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Stories Reason Occur

These 'mistakes' occur in my books for a reason. I have an agenda: I'm secretly trying to inspire kids to create their own stories and comics, and I don't want them to feel stifled by 'perfectionism.'

- Dav Pilkey

Comic Books Class Clown

I created 'Captain Underpants' when I was in the second grade. I was constantly getting in trouble for being the class clown, so my teacher sent me out into the hallway to punish me. It was there in the hall that I began drawing 'Captain Underpants'. Soon I was making my own comic books about him.

- Dav Pilkey

About Through Lazy

Most kids are smarter than most grown-ups. Kids see the world in black and white... They look through all the garbage and see a world run by fools and dullards and lazy people. And there's nothing they can do about it because they have no power.

- Dav Pilkey

Still Banana Potty

A book without potty humor is like a banana split without hot fudge. It can still be good, I suppose, but you kinda get the feeling that something is missing.

- Dav Pilkey

Think I Think Favorites

I think my funny books are my favorites because I like to laugh so much.

- Dav Pilkey

Think Been Based

I think every character I've ever come up with has been based on someone or something I've known.

- Dav Pilkey

Lot Grown-Ups Complaining

Grown-ups do a lot of complaining!

- Dav Pilkey

University Good Writer

My freshman English professor at Kent State University in 1984 told me I was a good writer, and she loved all the silly pictures I drew in my notebook. She said I should try writing children's books, and so I did.

- Dav Pilkey

Sophisticated Comprehend

It used to take me forever to read and comprehend stuff, so I decided not to make the 'Captain Underpants' books too challenging. Don't get me wrong - the humor and ideas are often sophisticated - but the books aren't hard to read. I wanted kids who hate reading to find these books irresistible.

- Dav Pilkey

Lot Growing Growing Up

I had a lot of reading problems growing up.

- Dav Pilkey

Head Last Illustrations

Once I have the story in my head, I write it down. The illustrations usually come last.

- Dav Pilkey

Feel I Feel Like Pictures

Being an author is fun. It's a great job, because I can stay up as late as I want, and if I feel like taking the day off, I do it. Plus, I get to make up silly stories and draw pictures all day.

- Dav Pilkey

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Write Books Inadvertently

I don't write books inadvertently.

- A. N. Wilson

My Life Books Were

When I was a child - in wartime, pre-television - books were my life.

- A. S. Byatt

Inside Our Pure

But the West is trying to weaken Islam from outside and inside. They attack our people and invade our countries from outside, and they weaken us from within with ideas like secularism, liberalism and democracy. This is all designed to contaminate our pure Islam.

- Abu Bakar Bashir

Slightly Soul Pure

I wish I came from a more pure place. I don't have something to say from the bottom of my soul. I just know how to take stuff I like and repackage it in a slightly different way.

- Adam Brody

Ideas Pure Mathematics

Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.

- Albert Einstein

Big Pure Constantly

If you're climbing big routes that'll take you 16 hours, or, like, El Capitan, you have to take something like a big, robust sandwich. Climbing isn't like running or triathlons, where you have to constantly be eating blocks, gels, and pure sugar. Climbing is relatively slow, so you can pretty much eat anything and digest it as you climb.

- Alex Honnold

Books Longest Refused

I devour books. But for the longest time, I refused to pay attention to genre or labels.

- Alison Tyler

Books Brilliant Defy

Vivian Abenshushan and Veronica Gerber write brilliant books that defy generic conventions.

- Alvaro Enrigue

Read World Books

Anywhere you go in the world is what you make of it, not what you read in books.

- Alvin Lee

Want Would Books

I priced my books at what I would want to spend on an electronic book.

- Amanda Hocking

Need Books Wal-Mart

For me to be a billion-dollar author, I need to have people buying my books at Wal-Mart.

- Amanda Hocking

Music Escapism

Music is escapism, it's entertainment.

- Andy Taylor

Movies Seeing Escapism

I do like escapism. I like going to the movies on a Friday night and seeing something fun.

- Charlie Kaufman

Art Away Escapism

Music and art and culture is escapism, and escapism sometimes is healthy for people to get away from reality. The problem is when they stay there.

- Chuck D

Want Like Escapism

I just wanted to make a record that wasn't escapism. Like, I didn't want to write another record that was devoid of meaningful content.

- Dan Deacon

Books Pure Escapism

My books are just pure escapism for kids.

- Dav Pilkey

Love Escapism Comics

I'm a fan of the sensibility of comics, and I love the escapism of them and the defining of good and evil. They're just so creative, too.

- David Leitch

Always Society Escapism

Our society's need for escapism has always interested me.

- David Lloyd

Clear Pure Verse

The clear French landscape is as pure as a verse of Racine.

- Paul Cezanne

Nation Salvation Pure

I'm not claiming that football is the nation's salvation in this area, but it's one of them, one little thing that apparently has captured the imagination of a large sector of our society. But when football can't be a relatively pure outlet, a fun thing, then it hurts itself.

- Pete Rozelle

Form Pure Fondness

I have no fondness for pure form at all.

- Peter Porter