- Alison Mosshart

I Think Play Studio

In the studio, you can always stop, rewind and do it again, but on stage, you can never do that - it's a different energy. It separates good bands from bad bands, being able to play, perform and really capture an audience. I think that's the hardest part.

- Alison Mosshart

Right Happiest Gold Medal

To have this gold medal around my neck is an indescribable feeling. I'm the happiest person right now.

- Jordyn Wieber

Still Sunk Gold Medal

To have this gold medal around my neck is just bonkers and still hasn't really sunk in.

- Jade Jones

Woman Chance Lordship

The master class seldom lose a chance to insult a woman who has the ability for something besides service to his lordship.

- Caroline M. Nichols Churchill

Athlete Olympic Gold Medal

Every athlete wants to win an Olympic gold medal, and I'd be lying if I said that's not what I wanted.

- Cate Campbell

Play Chance Gold Medal

There are a lot of guys who play in the NBA. There aren't a lot of guys who have a chance to win a gold medal, too.

- James Harden

Always Going Chance

You never know who's going to become your friend. Friends are always chance meetings.

- Steve Guttenberg

Often Chance Ideas

Often the difference between a successful man and a failure is not one's better abilities or ideas, but the courage that one has to bet on his ideas, to take a calculated risk, and to act.

- Maxwell Maltz

Could Use Chance

The only thing that I could get with chance, and I never was able to use it, was that I would end up with something quite geometric or the spirit that I was interested in, indulging in, was gone.

- Robert Rauschenberg

Ever Take Chance

Don't ever try and be like anybody else and don't be afraid to take risks.

- Waylon Jennings

Never Doing Chance

I never thought I'd get a chance to do what I'm doing. It's such a dream.

- Maya Rudolph

Having Certainly Chance

There's certainly more chance of me winning 'Strictly' than having an affair with my dance partner, but you know, who knows?

- Robert Rinder