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More Forward Credible

We have come to the edge of the abyss and now it is time for a bold step forward. There is a political view that the tougher you are, the more credible you are.

- Ed Balls

Come Mobile Battery

My mobile phone battery runs out all the time because all the messages come straight to me.

- Ed Balls

Myself Time First Time

For the first time I'm free to be myself.

- Ed Balls

Think Could Cheer

You could get a cheer by saying: 'Let's withdraw from Afghanistan', but I don't think that's where the public's at. It wouldn't be responsible.

- Ed Balls

Had Country Argument

It was a mistake. On the information we had, we shouldn't have prosecuted the war. We shouldn't have changed our argument from international law to regime change in a non-transparent way. It was an error for which we as a country paid a heavy price, and for which many people paid with their lives.

- Ed Balls

Making Which Game

I set myself one task, which was to get Labour on to the front foot, back in the game, making the weather on the economy, and that's going to take me a year.

- Ed Balls

Doing Very Bidding

I'm a very loyal person and I allowed myself to be defined as somebody who was doing Gordon's bidding. I should have fought back harder to define myself at an earlier stage.

- Ed Balls

Think I Think Stammer

I think three or four years ago, people would have said my biggest weakness was that sometimes I was awkward on television, with my stammer, but I think they'd say that much less now.

- Ed Balls

Very Standard Labour Party

In 1925, when Britain went back to the gold standard, that was supported by the Conservative Party, the Labour Party, the Bank of England, the civil service, the CBI, the TUC, the Times, the Economist; that consensus was very strong.

- Ed Balls

Year Politics Last

The thing about politics is to plan 10 years ahead, and assume every year is your last.

- Ed Balls

Want Like Love

I would love to go on 'MasterChef'. But while I really like cooking, I'm doubtful anyone would ever want to pay for what I'd cooked.

- Ed Balls

Think Idea Receive

I don't think I've ever sent a text to Gordon Brown because I'm confident that he would absolutely have no idea how to receive it. He barely managed to master WordPerfect 4.1.

- Ed Balls

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Iraq Fair Resolutions

I call on the international community to be fair to the Iraqi people. My position is that we respect international resolutions but in return demand justice and accountability for those who stole Iraq's money.

- Ahmed Chalabi

I Believe That Iraq

The view that we hold in Iraq now is this - that democracy is associated with elections. I believe that elections are possible.

- Ahmed Chalabi

Germany Iraq Equals

Baathism in Iraq equals Nazism in Germany.

- Ahmed Chalabi

Politics Government Iraq

Sectarian politics gets votes in Iraq. But sectarian government fails in Iraq.

- Ahmed Chalabi

Always Deserve Iraq

As a reporter, I embedded for modest stints with American soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. When I'm asked about those experiences, I always say - and mean - that we civilians don't deserve the soldiers we have.

- Alex Berenson

Going About Iraq

People don't know much about what's going on on the ground in Iraq: what you see in the media is heavily censored.

- Alexander Skarsgard

However Hussein Disarmed

As someone who has seen war first hand, and as a father of three young adults, it was my hope that we could have resolved this conflict and disarmed Saddam Hussein without war. However, this was not the case.

- Allen Boyd

Made War Numbered

War is murder. And the military preparations now being made for a potential major confrontation are aimed at collective murder. In a nuclear age the victims would be numbered by the millions. This naked truth must be faced.

- Alva Myrdal

Everyone War

War dehumanizes everyone.

- Amanda Lindhout

War Teaching Geography

War is God's way of teaching Americans geography.

- Ambrose Bierce

War World War I Awful

Anyone who experienced World War I close-hand was grossed out by it forever. It just was so awful.

- Amity Shlaes

War History Tourists

We are all tourists in history, and irony is what we win in wars.

- Anatole Broyard

War Afghanistan

The war in Afghanistan is underreported.

- Anderson Cooper

Doing War Fifty

There are not fifty ways of fighting, there's only one, and that's to win. Neither revolution nor war consists in doing what one pleases.

- Andre Malraux

Evidence Using Hussein

There is already a mountain of evidence that Saddam Hussein is gathering weapons for the purpose of using them. And adding additional information is like adding a foot to Mount Everest.

- Ari Fleischer

Will Hussein Welcomes

The president welcomes peaceful protests - it is a time-honored tradition. The president agrees violence is not the answer in Iraq, and that's why he hopes Saddam Hussein will disarm.

- Ari Fleischer

Other Country Hussein

To avoid a military conflict, Saddam Hussein has no other choice than to leave the country.

- Ari Fleischer

Been Through Hussein

Whatever one wants to say about the conduct of the Iraq War, going to war to remove Saddam Hussein in 2003 was a necessary act. It should and could have been done earlier, had not the Clinton White House, which understood the need, not wasted the opportunity through timidity and bluster.

- Arthur L. Herman

Deal Resolve Hussein

In his final year in office, Clinton decided that his contribution to Middle East peace would lie not in the removal of Saddam Hussein but in a grand attempt to resolve the conflict between the Palestinians and Israel. With this, he missed his last chance to deal forcefully with the man he was publicly committed to overthrowing.

- Arthur L. Herman

Hussein Russian Deterrence

Nuclear deterrence doesn't work outside of the Russian - U.S. context; Saddam Hussein showed that.

- Charles Horner

More Perfect Iraq

Syria is attracting a lot more Westerners than the Iraq War ever did because it's the perfect Sunni jihad.

- Peter L. Bergen