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Mostly Streets Pictures

Most visitors to Amsterdam will wander into the red-light district out of sheer curiosity. The narrow streets are mostly safe day and night - just don't try to take pictures of the women working in the windows.

- David Hewson

Like Over Amsterdam

Stand outside De Eland, on the Berenstraat Bridge over the Prinsengracht, and you see what real Amsterdam life is like.

- David Hewson

May Historic Monuments

Historic Amsterdam, that old part you first see when you turn up at Centraal Station, may have its monuments, but it's also the most tawdry and overcrowded part of the city.

- David Hewson

Own Back Pint

Nobody strikes a medal for the Royal Military Canal campaign any more, but a pint in the back bar of the ancient Mermaid Inn, perched in front of one of the biggest and oldest inglenooks you're ever likely to see, is its own reward.

- David Hewson

Truth Endures Spanish

The truth about the Costa del Sol is that what endures, what is worthwhile, is what is Spanish.

- David Hewson

Romney Borders Solitary

Romney Marsh remains one of the last great wildernesses of south-east England. Flat as a desert, and at times just as daunting, it is an odd, occasionally eerie wetland straddling the coastal borders of Kent and Sussex, rich in birds, local folklore and solitary medieval churches.

- David Hewson

Behind City Out

The bronze dwarfs give you the first clue that Wroclaw is no ordinary city. They lurk all over the place, carousing outside pubs, snoring at the doors of hotels, peeking out from behind the bars of the old city jail.

- David Hewson

Reasons Visiting Handsome

There are any number of reasons for visiting Filey. The beach is clean, long, and rarely crowded. The countryside is bold and handsome, with one maritime feature that deserves to be better known: the long, thin rock finger of the Brigg, pointing into the chilly grey waters of the North Sea.

- David Hewson

TV Ambition Storyline

TV has a three storyline structure, but 'The Killing' takes on that structure with such ambition.

- David Hewson

Think Like Seen

I don't think I'd seen anything like 'The Killing.'

- David Hewson

Why Channel Crossing

The English Channel is such a narrow little puddle, you cannot help wondering why no invader has succeeded in crossing it since 1066.

- David Hewson

About People Peak

Surprisingly few outsiders know about the Cuckmere Valley, and it is not uncommon for people to confuse Alfriston with Alfreton in the Derbyshire Peak District.

- David Hewson

Set Sights Side

Alfriston is a compact village set around a rather traffic-weary High Street, mainly of old, timbered buildings. The principal sights lie to the east on the river side.

- David Hewson

Lunch Another Hamlet

Few areas which are not publicly owned can boast as many footpaths as the Cuckmere Valley. For a short walk, a footbridge across the river leads back to the little hamlet of Milton Street, where another classic local pub, the Sussex Ox, provides an admirable lunch.

- David Hewson

Living Take Depriving

Authors do this for a living, and if you take their work for nothing, you are depriving them of a living.

- David Hewson

Think About Theatrical

If you think about what 'The Killing' is, it is the theatrical production, not the script.

- David Hewson

More Over Likely

I'm much more likely to get lynched over 'The Killing' than 'Macbeth.'

- David Hewson

Doing Love Which

I just love doing different things, which is what being a working author is like.

- David Hewson

Next Very Play

If you look at the play very closely, this is a thirdhand report of what a wonderful hero Macbeth is for saving Scotland. And in the next scene, he's planning to murder Duncan, and you never really know why or what's behind Macbeth.

- David Hewson

Think I Think Macbeth

I think there is this huge hole in Shakespeare that you do not know why Macbeth is who he is.

- David Hewson

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Sometimes Reading Scripts

Sometimes reading scripts is terrible.

- Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

Through Very Use

I feel very strongly that where the facts exist, a historical novelist should use them if they're writing about a person who really lived, because a lot of people come to history through historical novels. I did. And a lot of people want their history that way.

- Alison Weir

Very Fact Proud

I'm very proud of the fact that the women on 'The Americans' are written to be equally complex as the men.

- Alison Wright

Very Young Mum

I was bribed into starting swimming with the promise of sweets and by being told that you can win medals. My mum had given me a bag of medals which she had won when she was young, so the idea of winning medals was very exciting.

- Alistair Brownlee

Some Very Career

My school career was absolutely crucial to me. As an endurance athlete, some of the most important years are maybe when you are 16, 17, and 18. For me, getting that right was very important, and my school allowed me to do that.

- Alistair Brownlee

Other Very Sometimes

The run's the business end of a triathlon: it's where you win or lose the race. I like to get out very hard, make other people hurt sometimes, and other times leave it to the last kilometre and really win the race there.

- Alistair Brownlee

Very Middle Surely

Kissinger was surely one of the very few statesmen to try to do something positive to break the log jam of the Cold War; to try to end the war in Vietnam; to bring a halt to the cycle of war in the Middle East.

- Alistair Horne

Very Boss Kissinger

Christmas 1972 was a lonely time for Kissinger, as well as for his boss, and a period of serious reflection. Kissinger was then a bachelor, enamored of the tall, elegant, but elusive WASP Nancy Maginnes, but still very much a bachelor - Washington's most sought-after bachelor.

- Alistair Horne

Find Hard Scripts

Good scripts are hard to find.

- Daniel Craig

Very Books Scripts

Scripts are very different to books. They are blueprints for building, not the building.

- David Hewson

Here Books Start

You've really got to start hitting the books because it's no joke out here.

- Harper Lee

Books Stands Delivery

Books can now be on the stands within days from delivery of a formatted manuscript, and often are.

- Bruce Jackson

Based Evidence Books

My books are based 98 percent on documentary evidence.

- Irving Stone

Think Books Memoirs

I've written three books you could think of as memoirs.

- Calvin Trillin

Take Books I Am

Wherever I am, I take books, not novels.

- Caprice Bourret

Books Driven Story

My books are character-driven. They're not driven by the story.

- Carl Hiaasen

Never Books Critics

The biggest critics of my books are people who never read them.

- Jackie Collins

Lucky Me Scripts

I'm lucky; people write scripts for me.

- Catherine Deneuve

Good Tell Scripts

If the scripts are not good, I'll tell somebody, 'This isn't good.'

- Dick Wolf

Great Films Scripts

There are no great scripts - just great films.

- Malcolm McDowell

Want Work Scripts

I just want to work on good scripts.

- Ray Fearon