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Some Been Everybody

I think the path is different for everybody. Go after the doors that are open to you. That has always been my motto getting into the music business. Do the things that seem to be good opportunities and work hard at it. Try to make good decisions and be nice. Hopefully all of that will pay off at some point.

- Chris Stapleton

Before Had Beard

I had a beard way before it was fashionable.

- Chris Stapleton

Sometimes Bit Pretend

I am always interested in making myself as uncomfortable as I can. Sometimes I ask myself, 'Can I stand onstage and sing this song and sell it?' Sometimes I can't. In a room, you get to pretend a little bit and step outside of yourself.

- Chris Stapleton

Whether Electric Trombone

Great musicians are great musicians, whether they're playing a trombone or an electric guitar or a xylophone.

- Chris Stapleton

Alive Country Storytelling

We have that storytelling history in country and bluegrass and old time and folk music, blues - all those things that combine to make up the genre. It was probably storytelling before it was songwriting, as far as country music is concerned. It's fun to be a part of that and tip the hat to that. You know, and keep that tradition alive.

- Chris Stapleton

Some I Think Everybody

I think, at some point, all of us - I'm gonna speak personally, not for everybody else - you're gonna feel like a one-trick pony, and you might even be a one-trick pony. But at some point, if it's a really good trick, everybody's still gonna appreciate it.

- Chris Stapleton

Been I Write Path

I write the songs and hand it over to the world and see what happens. But the things that I've written for people that have been hits, I don't know that I would have directed them in the right path, but they definitely wound up on the right path.

- Chris Stapleton

Here Berry Chuck Berry

I'm not reinventing the wheel here. I'm not Chuck Berry or Bill Monroe. Guys like that are from outer space.

- Chris Stapleton

However Different People

Why would you want to dictate somebody else's taste or happiness? Music is supposed to be joyful and move people, and however that gets accomplished for different people, it's all good.

- Chris Stapleton

Lot Pass Dynasty

I can pass myself off as a 'Duck Dynasty' impersonator a lot.

- Chris Stapleton

Your Country House

I grew up less than a mile from folks that lived in shacks with dirt floors. I certainly know that there are needs in this country. Not too far from your house, if you look around, people need to be helped.

- Chris Stapleton

Always Work Could

The curse of being a songwriter is that's you're always at work. I could look out the window right now and see something that would make me want to write.

- Chris Stapleton

Always Going Song

I always feel that if you're going to cover a song, you should make it your own and flip it on its head.

- Chris Stapleton

Gift Give Generation

Among my dad's generation, when you gave another man a pocketknife as a gift, it was a show of respect. I'll still give someone the knife out of my pocket.

- Chris Stapleton

Only Singer Chameleon

I can only be me. I have a hard time being a chameleon as a singer.

- Chris Stapleton

Always Process Song

The goal is always just to write the best song that you can write. I mean, the process for writing a song is the process for writing a song. It's not something I look at it as something I need to do something different.

- Chris Stapleton

Ask Songs Hustler

I'm not a hustler. I don't pitch songs. I don't ask people to write with me. It's not what I do.

- Chris Stapleton

Think Making Everybody

I'm a fan of polarization. If you make something that is palatable to everybody, it's like making vanilla ice cream, and I think we have enough of that.

- Chris Stapleton

Sound Magic Mechanical

I like things that don't sound particularly processed or mechanical or made by machines. I like music that contains human elements, with all their flaws. There's air in it, and you can hear a room of a bunch of guys playing. Those are the magic parts.

- Chris Stapleton

Church Training Turn

I grew up in eastern Kentucky, and we would sing in the churches, and there's lots of good mountain church singers out there. Like a lot of folks who turn out to be secular music artists, that's a lot of the training you put in, whether you know it or not.

- Chris Stapleton

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Another End Of The Day

I'm a piece of work, man. I will do what I want, at all times, always. Nobody's going to persuade me one way or another. I can't be persuaded. I take criticism, I listen, I analyze, but at the end of the day, I make the decisions. Because that's the way I started, and that's the way I'm going to finish.

- Action Bronson

Always Got End Of The Day

Always be yourself. At the end of the day, that's all you've really got; when you strip everything down, that's all you've got, so always be yourself.

- Al Roker

Love Still End Of The Day

I love to pick tomatoes at the end of the day, when they're still warm from the sun.

- Alain Ducasse

About End Of The Day

Whatever happens at the end of the day, as long as I glorify His name, that's what it's all about.

- Albert Pujols

Your End Of The Day Choose

There is a myth that writers get to choose their stories. You don't get to choose your story any more than you get to choose your children. You can make the decision to write, but beyond that, at the end of the day, it's going to come out how it's going to come out.

- Alexandra Fuller

Going Your End Of The Day

You can live your life being scared of losing someone, and at the end of the day, if he is going to leave you, he'll leave you, and that's it.

- Ali Hewson

Trust Only End Of The Day

At the end of the day, I only trust my family.

- Ali Lohan

Number Gonna Pick

I knew I was gonna be the number one pick, but I didn't know.

- Allen Iverson

Color Gonna Camel

I'm gonna do the whole bedroom in camel color - it's an old lady color.

- Amy Sedaris

Okay Couple Gonna

I have a couple freeloader friends, but it's okay. I know they're gonna come in with their arms flying in the air empty-handed.

- Amy Sedaris

Sometimes Gonna Wrote

If I know I have to memorize lines, I'm really gonna try to memorize lines. It's hard for me sometimes, because somebody wrote these words and you're trying really hard to get them the way they said it.

- Amy Sedaris

Me End Hosting

If I end up hosting 'Joker's Wild,' please shoot me.

- Anderson Cooper

Like Some End

Some people like you, some people don't. In the end you just have to be yourself.

- Andres Iniesta

End Of The Day End Queens

I'm a Queens boy at the end of the day.

- Andrew Cuomo

World Lose End

It's not the end of the world to lose.

- Andy Murray

School End School Kids

Stay in school kids or you'll end up being an umpire.

- Andy Roddick

Get Take End

At the end, I have to take the court I get scheduled on.

- Angelique Kerber

Always Gonna Sign

When you sign on and say, 'I'm gonna do this and that,' it's always good to say at the end of it, 'I've done all I said I would do.'

- Angus Young

Nothing Go Gonna

If I'm gonna go down I'm gonna do it with style. You won't hear me surrender, you won't hear me confess cause you've left me with nothing but I have worked with less.

- Ani DiFranco

Art Myself End

I, in the end, make art for myself.

- Anish Kapoor

New Gonna Laundry

If I don't do laundry today, I'm gonna have to buy new clothes tomorrow.

- Anna Paquin