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Some Other Down

At some point, if you don't take care of the roads today, it's like any other maintenance issue: you're going to end up paying a lot more down the road.

- Matt Mead

Want Business Keep

If you want improvements in coal, you've got to keep people in the business.

- Matt Mead

Society Ways Civilized

We cannot be a civilized society if these terrorists are going to have their ways.

- Matt Mead

Grateful Sacrifice

The sacrifice of the brave men and women of the military and their families allows us to be safe, and we are grateful.

- Matt Mead

Gun Amendment State

We are proudly a gun state and respect the Second Amendment.

- Matt Mead

Think I Think Continent

As a continent, I think there are opportunities for Asia to accept imports of Wyoming coal.

- Matt Mead

Want Going Involve

We don't want to leave the coal in the ground, and that necessarily is going to involve better technology with regard to clean uses of coal.

- Matt Mead

Great Teachers Teachers

Great teachers should be rewarded.

- Matt Mead

Process Important See

Connectivity is important to our state, including the opportunity for our citizens to see our legislative process at work.

- Matt Mead

Want Means Country

I want to recognize and thank all Guard members for their service. It means so much to our state and our country.

- Matt Mead

Will Coal Advancement

The advancement of coal research will benefit Wyoming, its people, and the coal industry. I fully support it.

- Matt Mead

Year Visiting Benefits

Australia exports millions of tons of coal each year to Asian markets. These same countries are interested in Wyoming coal. I look forward to visiting and seeing a vibrant coal port to better understand the benefits and challenges associated with this method of export.

- Matt Mead

Doing Some Reasons

You have to recognize what the markets are doing, what the rules and regulations are doing, and all the more reasons that we've got to find some more solutions in particular with coal.

- Matt Mead

Here Been Very

We have been very blessed for many, many years to have the energy industry here in Wyoming.

- Matt Mead

Will Affordable Improved

We will see if the situation with the Affordable Care Act ever rights itself or is improved upon.

- Matt Mead

Think Like I Think

I didn't vote for President Obama, but I think he is our president, and I like and dislike decisions of any president in office.

- Matt Mead

Through Whomever Voted

We need to recognize our agreements and disagreements with whomever is chosen as president, but we can't continue to just stall out in Washington just because it's not who I voted for. We have still an obligation and duty to challenge and to work through.

- Matt Mead

Expert Politics

I'm in politics, but I'm not an expert in politics.

- Matt Mead

Sure Got Tomorrow

We've got to make sure that we have the workers of tomorrow.

- Matt Mead

Think Development Shut

To shut off coal, or to say you can't have further coal development, I think is the wrong way to go.

- Matt Mead

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Badly Given Changes

Advances have fallen, generally, for everything except the biggest potential bestsellers. Given all the changes, both economic and technological, SF hasn't done too badly.

- Alan Dean Foster

Changes Hamlet Doubts

I've seen 'Hamlet' many times, and Hamlet, he was just a hideous neurotic; he never changes. He doubts - all the way to the end, all the way until when he dies, he doubts.

- Alejandro Jodorowsky

Business Clear Changes

It's important to have a really clear strategy so when you are in business, you only have to make micro-strategy changes.

- Alexa Von Tobel

Believe Changes Positive

People don't believe in positive changes anymore.

- Alexei Navalny

More Art Changes

Of late years (perhaps as a result of our political changes) art has borrowed from history more than ever.

- Alfred de Vigny

Earth Changes Thou

O earth, what changes hast thou seen!

- Alfred Lord Tennyson

Every Day Focus Changes

We eat every day, and if we do it in a way that doesn't recognize value, it's contributing to the destruction of our culture and of agriculture. But if it's done with a focus and care, it can be a wonderful thing. It changes the quality of your life.

- Alice Waters

Going Once Fine

It is fine to be all focused on gymnastics if that is what you want to do, but once you are finished with gymnastics, what are you going to do?

- Amy Chow

Going Deal Dealing

If you're going into finance, you might be dealing with a lot of sexism and a lot of alpha behavior. How are you going to deal with that? How are you going to feel powerful and comfortable with being who you are?

- Amy Cuddy

Work Going Honestly

When you have a novel, exciting finding, that gets attention. People are going to push back, and that's honestly how science should work.

- Amy Cuddy

Going Need Living

People are going to come into your life that need you, and being there for them makes the day worth living. People are going to come into your life that you need, and that's the really crazy thing.

- Amy Grant

Like Going Might

What might seem like a good idea to somebody at 21 is probably not going to seem like a good idea at 50, but you don't know that until you get there.

- Amy Grant

Going The Most Important

A teenager has to decide what they're going to do with their life, and that's one of the most important decisions that you'll make.

- Amy Heckerling

Going People Any

Everything you try to do in life, of any value, people are going to be saying, 'No, no, no.' You have to have the ability to not see that or hear that.

- Amy Heckerling

Buried Ugliness Sunk

Societies can be sunk by the weight of buried ugliness.

- Daniel Goleman

Costs Hire Sunk

I can hire out for editing, proofreading, formatting, and cover design, and those are fixed, sunk costs. Once those are paid, I can earn 70% on a self-pubbed ebook.

- J. A. Konrath

Still Sunk Gold Medal

To have this gold medal around my neck is just bonkers and still hasn't really sunk in.

- Jade Jones

Doing Imagine Sunk

I'm glad acting sunk its teeth into me, because now I can't imagine doing anything else.

- Ryan Kwanten

Going Changes Sunk

Science changes, and it's odd to me that scientists say, 'Never be skeptical,' because it was in the mid-'70s when they were saying we're sunk because we're going to have global climate cooling.

- Matt Mead

Life Own Sunk

The search is what anyone would undertake if he were not sunk in the everydayness of his own life. To become aware of the possibility of the search is to be onto something. Not to be onto something is to be in despair.

- Walker Percy